Best Of Mike Francesa: Darrelle Revis Hangs Up During 2011 Interview

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Should it have been a penalty or not?

On Oct. 21, 2011, WFAN’s Mike Francesa wanted to get an opinion straight from Darrelle Revis regarding the cornerback’s controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

Well, he got it all right. And then Francesa — and listeners across the Tri-State area — got a dial tone.

The interview started innocently enough. Revis gave a quick recap of New York’s 24-6 win over the Dolphins. That was followed by a preview of the Jets’ Week 7 matchup at home against Philip Rivers and the  San Diego Chargers.

Then Francesa began to push Revis on the play where the corner, as he made the crucial interception, appeared to pull at the jersey of Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.

That’s when things got heated — in a hurry.

“I can say whatever I want to say,” exclaimed Revis, who insisted it was a clean play. “Did the ref throw the flag?”

No, Francesa replied, he didn’t.

“OK then!” said Revis. “I mean, this is the game, brother. What are you talking about?”

Francesa and Revis went back and forth on the issue for nearly four minutes.

“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” said Francesa.

“I don’t care!” said Revis, clearly annoyed. “I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think. I don’t care what the whole world thinks.

“You’re good at interviewing,” he added. “I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that!”

A male voice was heard on Revis’ end toward what was to be the end of the interview. He said “Darrelle, stop,” and identified himself as Jared Winley of the Jets’ PR staff.

Revis was directed to hang up — and that was that.

Winley later called off-air to apologize on behalf of Revis for the sudden ending.

“In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone,” Winley said in a statement. “That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer, and I apologized.”

Said Francesa: Apology accepted.

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One Comment

  1. Bryan Kriser says:

    Interview Interference on number 660. The interview will start at the spot of the foul repeat interview.

  2. Dave Fauquier says:’s football…sometimes the refs call it sometimes they miss it…On aside…I listen to WFAN all the time…except when MF is on…it is unlistenable…he is so full of himself!!

  3. kevin says:

    i dont understand why cant revis just say what it was he mugged refs never saw it …he got away with one !!!oh cause he thinks he’s just that good he doesnt have to mugg anyone well u did !!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Jets fans, you guys have got to get over yourselves. Revis was very thin skinned about the whole thing. HE was the one that made a big deal out of the whole situation. It wasn’t until Revis said it was not a penalty that Mike really called him out on it, and Revis acted like a jerk. Francesa is most definately a jerk at times, but this one wasn’t his fault.

  5. beenice says:

    Please…I listen to mike everyday on my way home from work … Only to avoid todays music … But he’s an idiot !!!! … No ones ever right but that dope !!! … Geez !!! … Imus was the face in the morning … And boomer and carlton are doing well … No one is inreplaceable … Not even mike (uugghh) … I say bring on steve somers !!!!

  6. Jeff G says:

    So is the “REVIS AND BUTTHEAD” show going to be a regular spot on WFAN?

  7. kerry says:

    I Read about it in the Post…….Because I would never Listen to the Fan when his Royal Fatness is on air……And I mean his Mouth!

  8. Ken Hayward says:

    Mike is increibly smart and knowledgeable on sports.
    However, he totally lacks people skills, coming across as arrogant, pompous and too full of himself.
    I used to listen to him full time, but months decided to listen only in small doses for the negative traits stated above.

  9. Victor says:

    Hey, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Mike was totality in the wrong here and he loves to hear himself talk. Did you ever wonder why after mad dog left the show that they couldn’t find a partner to match up with Mike? All the other main time slots have partners across the radio dial. I have been listening to the Fan for over 20 years.

  10. Bj Kash says:

    The Jets PR Guy made revis hangup, revis didn’t hangup!

  11. jim says:

    Francesca was obnoxious and competely unprofessional during the interview. It was an “in your face approach”. But his hobby has always been to embarass the Jets when he can. Furthermore the interview was boring. Francesca would never disrespect any of his beloved Yankees as he did Darelle.

