Halloween Decoration Removed From Brooklyn Home After Being Called Racist

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Halloween display at a home in Brooklyn has been taken down after some called it a symbol of racism.

A scarecrow painted to have dark skin was hanging by a rope from a tree in front of a home in Kensington.

Some neighbors say the homeowner gets in the spirit of Halloween every year and believe he meant no harm by the display.

But one councilman argued it was reminiscent of a lynching.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

Police settled the dispute by removing the scarecrow figure from the tree.

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  1. James Woods says:

    As long as the police were charged with trespassing and vandalism I don’t see a problem.

    We are a society.

    All the local government needed to do was discuss the matter with the homeowner.

    Sending in the police?

    This is a tyranny.

    I would never select to hang something up like that in my back yard however I find it equally as offensive for people to have junk cars in their yards or unkept house fronts.

    Why do we have elections if government is just going to do whatever it wants? Why do we follow the speed limits? Why obey any law?

  2. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Hard to tell the race of the hanging dummy from the picture — the face looks dark because it is in shadow anyway — and the hands and feet look lighter. Is it the contention of the politician and the other complainers that spooky critters can only be white — and not African, Asian, or Injun? How about dictators of any color — is it OK to hang them in effigy, and if we can hang a dummy of a white dictator, then why not a dummy of a black or red or yellow dictator?

  3. Thor says:

    I grew up watching western movies & tv shows where if you were a murderer or horse thief they hung you. I’m sick of liberals taking whatever words like “gay” or “lynching” and making it all about what they deem it to be defined. Only in liberal media do you have freedom of speech otherwise you are labeled a racist, homophobe or hater just because you have a differing opinion.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Thor, you’re being a silly goose. Everyone knows that gays, thieves, and dictators are sensitive and that is is unkind to hurt their feelings.

    2. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Thor, you’re being a silly goose. Everyone knows that gays, thieves, and dictators are sensitive and that it is unkind to hurt their feelings.

  4. Jim says:

    FREE SPEECH RULES! (unless it’s not politically correct)

  5. truckinmann says:

    The homeowners property was destroyed by the police without his permission when they took down the decoration he had put up. His free speech right was also violated because his decoration declaring what he thought of as scary was removed against his will. Just because someone does something you don’t like doesn’t mean you have the right to trample his rights, if he’s not physically hurting anyone by what he does on his property. The councilman is guilty of abuse of power and should be impeached.

  6. jjudy says:

    you could not be more wrong, you just can’t deny on basis of race.

  7. TCB says:

    I could care less about what black people think. I don’t know any personally (or care to), but it seems there sure is allot that is OWED to them. It is my opinion blacks are worthless people who never accomplished anything in life without riding on the sympathies of a WEAK White America! Stand Up! Fight back!

    1. truckinmann says:

      What is wrong with you? People should be judged on who they are, not what they look like. People like you make white folks look bad in the eyes of many other races. I believe in this mans right to display what he want’s on his property, but that doesn’t mean I hate a race of people… it means I believe in individual freedoms for all Americans, black, white, asian, hispanic, and any other race there is. To call all blacks bad because of a few bad ones means your standards declare the whole world bad because there are bad people in every different race. I feel sorry for people like you.

      1. TCB says:

        You’re what’s wrong with me! You and your “individual freedoms for all Americans” You must’ve taken the weak white america comment a little personally, or your black. Black people would not be who they are if it were not for White folks. I don’t care what other races think of me- or white people, I am not here to appease them or vice versa. I certainly don’t need your symapthy… because I don’t feel sorry for you. Fight Back!

        1. truckinmann says:

          I am white. I fight for our constitution, not a race of people. You still see all blacks, bar none, as evil. How sad to live such a close minded life. By the way, I’m a gun toting, free speech believing, private property owning, pro business, anti socialist, anti communist, far right wing conservative, but this doesn’t make me a racist. I detest the job Obama and the liberals in congress have done on our country since he’s been in office. I also detested James Earl Carters, and William Jefferson Clinton’s job performance. This does not mean I want to make war on any of my fellow American citizens. Should anyone, however, try to make war on me and my family, they will have a fight on their hands.

          1. TCB says:

            Well you sound like your almost on the right track, you would make Fox News and all the Neo-conservatives proud. Close minded just because I see the value of my race? I don’t live in a box there guy. Some say you’d be close minded for your values, since more and more “progressive” view points seem to becoming apparent in our wonderful US political arena. I have strong convictions which involve race, which I will not bend. Blacks as evil? No more aggravting than evil. Truckinmann you need to get the splinters out your backside. Because I guarantee this your FAR RIGHT WING outlook is modern day racism. I’d be considered over the top, but to the left you’re a racist, do you think they’ll listen to your excuses? The fight for the Constition, is a fight for White people like it or not! White men designed this nation and wrote the Constitution, all the other are along for the ride. Fight back!

