Halloween Decoration Removed From Brooklyn Home After Being Called Racist

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Halloween display at a home in Brooklyn has been taken down after some called it a symbol of racism.

A scarecrow painted to have dark skin was hanging by a rope from a tree in front of a home in Kensington.

Some neighbors say the homeowner gets in the spirit of Halloween every year and believe he meant no harm by the display.

But one councilman argued it was reminiscent of a lynching.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

Police settled the dispute by removing the scarecrow figure from the tree.

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  1. tenntitan says:

    I scrolled through the comments and I actually saw ppl insisting that the police are being biased in favor of black ppl! ROTF LMAO! As a young black male I can assure u thats not the case lol the irony killing me!

  2. tgc says:

    Here’s an idea…how about you get over it! Yeah, people were hung, yes, there were slaves in America…so! I’ve got news for you, there are SLAVES in Africa right now…not 150 years ago! There have been slaves everywhere, but it is only in America that it is relived over and over and over again. Frankly, I never owned any slaves, my parents didn’t own any slaves, my grandparents didn’t own any slaves, and my great-grandparents didn’t own any slaves…so I really don’t care! I know the race baiters have to keep the hatred going or they don’t make any money…but the rest of us don’t have to play along…just get over it.

  3. tenntitan says:

    I dnt agree with police unless it was public property which it most likely was as far as black ppl u white ppl need to close ur mouth when it comes to us bcuz most of yall dnt kno black ppl too well

    1. Reality Check says:

      Sounds like you are suggesting a new federal felony.

      Talking while white,,,.

      Need a second felony to go along with it though, talking while black and expressing the wrong political views.

      That way you could shut up Herman Cain and Bill Cosby. Both have left the Liberal Plantation and need to clapped in Irons and sent back to Nancy Pelosi for a good tongue lashing.

  4. plainolamerican says:

    No doubt some would see this as racist and for Christian love they should have taken it down, however ALL should see the police action as illegal and theft of private property.


    The home owner should sue for violation of their CONSTITUTIONAL rights.

    BIG BROTHER is getting out of hand…

    1. Reality Check says:

      Freedom of speech depends on your political beliefs.

      That is why it is a federal felony to exercise free speech regarding abortion if you are anti-abortion but perfectly legal if you are protesting in favor of a union, in exactly the same location at exactly the same time.

      The supreme court has indicated this is perfectly OK as long as the person being put in prison for a felony has “the wrong political thoughts”.

  5. Reality Check says:

    So if someone objected to a gay couple kissing in front of their house and found it offensive would the police come and take the gay couple away from their own home to remove the offense?

    It appears only when Liberal’s claim to be offended do the police act.

    Now if Obama can only pack the Supreme Court with Liberals then the police can just shoot conservatives who offend Liberals and everything will be right with the world.

  6. Insider says:

    Maybe it was a young Charlie Rangel. Remember when:

    “An effigy of US Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin hanging by a noose as part of a Halloween display drew complaints on Monday, but local officials said the homeowner was covered by free speech rights.

    A mannequin dressed to resemble the Alaska governor, with her trademark beehive hairdo and glasses, was hung by the neck from the eaves of the home in famously liberal West Hollywood.

    On the roof, a mannequin of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, protruded from the chimney surrounded in flames, holding his head as he was apparently burned alive.

    “We have been getting some phone calls this morning complaining about it but if (the homeowner) isn’t in violation of municipal code we have no reason to cite them,” West Hollywood spokeswoman Helen Goss said.

    “People have First Amendment rights (to free speech),” Goss said.”

    Hmmm. I guess “free speech” isn’t for everyone anymore.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Your comment proves you are racist.

      How can we tell?

      You disagreed with the political opinion of a Liberal and, as everyone in the main stream media knows, is proof positive you are a racist.

  7. T Dubya says:

    And these are the same free speech advocates who had no problem with the West Coast nut job who hung an effigy from a tree in 2008 made to look like Sarah Palin.. Once again the left insists racism is only found deep down in the hearts of white people…when the reality is, most rascists in 2011 America are white-hating minorities and their poverty-pimping leaders in the so-called civil rights movement.

  8. Clearhead says:

    Maybe the ‘police’ would rather have a WHITE scarecrow hanging from that limb.

  9. Col Attilla says:

    I think the “Halloween Decoration” was probably in poor taste but did the cops take it down or did they ask/tell the homeowner to take it down? If it was the former, it sounds pretty heavy-handed by the police.