  12. Jim says:

    Francesa kept pushing the point because he always has to be right. A great interviewer, which he believes he is, would have resolved the issue with Revis and moved on. Interesting that Francesa has a problem with Revis questioning his credentials since he never played the game. Mike shuts down callers consistently because they are not in the “Business” or have an “enormously (a word he uses to excess) successful broadcast career like him. Come on, being a sports show host is not nuclear physics. He is knowledgeable but his arrogance and rudeness is really starting to alienate people. I wonder why Revis even consented to the interview.

  13. Jeff says:

    How the WFAN have such high ratings?? Commercials every 5 minutes, stupid sports updates every 20 minutes which kill the momentum of the show….Cuz the same 40 or 50 year olds who have never been with a girl, who wait 3 hours to be hung up on by this arrogrant jerk keep calling this lousy show….

    people get a Life..theres more to this world then sports….All the leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) all suck now compared to what they were 20 , 30 years ago….

    Get out of your mothers basement and get alife…..

  14. Phil says:

    Totally Agree. This man is a pompus ass and needs to look up the definitions of GUEST and HOST. Does he really think HE is the star and the reason we listen? We love talking sports. If he were gone tomorrow, we would still listen. I pity his kids for having a dad whois so obnoxious.

  15. Many says:

    Mike said Revis is the best defensive player ( which he’s not) in the game at least ten times before the interview even started. Revis says Mike cant make a statement on the play because he never played the game then he should have said it when Mike called himthe best defensive player. Revis is just too sensitive. Awe poor Jets Fans…. Sensitive thugs they all need hugs LOL

  16. Jim says:

    Brutal interview. Francesca couldn’t move on from that play. Ask once and move on. Revis is the best defender in the NFL and just got player of the week award, but Francesca keeps harping on that one play. There was plenty of physical play between the two the whole game. He is a horrible interviewer and this was just one prime example. It seemed like he was trying to get this type of reaction, which is bush league journalism.

  17. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Hey Mike,

    Messing with the brothers might get you a early retirement Getto style .

  18. rick oconnell says:

    Mike’s egomania is increasingly out of control and it is getting more difficult to listen to the show for extended periods. Chris Russo used to balance out Mike’s most obnoxious personality traits, but now no one (including the station manager it seems) has any control of his abuses. It was fine for Mike to mention the play to Revis originally and Revis handled it well. It was only when Mike kept bringing it up that Revis finally got fed up with him and reacted. Interestingly, at that point Mike appeared to get scared and after the hangup, Mike said he was about to move on to another subject anyway. Yeah, sure Mike.

  19. Brandon Marshall says:

    Yo, whaat up Mike.. Hey man, that was MY bad on the field that day Dog, Derelle grabbed that ball clean man, it was just a little of my BPD acting up.. Know what im sayin? Yo, Mike you know where I can get a good Italian pasta dinner around here, or some pastries, you look like you eat pretty good dog! Later,

  20. Al Alburqurque says:

    Its great we get to vent here & all, and usually at times like this we can see “both sides” of a story, but with what KING Mike did from the very begining in his interview shows theres only ONE side to what happened here, and he was clearly wrong. No matter who youre a fan of, the “congrats on Whatever award you won” comment to start the intervier clearly shows he’s an arrogant, vain, disrespectful loudmouth.. For those who say Francesa was “only kidding” with Revis, how do you explain that “flip” congratulations he gave at the begining? Thats the way a Sports radio host addresses a player’s award when the player calls in the show? The Fan just needs to lose this Self Righteous, Holier than Thou blabbermouth, they basically have a great crew and would be 100% without KING Francesa,

  21. Tom says:

    Mike needs to act more like a pro. This is his job and his personal bias against the Jets (once again) got in the way. I don’t blame him as much as I blame the fan’s front office. They been allowing this joker to get away with this type of behavior for years. I bet that’s Mad dog left. The management at the fan should force Mike to Apologize To Revis publicly on the air, and not a around about one where Mike says I was just joking. I (for one) am through listening to that arrogant , no knowledge , sorry excuse for a talk show host. heck the guys at 1050 are better anyway. Way to go Mike , drive us all to the competition!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Derrel "Jazz" Johnson says:

    Both men were wrong and should have taken the higher road, but Francessa started it from the very beginning with his congratulations on ‘player of the week or whatever you won” comment. I posted an article on the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog about the interview here.