            1. jewamongyou says:

              It’s sad that our society has descended to the point where the police can decide, on the spot, what is permissible speech/expression and what is not. It is not for them to decide; it is for the property owner. If neighbors don’t like it, they can choose to ignore it. Alas, many blacks are incapable of such maturity. Instead, they look for “racism” under every rock and in every nook and cranny.

  8. Cian says:

    That councilman is unintelligible. Perhaps it would be wiser to pay more attention to the school system than to holiday decorations on private property.

  9. AZdude says:

    Did the police have a warrant? This is still the United States, where police cannot just do as they please.

  10. CW Orange says:

    They were just practicing for the aftermath of the presidential election

  11. Tom Genin says:

    The police didn’t “settle” the dispute. They illegally stole an indviduals personal property, from their property without a court order, or the commission of a crime.

    Some may have found it offensive, but guess what. There’s still no law against being offensive….not yet anyway.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      OhBummer is PLENTY offensive —- and I don’t see the cops taking HIM down.

  12. malcom says:

    what white folks seem to understand is It’s our country now, we are in charge. ask any of your white deomcrats and they will tell you we are your masters. get used to it or go back to your motherland, but as you know its getting dark there too , no where to run baby.

  13. bag o cheese says:

    Would someone translate this for me…I have no idea what it means: …..“Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

  14. Chicago Nick says:

    If this was George Bush or Sarah Palin it would be thumbs up and chuckles on the front page and letterman tonight!

  15. 4iamdondon says:

    If it had been a likeness of George Bush the police would have guarded it and dared anyone to disturb it. What a rediculous situation. I would hope the property owners realize they have grounds for a suit.

  16. aemp says:

    Than I suggest that you get over YOU’R racism, before you point your finger at the White man.

  17. Danglingjohnson says:

    Does that mean I should get rid of the black jockey in my front yard?

    1. IndyMason says:

      Just don’t hang it in a tree ;P

  18. IndyMason says:

    I thought this was America… where people had the right to be gay, straight, black, white, brown, men, women and even racist if they choose. I’m not saying this person put up this scarecrow to be racist, but even if they did, they can be racist if they want. There is no law against it. You are infringing on these peoples civil rights whether they are racists or not.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Hey, hey, hey! You’re wrong, there, and granted that racism really is evil. The Democrats have a long list of illegal ideas, illegal thoughts, illegal speech, and illegal actions. I advocate the immediate and permanent overthrow of the Democrat party and any other leftist skunks.

  19. Joe Dan Gorman says:

    I remember back when I lived in America

  20. Farmer Friend says:

    I’m glad this was removed. I hope the owner next time thinks twice before putting a KKK like symbol in his yard. I would hate for my children to see such an obvious threat in our neighborhood.

  21. nypj says:

    i was going to voice my outrage at the police department for entering private property to remove the decoration – regardless of if it appeared to be racist or not, that is really not the point… but after reading some of the comments it appears that it was on city property – if that is the case, then it should have been removed regardless of what it depicted because it should not have been placed onto public property in the first place. either way, i doubt that it was the intention of the homeowner for the display to appear racist, i think it was just a Halloween decoration that was perhaps not thought thru very well…

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      So whose property was it on, and myabe that’s why the cops could get away with removing it?

  22. JPrice says:

    But Obama laughed in 2008 when a Sarah Palin figure was hung by a rope in SanFrancisco…His comment…Its all fun in the spirit of the holiday…..What would he say if it was him hanging??? still laugh it off???

  23. James Streeter says:

    I find most black people offensive can I get them removed? Since when did anyone have a right to not be offended? I believe the police violated this persons 1st amendment rights

  24. The Grand Occident says:

    If you want to learn WHY America is going down the drain I recommend listening to “Dr. William Pierce.” Search for that name and you will never look at life the same way again.

  25. James Andrews says:

    racism is not illegal. Some discrimination in housing and employment is illegal but racism in not illegal. It’s bad, but not illegal. If racism was illegal Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright would all be in jail

    1. MorganGray says:

      Oh, but that is *good* racism.
      Some animals are more equal than others, don’t you know?

  26. A. Non Amous says:

    If he’d said it was meant to be Justice Thomas or Herman Cain, then he could have left it up. After all, if it’s a conservative black, they’re just a sell out. You can say or do anything to them.

