Best Of Mike Francesa: Darrelle Revis Hangs Up During 2011 Interview

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Should it have been a penalty or not?

On Oct. 21, 2011, WFAN’s Mike Francesa wanted to get an opinion straight from Darrelle Revis regarding the cornerback’s controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

Well, he got it all right. And then Francesa — and listeners across the Tri-State area — got a dial tone.

The interview started innocently enough. Revis gave a quick recap of New York’s 24-6 win over the Dolphins. That was followed by a preview of the Jets’ Week 7 matchup at home against Philip Rivers and the  San Diego Chargers.

Then Francesa began to push Revis on the play where the corner, as he made the crucial interception, appeared to pull at the jersey of Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.

That’s when things got heated — in a hurry.

“I can say whatever I want to say,” exclaimed Revis, who insisted it was a clean play. “Did the ref throw the flag?”

No, Francesa replied, he didn’t.

“OK then!” said Revis. “I mean, this is the game, brother. What are you talking about?”

Francesa and Revis went back and forth on the issue for nearly four minutes.

“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” said Francesa.

“I don’t care!” said Revis, clearly annoyed. “I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think. I don’t care what the whole world thinks.

“You’re good at interviewing,” he added. “I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that!”

A male voice was heard on Revis’ end toward what was to be the end of the interview. He said “Darrelle, stop,” and identified himself as Jared Winley of the Jets’ PR staff.

Revis was directed to hang up — and that was that.

Winley later called off-air to apologize on behalf of Revis for the sudden ending.

“In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone,” Winley said in a statement. “That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer, and I apologized.”

Said Francesa: Apology accepted.

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One Comment

  1. jon says:

    This is New York. We bust each others chop’s all the time. If Revis can’t handle Mike Francesa teasing him, then should get out of New York.

    1. CV says:

      Why does anyone want to do an interview with WFAN if they will “tease” you? WFAN is not part of the job. Its just some stuff, just like Mike Franceasco is just some stuff they put on the air.

  2. VInce says:

    Take on the charity donation – hike it up as much as you can and be cool.

    No, come off as a thin skined, tactless idiot with some dweb telling you to hang up. Its the fat boy bully that gets punched in the face and runs home to mommy….

  3. Jim. A says:

    Im am sick and tired of Mike Francesa and his obvious hatred for the NY JETS . Ive listened to WFAN for many years and ive been subjected to this hatred for the JETS especially over the last 2 years. So now i will listen to 1050 espn radio in the after noons going foward ..I think that all JETS fans should join me in this protest of the mike francesa show and not listen to his show.If enough fans dont listen to this garbage WFAN would be forced rethink their afternoon program. I think its a disgrace that a radio talk show host in new york who has a god complex shows his hatred outwardly for a team from New York, it just makes no sense at all. The Jets should have not apologized this is just another example from someone who relishes in verbally abusing callers and athletes alike.

  4. Drew says:

    I listened to the interview. I’m a Jets fan. I love Revis. But Revis came on with a chip on his shoulder and started the whole thing.

    1. CV says:

      Mike, is that you?

    2. amazins1 says:

      what are you talking about… mike started the interview off w the mugging comment and revis barely blinked — only got contentious when mike brought the whole topic up again…

  5. Thenuel Shlunt says:

    In this case, Mike was right. There is no doubt Revis made illegal contact. However, where was Mike when Jeter faked getting hit by that pitch late in the 2010 season?

    1. cv says:

      Its really your wrong headed opinion. Marshall ran into Revis. What did you miss?

  6. Alan Mendes says:

    Mike, Leave it at that MEANS leave it at that! Revis said it more than once to you but you kept pushing and pushing. The guy didn’t think it was a penalty. You embarrassed yourself this afternoon and lost the only Jet player that would still talk to you. If someone gives their opinion, then accept it! Let it go if you still dont agree. Very disappointing.

    1. Melissa Schafner says:

      I agree! Best comment so far. I was thinking the same thing when I heard the interview driving home…

  7. patrick hughes says:

    I actually didnt even hear the interview since i cant listen to Francesca anymore (i stopped listening after Mike and Mike ended). My god – this guy is full full of himself. How about a little humility – added to the fact that you are talking about sports – get over yourself. Enough of these narcissists – look at me everyone – i’m mike francesca – Wow!!!!

  8. flea says:

    All Revis had to say was… “I was very fortunate”… and move on to the next topic.

    1. Jim.A says:

      Why would he say he was fortunate, he made a great play.