  23. Debbie says:

    Mike Francesa is a bully and idiot. He thinks he is a know it all about all sports and he knows nothing. He is a wanna be. He is a Met & Jet hater and should not be on the air. It’s about time somone puts him in his place

  24. luee says:

    How arrogant to say everyone in the world thought a penalty should have been called. The ref. clearly did not think so. Incidental contact initiated by the WR. was the right call. What was mikey trying to do embarrass and insult a big name guest?
    Ask him another dozen times and make the cheating criminal confess? Got his publicity.

  25. Jim.A says:

    Im am sick and tired of Mike Francesa and his obvious hatred for the NY JETS . I’ve listened to WFAN for many years and I have been subjected to his profound hatred for the NY JETS . Enough is Enough already!!!!!
    So I have unfortunately decided now to switch to 1050 ESPN radio in the afternoons going foward . I’m also in the process thinking of ways of having JETS fans like myself boycott the mike francesa show as well. I feel that if enough fans dont listen to the afternoon show that WFAN might be forced to rethink their afternoon programming or at the very least maybe adding someone else to the show who has an unbiased opinion. I think its a disgrace that a radio talk show host in New York has a revulsion for a team from New York, it just makes no sense at all. The Jets should not have apologized on the Revis matter, WFAN should apologize to Darrelle Revis and the Jets and even the listeners who had to endure listening to this garbage. I think the Mike and the mad dog and now the Mike Francesa show has run its course its played out

    1. Robert says:

      I too have had it with Mike, I am tired of suttle slams at teams that he does not root for. it is obious that he will kiss all the Yankee and Giant ass he can, while makeing coments to fans and players from other teams to ensite a response that will become confrontational. And when he finally gets someone on the phone that will not be bullied by him, he hangs up on it. I continue to listen to the fan from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM (really enjoy Joe and Evan) but have just subscribed to sirrus radio. for the afternoon Hours SO LONG MIKE

      PS I wonder how advertisers feel at all the people tuning out after the 1:00 PM slot can you say $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lost

  26. B.B. says:


  27. Gina says:

    That was NOT a penaly!! Gruden is an *ss who couldn’t let it go, talking the whole game about it. The received bumped Revis and then went right. Revis turned around and caught the ball, was thrown right to him. Francesa hates the Jets and wasn’t kidding, so stop! He was being his typical arrogant self, can’t even listen to him anymore…..

  28. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  29. Scott says:

    Atta boy, Darrelle!! Smack that fat bully in the face!! Fran-say-so is such a rude, pompous, disingenuous jerk that its downright nauseating. He was so clearly and classlessly baiting and hounding Darrelle when he had every opportunity to move on. You can’t tell me that the large majority of New York sports fans and radio listeners actually find this arrogant POS entertaining. All Jet fans need to unite and boycott his overrated, insufferable program and throw their afternoon support around ESPN-1050, the Jets flagship that treats our beloved team with the proper respect it deserves. Hit him hard in the ratings, and don’t give FAN any $$$ during that 1-6:30 time slot. That’s the only way that you’ll ever send a message to TPTB at FAN that you’re fed up with him and want a change. Too bad that more people don’t realize that, but hopefully we will now after this latest classless Fran-say-so episode. FAN desperately needs new blood in the afternoon.

  30. Anthony says:

    Good for Revis for hanging up on Mike, he has always been anti-Jets and pro-Giants, as well as anti-Mets.

