Chilling 911 Call Released In Deadly Mountain Lakes Realty Office Shooting

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A stunning 911 exchange between the New Jersey man accused of killing his co-worker at the realty office where they worked was released Tuesday.

Prosecutor’s released audio of the call they say Leonardo Parera made right after shooting and killing 48-year-old Christine King inside the EXIT Realty Gold Service in Mountain Lakes on Friday.


The following are excerpts from the 911 call released by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

Operator: “911 whats your emergency”

Parera: “I just killed someone, 100 Route 46.”

Operator: “What do you mean, you just killed someone?”

Parera: “Exactly what I said, I’m armed and dangerous.”

Parera: “I’m reloading right now. I’m going to shoot at anybody that approaches the car.”

At one point, the 39-year-old gets agitated as a calm dispatcher tries to get details.

Parera: “You know what? I’m armed, I’m dangerous, send the cops out. I’m in a parking lot, I can see from every angle. I will shoot at anyone who approaches the car.”

Operator: “You don’t have to go anywhere; you can stay on the phone with me, sir. We can de-escalate this and make things better.”

Parera: “We’re not going to de-escalate this. I’m looking to escalate.”

Right after making the call, Parera was killed in a gun battle with police. He wouldn’t tell the dispatcher why he killed King, a wife and mother of two teenage boys.

“She was just a loving person. She liked everyone, she had a great personality,” one son told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

“She was always there for me and I really miss her and I really wish she was back. I really do,” said King’s other son.

The family said they did not know the gunman. Parera’s call, which he made sitting in his Honda Civic, indicates he had no intentions of surrendering. He told the dispatcher he had a rifle and several handguns.

Parera: “You know what, I need to make some calls and let people know, you know, I’m going to be dead now.”

Operator: “I’d appreciate that you stay on the line with me. I’d rather you not kill yourself or anybody else.”

The gunman ended the phone call saying he didn’t want to kill anyone else. Soon after, he himself was shot and killed by police.

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One Comment

  1. LG says:

    To think that this creep used to be my neighbor although I never met him gives me the creeps.

  2. Greg says:

    This is a crazy call. Even in the world of 911 operators, this is a rare and hard to prepare for call. Saying the dispatcher did a bad job or that you would have done things different just shows you have never experienced an emergency call like this. People are quick to judge and think they could do so much better, but they have no idea what they are talking about and I would love to see them in the hot seat taking a 911 call (especially this one). Good job to the dispatcher on this call! He did what he was supposed to and I didnt hear about any of the cops being injured. The crazy guy got what he wanted and deserved.

    1. gck says:


      Unfortunately, I have experienced an emergency call such as the dispatcher did. I also agree that people (including myself ) at times are quick to judge. As I stated before I do believe (after digesting it) that the dispatcher was in shock! I believe he did the best that he could given the circumstances…….

      1. Grad Student says:

        Training in Crisis Intervention at the Graduate Student level I believe that the 911 dispatcher handled the call well. He tried to establish a conversation with the caller and obtain vital information to help all involved. Do not judge people unless you have had to try to do this yourself. It is far from easy to manage a crisis involving a murder that just happened and to keep the caller on the phone talking and still protect law enforcement and possible other victims.

  3. Anthony says:

    Diane is right. Anyone who disagrees is probably too lazy to listen to the actual conversation. What can you expect in this instant gratification world; that’s why they put the little excerpt for people like you.

  4. staarwonda says:

    Crazy mainiac has no regards for life, deserved to be taken out, he is a danger to society. He was a sad soul. SHM.

  5. Gck says:

    Diane: I also was alarmed when I heard the operator say “Thats not a problem” I was sick! But after thinking about it all afternoon I feel that the operator was most likely in “SHOCK” Who does this? It was crazy to listen to that lunatic!!! I myself, would have done it differently! I also agree that his demeanor was cold and condescending! This whole thing is so hard to believe!

    For Christine’s Family and Friends:
    The tide recedes but leaves behind
    bright seashells on the sand.
    The sun goes down, but gentle
    warmth still lingers on the land.
    The music stops, and yet it echoes
    on in sweet refrains…..
    For every joy that passes,
    something beautiful remains. …….

  6. J says:

    There really are sick people on this dying and decaying planet called earth!

  7. Sad_Story says:

    @Diane: You definitely need glasses. No where in the statement from the Operator stated “that’s not a problem”.

    God bless to the family. My prayer goes to you.

    1. diane says:

      Obviously, you did not LISTEN to the actual call. You just read the little exerpt – go back and LISTEN to the actual conversation.

  8. Edward says:

    A classic example after the homicide of suicide by cop. This pos should rot in hell. God bless the family of this poor woman.

  9. Ber says:

    Diane,. You either have a problem with 911 operators or you need glasses. The operator was very professional.He never said “that’s not a problem”.

    1. diane says:

      Yes Ber- I have a serious problem with INCOMPETENT 911 OPERATORS – – and you must be this ones mommy. Obviously, you did not LISTEN to the actual call. You just read the little exerpt – go back and LISTEN to the actual conversation.

    2. diane says:

      and to further assist you – the 911 operator makes this comment at exactly 2:48 of the recording

  10. diane says:

    This 911 operator is a total ASS. The guy on the phone states he killed someone, gives the address, and states “I’ll shoot anyone that approaches my car” – the ASS replies, “That’s not a problem” – Please tell me this ASS has been relieved from his job – WITHOUT PAY !!!!! – He is obviously incompetent – his demeanor from the beginning was cold and condescending. ABSOLUTE ASS.

    1. kevin says:

      Hey I don’t think he is an ass. I just think he was trying to keep the guy calm, and while trying to take as much information as he could from the guy he just said something that he didn’t mean. Try to look at the overall conversation and he only says “thats ok” once, but he says “I don’t want you to kill yourself or more people” many times. It was probably an honest mistake, since he was just trying to maintain this guy calm

    2. hb says:

      diane, it it were you replying to the killer, you would make things worse and you would push him to kill more people by making him more angry. The operator knows his job very well and he was trying to keep the killer calm by NOT arguing with him. He wants him to stay on the line the maximum of time he can to get more information. It’s so sad to hear such things happening.

      1. diane says:

        I honestly don’t think I could have made him “more angry” to kill more people hb – You seem to think that you know the operator very well. You seem to think you know me very well. The operator performed poorly. NOT ARGUING WITH HIM? I never said he argued with the killer. I do not condone this killers actions. I did not say the operator made matters worse. I clearly stated that his attitude was cold and condescending. INAPPROPRIATE for his job. This would be a tough call to receive, agreed – but perhaps he didn’t pay attention during training because it was boring information for someone who already knows it all – remarkably, just like you.

    3. Diane is a fool says:

      Diane you are a total ASS. It sounds like all the information this operator was trying to get from this killer is in line with what the police and prosecutors would need to put a case together if this had ended differently. It also served the purpose of keeping the guy on the phone instead of maybe killing others if he wasn’t on the phone with someone. The operator also continued to gather other information so that the police responding to the scene had some VERY important information so that they, and the public could be better protected upon police arrival. Your total lack of understanding of ANYTHING relevant to police and emergency procedures as well as information regarding human behavior is amazing. The opinions of people like yourself are useless and unwelcome. As I stated in the beginning…you Diane are a total ASS and completely irrelevant. Idiot!

      1. Kat says:

        Bravo “Diane is a fool”

  11. Michele says:

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard in my life. This Man killed the Mother of a classmate of my daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Leonardo Parera, may GOD have mercy on your very ill soul!

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