  9. ralph says:

    It was only a penalty to Francesa because the play involved a JET. Had it been a giant, then it would have been a clean play. Francesa is the least credible interviewer in sports and Chris Russo knows this. That is why he left.

  10. Brian says:

    I refuse to listen to WFAN anymore because of this holier than thou moron. Maybe more should take that approach and they will get rid of the PIG

  11. Pats fan says:

    The jets screwed up. Mike was having fun and the Revis and the PR guy blew it. You can hear it in Mike voice. Boo Hoo

    1. Jim .A says:

      spoken like a trues idiot pats fan go listen to your boston radio show!

  12. Miked DOWN says:

    No one could have possibily said it better than Phil Mushnik in his NY Post article about Francesa on Oct.17th, Mike “The Legend” (in his OWN mind) Francesa didnt even know who a pitcher was on the Tigers, a pitcher who helped knock the Yankees out of this years ALDS. Francesa’s comeback when he realized it, was his usual combination of side-stepping & back-peddling.. So today Revis gave Francesa a little taste of his own med., something thats been a Long time coming. I say The Fan should finally boot “The Pope” of Sports and team up Phil Mushnik with Bob Raissman of the Daily News to fill Francesa’s slot

  13. Tony says:

    Give me a break. That was pass interference. Mike was tongue-in-cheek and Revis acted like a little baby. And for the Jets PR man to cut in made Revis and the Jets look even worse. I expect that kind of behavior from MSG.
    Let’s face it, the entire Jets organization is second rate.

    1. cv says:

      Fran Jr is as stupid as his dad

  14. Rick says:

    Just caught the end of the show when Mike said that he doesn’t get any Jets because the Jets organization is trying to build a relationship with another station. Ummm….someone should tell Mike to put on the FAN every once and awhile. Joe and Evan has Jets on for the last five years. From Vilma, to Cotchery and now Leonhard.

    Also, what a coward Francesa is. Wouldn’t replay the interview until he left the building and stated that he is not going to listen to the interview again. Coward

  15. Chris says:

    Francesa HATES the Jets, this just further proves that! Please WFAN, PLEASE get rid of this a-hole once and for all! I can’t stand him, I refuse to let my kids listen to him, because I don’t want them to ever talk to or treat people the way that he days. This man is a disgrace to broadcasting and most of all to the english language!

  16. Mike says:

    This just proves what an idiot Francesa is. He acknowledges the fact that, Darrelle Revis is the only Jet who still talks to him (and the best Jet, no less) and he manages to screw that up by pushing the envelope with him. All he had to do was bring it up once, have Revis say that no flag was thrown so it wasn’t a penalty and move on. But no, in typical a**hole Francesa style he wouldn’t let it go. He knew there was no way Revis was going to admit it was penalty so just leave it alone! It wasn’t even like it was that big a deal. Jets won the game 24-6, that wasn’t going to make a difference. Not to mention, go watch the video, Brandon Marshall trips and falls into Revis, so of course Revis has to grab him. Cannot wait for Francesa to retire and for Joe and Evan to take over his slot. Francesa treats his callers and his guests like garbage, that’s not the way you go about your business.

  17. sjl says:

    *Please WFAN excutives at the very least have someone broadcast besides this man who can contribute real opinoins towards NY sports, or you will lose alot of NY sports fans*

  18. sjl says:

    this is why i do not listen to the “fat man” i dont know why wfan keeps on this joker on air. thank godness for 1050 espn radio!!!

  19. Joe says:

    Is it just me or does Francessa sound more and more like his predecessor in that time slot – does anyone remember Pete Franklin? Cranky old man who thinks the world revolves around him and he knows all. Funny thing is that Francessa’s interviews are usually full of cream puff questions (check any interview with Joe Girardi). Figures he would get tough with a Jet but really, Revis was the only Jet left who would talk to him.

  20. Brad says:

    Mike asked a question…Did any of you Jets fans watch the play? Revis had a handful of Jersey.. You can’t touch a receiver downfiled let alone do what he did…Did you all hear the ESPN announcers screaming? If this was not Miamii a poor team and if it was New England it would of been first and goal on the one…Get real everyone…Revis took the high road…Yea it was not called, but how many times have any of you run a red light and it is not called? Mike asked a pointed question….You Jets fans should be more concerned on the gas thrown on the fire with Rex Ryan’s comments on Norv Turner…..for a 3-3 team I would say the Jets are a bit over their heads right now..A loss to a fueled up Charger team would be the end…By the way, why did the PR person call Mike to apologize…Great work Mike, you rock..

    1. Enough says:

      I’m no Jets fan – I hate the Jets and usually enjoy Mike going after them.