    Just like those misogynistic liberal hypocrites came to Sarah Palin’s defense when she was hung as a display two Halloweens ago….oh yeah, they didn’t mind that either….

  27. sheila says:

    Actually it is not illegal to be a racist. It is illegal to perform some acts based on race, however, you can hate who you want and for whatever reason. It is race based actions that are illegal.

    1. troy stevens says:

      Exactly sheila, I tell everyone that I am an equal opportunity racist. I hate all you people. lol

    2. Rod Anders says:

      On the planet Calderon … racism IS illegal. Case closed.

    3. WhoDatMan says:

      What if I just like having sex with black girls? Is that racist?

      1. Andrew P. says:

        No, just disgusting…

        1. WhoWhoDatMan says:

          Why? there’s allot of Bro’s walking around with craka-hos on their arms… is that disgusting?

  28. Patrick says:

    Discrimination is the ability to distinguish or differentiate things. Common usage is now an unnatural bias, usually racial. I abhor racial discrimination, but I also wonder what gives the police the authority to discriminate whether a Holloween decoration is offensive or not? Have we run amok?

  29. The Grand Occident says:

    When will Blacks be put in their place – Africa?

  30. Left and proud! says:

    No, racism is not illegal. Learn before you speak next time.

  31. Paul B. says:

    “Not a cool decoration” does not equate to police action in a free society. And if the dummy’s skin had been white?

    The decoration was stupid and tasteless, as are most Halloween things. But we are approaching the point of losing our basic freedoms. And that’s a slippery slope.

  32. Joe says:

    CHUCK- Get a life. Seriously, find something to do in your political career other than make yourself useless…

  33. Mike Alright says:

    God this feminized country becomes less free and more useless everyday.

  34. Tom in NY says:

    But if the scarecrow was painted white Barron would have said “Right on!” What a jerk

  35. Micah says:

    “Racism!” A word created by the Troskyite Communist to destroy the Western Christian culture through Critical theory lies, succesfully carried out by the tares called Liberals

  36. X american says:

    Stay the F off of my private property wigger commies.

  37. Aint got no says:

    “You ain’t speaking …..”

    You aint got no good English you ignorant fool.

  38. Wesley Harris says:

    It looks to me to be a photo of a man hanging from a tree. It’d be best to put up another one.http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v1/yO/r/Y-vr_dQrCaZ.gif

  39. ZudZ says:

    But if it was painted white it would have been okay. Stupid. Political correctness is dividing our nation more than any segregation law could have ever done. Another race-baiting democrat.

  40. Daniel Goodman says:

    The very purpose of the First Amendment of our US Constitution is to protect controversial speech. Only unpopular display, publication, or utterance needs the protection of government. Innocuous statements by their very nature require no governmental shield.

  41. Ray says:

    TURN IT AROUND!!! Affirmative Action racism must stop. Tell your leaders at PUBLIC meetings that they are racist and sexist. Put them on the defense. Call them names., ie.,bigot, racist, sexist pig, etc. I am a white male and I have to say most white males are wimps. They talk tough in private, but wimp out in public.
    Stand up, stop being a coward.

  42. Ben Armato says:

    When someone hung Sarah Palin during the 2008 Election campaign in LA the news covered it and thought it was funny. When I did the same with Obama, the police told me it was racist, my life was at risk and it was coming down. Now that’s the type of fairness America needs!

  43. Bob@CommonSenseConversation says:

    I think it proves the police there are thieves or commit extortion.

    If they took it down without t2he homeowner’s permission, they are thieves.

    If they “suggested” the homeowner should allow them to remove it, they committed extortion.

  44. Ann says:

    I’m not black and I must admit looking at the photo that scarecrow looks NOTHING like a scarecrow. The Hair looks african-american and the face is black.Who is this guy kidding?? He knew exactly what he was doing and the message he was sending.
    Usually I would say an over-reaction but, to be fair, not in this case.

    1. Maria Louisa says:


  45. Hazel Burke says:

    I hope he files a lawsuit tomorrow.

  46. pegsbels says:

    All they have to do is replace it. Just this time make sure it is an effigy of Charles Barron D Brooklyn dressed as an SS officer. Make sure he is in full NAZI regalia! Master Barron I am sure would love the additional attention!

    1. Paige Quintel says:


      The first slaves were Irish and they never teach you that in school.
      The Irish sent to the West Indies and Virginia.


      1. Ron Godwin says:

        The first slaves were cavemen. And the last slaves are not yet born.

        1. Little Elvis says:

          The first slaves were Irish cavemen who were sold into slavery by black cavemen.

    2. C Romano says:

      great idea!