  31. Debby says:

    You think because you have a TV or radio show that gives you the right to aggitate someone to a point where it becomes contentious? That’s YOUR GAME and you SUCK at it. Revis is not an NFL Official he is a football player. If the call was wrong then it was the NFL’s fault. If you recall a Detroit Baseball game where the umpire cost a pitcher a perfect NO HITTER – the Tigers had to accept it. “It’s rare for an umpire to acknowledge a mistake in one of the few sports that relies heavily on the human eye, but Joyce did to reporters and later to Galarraga.”It was the biggest call of my career, and I kicked the (stuff) out of it,” Joyce said, looking and sounding distraught as he paced in the umpires’ locker room. “I just cost that kid a perfect game.” So before you start pushing people around for things they have no control over why don’t you SHUT YOUR FAT MOUTH and apologize to REVIS! Be a man…. rather than a JERK.

  32. Joe says:

    Mikes an ass, if ESPN did not suck I would listen to them during Mikes show.

  33. dan says:

    Revis is a punk just like his head coach.. wait until this team goes 6-10 and everyone starts jumping ship..

  34. Jay says:

    I listened to the aftermath of the call on the way home last night. And now I just watched the video replay on the YES website. From the way the Jets fans were reacting, I was expecting to see some really bad behavior by Mike during the interview. Nothing could be further from the truth. Revis was the one who turned this interview in the wrong direction, not Francesa. Mike did nothing wrong, was not disrespectful. This wasnt even a hard hitting piece, but more playful than anything. I have been in the media relations game a long time, and this smacks of a interviewee who didn’t want to be on the call in the first place, and a junior PR rep who just learned a major lesson in media relations. Sleep easy Mike, and keep doing what you do.

  35. Kazu says:

    Maybe Revis and the Jets blew this whole thing out of proportion a bit. With that said, when one of the major sports teams in THE major market does not want to talk to you, that’s on Mike. Revis is a much better football player than Mike is an interviewer. Mad Dog wouldn’t have let this happen.

  36. Russ says:

    I would love to hear Steve Somers in that slot! He would add a little hunor and levity to your day instead of hostile aggression all the time.

    1. B.B. says:

      You sure got that right, Russ!! Steve Somers all the way, Francesa is nothing but a bully, even to his regular callers!

  37. Russ says:

    Yes THANK YOU Mr. Revis!!! Mike is so aloof and above it all….all the time. You think he’d be a bit more humble with his guests and callers especially. The way he berates and hammers some of the callers is repulsive. He also eats up time with repeating a point 5 different ways before moving on to his next thought, listen closer to him and you’ll hear this. He just plain annoying and getting worse. I wish there were someone else in that time slot as that’s the only time I get to listen to WFAN.

  38. John says:

    I agree. Mike, in is arrogance, does not know when to move on in an interview. Him being right about a subject is more important than his listeners getting to hear a complete interview. Happy the Jets hung up on him. It’s time to put someone else in his time slot on the fan.


  39. CV says:

    Tony Paige is the man. WFAN, the FAN. Tony calls it like it is and understands that the FAN counts. But he is also logical and not some company homer like that guy that preceded him or Franscecsa (sp?).

    Tony is a fair and balanced guy which is nice to listen to. And seriously, nice touch by Tony to give the Jets PR guy a pass. Franscesca has strained the relationship of the FAN and the Jets and it is not out of line for the Jets PR guy to just give up on WFAN half way through a sh@t interview.

    1. CV says:

      Seriously, Tony Paige knows more about football and people and refs and fans than Mike Franscosca.

      Fire Mike Francosesaco.

  40. Bradley Hirsch says:

    Mike is a jerk. He started the whole thing with Revis. It’s either you agree with him or your wrong! ITS TIME FOR HIM TOO GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  41. Tbev44 says:

    Although Mike can be a jerk, for the amount of money Darrelle Revis gets paid, he should be able to conduct himself during an interview without having a hissy-fit. A multi-millionaire with brains would tell Mike, “yeah i might have gotten away with one, but im rich b****”

  42. Jimmybighorse says:

    Who cares about NFL Football? I just want to listen to some chubby guy on the radio.

