New York City Parents Find Nothing Stylish About New Tattooed ‘Barbie’ Doll

Body Ink All Over 'Tokidoki' Seen As Sending A Very Bad Message To Children

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The newest Barbie doll to hit store shelves is sparking controversy.

The doll sports several tattoos, and some parents say it’s sending the wrong message to their kids, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

Meet “Tokidoki Barbie,” the newest addition to the iconic doll collection.

She’s edgy — with pink hair, sky-high stilettos and a cactus-covered pet named “Bastardino.”

But it’s her body art that has some parents on edge.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for little girls to be having Barbies with tattoos all over,” parent Reye Griffith said Thursday.

Tokidoki’s upper body is covered with exotic-looking tattoos, including a large flower covering her chest and a tiger curls up her neck.

“I think it sends all the wrong signals for young girls,” said Mitti Hansen, mother to a 4-year-old girl.

Tokidoki is not the first Barbie to sport tattoos. In 2009, Mattel unveiled “Totally Stylin’ Barbie,” but her tattoos were stick-on and removable.

Tokidoki’s are inked on.

“Maybe if a little girl sees that she also wants a tattoo and I think it’s not good,” parent Latifa Zyne said.

But body art is a growing trend. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 4 Americans ages 18 to 50 now has at least one tattoo.

Tattoo artist Pablo Jimenez said Tokidoki is just a reflection of a more accepting attitude toward body ink.

“Tattoos, right now, is everywhere. It’s just about art. It’s nothing bad,” Jimenez said.

Tokidoki is considered a “collectible” and retails for $50 — much more expensive than basic Barbie dolls. Mattel said the doll is marketed more toward adult collectors than to children. Tokidoki is a limited edition doll — named after the fashion line of the same name. It is sold only on Barbie collector’s website.

“You will not find this in any toy store,” said Jim Silver, Editor-In-Chief of

Silver said Tokidoki is just the latest in a long line of high-fashion collector items meant for adults, not kids.

“These are high-priced dolls. They make dolls after big-time fashion designers like Bob Mackey, so these are dolls that kids generally don’t see,” Silver said.

Many parents said they’d like to keep it that way.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. Linnae says:

    Wait wait wait. The D cups, 18″ waist and bleach-blonde hair, present on all Barbie dolls, are sending the right message to little girls?

  2. Sheena says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with that barbie. seriously I mean its just tattoos, so wat. if anything why don’t they make a big deal out of the pregnant barbie doll? that they should be more concerned bout their lil girls playing with.

  3. Jessica Samons says:

    It is meant for adults, not children. It’s for collectors and it’s not even going to be on a store shelf. So unless someone is on the computer showing it to their 4 yr old daughter then there should be no worries of them even knowing about it. If you don’t want your little girls playing with the doll, then don’t order it. I’m more
    worried about my daughter wanting the trampy Bratz dolls than I am this Barbie.

  4. JoAnnes says:

    First off theres nothing wrong with this doll. Shes a beautiful looking doll. Heres a soloution if you have issues with the tatts, buy some paint an paint over them. I have more of an issue with the dogs name an the vampire teeth on here clothes then I do the tatts. This doll is strickly for ADULT NOT KIDS collectors! If you dont want your kid to see it dont buy them one! Im an adult collector, an yes I have one, have been collecting barbie since I got my first one at age 3! And to the guy who mentioned recession what are you a socialist? I dont remember anyone asking YOU to fork over the $50!

  5. Helen G Thomas says:

    Barbie with a tramp stamp? Not acceptable. We’re raising a generation of silly women who have no moral values….

  6. jasmine says:

    parents are over reacting with the tattoos,other barbies try to make them look perfect,makeup ,hair,body etc and no one is like that.i think thats sending a worse messege then having some ink on your 19 and i have a whole sleeve on my right arm and iv had kids ask me about them and i say its what adults are easily influenced yes but if you address the issue except trying to block the fact away.tattoos are extremely popular now even if parents don’t let them get the barbie because of the tattoos,there children more then likely would be subjected to tattoos in another way,so the barbie or have it be tv etc its still gonna be there.

    but everyone parents a different way,but i think theres worse things to worry about then a barbie with tattoos.iv seen worse fiasco’s with children dolls.