    3. rocky says:

      Make It Bloomie

    4. DIssident Aggressor says:


    5. WROL says:

      Nazi uniform…hmmmm….that would mean something like GW Bush, Obama, Pistole, Napolitano, Hillary, Bill, Kissinger, Soros, Geithner, Bernanke, McCain, Reid, Rumsfeld, Pelosi, Cameron, Holdren, Holder, et al all in their costumes, right?

    6. Tired of Nazis/Democrats says:

      I say a lawsuit is in order. The cops violated this guys free speech rights.

      1. Geez! says:

        Yes. Is there a NY law that permits police to enter private property and remove other private property that offends a third party?

        I don’t recall that right granted to the government in any constitution.

        1. TenaciousTexan says:

          I would ask that they remove all beer billboards and all other forms of advertising that degrades women and exploits them for sales. I find them VERY offensive! I am also offended by all democrats, so can we remove them too?? I am offended by OU fans, Cardinal fans and Dallas Cowboy fans too…. I am offended by all professional atheletes that think the law does not apply to them, so let’s get them out. I am really offended by people that accuse conservatives of being racist over ever little issue. I am frequently offended and may just move to NY if they are willing to get rid of all offensive material for me!! Whoo hoo!!

          1. Hamhock1968 says:

            As a St. Louis Cardinal fan, I am offended that you are offended
            Go Cards!

        2. jbass says:

          exactly, too much government and its getting worse, plus when you ask them to do something they should be doing ie remove an abandoned car or investigate a burglary they just dont seem to have the time…

      2. Lilith says:


      3. lukuj says:

        Using the logic in removing this scarecrow, shouldn’t all replicas of ghost is white sheets be removed also since they could be mistaken for KKK members? And how about witches that could be mistaken for Nancy Pelosi?

        1. WarEagle82 says:

          Of course, there is no logic involved in this case. The greatest irony is that we have all become serfs. We are property of the state…

        2. cpeplow1 says:

          You are a genius! Too funny!

  47. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    If the scarecrow wasn’t painted dark nothing would have happened so I guess it’s ok to lynch whitey then.

    1. SmarterThanLibs says:

      Are you really so uneducated that you think white women were never dragged from their homes and killed in America?

      I bet you are one of those idiots who think the republican party is a party of racists yet it was founded by abolitionists to directly oppose the racist democratic party’s pro-slavery platform.

      1. MrsFlagMe says:

        American’s are woefully uneducated re the truth. I’ve asked random people what party they think Abraham Lincoln belonged to. Invariably, they say he was a Democrat! I’m not a huge fan of Halloween or the creepy weird decorations, but if this council man has a problem with this, if he went into a local “Halloween” Decorations store, I wonder what he would say about the “dead babie” on a swing that I saw a one recently.

        1. bib says:

          They also think Obama likes white people too

        2. Tarayn Marissa Svalberg says:

          Abraham Lincoln WAS a democrat. The politics that were then have shifted. At that time period he was called a “republican”. That republican party no longer exists and the old democratic one is gone too. 1800’s Republicans are almost exactly equivalents to modern democrats. Oooh. And those babies are creepy, but clearly fake. The picture of this “scarecrow” distinctively looks like a black teenager with dreds or Criss Cross braids… It REALLY looks like a black kid and I can tell why it seems racists. Make it look older or more like a mummy or something and less like a modern day black teen…

          1. Addie says:

            “Abraham Lincoln WAS a democrat” Off your meds? The parties have not shifted, the republican before were ALWAYS about individual liberty NOT collective social welfare programs you liberals love so much. Also, if you truly knew your history you would know the civil war was little about slavery and more about succession. And Lincoln had full intentions of sending the slaves BACK to African after the war but he was murdered before he could do it.

            1. juanita valdez says:

              more republicans voted for the civil rights act, as well

            2. Grizz Mann says:

              Was that to Liberia?

          2. Sha Sene says:

            What planet did you learn history

            Repubicans were always the anti slavery anti racists. Democrats have always been the racists, Even today., but since they can’t prevent blacks from voting , they buy their votes and control them with promises of more welfare and preferential treatment
            Repulblicans were always just like they are today, not only writing both civil rights acts but voting for them far more than the Democrats., Small government, Christian , pro liberty pro freedom pro Constitution.

      2. Vote Loud says:

        They went to gubbermentz skools and watch comedians for their “news”!

      3. tubaman says:

        thank you!!!!!

    2. Daniel says:

      There were black-on-white lynchings as well as white-on-black lynchings (and various other racial combinations). You shouldn’t just barrel-ahead from presumptions unsupported by study or research.