      However, you’re like Mike in that you don’t know the actual rules, and you’re focusing on the wrong thing (handful of jersey).

      Marshall falls into Revis. Look up the rules on – an offensive player “Initiating contact with a defender by shoving” into a defender is a penalty on the offensive player. If you think this is incidental contact, well, that’s specifically NO pass interference.

      So if there was any penalty on the play, it was on Marshall; the officials made the best call with a no-call. If you and Mike read the definition of defensive pass interference, you’ll see that this doesn’t qualify on several levels.

    2. Roundabout Steve says:

      Look at the play again. Marshall trips into Revis and makes the initial contact. Officials DID NOT throw a flag. Steve Young later said when the offensive player makes contatct there is no defense pass interference. Hence no flag
      Francesa the expert should have know that.. Right?

      1. Roundabout Steve says:

        Jets PR man apologized for having Revis hang up… PR guy says he should have asked Francesa to move on… It wasn’t about the play

  21. tnt1528 says:

    i bet if mike had o.j. on he would ask him seven ways till sunday are you saying you didnt kill ron an dnicole???mushnick should have a interesting column sunday.

  22. Scott says:

    I agree. How about when Mike says that just because he never played doesn’t mean he doesn’t know a penalty when he sees one. He claims that you can’t use the “you didn’t play excuse”. Hey Mike, just because we all don’t have talk shows doesn’t mean we don’t know when someone is being an a hole. What a arrogant jack ass.

  23. mike says:

    replace mike f he is way over4 the hill. look he is rude arrogant and dumb..his time is done. i luv joe and evan and save that on phone for drive home..mike has got to go..we all do this..all my friends save joe and evan and listen to them on train home..mike got to go

  24. Boomer says:

    MIKE U SUCK !!

    1. CV says:

      Good job Boomer, say hello to that little prick Carton

  25. Steve says:

    I have tuned out to WFAN 660 mid day ever since the Mad Dog left. Mike Francesca is a pompous know it all who adds no value to Sports Radio. His attitude that he is always right is a turn off to all radio listeners. GET OFF THE AIR MIKE, OR MAYBE LISTEN TO HOW ARROGANT YOU ARE. The only good sports talk on WFAN these days is Boomer and Charton

    1. CV says:

      And Steve Sommers and Tony Paige

  26. Alex says:

    This interview was absolutely AMAZING! I almost never agree with Mike, but I have his back on this one. Interviews are tought, especially with Mike, but GET OVER YOURSELF DARELLE! What a diva. Why couldnt Revis just laugh and say “I’m going to plead the 5th on this one?” Instead, he rips into Mike and from there they were off to the races. This made my day.


  27. Train Rex says:

    This is why the Jets CANNOT be taken seriously. Revis is a big boy. If he wanted to end the interview or continue it, it should have been up to him, not some Jet Shill listening at the keyhole. Low class, second rate, Mickey Mouse organization from top to bottom.

    1. Big Blue says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. A Jets (tenants) PR guy had to listen on another phone? What kind of operation are they running? Maybe Woody has to keep tabs on everything his team says and does because he has a moronic Head Coach that can’t keep his mouth shut. Because of the Train Rex, his locker room is divided. The Giants put their tenants to shame when it comes to class.

  28. Don says:

    Everyone can say what they want about Mike but it is the Jets entire organization that displays such poor conduct. They say it starts from the top, that is your answer! Rex poured the Koolaid and they have all drank it! Great job Mike!!!!

  29. Jessevdub says:

    It wasn’t a penalty. Great no call. Francesa your wrong, clearly know nothing about football and just wouldn’t let it go

  30. Brad Lewis says:

    What did Mike do wrong? Mike pointed a view and he was exactly right…You people basking Mike and are Jets fans should have no comment here.. Did you watch the play? Were we all watching the same game? Did you hear Jon Gruden? You cant grab a handful of jersey downfield…Revis took the high road…The receiver felll into him? Give me a break…It was a blown call…If the game was not against Miami and against New England it would of been called….he got a gift…Revis and the Jets should be ashamed…for just hanging up…They are a .500 team…Periiod…Mike, good work…

  31. Erik says:

    Awful simply awful. Revis takes time out of his day to allow MIke the privledge of interviewing him and he gets laughed in his face for it. Mikey was an asshole from the start and rally made a mockery of himself. What an embarassment Mike Francesca is. Does he realize the only reason he is relivant is because of Dog? No one likes you Mike your time on the air should have ended years ago. Go away