    1. Helen G Thomas says:

      Sweetie, that sleeve that you have won’t be so pretty on old skin.
      If you are an indication of what tattooing can do to the human mindset, let me die with unmarked skin.
      Fads come and go, and what they didn’t say in the article is that tattoo removal is gaining as a treatment. Getting a tat when you’re drunk r on a dare usually creates regret…..
      And with the spread of hep C, I’d rather have no tat than follow trends.

  7. ML the Truth says:

    collectors item. Where can I buy 10 for EBAY?

  8. Kei Pupule says:

    honestly i have tattoos my girl friend has tattoos and guess what WE HAVE A CHILD OMG !!! and well everywhere you go you will find people of all likes and colors with tattoos and piercings and well get over it it is 2011 !

  9. Raechel Haught says:

    Its unfortunate we live in a society where someone would make an assumption about someones intelligence based on a silly little tattoo, but that seems to be the trend. As an artist myself, I don’t have to try and impress closed minded employers. I guess the moral of the story is, if you work hard to be the best, get an education, and do what you really love, you don’t have to try and impress people like our friends Ed and Lisa here. It sure is good to be me!

  10. jo anne says:

    its on the net, so the kids have already seen it…the message has been sent, good job big corporations, you jerks stop at nothing, my guess is you’re working on promotions that can invade the womb!!

    1. Arianna Armon says:

      So, you let your kids – who you wouldn’t want exposed to this sort of thing – surf the net unsupervised? Sorry, it’s YOUR responsibility to PARENT your kids and monitor what they do. This isn’t going to be advertized on a kid-friendly type of website. Your kid would have to know HOW to look for something like this. If they are savvy enough to do that sort of thing, this doll is the LEAST of your problems.

      1. Raechel Haught says:

        ^ applause Arianna.

      2. Helen G Thomas says:

        Arriana, you are so right.

  11. Arianna Armon says:

    What bothers me here is not the doll, but the complete IGNORANCE and lack of reading COMPREHENSION by so many of the commentors here. The article CLEARLY states this is a COLLECTOR doll, not one for children – and it will NOT be available in stores. If your child is “exposed” to this doll, frankly, it’s YOUR fault. She is ONLY available on the collector website. Most young children don’t even know that exists, let alone have access to it. There are SO MANY REAL issues to get worked up about, this is not even remotely important!

    As for everyone commenting on the “morality” if having a tattoo – get over yourselves! I don’t like tattoos personally, but I know better than to judge someone simply because they have ink. One of my closest friends – one of the few I KNOW I can count on to be there for me – is heavily tattooed. And I certainly know plenty of un-inked people who lead far from “moral” lives.

    Worry about YOURSELVES and how you are PARENTING your children. YES, PARENTING. It is NOT the responsibility of the media, the toy companies, the government, etc to parent your children. It is YOUR responsibility. If you PARENT your children, something as TRIVIAL as a tattooed DOLL is not going to influence them to run out and get inked!

  12. Ethan F. says:

    If they really want to be trendy, they should make a dirty smelly Barbie holding a cardboard sign that reads “Barbie hates Wall Street”.

  13. Raechel Haught says:

    Frankly, I’m shocked at all of you name calling over this. Very sad. Anyway, as a tattoo artist myself I find the doll cute and flattering. Tattoos don’t make you a bad person. They wont turn your children “bad”. I have tattoos all over. Most are cute and cartoonish. Im stable, own a home, am successful, and very polite and well spoken. Most of you sound just plain simple. If I want to buy one for my child that’s my business.

    1. Lisa says:

      Of course you see nothing wrong with it ; you make money off of tattooing but the rest of these suggestible kids will have a hard time finding work because of extensive tattoos and social perceptions. Do you really want to be accountable for this type of social outcome? In the future when you see old people with these extensive tattoos who had to struggle to get work and other social problems because of it. It is always those who sell it that think there is nothing wrong with it?