      1. Jon Gor says:

        “presumptions unsupported by study or research.” Are you kidding me this elected moron Barron can’t even speak proper English. Guess he went to Ebonics School. Don’t think any African Americans were ever lynched in Brooklyn. But he thinks this display is offensive. I think his lack of intelligence in offensive. It is a Halloween scarecrow not meant to depict anything racial. But thanks Mr. Barron for reminding us how stupid a moron you really are. You usually can be counted on to expose your lack of intelligence every 6 months or so like clockwork. People of Brooklyn keep electing jerks and low rent hustlers they’ll get the representation they deserve.

    3. Ray Kinsella says:

      Many whites were hung including women. Not very educated are you?

      1. ghostwalker says:

        Actually the Klan also killed Whites who they perceived as “too sympathetic” to the Black’s calls. Check 1962

      2. T says:

        It’s actually hanged, not hung, in this context. I know, strange language, but I suggest you try learning it.

    4. Vote Loud says:

      Name one!!!!

      More re-writing history to suit the Progressive mission!!!

      “The ends justify the means!!!

      All credibility lost…

      2012 WILL be fun!

      1. Newbern W Johnson says:

        This from Berea College in Ky.
        From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were black. The blacks lynched accounted for 72.7% of the people lynched. These numbers seem large, but it is known that not all of the lynchings were ever recorded. Out of the 4,743 people lynched only 1,297 white people were lynched. That is only 27.3%. Many of the whites lynched were lynched for helping the black or being anti lynching and even for domestic crimes.

        1. Jeff Campbell says:

          Newbern, One question, accordign to the NYC criminal records 1,500 white people were hanged in a single month during 1863 for treason during the civil war anti-protest riots and according to Claifornia and montana records over 3000 white people were hung for murder, cattle theft, rape , and murder from 1864 thru 1910, also to the person than said something about Women being executed by hanging, sorry less than 120 women were hung from 1620 thru 1936.

          Black people were hung for being rebellious and running away, but in numbers they were 3 times less likely to be hung than a white person, and 8 times less likely to be hung than a Native American, accroding to National Geographic, siting the reason Blacks were not hung as much was because they were very expensive to own, take care of and because the 4% of the US population that owned Slaves simply could not afford it.

          1. Jon Gor says:

            You forgot that many, many slave owners were Black themselves. Any yes hangings were common in those times and Blacks were often “protected” because of their actual economic value. Whites on the other hand if considered white trash criminals had NO value and were hung with little or no consideration as to guilt or innocence. The lynchings of African Americans can in no way be glossed over as it was often innocent men who were the victims of true HATE crimes. Unlike others who were hung for various reasons. The entire social/justice system was a nut bag, mob rule, operation when viewed in hindsight.

        2. Sha Sene says:

          Your facts are skewed,

    5. Mike Notsaying says:

      all you people are sick- the human race has finally become a diseased species whose greed hatred and selfishness has destroyed every thing fun like halloween and CHRISTmas i hope you enjoy the hell you have created , sit down shut up and enjoy the ride

      1. Joe says:

        The cops were wrong to take it down… if they kept it and did not give it to him, they should be hanged in it’s place for theft and abusing their powers in violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.
        Put up another one, if somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor, they can pound sand.

        1. Vince Dunn says:

          mostly agree there Mike.. but if you did any history on the ACTUAL christmas you’d know that the christians did 2 things with it 1: they STOLE IT and 2: took away 99.99% of it’s actual fun.

          my thoughts exactly Joe! halloween is just a fun holiday, lighten the *%#@ up already people!!! it’s not a time for “political correctness” (now THAT is an OXYMORON!)

          1. Franklin Jennings says:

            Really? Someone else was celebrating the Feast of the Nativity before Christians?

            Methinks you might want to do a few more toots of that ‘history’ you were suggesting earlier.

            1. Chugs says:

              It was Saturnalia or the feast of Saturn, a Grecko-Roman god. When the Christians started to grow and expand, the roman empire said celebrate the birth of your god here… or maybe the early Christians did that since so many of the people were used to have a huge celebration during that time. Either way, it was easier. Nativity before Christians? probably not. Partying and feeling good at the end of December? Most definately.

              1. gayknights says:

                sat·ur·na·li·a (str-nl-, -nly)
                1. Saturnalia The ancient Roman seven-day festival of Saturn, which began on December 17. wrong date right month

                1. jekyllisland says:

                  Then you know nothing of the Council of Nicea I guess. At this council they wanted to set up rules around Christianity & control but needed the pagans to jump on board.

