New York City Parents Find Nothing Stylish About New Tattooed ‘Barbie’ Doll

Body Ink All Over 'Tokidoki' Seen As Sending A Very Bad Message To Children

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The newest Barbie doll to hit store shelves is sparking controversy.

The doll sports several tattoos, and some parents say it’s sending the wrong message to their kids, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

Meet “Tokidoki Barbie,” the newest addition to the iconic doll collection.

She’s edgy — with pink hair, sky-high stilettos and a cactus-covered pet named “Bastardino.”

But it’s her body art that has some parents on edge.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for little girls to be having Barbies with tattoos all over,” parent Reye Griffith said Thursday.

Tokidoki’s upper body is covered with exotic-looking tattoos, including a large flower covering her chest and a tiger curls up her neck.

“I think it sends all the wrong signals for young girls,” said Mitti Hansen, mother to a 4-year-old girl.

Tokidoki is not the first Barbie to sport tattoos. In 2009, Mattel unveiled “Totally Stylin’ Barbie,” but her tattoos were stick-on and removable.

Tokidoki’s are inked on.

“Maybe if a little girl sees that she also wants a tattoo and I think it’s not good,” parent Latifa Zyne said.

But body art is a growing trend. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 4 Americans ages 18 to 50 now has at least one tattoo.

Tattoo artist Pablo Jimenez said Tokidoki is just a reflection of a more accepting attitude toward body ink.

“Tattoos, right now, is everywhere. It’s just about art. It’s nothing bad,” Jimenez said.

Tokidoki is considered a “collectible” and retails for $50 — much more expensive than basic Barbie dolls. Mattel said the doll is marketed more toward adult collectors than to children. Tokidoki is a limited edition doll — named after the fashion line of the same name. It is sold only on Barbie collector’s website.

“You will not find this in any toy store,” said Jim Silver, Editor-In-Chief of

Silver said Tokidoki is just the latest in a long line of high-fashion collector items meant for adults, not kids.

“These are high-priced dolls. They make dolls after big-time fashion designers like Bob Mackey, so these are dolls that kids generally don’t see,” Silver said.

Many parents said they’d like to keep it that way.

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One Comment

  1. Ken says:

    Skank Barbie, now w herpes sores!

  2. bill says:

    Skank Barbie

  3. S says:

    This is Skank Barbie

  4. Jason Phillips says:

    Funny – I didn’t waste my time scrolling through every comment in this post, but I can say the overwhelming majority has taken one side or the other regarding ink and what children should think about it.
    Seems like most are missing the point here.
    Barbies have always projected a false and destructive image of women to children. If you are so concerned with what your children play with then get them a box of Legos instead of perpetuating “the mesage” of St. Barbie.

  5. Dan says:

    I’d hit that.

    1. S says:

      Have fun – she’s about 8″ tall and plastic.

      If she were real, she’d likely have a disease from her dirty needle tattoo session.

  6. Ken says:

    Tramp Stamp Barbie, now w nipple piercings!

  7. calgrammy says:

    My daughter and friends did much worse to their Barbies. Tattoo’s,punk hair cuts, piercing. colored hair with Sharpies. I could go on and on. Tip, Barbies do not float in swimming pool they go to bottom and get all bleached out.

  8. Dave says:

    Your little daughter goes to the store and see this Barbie. You tell her she cant have it, because you don’t approve of it. Let me konw what happens in 10 years. Full cycle.

    It’s the same old game. You have to buy something to be beautiful You have to modify yourself to be normal.

    Dont buy anymore Barbies. Let this company go broke.

  9. LeftCoast says:

    I see a positive side to this. If it will encourage girls to get too’d, this will help future employers quickly spot employment candidates who’ve had questionable parenting. This ties directly to productivity and honesty.