    1. cv says:

      embarrassment, key point @ss

  32. Damien says:

    Mike is a moron! Plain and simple the best part of his show is parter left his ass that’s the only reason people even listened to his dumb show. His opinions are moronic he sounds like an uppity piece of crap when he talks like he knows it all and ever caller is dumb. No he’s dumb he shouldn’t even be on the air anymore his show is garbage when I turn on the fan and he’s on his voice makes me change the channel immediately! What he did to Darrelle was a joke I’ve seen far worse plays not get called. It’s a fact when u watch that that moron Marshall tripped off the line yes he touched him bc he tripped towards him then he let him go and caught the pass. It looked like a good play to me but of course to that moron who thinks he knows it all of course he has to attack the best defensive corner ever for no reason! People who think he’s the face of wfan are just as dumb probably Yankee or giants fans cause those are the only teams that he kisses ass all day to. What a joke! He’s a bum and should be off the air he sucks!

  33. bobby says:

    One arrogant jerk (Mike) interviewing a classless spoiled brain dead brat(Revis).Funny how the spoiled brat just hung up ,real childish .Ooh and by the way Revis you were holding Marshalls Jersey..You always hold and hide your holding very well .Two EGOTISTIC jerks making horrible CLASSLESS entertainment .Go PATRIOTS !Mike is horrible but I have to take his back on this one ,Revis showed hes a bigger egotistic JERK at least Mike has a brain …..

    1. cv says:

      Pats troll. Very lame.

  34. Josh says:

    Rex Ryan causes a little controversy to get his team riled up. Mike causes a little controversy for ratings. It’s okay, folks, it’s just entertainment.

    One thing though: With as much as Mike gets on Rex for his antics, it is a little funny that MIke seems to have taken a page out of Rex’s playbook.

    Hey Mike, maybe a little credit where credit’s due?

  35. amazins1 says:

    Wow! Way to go Revis. Francesa, what an embarrassment. You berated the guy about a questionable call. Go watch the replay … Revis said exactly what happened. Marshall stumbled. And then to bring it back up — only to say you were kidding and would have let it go after they hung up on you. Great to see you get a dose of your own medicine. You should open your show tomorrow with some humility and apologize and admit your blatant mistake. If not, would love to see everyone hang up on you tomorrow!!!!

  36. james says:

    You can say whatever you want on the air, but face it, you pushed him! I’ve listened to many of your interviews and you’ve never pushed your guests like you did Revis….and another thing…..You weren’t kidding with him! It’s rediculous of you to try to tell all of us that you were kidding around with him. He was jabbing at you because you were jabbing at him! Tell it like it is and admit you let this get away from you. I’ve never heard you talk about a topic and then revisit it later in the same conversation! Let’s be real…your agenda was see through!

  37. Charene Herrera says:

    Mark Francesa, I was not impressed with how you handled that phone call. I am a women who is a sports enthusiast who is also a radio deejay, I have a love to be like him, be in sports radio and do that for a living. You are ranked as the what 38th most influential radio personality in history. I look up to you. You are a passionate deejay but you were NOT just joking with Revis about that penalty. You voiced your opinion and should have stopped, if you were joking you should have just said that. Then to say this is why you do not talk to the jets was a contradiction as I believe you coxed Revis into getting upset and you know an agent or manager isn’t going to let them say or get angry publicly, so you shouldn’t have blamed him for the hang up. In media we try to get the best of people, It’s our job but I feel as if you did that then blamed him. So were you joking Mark and don’t believe that or do you believe that and said that you were joking to try to make up for being persistently rude?

    1. Jim Montana says:

      If you look up to the guy so much, you could start by learning his name, sweetheart. It’s Mike, not Mark.

  38. Tony O says:

    When is someone from WFAN going to step up and say something to Mike F ????? Enought is Enought !!!! Mike is NOT God !!!!!! He thinks he could say and do whatever he wants & the station lets him get away with it all the time !!!!!! I will listen to Booner & Carton in the moring,,, When 1 oclock comes about I will be listening to 1050 espn radio from now on !!!!!!!! MIKE IS A JERK !!! By the way I an NOT a J E T S fan, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. cv says:

      Fire Franscesca!!!!!

  39. John says:

    Francesa is a joke. The first part of the interview was Mikey telling Revis how he covers people. Then the fat mouth cant just let it go.

    Now, last week I remember a caller saying he knew about a condition that Marshall was diagnosed with. Fatty dismissed him as a know nothing since he wasnt a doctor. Well, fat bot, you arent a ref so how do you know what a penalty is? You fat loser!!

    1. cv says:

      Fransesca doesn’t even watch the games. He just sees highlights and then fakes it on air. What a piece of crap. Fake really.