                  They needed a holiday that pagans could jump on board with but couldn’t insult them by having it on the actual day – so it was decreed that Jesus was born one week later.

                2. Emo says:

                  so what day did it end then smarty???do the math the 25th! 17 + 7 is 25 right?

            2. Just sayin says:

              Google Pegan Christ

          2. Carman says:

            Halloween is a fun holiday but so is CHRISTMAS . . . Christians did not steal Christmas (‘Christ’ – DUH!) There was a pagan holiday at about the same time as Christmas, but we did not ‘steal’ it . . . True Christmas is not meant to be ‘fun’ in your sense . . . drinking, days off of work, screwing around and carousing . . . but it is fun to us Christians who know the true meaning and that is why we celebrate it. You can have your original ‘fun’ pagan holiday and act like total drunken asses . . . who needs you and who needs your worthless Godless holiday?

            1. dams diekej says:

              “Christians did not steal Christmas (‘Christ’ – DUH!)”…
              Have you ever considered that slapping a sticker on something and calling it another name doesn’t mean you invented or own it..? So if we started calling it Paganmas, then it would have been created by pagans right? – DUH!

              1. Kevro says:

                You don’t even get it. Christmas is not “stolen” from anyone, there are many different holidays for many different faiths and cultures. It just so happens that it is one of the most widely celebrated holidays around that time of the year, whether people are celebrating the true meaning behind the Christian Christmas, or are simply just celebrating it to get some presents, take a few days off work and get drunk. Christmas is obviously not saturnalia or whatever holiday you said it was stolen from. It doesn’t matter which one came first, they are their own thing, you morons.

              2. seek the truth says:

                The use of the Xmas tree goes back to the Old Testament. See Jer. 10:3-5. Yeah, it is pagan.

            2. SteveJ says:

              Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice, the birth of Mithras, the birth of Sol Invictus. Pagan Romans celebrated all these feasts. When the emperor converted to Christianity, the empire christianized these feasts, retaining many of the customs. Only the ignorant assert that December 25 is the birthday of Jesus. No serious scholar of any persuasion thinks he was born on that day.

    6. me321 says:

      blacks think so

    7. JB brooklyn says:

      seeing as how whites are raped and murdered by blacks simply for being white NOW IN 2011 in greater numbers than blacks were by whites 100 years ago, this is a pretty silly way to look at things.

      And Barron, who complained about the scarecrow, has made comments in the past about how much he enjoys “slapping white people” and is a huge racist. Which makes his complaining about racism even stupider.

      1. Carmen says:

        Amen! The Blacks are the most racist, ignorant bunch of thugs ever conceived. We are paying reparations day after day after day . . . every time a white person loses a job to a lazy unqualified Black. Every time a white person is raped or killed just for being white. Blacks don’t have the smarts or the genes to become civilized for the most part. Few exceptions.!

        1. Hoopla says:

          This is satire right? I mean please tell me that this form of blatant racism does’t exist any more in this beautiful country… because this is one of the most racist things comments I’ve read in a long time.

      2. Tim Holt says:

        This guy has been a real piece of work for years. Cut out of the mold of the race baiters like jesse jackson and al sharpton, this guy is just a dumber, more mouthy version if you can believe it. This guy brings down the whole human race.


    8. The Bobster says:

      One third of the lynching victims happened to be White. The rest deserved it.

      1. Sthith says:

        Oh good. I found the new KKK website. The old one–GOP.com–isn’t working right now for some reason you f’ing bigots!!

        1. Dennis D says:

          KKK hasn’t killed anyone in 50 yrs. Blacks kill innocent white folk every single day. Just read a paper

        2. BarrysHypocrisy says:

          Just go to democrats.com and you find the biggest and newest racism site on the internet. You can go there and get out all of your low self esteem issues. You can also type in nazi.com, it will forward you to the democrat.com site.

          democrats.com is filled with bigots of all kinds, but they are allowed to be bigots because they are “progressive” and that somehow makes it OK.

        3. Tommy Victorious says:

          Abolitionists split from the pro-slavery Democrats to form the Republican Party. Lincoln, the first Republican president, emancipated the slaves. Democrats continued their racist ways even after the civil war sometimes covertly as the KKK.
          After the civil rights movement the Democrat bigots made an about face and turned the same negative attitude on those who are perceived to be “racist.” The progressive resentment and hate continues as you so amply demonstrate in your comments.

    9. frank says:

      Get over it, Like things are so much better in Africa where they still kill each other for idiotic reasons.