  10. marriedinlove says:

    Having a tattoo does not make you a “low-class prostitute with a crack habit” etc. I am living proof. I received my tattoo at the age of 21 which is 3 years above the “legal” age. I put some thought into it. It is in a place where nobody is going to see it and I’m okay with it. I’m a fan of thoughtful and tasteful tattoos. Everybody has their own opinions on it. I’m not a fan of tattoos on the face, neck or hands, but that is my own preference and that doesn’t mean it’s “trashy”. Just to prove to everyone that having a tattoo doesn’t mean you suffer from some addiction of some sort such as drugs or even cigarettes, I am proof. I have NEVER done an illegal drug in my life, nor have I ever smoked ANYTHING. That is not the lifestyle I wish to involve myself in. As far as the discussion that tattoos are a bad influence for children goes, children have worn TEMPORARY TATTOOS for many years! Nobody seems to complain about that! The fact of the matter is that, whether or not you like something doesn’t matter at the end of the day. We live in a country where we have choices. If you like tattoos, get them. If you don’t like tattoos, don’t get them! If you like this doll, buy her. If not, don’t buy her. It’s that easy. Tattoos are not anything new, just for the record. My grandmother who is in her 70’s has tattoos. Granted they were not professionally done tattoos, but even 50 years ago people had tattoos.

  11. diana says:

    its like this, parents dont let the media decide what is right or wrong image for your child. you raised ur child the way u want to raise them and its your responsiblility. i think the new barbie signifies different type of personalities. some kids do not like the girly girl barbie and they should different shape, sizes, race. that way child can at least have a doll tht look like them and afraid of being themselves, instead some kids get so caught up and want to look like the typical blonde hair , light skin barbie

  12. weew says:

    Ohh it’s about time we had a “poor judgment low self-esteem” Barbie.

  13. K.K. says:

    Having a barbie with tattoos is not an issue, i mean whats the difference between the barbie having them and a parent having one or a teacher daycare provider or whatever. The real problem are the parents trying to label everything as “bad” when its not bad. In todays world kids are going to see things and experience things good and bad. it just seems like people are starting to get good and bad mixed up. A tattoo is not a bad thing you just simply tell the child thats something that you can get when you are an adult if u want it. You don’t tell them its bad when its not cause ur going to confuse the child on good and bad. Plus one little fact we all seem to forget Barbie is a WOMAN not a CHILD. If u feel that barbie is too grown up for your kid then start complaining to mattel to get them to promote Kelly (barbies kid sister) out there for the younger kids like they do barbie then it will ease the mind of all the troubled parents that can’t seem to explain things to there kids and jus label things as bad…I’m Just sayin…

  14. Christopher T. says:

    Barbie is just treading water. They are trying new things because Mattel knows that Barbie is on life support. In with the new out with old…just stop making Barbie.

  15. uncle tom says:

    I think Mrs Obama should step in and demand that this doll be taken off of the market because of the bad influence it will have on teen agers and parents alike

  16. Reggie1971 says:

    Yeah let’s instill the desire for girls to ruin the appearance of their by bodies by putting disgusting ink blotches on their skin, as early as possible. What a tacky era it is we live in.

    I don’t give a damn who it offends to say that tramp stamps, et al are revolting. They do nothing but permanently compromise a woman’s beauty & class..

  17. Jamie Lee Lindsey says:

    I see absolutely no problem with tattoos and i don’t see how it SHOULD affect any work place or work relationship. a tattoo is a form of SELF EXPRESSION and when you exclude, terminate, or judge someone with a tattoo you are telling them “hey, i dont like the type or person that you despite anything about you” its rude, its inconsiderate. We are people, just like everyone else. The next doctor that saves your life could be covered in tattoos. So don’t be so quick to judge. That “deliquent” could save your life. The only message it is sending to your children, is that its ok to be yourself.

  18. Ozford says:

    Of course her tattoos are more fashionable and artistic than most of the junk I see paraded around the streets these days, and as an added benefit to being an immortal doll, we will probably never see those tattoos on a Sagging Skin Suit Barbie 20 years down the road.
    Hmmm, how bout a transgender Barbie – how would something like that be designed?

  19. Ben Dover says:

    I’m waiting for the Barbie with the pierced genitalia.