  10. Bill R. says:


  11. Bill R. says:

    Racist or not? I don’t know and can’t read the mind of the homeowner. What I do know is that the police trespassed onto private property and removed something that didn’t belieng to them. For this they should be arrested.

  12. izman says:

    Remember during the 2008 presidential election when someone in ( I believe it was California ) put up two dummies of McCain and Palin hanging from a rope? Remember when people complain to the police, and they said it was that individual “Freedom of Expression”, and they allow them to keep it up. Looks like we have a Racist society from the other Democrats. No matter what, if it is a republican, its ok, but yet when it come to Democrats, its not OK. Goes to show that the Democrats have a mental disorder.

  13. BB25one says:

    Uh. Freedom of expression? The constittution doesn’t protect speech or expression that society agrees with, as it would not be necessary. Also, the constitution doesnt protect citizens from being offended. Why did the police remove this? This is not nazi Germany. Or is the paper trying to make it appear as if the police removed it when in fact the home owner allowed them to remove it in order to propagate the perception that legal expression is illegal?

  14. JMOKE says:

    Yes but it was the democraps who started lynching the black people, and still are today figuratively speaking. I bet the people who did this were racist democrap!.

  15. Eb Frinker-Jackson says:

    I think blacks are under the impression whites can be bullied and pushed around forever. Well, we only won two world wars and put a man on the moon and lost 1 million young white men freeing blacks. The blacks that hate and make life miserable for whites should not sell whites short, we are slow to anger but when we get on the march, things will be different up in heeere.

  16. Northlander says:

    Remember when the Palin doll was hanged in L.A. and the McCain doll was surrounded in flames. Of course that was “free speech.”

    1. Boogie says:

      George Bush was hung in Calif. also,they told him and he was like oh well.
      When you have Holder and Obammy doing all they can for their people. They want to ram it down on us.We are not free anymore and they keep trying to take our FREEDOM’s.

  17. One sided race war says:

    What disgusts me is that blacks get upset over this nonsense that hurt no one but then don’t make a peep when black mobs attack whites or play the knock out game with my grand dad. Its like they get mad at Mark Furman for using the n word and cheer when OJ is aquitted. I don’t even listen to most of their reasoning anymore-truly have become irrational as a people.

  18. livefreeordie1776 says:

    YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. My comment was removed. Here it is. “A little perceived racism is a whole lot better than a lot of real fascism. The police are out of bounds and Americans are being subliminally trained to turn on one another in favor of a totalitarian state. An old despotic tactic that would not work on an educated citizenry.” My comment is totally within the T.O.S. I pledged to adhere to yet the fascist left does not want democratic dialogue, only APPROVED speech. More solid evidence that political correctness is no more than new age McCarthyism.

  19. The Grand Occident says:

    Why do all you conservatives talk about “Nazis” and “brownshirts?”

    Grow up. Realize that America fought on the wrong side in WWII – that “victory” led to this horrible state of affairs we have in America right now. If we fought on the correct side there would be no phony “equality,” “diversity,” or any other genocidal plans to destroy Whites.

  20. GF says:

    It looked too much like Obama. If it had looked like Palin or Bush, the city would have given the homepwner a reward. I’d say sue the f**ing city on 1st Ammendment rights.

  21. Matthew King says:

    I took the time to read about 4 pages of this idiocy. For those of you who can rationalize the theft of private property, state action against free expression and criminal trepassing by Law enforcement because you disagree with the man’s opinion – you are the problem with this country. Free speech and expression is not free if it has to be popular. Private property is private if the government can diregard ownership and take without DUE process. It protects all – from you!

    So in a few years, when a brownshirt has decided that the airconditioner in your home is a source of pollutants and that you could do without, or the government takes over your medical care and decides that it is not cost effective to treat you because your diet does not meet the standard that they set, or when they decide that you have something more or better than someone else and it is just not fair – so they take it – it is all on you. The handout get along go along generation that was taught in government run schools that government is god.

    You damn liberals!

  22. Very conservative says:

    m o n k e y s

  23. William says:

    I suggest lynching a person of color next to the scarecrow so that we can observe the difference.

  24. The Grand Occident says:

    “What is wrong with you? People should be judged on who they are, not what they look like.”

    You’re absolutely right – I don’t dislike Blacks because of their skin color – but because of what is underneath the skin. Loud, obnoxious behavior, foul odors, criminality, disease, etc. See? I dislike them for WHO THEY ARE, not their skin color.