      1. Raechel Haught says:

        That last sentence of yours was not a question, it was a statement. You should have used a period, not a question mark. The only thing I’m accountable for is giving people art on their skin. Whether its in memory of a lost loved one, a statement, or just something they find beautiful. The reason people with tattoos have a hard time finding work is because of closed minded employers and a society that shuns originality. And I make money off of it because I decided I didn’t want to adhere to what ignorant people deemed “acceptable”. With a little talent and hard work, I was able to do it. The argument is whether or not this doll is a “bad influence” on little girls. I don’t find myself to be a bad influence. I have followed my dreams, I’m educated, and I’m a good mother. Shouldn’t those things be more important than my appearance?

        1. melissa says:

          I totally agree with you Raechel. I have 4 children, graduated college top of my class and have tattoos all over. My husband also does tattooing on the side of his military career. I am not a bad influence on my kids or any one else for that matter. Closed minded people are what make it hard for tattooed people to work and be accepted in todays world. If half of these people on here bitching about the tattoos would expand their surroundings to other countries they would see it is also a part of culture.

          1. Raechel Haught says:

            Exactly Melissa. Unfortunately, it seems most peoples priorities are a bit off. I was raised to believe a persons quality of character was what counted, not what they looked like. Once we start censoring art, we are culturally doomed. If nothing else, we both know our children will grow up with an appreciation for beauty and expression.

  14. Ms. Williams says:

    Interesting. Tatooed Barbie causes an uproar, but the hooker looking Bratz Dollz (that were taken off shelves and brought back for some dumb reason), the Monster High Dolls (Bratz Dollz with a spooky theme), and the Baby Bratz aren’t an issue. This looks like a collectible doll, not one you play with.

  15. WhatTheF says:

    Adult doll collectors!!
    Adult BARBIE doll collectors!!

  16. SHunter says:

    Great “Skank Barbie”.. how sweet.

  17. Hank says:

    What country were these interviews taken, everyone speaking broken English.

  18. Natura says:

    I love this New Barbie, she is unique just like everyone out there – who isnt a cookie cut copy and paste of everyone else walking down the street. This Barbie says she not looking for validation through the wolf-pack mentality that grips every sadist ridiculous ideal that is changing as we speak in girl-universe . Good for Barbie, shes the girl of the future and must express the reality of the changes in the coming millennium.

    1. blackfin says:

      Unique isn’t a quality, and a tattoo doesn’t quantify anybody. It’s not that there is anything wrong with tattoos, it’s that this is a poor message to send to young, impressionable girls that they have to forge an identity, and in this case, an identity that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives whether they like it or not. As a side note; I hate to see a beautiful woman covered in artificial “art”.

  19. blackfin says:

    It’s a cultural statement and I don’t think it’s particularly a good one. America seems to be racing toward hedonism and mediocrity. We don’t like standards anymore and we wonder why we are in decline. High moral standards exist for a reason. I’m not saying that tattoos are immoral, but the culture that generally sports body art isn’t exactly G rated. You want your six year old to get a tattoo, then you can embrace Tramp Stamp Barbie. You want to improve quality of life in the US, rebuild American society by embracing wholesome activities that reward performance, academics, and personal integrity. How about a CEO Barbie?

    1. Raechel Haught says:

      I find everything you posted offensive. I’m a successful, responsible, educated adult with a thriving career. I also happen to be a tattoo artist. Before I became an artist, I was a nurse. A large majority of my clients are well rounded, intelligent, and wholesome. Some are CEOs themselves. It seems most of your assumptions about our “culture” are based on ignorance. Perhaps before you judge us so harshly, you should learn about us. Im sorry if I seem a bit sharp in this reply, but I am honestly hurt by the cruel things you had to say.

