Barbara Sheehan’s Lawyer Still Awaiting Clarification On Bail

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It is still unclear when Barbara Sheehan, who is awaiting sentencing at Riker’s Island on a gun charge after being cleared of murdering her husband, may walk out of jail.

According to a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Correction, they have not received any notification regarding bail for Sheehan.

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Sheehan’s attorney, Michael Dowd, said that he is still awaiting clafication from an appellate court regarding his client’s bail issue.  He thinks that it is unlikely she will be out of prison on Thursday.

If and when she makes bail , she will remain free until next month.

Dowd said Wednesday he was unsure if Sheehan can use the $1 million bail she already put up for the murder charge or if she must come up with another million.

“The worst case scenario — that I don’t think would come into play at this point — would be that she wouldn’t be able to post bail and she would remain in jail for a year or more while the appeal is pending,” Dowd told 1010 WINS, adding that he believed the question was “just a matter of clarification.”

Dowd says the family and children simply don’t have the money to pay for the premium they would have to pay to post an additional $1 million bail.

“We’re going to seek clarification from the court on that because if we were to have to post a wholly new bond, it would cost the children and their children an additional $60,000 in cash,” Dowd said.

Last week, a jury acquitted the school secretary of murder for fatally shooting her husband Raymond Sheehan after a heated argument in their Howard Beach home in 2008.

Sheehan said her husband had been abusive and threatened to kill her. She testified that she acted in self-defense when she used a revolver and Glock to shoot him 11 times.

For her son, Ray Sheehan, his mother’s impending release after a week behind bars can’t come soon enough.

“I’m scared for what she has to go through. And I’m worried about her, that she’s in there right now,” Ray Sheehan told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“My father was a monster. I believe he would have killed her and he probably would have killed us,” he said.

His brother Vincent believes the verdict was wrong.

“I believe the original verdict was not supported by the evidence, and I believe she got away with murder,” Vincent said, adding the weapons possession conviction serves as some measure of justice.

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One Comment

  1. how dare u how dare u says:

    WELL murder of a ex police officer is also rude and insensitive.We have laws in the USA she could of got help.2 guns that was a planned murder.

  2. lemonade says:

    Her children have stated that she was abused – they were there – those who are criticizing her weren’t. How much abuse is enough? There comes a time, when a person snaps and decides the abuse needs to end. In my view, it was self-defense. Ultimately, God will judge her. So, those who would dispute her actions, it’s not up to you, it’s up to God.

    1. I love life says:

      murder is murder

  3. Dee says:

    The reporter for this story should have also done hisher research – Barbara is not the mother of twin boys who are conflicted over her not-guilty sentence – Her husband was a twin and it is his brother that is unhappy with the verdict. Her son testified that his father was a monster and he was. Until you have walked a mile in her shoes – it is best to keep your tasty opinions to yourself.

  4. Sandy P says:

    Wow NY, let’s get this straight: She was aquitted of murder but is convicted of a gun charge for using a weapon that was legally in her home at the time of the crime? Huh? Forget the “abuse” thing. Maybe she’s a cold blooded killer. Maybe she’s a battered woman. Who knows? Either way she was aquitted of murder. But the “system” can let one of their own be gunned down without somebody paying the price – so we have this dandy of a conviction. What if she’d beat him to death with a shovel. Or ran over him with a tractor? Then she could go free, right? Thanks NY for showing us once again there is no judicial accountablilty in this state. And folks, don’t worry about Barbara. She learned her lesson. Next time she’ll just hit her husband in the head with a frying pan. 😦

  5. Dan Te says:

    If she was abused then where are her scars? And why she never filed a complaint and continued to live with him? How was he a threat when he was in the bathroom shaving?

    1. Liberals Are Evil says:

      Are you looking for physical scars? Usually the abusers do not leave those. They leave emotional ones which are worse. You did not live in her situation. It is easy to say “leave”. As for his shaving not posing a threat… he was then defenseless, her perfect opportunity to snap.

  6. special treatment says:

    Because she is a woman she gets special treatment .And family cannot come up with $60 thousand does anyone work these days.Her female supporters should pay bail for her.

    1. how dare you says:

      u have some nerve saying she is being treated special cause she is a woman. Because she is a woman is why she was abused for 18 years. and another thing…her entire family works…but that doesn’t mean someone should have 60 grand just sitting in a bank. do you have that kind of money to just take out of the atm….hold your comments to yourself next time. they are rude and insensitive

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