Best Of Mike Francesa: Darrelle Revis Hangs Up During 2011 Interview

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Should it have been a penalty or not?

On Oct. 21, 2011, WFAN’s Mike Francesa wanted to get an opinion straight from Darrelle Revis regarding the cornerback’s controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

Well, he got it all right. And then Francesa — and listeners across the Tri-State area — got a dial tone.

The interview started innocently enough. Revis gave a quick recap of New York’s 24-6 win over the Dolphins. That was followed by a preview of the Jets’ Week 7 matchup at home against Philip Rivers and the  San Diego Chargers.

Then Francesa began to push Revis on the play where the corner, as he made the crucial interception, appeared to pull at the jersey of Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.

That’s when things got heated — in a hurry.

“I can say whatever I want to say,” exclaimed Revis, who insisted it was a clean play. “Did the ref throw the flag?”

No, Francesa replied, he didn’t.

“OK then!” said Revis. “I mean, this is the game, brother. What are you talking about?”

Francesa and Revis went back and forth on the issue for nearly four minutes.

“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” said Francesa.

“I don’t care!” said Revis, clearly annoyed. “I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think. I don’t care what the whole world thinks.

“You’re good at interviewing,” he added. “I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that!”

A male voice was heard on Revis’ end toward what was to be the end of the interview. He said “Darrelle, stop,” and identified himself as Jared Winley of the Jets’ PR staff.

Revis was directed to hang up — and that was that.

Winley later called off-air to apologize on behalf of Revis for the sudden ending.

“In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone,” Winley said in a statement. “That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer, and I apologized.”

Said Francesa: Apology accepted.

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One Comment

  1. Tim H. says:

    Another reason not to ,listen to the arrogant always right knows everything Dog-less louth mouth. Who is Gruden? Now he listens to Gruden? Give me a break.
    Another fan leaving the station

  2. Pete says:

    Francesa badgered Reavis. Plus Marshall stumbled into Reavis, and Reavis grabbed his jersey for a second to stabilize his balance.

    Francesa should think about how he badgered and basically humiliated Cory Lidle on the air just prior to Lidle’s terrible death.

  3. pAUL Fragale says:

    mike should be reprimanded for the interview with DR. if tou look at the play he was burrying himself int DR. If annything it should be a penalty on him. DR was getting upset at mike and he should have moved on to another subject. As far as the hangup, how many times has ALMIGHTY MIKE hungup on callers that don’t agree with him. Mike calls himself a profeesional, conduct a proper interview the ref said no penalty, that was it. let it go!

  4. K. BRAMS says:

    Francesa, are you kidding? i mean it was such a questionable play and you have to be adament that it’s the way you see it and thats it. Clearly the receiver is fumbling right into Revis, what is Revis supposed to do, he can’t have any choice. Anyone in that position couldnt help but get bumped.HE RAN STRAIGHT INTO HIM. The pass was behind the receiver and Revis took it to the house. I didn’t agree with hanging up, its childish. But you are no angel. Like you always say I don’t have to listen to you if I don’t like you. Thats childish as well, not much different than hanging up. Don’t you think? You’ve made a great name for yourself,,don’t ruin in near your retirement, it’s embarassing.

  5. Alan says:

    Francesa is an ASS****, Revis shouldn’t have even spoken to him. He’s a Jet hater and will put them down every time. It’s wishful thinking but I wish he would just take his fat ass and leave New York.

  6. Alex P. says:

    Marshall starts his run and starts to fall forward into Revis. Just when he could have gotten his feet under him to turn and catch the ball, Revis pulls the jersey and makes Marshall continue to fall forward. Undoubtedly the jersey pull kept Marshall off balance. This is a penalty. Enough said.

  7. bobby says:

    Mike is an arrogant egotistic Jerk,But Revis made Mike look real good showing that he has the brain size of a PEA.Revis showed he is just as arrogant,Is just as egotistic as Mike and is just like the cry baby know it all Mike .2 ASS-HO– WHO ARE BOTH CLOWNS …..

  8. francessasux says:

    Why listen to Francessa anymore? He is irrelevant. All he does is stroke his own ego. Listen to 1050 ESPN Radio. The programming is so much better than listening to Mike Fatcessa year after year, show after show trash the Mets and Jets. I stopped listening to the FAN because of him. I am sure now that ESPN has a great competing show, many others will do the same thing. Down with Fatcass –GO ESPN!!