  20. Muhammedx says:

    Cant wait for the “herpes Barbie” or “Hermaphrodite Barbie” or “ProCHoice Barbie” with the aborted baby accessory. Geez…who is in their marketing department.

    the “threesome Barbie” “swinger Barbie” “The Vag Pierced Barbie”

    can’t wait. Vetter will be Bye Bye Barbie!! When no one buys them anymore…then years later they will have “The Classic Barbie” that is just a girl….

  21. Steve says:

    Well, she really couldn’t get a nipple ring so she went for the tats.

  22. Tatooless says:

    Stupid is, as stupid does, just about says it all.

  23. Danny M says:

    This culture has gone to crap.

  24. sassafras says:

    Just don’t buy the doll if you don’t agree with it.

    1. muhammedx says:

      that’s a given. but we are still allowed to disagree out loud still right? or is that reserved for liberals?

  25. GetBackInYourSeat says:

    It’s okay for a piece of plastic depicting a human male to have a tattoo but it is not okay for a piece of plastic depicting a human female to have a tattoo. This is the sort of logic that is driving the world over a cliff.

  26. Melissa says:

    I do not see the big deal. The Barbies that are for kids look like two dollar hookers. And that’s ok to send that message to kids. But tattoos on a Barbie is wrong? I believe we have more important things in this world to worry about than some doll!!

  27. Billy says:

    This has got to be outragious about tatoos! Personally I think they are sick looking on people male or female. Another thing What does it prove??

    1. melissa says:

      Who says we are out to prove anything to anyone by having tattoos? They are not for you or anyone else that does not agree with them. They are personal and having meaning to the one’s who have them. Maybe you have black hair or a mole on your face and people think you are sick looking!

      1. Raechel Haught says:

        Do you know what I find sick? People with bad grammar and lack of punctuation judging me for my appearance. My tattoos are not for you. They are for me. I have nothing to prove to you, nor will I ever. Get over yourself Billy and go back to grade school.

  28. Cranios says:

    What? Parents thinking that having tattoos is bad, isn’t yet condemned as a bigoted point of view? In a few years it will be, you can bet. This world is losing its marbles.

  29. Lisa says:

    The real question is why are young people distorting their bodies with tattoos and piercings? Why do they want to look ugly permanently for a fad? I think fads are ok if they don’t cause any permanent change. Get a perm or something but not a tattoo that lasts for ever and you might hate in 2 years time. ask yourself , why am I doing this? because everyone else is?

    1. melissa says:

      Me and my husband are covered in tattoos, All have meanings to them and are apart of us. Some places in the world tattoos are apart of their culture and in Hawaii they have tattoos on their faces to show that they are a grown man and a lot are tribal that link back to their families and live style.

      1. Lisa says:

        Young people, Hollywood takes a good thing it makes it bad. You are being fooled. Hollywood wants you profane, ugly, low-class, disgusting, uneducated. Just look at the movies they push on us. Look what they do to beautiful women, after a short time they look like skeletons with huge lips, huge breasts, huge butts, unnatural faces. It’s like they want to destroy the natural beauty in you. Young, people you are beautiful as you are!

        1. Lisa says:

          They laugh at you after you have been seduced into believibg them – they call you trash, dumb useless eaters – don’t fall for it – you’re in God’ image.

        2. melissa says:

          No one said anything about Hollywood! Hollywood does a lot worse than have actors with tattoos on them. show me one movie with the message to push tattoos on ppl!

      2. Ed Cole says:

        And, no offense, but if any of your tattoos are visible when you are dressed in business clothes for an interview, I would not hire you or your husband. You may be the “best and brightest”, but I will never find out because I associate tattoos with ignorance. The exception is military-type tattoos worn by people that served in the armed forces. I realize this may be an unfair prejudice, but it is my feeling, and I know from discussing it with others, that I am far from alone in this feeling. In this poor job market, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you get a tattoo or non-conservative piercing.

        1. melissa says:

          WELL Lucky for me I am a professional Photographer! And My husband is a Soldier! So no offense to you but we don’t need your JOB! And we are not ignorant people by any means. Both of us are college grads! I am sorry you are so closed mined that you can not see what is inside someone instead of outside.