  43. Gerry Roche says:

    Someone should point out to Francessa,that after the game Steve Young made fun of Trent Dilfer for calling it a mugging. Young said Brandon Marshal stumbled into Revis. Young went on to quote the rule to Dilfer and said if an offensive player initiates contact first then its not a penalty and that this was the right non call. But i guess Francessa knows more about football then Steve Young. Francessa also is laughing at Revis in a condesending manner and had the nerve to say he was kidding. He insults Revis by saying your the only person in the world that thought it was’nt a penalty, but he was only kidding because how dare Revis not agree with the allmighty Francessa. Francessa looked like such a baby here, he kept bringing it up because Revis did’nt agree with him. It’s time to switch over to espn radio from 1 pm to 6:30pm

    1. cliff says:

      exactly, today on FAN, Coleman basically said mike was condesending with his laughing. That is coming from a co-worker – nuff said. Francesa has a bug up his azz with the jets organization, which is why I don’t blame the PR guy for doing what he did. Wfan has turned into whine central anyway, can’t listen more than 2 mintues any longer.

  44. RUFUS says:


  45. RUFUS says:


  46. Mike from Bayonne says:

    This is what the NY media does. Let’s be honest, Revis did hold the jersey and he should’ve been called a flag on. By the way, Francesa has praised the truth that he is the best defensive man in the game right now, but this is what you do, you press for an answer, and as the athlete you have to answer accordingly. Mike is the best at what he does and ESPN NY radio can’t even touch him. Darrelle Revis was in straight denial and even made a joke of it himself. Stop being ignorant and listen to the interview again.

    1. Roundabout Steve says:

      Marshall fell /stumbled/tripped nto Revis. As Steve Young says when the offense player makes contact it’s not a penalty on the defense. Francesa’s comment that Revisis the only one in the world who didn’t believe it was a penalty is a LIE. The refs certainly didn’t…

  47. john says:

    No matter what happened through this interview or how you view both sides, just look at how Mike started the interview by congratulating Revis on his award of the week by saying yeah whatever award you won this week, as if like who cares what award you got, lets talk about how you mugged Marshall. Right from the onset, there was a lack of respect on the part of Mike, very unprofessional. For winning an award or being honored for such play in a league with so much talent should be commended yes, but not with the way Mike presented it and at that point the interview was pretty much over with and was going downhill at that point

    1. CV says:

      Rec’d +1

    2. amazins1 says:

      you are right on… and even after that “mugged” comment to open the interview revis was unflappable and barely reacted to it. it was only when mike brought it back up and berated revis did he come back at mike. and to say that he was joking at the end tells you that mike knew he messed up big time. he got a dose of his own medicine and it was a long time coming!

  48. Anthony says:


  49. Ricky Sanchez says:

    I know you are a Jet fan and all my dude but to say that Francesa is not doing his job well is straight ignorant. You’re boy said it himself “You are good at interviewing” and nothing can be further from the truth. Mike kicked so much butt on this interview that its getting NATION attention. It was arguably the most entertaining thing i’ve ever heard on sports talk radio, and that’s his job. To entertain the listeners. It was pure gold and Revis acted like a DENIAL BABY, so much so that i had to invent a new phrase to properly describe it. Guess who’s going to listen to Francesa on Monday to see what he says about what happened. You, Me, EVERYBODY!

  50. Ricky Sanchez says:

    I know you are a Jet fan and all my dude but to say that Francesa is not doing his job well is straight ignorant. You’re boy said it himself “You are good at interviewing” and nothing can be further from the truth. Mike kicked so much a$$ on this interview that its getting NATION attention. It was arguably the most entertaining thing i’ve ever heard on sports talk radio, and that’s his job. To entertain the listeners. It was pure gold and Revis acted like a DENIAL BABY, so much so that i had to invent a new phrase to properly describe it. Guess who’s going to listen to Francesa on Monday to see what he says about what happened. You, Me, EVERYBODY!

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