  25. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    What kind of reporter or editor doesn’t even bother to ask the Homeowner for comment? Or explain that he didn’t wanna comment?

  26. Tyrone Cotrell says:

    Whitey wanna bring back slavy and hang black folk huh? All repubicons are slavy racist basterds who kill the brotha man. Thand god for democats liek Abrahem Lincon and the Reverand Dotor Martin Luther King you white pices of crap.

  27. Boogie says:

    They hung George Bush effigy from a tree while he was President,so why not put Obammy there now…??????????

  28. photoman022 says:

    The government is dictating what is appropriate Halloween decor? They remove displays they find objectionable? Is this America or Amerika? What happened to the First Amendment?

  29. The Bobster says:

    No, it’s not, but you libt ards would like it to be. BTW, spoonies call us crackers on a regular basis and nothing ever happens to them.

  30. Seth Day says:

    It is too bad hanging has become such a racially charged punishment, we could use more public hanging for all the murderers, rapists, and child molesters that are getting off with 10 years here and 10 years there while destroying life after life.

  31. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  32. Abe says:

    It’s apalling in a city wlere our UN has its headquarters, such a thing could be allowed to happen

  33. Steve says:

    Facist America….we are no longer free. Anyone that thinks that is a fool.

  34. Seth Day says:


  35. Magnus Volk says:

    Racist blacks don’t like being reminded of the bad old days when their violent crimes often resulted in swift, violent and effective retribution.

  36. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    A little perceived racism is a whole lot better than a lot of real fascism. The police are out of bounds and Americans are being subliminally trained to turn on one another in favor of a totalitarian state. An old despotic tactic that would not work on an educated citizenry. The racism is in those who see only the perceived color of the scarecrow’s skin. Proof: To be fair and unbiased a corn colored, or caucasian scarecrow would have been just fine, just fine with anti-white racists that is. Why can’t we just live as one race, the human race?

  37. The Bobster says:

    Charles Barron is offended? Isn’t he the niq qer racist who wanted to slap the nearest White person?

  38. sure says:

    as long as those who demanded this display be removed never wish to display anything that anyone else ever might be offended by for any reason then ok. and everyone think about the fact that free speech doesn’t exist to protect your right to discuss rainbows, kittens and lollipops because that wouldn’t need protecting then ok,

  39. Ann Buttner says:

    If your Afro American then you are bipolar. Are you an African or an American ?
    You need to choose because if your african then move to Africa. If you are an American then be American. God bless America

  40. Patriot says:

    I was awarded the Defender of the Constitution Award in 2002 and if I can find out who the people are that complained, I will personally complain in their ears!

    I have 2 recommendations…

    1. The owner of the scarecrow file a lawsuit against the police and the complainers for violating this man’s freedom of speech.

    2. The readers of this article find out who the whiners were and give them a peace of your mind with letters and phone calls.

  41. Jahnke says:

    They should hang a few of these Big Brother liberals in the tree. There has to be a way to shut those sissies up!

  42. Bill Jones says:

    The police violated the homeowners civil rights. Where is the ACLU when you need them? Protecting criminals, and pornographers .

  43. rdjoker says:

    It was okay for the libs in West Hollywood CA,. to hang an effigy of President Bush on Halloween but not a scarecrow in Broohlyn…Hmm sounds like a double standard as usual.

  44. juvhy says:

    show me that law numbnuts.

  45. Daniel Morgan says:

    Liberals are easily frightened by things that go bump in the night and thinking logically.

  46. Nexialist says:

    What if the same scarecrow had been mounted on a post?

  47. Doug S. says:

    Racism is NOT illegal! Discrimination on the basis of race ( as well as other factors) is illegal, but not being a racist. Just look at Jackson, Sharpton, the Black Panther Party, the Black Congressional Caucus to name but a few.

    The homeowners First Amendment rights have been violated. His message may not make everybody happy, but it IS his God given right to say it, as affirmed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

  48. Thor says:

    My definition of a racist is anyone winning an argument with a liberal. Liberals rarely defend or flesh out their side of the debate only accuse you of attacking them when you don’t agree with them. They make you out to be a “hater” which in their mind is worse than anything they can imagine. This is why it is so simple to win in the arena of ideas once they mature.

    1. Tommy Victorious says:

      You are awesome! Thanks for the post.

  49. T Frrit says:

    Americans are pure cowards.

  50. Dan says:

    Racism is only if you hate without a reason…

    He should have put big ears on it and a teleprompter in front of it. And maybe a sign indicating it only represented the dummy’s WHITE mother.

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