        2. melissa says:

          So would you fire me after you found out i did have tattoos then?????

        3. Raechel Haught says:

          I would be a bit more concerned with “Hollywoods” objectification of woman. A good example would be Barbies impossible figure, that makes little girls look down on themselves. Plastic surgery obsession that can be life threatening. THAT maybe something to worry about. But not tattoos. I’ve been working in this industry “tattooing” for several years now. Before that, I was a nurse. I enjoyed being a nurse,but didn’t appreciate that I had to “conform” to what others thought I should be. I love my work now. It is rewarding and enjoyable. And best of all, I don’t have to impress narrow minded employers, and never will again.

    2. Raechel Haught says:

      “To express yourself in visual form” would be the answer to this question. Thats the definition of artist by the way.

  30. rf says:

    Absolutely DISLIKE! Tattoos are self-vandalism, and it’s bad enough to look at ballplayers and actresses making people think they’re cool without Barbie joining in.

  31. buckr says:

    Nice. Tramp-stamp Barbie. What’s next?

  32. ThinkPeople says:

    Having a cabbage patch never made me want to have a child at a young age; I sure hope these “life like” dolls that go “potty” don’t make these kids nowadays want to have children (even though they’re reproducing like rabbits).
    Soooooooo, if a Barbie doll with tattoos, influences your child to get ink’d… question the intelligence of you child, and how you brought them up. RIDICULOUS!

    1. muhammedx says:

      then they should produce a Pro Life Barbie, or a Marriage is for MEN AND WOMEN Barbie, since these things don’t affect children. Funny how anything that runs contrary to liberal thinking is considered damaging PROPAGANDA but when it is some assault on conservative anything, you “live and let live” Liberals reverse course and decry our fear of “phantom” propaganda…and now all of a sudden it’s up to the parents to teach their kids… contradict we much?

    2. Raechel Haught says:

      I agree completely ThinkPeople.

  33. Binkyspop says:

    If Barbie’s so popular why do you have to buy her friends?

  34. Mariah says:

    Isn’t Barbie also the reason why 90% of white women suffer from eating disorders?! C’mon America you cannot blame people’s decisions based on a doll. And if you’re concern is with young girls wanting tattoos, well…….that’s why there are laws that restrict tattooing minors.

  35. Brent Clanton says:

    …and when that plastic is old and sagging, how’re those ‘tats gonna look then?

  36. Ed Cole says:

    A disgusting commentary on the decline of our culture.
    Why not just add one shaped like a bulls-eye on her lower back?

  37. Oscar says:

    Does she have a “tramp stamp”? Is her bush shaved down at least to be contemporary?

    If you parents worry about it, you shouldn’t be buying your daughters these stupid dolls. Simple solution folks.

  38. Paul says:

    Huh? No tramp stamp?

  39. Kelly Groves Scott says:

    Tramp stamp Barbie. It was bound to happen.

  40. Chase says:

    With over 20 tattoos, I have no problem with it. I work in a public school and I have had no one gripe about them. It is just a sign of the times people.

    1. Reggie1971 says:

      Yes, and definitely not the best of times considering how the culture has gone into the septic tank.

  41. Paul says:

    Does she have a tramp stamp?

  42. Kit says:

    It’s a toy.
    If it offends you, don’t buy it.
    Very simple.
    This country isn’t in trouble because your 4yp saw a doll with tattoos – this country is in trouble because we are going on the 3rd generation of children to whom their lazy , lousy parents can NOT say ‘NO’.
    It’s just easier to whine….

  43. CSX says:

    it is a doll….the children are already corruted. Why is it a question for a doll, whereas we are losing the real world battle for decency? BTW..Christian? Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, do not graffiti it.

  44. NowListenUp says:

    Does Barbie have a “tramp stamp” as well? You know, for Ken……….or is she a lesbian now??

  45. myother says:

    It’s only your problem if you buy it.

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