  9. Seth says:

    This was also an interview, not a CALL. Revis is on to promote himself and his team. Don’t compare your normal Joe Sixpack with a professional athlete and a professional interview. Lastly, my only major gripe with WFAN and Mike is that no one ever (probably told not to) brings up STERIODS in sports anymore. The whole reason he had a falling out with David Wright is because he stopped taking steriods and Mike kept bringing up that he wasn’t performing after that Allstar appearance. Notice how many Home Runs were hit in the Majors this year? 30 is a league leader! Even with these litle league parks like Philly, Yankers Stadium and Fenway…it’s a joke. I’m a Met’s fan and it’s so obvios…look at Wright in pictures from 2007, he is half the size. Bring it up with these players! It hurt NY baseball after they started testing. Yankees had a virtual allstar team of steriod heads. And Andy Pettite didn’t take steriods, he took HGH…HUGE difference…One enhances strength and speed and one help the body recover from injury faster. 20-30 Home Run leea on srious steriods…No leap in Home Runs on HGH. I am in phamaceuticals and know this stuff backwards and forwards.

  10. Seth says:

    Wasn’t a penalty on much as I hate the Jets. Look at Marshall stumble into him with Revis puts out his hands to brace himself and moves hi out of the way. If anything it’s offensive pass interference. Mike was dealing with a serious guy who has no sense of humor and should have realized this. He went on and on…usually Mike doesn;t go that far on hammering home a point. Also, Revis is a BORING interview. One word answers and the normal canned responses. Mike saw this and tried to spice up th einterview with excitement. Mike has vastly superior intelect compared with almost all callers (your typical fodder Joey or Sal or insert undereducated name who only has sports to soothe their lives) and a better comprehension of anything compared to most dumb young athletes. Revis is not winning any Nobel prize in education anytime soon. I am a Giants fan and hate the Jets but, Mike was wrong in both cases this time and I like him. I like when he hangs up on mental midgets and unreasonable non-conversive people. The Dog was still and great partner….miss that duo.

  11. GMHK says:

    The truth as I see it is that Mike F. hangs up on callers any and every-time the fan disagrees with him. He gets heated, argumentative and refuses to to concede on any point he presents. I have heard him hang up on callers numerous times over the years. D. Revis stated several times, after much pestering from Mike -“Leave it at that.” Of course Mike wouldn’t and couldn’t read Revis’s increasing frustration with his line of questioning. Mike being the host of the show should have understood Revis’s feelings about the play and moved on because it was now “asked and answered.”. This proves to me that Mike had an agenda – make Revis submit to Francesa’s point of view. Mike needs to understand that the radio station is WFAN not WFRAN.

  12. Al (Raiders fan) says:

    I’v always thought Mike to be arrogant and overly opinionated for the position he has, so I was prepared to take up arms against him.. I had heard a lot of discussion about this interview, but didn’t actually listen to it until just now. It wasn’t as harsh as I expected (Mike was very complimentary and seemed to be talking tongue-in-cheek). Revis was right in that it’s not a penalty until a flag is thrown, and he made his point clearly. Mike should have moved on to show how professional he could be as a radio personality! Maybe both will learn something.

  13. YD says:

    I am a JETS fan and I love the FAN and use to love Mike, but as of late I have been listening to Michael Kay. As many others have said Mike is condescending and while he mentions his upbringing time and time he has started to read his press.
    Let’s hope he does not fall victim to what we see happen to many players in the sports he discusses(never know when to quit).
    I think he needs a partner for his show.

  14. Manny says:

    Revis disagreed with the King Francesa and that was the end of it. As a Jets fan, I am disgusted with the way he was conducting the interview. WFAN should do something about Francesa. I understand that he is a knowledgeable individual, but he needs to let people express themselves. It is TALK RADIO, not FRANCESA’S OPINION RADIO. If people disagree with him, he turns into a monster. We are the ones who put you there, if you turn against the people that support your show, then you may be without a job at the end. The one that should apologize is Francesa. Revis was a guest on your show and you ridicule him on the air? What was Revis supposed to do?

  15. Bruce says:

    bottom line is it wasnt called 9 out of 10 times that goes against the jets and they lose the game so maybe just maybe he got away with 1 who cares besides mike, good job mike, now i know why i dont listen to you anymore since maddog left

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