  20. RedneckBob says:

    Darn it, now we need a OWS Barbie and Ken. They could have Tats, purple stripes in their hair and come with a bottle of ” I havent bathed for two weeks” to use for realism.

  21. Harpotoo says:

    Well it took a while but now we have Barbie the S K A N K doll!

  22. Silly Rabbit dolls are for kids says:

    Oh lord who cares. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. If your child idolizes Barbie the tattoos should be the least of your worries and by your I’m generally speaking before someone thinks I am acutally talking about thier child!

    I mean Barbie’s body is so anatomically incorrect, let’s be more worried about them wanting to looking like that and spending millions of dollars on plastic surgery to fit the image of perfection. A few tatoos never hurt anyone.

    Also, if the doll is not sold in stores – then more than likely your child won’t even see the thing. So why make a big deal…..

  23. Justen Agorist Robertson says:

    Yes it would certainly be awful to vaguely suggest to children that they, not their parents, own their own body and have a right to decorate and modify it as they please. What kind of society are we living in, one where other people don’t have a say in the private choices of individuals? One where people think it’s great that a toy generally symbolizing rigid and demeaning gender stereotypes is finally promoting a bit of individual autonomy and self-expression? Or perhaps one where people don’t read too much into the random choices of toy manufacturers? No way, not in my country.

  24. Rachael says:

    Everyone is different, and kids are going to encounter people with tattoos in their lives, especially if 1 in 4 American’s now have tattoos, besides, I don’t know any parent that would go out and buy a $50 barbie for their kid anyway. Kids grow out of toys so quickly, and parents that have a problem shouldn’t worry to much about it and just not buy that product. Because I don’t really care about their complaints, they need to put their big girl/boy panties on and deal with it in an adult manner.

  25. FedUp says:

    Visible tattoos pretty much guarantee you will be limited as too where you work.
    Wonder if she has a tramp stamp too? BWAAHAHA 😉

    1. Fedup says:

      That’s why you don’t get visible tattoos.

  26. Big Babboo says:

    Barbie has had a long history of sending a very unhealthy body image to young girls. Why do tattoos, pink hair, or stiletto heels have anything to do with it? How much plastic surgery has been done because some girl grew up not looking like the Barbie she idolized as a child and now does not have the 39″ bust, 18″ waist, or 33″ hips? How many eating disorders?

    Short answer is – if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Having a tattoo or pink hair makes you no less of a person than without. You find good or bad everywhere.

  27. B&RsBubba says:

    Wow all of this amazes me. I am a 51yr old grandmother of 2. I live in middle class suburbia. We have a low 3 figure a year income. And heaven forbid I have 3 tattoos. One in memory of my son that passed away, one in honor of my grandson. I wonder if I am frowned upon every time I walk in the school to help or volunteer or when I walk up and down an intersection in 100 degree weather for our local children charity. Evidently I must be the trashiest person on my street. Although my youngest son did get his first tattoo at 18, I tried to tell him to wait a couple of years and to really consider what he got before he did it. And like a few posters have commented when they turn 18 there’s nothing you can do about it. I really don’t think a 4 or 6 yr old playing with a tattooed Barbie will end up as trailer park trash. And how many thousands of kids are walking around with temporary tattoos on. Gosh those 3 year olds must already be delinquents. Guess it’s just hard for me to understand why myself and so many others like me could be judges so harshly for something as simple as a few words or pictures that we have placed on OUR bodies. Oh but wait, my grandson started calling me Bubba when he was 2 instead of grammy or Mimi, and before my first tattoo, so maybe I am trash.

    1. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

      A low three figure income? You live on less than $1000 a year and you have money for tattoos?

    2. B&RsBubba says:

      So sorry my IPad is so sensitive I didn’t catch that. Should be 6. So yes I have plenty of money for tattoos

  28. Karl Magnus says:

    Full Disclosure: I have a screaming eagle tattooed on my right bicep.
    For good reason.