  40. joe says:

    mike says he will not talk to jets players again. please do us a favor and keep your word.

  41. Enough says:

    Upon further review….Francesa doesn’t know the rules.

    Mike needs to review the pass interference rules. If the offensive player initiates contact, it’s offensive pass interference.

    Per NFL rules digest: “Actions that constitute offensive pass interference include but are not limited to:

    (a) Blocking downfield by an offensive player prior to the ball being touched.

    (b) Initiating contact with a defender by shoving or pushing off thus creating a separation in an attempt to catch a pass.

    (c) Driving through a defender who has established a position on the field.”

    If you don’t call pass interference on Marshall and deem it incidental contact, then the rule clearly states: “If there is any question whether player contact is incidental, the ruling should be no interference.”

    In this case, Mike Francesa is dead wrong and needs to apologize to Revis and the fans.

    1. cv says:

      Or Mike should get fired

  42. Dave says:

    I think Mike is great even when he’s rough on fans and teams. It is however annoying at times about the Jets and Mets talk, but he is right most of time. It’s the way he says those comments that get to me personally. I do love how he does not back down from his comments like what 90 percent of other sports reporters and hosts do. The best part about Mike is that he is not afraid of offending the Jets because they will refuse to work with him if they do. Face it most player interviews are worthless anyway. The Jets better perform well the rest of the season or a lot more sports media will be sounding like Mike. Mike for the most part beats people years in advance. Most recently breaking up the core of the Mets when pretty everyone thought he was an idiot for saying it at the time.

  43. Jay says:

    You jet fans are a joke. All talk and can’t handle the truth.
    That was pass interference you buncha classless fans.
    You guys act like you won tons of superbowls but you guys haven’t won nothing!!!!!!!!!

  44. Manuel Morales says:

    Mike is Moron! He stated that he was trying to move on to another topic but Revis didn’t let him. That’s Bull! They already started to move on and Mike decided to bring it back up. My opinion is that it could have been a flag on Both players. When Marshall deliberately ran into Revis and wound up stumbling on him, was Revis just suppose to soften up and go down with Marshall?? Revis prevented him self from falling due to Marshall’s mistake and made a play on a bad pass. That’s how I saw it.

  45. danny says:

    Francesa I think its time to hang it up , Boomer and Carton should take his spot , nobody likes you anymore people listen now just waiting for you to mess up so we can attack you ,and stop talking about yankees they were eliminated long ago

    1. Brad says:

      Speak for yourself…Mike rocks…What did he say that wasn’t true?

    2. flea says:

      Are you kidding ??…Mike is still the best listen….I can only take about 30 seconds of that idiot Carton at a time. He is the worst…..LOL

  46. knarf says:

    Mike can never be wrong and he kept bringing it up, he wouldn’t let it go and he always talks over people all the time. But we all know its only all about ratings, which drives the advertising revenue and he likes to be controversial just to get the ratings

  47. Pete says:

    Mike Francessa hates the Jets and he will do whatever to alienate himself from the Jets. Not very professional as a NY radio sports personality. He points his finger at the Jets all the time and insists his rocky relationship with the Jets is their fault as he usually does with everyone.
    He continued with Revis and this subject and would not let go. Revis was not going to admit he did anything wrong and Mike knew that but Mike would not give up. This is typical of Mike as he is a provocateur and guess that is what keeps him employed.
    I heard that something happened with Revis & Mike so I listed to the interview on this site. This confirms that at 1:00 it is better to go down to the other end of the dial to get an honest assessment of the Jets. Mike is not honest when it come to the Jets. Mike (Francessa) was the reason I move to the other end of the dial in the first place.

    1. Gino says:

      Ruocco and Lundberg are on at 1pm… are you seriously going down the other end of the dial to listen to them? Get real.

  48. LI GUY says:


  49. Tom says:

    I saw this on the internet and this is the EXACT reason
    I have not listened since Maddog left. Mike is an arrogant Ass. That needs to get off the air. I am a NY fan in all sports buy work in Philly. I listen to Philly sports talk radio on FM which is much more tolerable then MIKE!!!

  50. Rory says:

    wow, Mike Fransesa is the absolute worst. Who cares if it was a penalty or not. The game is over. Why does he feel the need to have everyone share is opinion. Right or wrong, he is welcome to share his opinion and move on. It seemed like he was kidding in the beginning when he brought it up in a joking way. Then when he brought it up a second and third time, even I was irritated. Whether you are right or wrong let it go. I guess he just ran out of questions for a Jets player being that he is not a fan of the team.

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