      1. TC says:

        Or wearing red clothes in a blue neighborhood, or wearing a nice Bulls jacket…

      2. Gypsy says:

        or slice a person open and force them to eat their own liver

        1. Pamela Beesly says:

          don’t knock healthy eating

    10. Jim M says:

      Exactly right.

    11. Mark says:

      you’ve been doing it since day one — you elected Obama, you got your little affirmative action, you got your race card.

    12. Gypsy says:

      When they were dragging women out of their houses and killing them for being witches during the “witch trials” in Salem and other places on the east coast there wasn’t an out cryl.

    13. Pamela Brown says:

      “White women” WERE dragged from their homes and murdered….THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS.

    14. jo says:

      People seem to forget that white people were lynched also. This was the way criminals were dealt with in the past. I agree if this scarecrow was white you wouldn’t hear a word from anybody. Get over it people its just Halloween.

    15. vera says:

      Yes, hanging white women is OK and it is covered by “free speech”, especially if woman is Sarah Palin. http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/10/27/us-usa-politics-palin-effigy-idUSTRE49Q79N20081027 ,

    16. Sha Sene says:

      MORE whites were killed by the KKK than blacs were lynched

    17. I P Standing says:

      A liberal on my street has one of ann coulter in his tree

  48. death by liberals says:

    What is all this talk of private vs. public property? I thought all property belongs to the government because without them we would have nothing.

    1. Tony Williams says:

      without them we would have nothing? we are them, dummy. without us they are nothing. stupid liberals are so confused and stupid.

      1. TG says:

        I may be mistaken but I think he was being sarcastic… his header is “death by liberals”?

        1. Pinko Commie Foreigner says:

          ‘Liberals are so confused and stupid’

          Oh, the irony.

      2. Rod Anders says:

        Chill out, Tony. It was a joke. You got your panties in a bunch over nothing. And I thought retarded Liberals were the only ones without a sense of humor. Stupid.

      3. death by liberals says:

        That’s OK Tony…Those liberals get me fired up too…Peace brother!

    2. Terry says:

      This happened to me when I was 11years old. I hung up my Halloween decorations (including a dummy hanging from a tree, did it for many years before) Some black family moved into the neighborhood and pulled down my dummy then called the police on me. As if they had some kind of monarchy rule of what is ok for decorations! How dare their rights and sensitivity’s be placed above mine at my own house! This BS has been perpetrated by the black Americans for years, It’s juvenile justification that needs to stop. Evolve and grow a brain you morons!

      1. SSgt Rock says:

        Thats why in Ohio we have concealed carry laws allowing citizens to protest themselves, family, and property… I would never live in New York where the government forces you to depend on them for sustinance and protection.

        1. akk1951 says:

          Umm, I think you meant “protect” not “protest.”

          1. MorganGray says:

            Naw, he was missing a comma is all; “protest, themselves”; as in:

            “You think you’re going to assault and rob me? I protest!” Followed by a loud bang.

        2. Alex says:

          Then don’t comment on NYC area issues. I am just as against this clear violation of property rights and free speech as you, but when some hick midwesterners start badmouthing NY, that’s where I draw the line. I love how all of you bandwagon jumpers claimed to LOVE NYC after 9/11 but now you’ve all gone back to your old ways. Guess what, I’d never live in Ohio because it is a boring, flat, wasteland.

          1. Ron says:

            You’d never live in Ohio, Alex? Thank God! Stay in your cesspool, little boy.

        3. Barnaby says:

          yeah we know how you roll in Ohio. shooting defenseless zoo animals and entrapping motorists with road blocks and drug dogs. sieg heil!

          1. czervik says:

            The “defenseless” zoo animals have big teeth and sharp claws. One had already eaten another. They also started eating the guy who let them go.

            The drug dogs on the highways…that’s Michigan. Sorry to burst your bubble.

            I remember driving through your beloved New York and getting diverted from I-90, 4-hours out of the way, because an Indian tribe was burning tires on the highway, claiming it was theirs. They were protesting the governor’s decision to make them start taxing cigarettes and gasoline on their reservation. Cracked me up. Thought I was in a different country. Come to think about, I guess I was.

            I, personally, like my freedom in Ohio, where our mayors don’t tell us what our transfat and sodium intakes should be. You know, like your nanny state.

            1. Tony Fiorenza says:

              I think you need to read history especially about the American Indians…and the wrongs done to them and treaties that were signed by the government then to renege on the treaties that were fully binding and legal…many nation were forced into land that were wastelands and many of these proud True Americans died during the Mar4ch of Tears…NY does not have the right to tell these tribes how to do business as they are a Free Nation….Just thought you might like to know.