  29. Karl Magnus says:

    It’s Sleazy … The theme du jour apparently.
    Once upon a time, in my uninformed youth, I wanted to have a child or two and preferred a female(s) as I didn’t want to be summoned to the local cop shop to pick up an errant son, but my parents were. (ahem)

    We have all witnessed the sexualization of children (most notably females) over these past few decades, but isn’t this stretching it just a wee bit?
    The ONLY times I’ve ever “been with” a woman who had a tattoo or two, was unknown to me until the threads were shed.

    NOTE: Garish tattoos are not “cool”, or the least bit attractive, young ladies.
    THIS professional recognizes poor judgment when he sees it.
    Exit Question: When does “Ken” get his johnson inked?


  30. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

    I hear they are going to come out with a limited special edition of this doll with multiple body piercings, armpit hair, and body odor. It will include a tent, a rape kit, a bag of weed, and lifelike human feces. They are going to call it OWS Barbie.

    Child molester, foot sniffer, trust-fund-baby Ken is scheduled to follow soon thereafter.

    1. edwwww says:

      True…and thank you I needed a laugh this morning

  31. Reality Bites says:

    I love my tats ❤

    1. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

      I like the one’s on the lower back. Extra points if “AIM HERE” printed underneath.

  32. edwwww says:

    Trailer Trash Barbie!!!

  33. Wendy says:

    The tramp stamps are bad enough. Even worse, much worse, is that she has been given the body of an anorexic. She looks anemic and ready to collapse. Not much of a model for young girls.

  34. Sam says:

    People are busy bodies. They are just so bored of their pathetic lives that they need to cause some sort of worthless bustle so that they have some excitement in their lives. It’s a god damn barbie…if kids get it in their little skulls that they want a tattoo, guess what? they are 5! how many times did your mind change when you were 5-19, I am 23 and always wanted a tattoo but I still don’t have one. Just because people have ideas in their head, I bet half the time they don’t even act upon it. And if they decide to, guess what else? they will be 18 then parents you just have to deal. So how bout spare yourself some gray hairs and just deal with it right now.

  35. Brent says:

    I personally can’t believe the audacity that some people have. Saying that little girls shouldn’t be playing with dolls that have body art while supporting the unrealistic body image of “Barbie”

    Tattoos shouldn’t be demonized by anybody. Its a choice just like anything else. Obviously face tattoos and obscene images will never be accepted the same, but how are tattoos any different than a UFC t-shirt? Or, how is a tattoo different than any sort of image?

    1. Reality Bites says:

      The most intelligent comment I have read so far. Thumbs up!

    2. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

      And just like a UFC t-shirt, I can take it off when I want, and throw it away and get a new one when it’s out of style. Oh wait…

      I personally can’t believe anybody can be so dim as to compare an article of clothing with permanent defacement of one’s body.

    3. weew says:

      A tat is self-expression. So is a nose ring. So is a UFC t-shirt. So is a wildly-colored hair. So is overdone, loud make-up. So is shouting “F*** YOU!” at the top of your lungs.

      So is a pressed shirt and tie. So is a professional appearance. So is an un-marked, un-mutilated face and body.

      Self-expression is fine. However, don’t be surprised if the message being expressed is not met with universal acceptance.

  36. krystaldragon says:

    i understand this is a COLLECTOR DOLL, NOT found in toy stores. I can read,lol. I find it so strange that so many people were offended by the tattoos and not the name of the pet as a negative impression on children. Bastardino. Christian priests used to have signs of the cross tattooed on themselves, so whatever quotes and interpretations of the bible passage are irrelevant. there are people who use the same quote to deny themselves, innoculations,blood test,transfusions.either way it has no bearing on a doll created as a collector item for adults. I have a tattoo, but that also has no bearing on whether i would buy such an item for a child if it ever was available. Children have been drawing on themselves for many yrs, buying disposable tattooes and even putting stickers on their bodies

  37. Josept the Great says:

    Only a low life progressive idiot in the design department would think of desecrating an American classic like this. Whats even more sad is that a lot of companies are forced to hire trash like that which leads to more infestation and so forth. On the other hand, there are low life no class jaskasses who will actually waste their money on this trash. Losers.

  38. Ken says:

    Mattel makes all kinds of Barbies, many of them not great for young women to model their life after. This is about Mattel looking for any new ideas and following trends to make a buck on collectors. The fact that there is an article and so many commenting on it only helps to make them more successful. Controversy is a great thing because it creates buzz which sells more product. This is not their first controversial doll and it certainly will not be there last.

    Tatoos have been around forever and I doubt that they will go away. The tatoo and its location can have a lot of meaning to the owner and if seen can absolutely draw different reactions. For example, depending on the career you choose, the tatoo, its location and how much attention you draw to it, your tatoo may be help or hurt someone in an interview for a job.

    Personally I am pretty much neutral on the body art. It is like a lot of things in life. While I do not have any, I begrudge no one from having one and depending on content location and the attention the wearer places on it may or may not impact how I view that person.

  39. Practical Mom says:

    I have 3 kids, and taught in a Catholic girls school. I always told my kids — if you want a tattoo — BEFORE you get it — find your FAVORITE shirt and you MUST wear it DAILY for 30 days. If you still like it, are prepared to wear it for the rest of your life — then go get one. Did the same “lesson” with my girls — high school girls always HATE their uniforms (parents don’t!!) — asked them, “would you wear your uniform every day for the rest of your life” — so far our kids are 25, 23, and 21 — at our house — no tattoos and no yearning to get one.

  40. Katherine Duval says:

    If the doll were for kids would I buy it? No, simply because I don’t like tattoos and I don’t really think a young girl needs a doll like that. Sure lots of adults have them and they are everywhere but thats just it, those are adults not kids play toys. Let them have a childs toy and use their childs imagination for a while longer.

  41. Jo says:

    Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

    Your kid sees it and wants a tattoo? Here’s a novel idea. . . . say no.

    Like this is rocket science or something . . . .

  42. Crystal says:

    People get to out of control over others peoples post,Everyone is entitled to there own decisions. It’s just a barbie doll if u dont want your kids to have it then dont buy it for them when i was growing up i had a barbie with tattoos and i turned out just fine,Most people now days have tattoo’s like myself. Dont mean im trashy,,,, I just say its a barbie its not gonna be sold in stores and idk y people make sure a big deal out of everything.

  43. Edgar Friendly says:

    wait…Liberal democrat New York City parents have a problem with a liberal Barbie.

    Cognitive dissonance. NY parent fail.

  44. Jeffrey Douglass Sr. says:

    If I was a parent I would be more concerned with the bedroom eyes.

  45. Jeffrey Douglass Sr. says:

    Personally, I think barbie dolls have always been inappropriate for young girls. They have always been sexy, alluring and empty headed. Not the message a four year old should be given relating to what her purpose in our society is suppose to be when she gets older.
    The consumer needs to be just a little smarter than the snake oil salesmen.

  46. Darrell says:

    Hear about the new Divorcee Barbie?

    She comes with all Ken’s stuff.

    1. Karl Magnus says:

      LOL !!

  47. MarkyMarkNC says:

    Wow, I think she looks great. People get too upset over silly things. -and I don’t have a single tattoo.

    1. Jeffrey Douglass Sr. says:

      It is not for you they are concerned MarkyMarkNC.

  48. Jeffrey Douglass says:

    Why the concern?
    I don’t have to buy the doll, nor am I forced to be tattooed. If my daughter stilled lived in my home she would not deface her body till she moved out of my home.
    I don’t know why a majority of young people want a tattoo but I would bet it has to do with today’s sex appeal. In my lifetime I have learned that what appeals sexually is almost impossible to ban.

  49. ratso111 says:

    Tattoos smell. They give off this pungent,closet stuffy smell.

  50. Jerzey Boy says:

    Welfare Barbie; No shoes, hairy armpits, smell like fish.

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