      2. Carlos says:

        There is no “right” to hang a person in effigy in your front yard. It is grotesque and offensive. The “scarecrow” does not look like any scarecrow i’ve ever seen. It looks like a person with dreadlocks hanging fully clothed from a tree. I applaud the councilman for standing up for the rights of the neighbors to not look at dead bodies hanging from trees in their own neighborhoods.

        1. Gary F McLoughlin says:

          “Carlos:” Tell me where in the Constitution you find the “right of neighbors to not look at dead bodies hanging from trees.” Meanwhile, property rights are well established doctrines of law, and I know of no regulation regarding the content of Halloween decorations on one’s own property. Nor should there be. You’re just a malcontent immigrant whining loser.

        2. Tyrone says:

          You have EVERY right to decorate your own property as you like it, regardless of what someone else thinks of your decorations.

        3. czervik says:

          You mean, like skeletons?

        4. Neil says:

          DAMN your “It’s offensive” comment. Saying “I’m offended” is no different than a two year old pissing their pants and throwing a tantrum to get their way. This TAXPAYING person has the right to hang, mount or post anything he wants on his property. Halloween is historically celebrated as SCARY! Furthermore…the neighborhood stops at the property line (unless a covenant states “no human effigy shall hang from a tree”). Just another liberal politician looking for points. Self-righteous ass! Once politicians start telling you what you can/can’t do on your on property….whiners beware…it will have an effect on you as well! WAKE UP!

        5. Stevie Ray says:

          Carlos: You’re an idiot and now the world knows it. Thanks for sharing, Buddy.

        6. offended says:

          where does it say a person cannot be a racist. I’m just all broken up about your feelings Carlos. And by the way Carlos, to answer your 1st question, it’s called the Constitution.of the United States.

          1. xhristopherus says:

            sorry guys, as much as I wish it wasn’t so, it is. Hanging an effigy of a black man in your tree can be construed as hate speech, which is not protected undet the first amendment.

            Not that I would care hang one in my yard, but I should think that anyone, for any reason should have the right to do so. If it is just innocent fun and the kids decorated it to looks scary, and it just happens to look like a black guy, oh well, If they are racists and want to make a bigoted political statement, that SHOULD be their right to do, but it is not. Oddly enough, if the figure loooked like an Asian guy would there be an uproar?

            1. jewamongyou says:

              Can you show us where, in the Constitution, it says that “hate speech” is not protected?

            2. Mike H. says:

              You know nothing about American law.

              “Hate” speech is not a prosecutable offense in America, at least not yet.

        7. diane says:

          get over yourself. no one was hung in effigy. it was simply a halloween decoration. if the scarecrow were light colored no one would have cared. you libtards are so nauseating.

        8. cm says:

          there is no ‘right’ to sneak into the country and demand free food, housing, and health care from the taxpayers

    3. j b says:

      Cha-Ching!!!! Sue the city then send that councilman a thank you letter!!!!!

  49. The Clintidote says:

    Ahhh, the Black Grievance Industry Inc. strikes again.

    How many $$$$ to buy ’em off this time under threat of rioting?

    1. dilldozer says:

      All he had to do was hang a white one and a yellow one and a red one and a brown one.

      1. Aaron Self says:

        Then everyone takes it like a lynching because of all the hanging bodies.

        1. Page says:

          Cleary missed the South Park reference.

      2. Art Fold says:

        One dollar says if they had hung ten white scarecrows and one black scarcrow only one of them would have been deemed offensive.

        1. norml says:

          DUH…. exactly ….if the scarecrow had a white face or actually looked like a scarecrow it wouldn’t be offensive. Everyone does have the right to do as they please with their property, but is good to know who the racist on block is.

          1. bob says:

            halloween beez racist n sheet

    2. Tone Loc says:

      Glad it wasn’t say a white one of say Sarah Palin being hanged .. now that would have sent the councilmen into a frenzy !


      1. bmac says:

        Oh, but that’s different. /sarcasm

      2. Lindsay says:

        That’s the same thing that I thought of when I read this.

    3. Reverend Right says:

      If they only had a brain.

      1. Adam Holland says:

        exactly, if only. I think they should have put one of a catholic priest and a muslim cleric.

        1. Timothy Mac Aren says:

          Don’t forget a jewish rabbi pickpocketing them.

    4. fbo48 says:

      enough already with this racism B.S. Its F’in Halloween.

  50. Sam says:

    What? Didn’t know that. So everyone who ever had a racist thought is breaking the law? I abhor racism, but to be a racist jerk is not illegal. Denying somebody services or whatever because of race, sex, religion, creed could be illegal, though.

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