OWS Protesters’ Restroom Issues, Constant Noise Driving Residents Crazy

Man Claims Demonstrater Urinated In Tupperware, Dumped Contents In Street

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Occupy Wall Street” is ending its fifth week, and some area residents are fighting mad over the chaos created by the protesters’ encampment.

As CBS 2’s Mark Morgan reports, some say the park is turning into a noisy, raucous headache that won’t go away.

To the protestors, the sound of drums is the sound of democracy in action. But to some residents who live in the area, it’s just noise — and it’s becoming unbearable.

“There is drumming. There are trumpets. There are bugles. There are tambourines. There’s yelling and shouting and chanting late into the night,” resident Ro Sheffe said.

“If my daughter was drumming in my house for 14 hours … I’d murder her,” another woman said.

One drummer told Morgan his group has actually cut back their activity.

“So now it’s going shorter until 6 o’clock, so I think that’s reasonable for people who live around here and stuff,” Humo Duarte said.

Another concern of those who live or work in the area is where these people use the bathroom. John Tuttle works a few blocks away, and said some protesters’ behavior has become a health hazard.

“I saw a gentleman who was actually using Tupperware containers to urinate in. He actually was dumping it in the street,” Tuttle said.

But not everyone is complaining.

“I haven’t seen it and I don’t smell anything when I walk around. I’ve been around the whole park and I’ve been here about three weeks … doesn’t seem to be a problem to me,” said Roy Sharkey of St. James, N.Y.

Urine, fecal matter and other things — unpleasant things — are all part of the quality of life issues people in the park are trying to control.

Until the two sides find some common ground the uneasiness between residents and protesters will continue.

Another public meeting to discuss quality of life issues is set for next Tuesday.

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  1. Murielle says:

    So most of you here believe there is no problem, right? No inflation of food and cost of living, no students coming out of school OWEING, no hungry people, no propaganda news, no bailouts going to ONLY THE RICH, no wasted spending in government and no one losing their homes. These people are just dreaming all of this up right? Good luck with your illusion and self worth because of your status in life. Good luck when these protests get HUGE beyound any of your imagination and Good Luck when they turn violent. They will because the powers that be will force their will. Your silver spoon is tarnished if you think there is no problem in society. Think of the millions who have to decide whether to pay for hydro or buy groceries. Think of all the people starving right there in the usa while you sip your champagne and laugh. When the chit hits the fan most of you will look like deer caught in the headlights of the richer than you. Good luck with your indiference.

    1. KansasGirl says:

      The only problem I see are people like you Murielle.

      Your “dear leader” and the msm has told America “ad nauseam” there is no “inflation”!

      As far as “student” loans, taxpayers have no obligation paying you debts.

      Also, when the SHTF it will be you and yours that will fail.

      The self-sustaining people will be out of harms way and safe.

      This is when you will realize how selfish you are.

      Until then, good luck, I wish you PEACE!

      1. Murielle says:

        It is very comical that you assume that I am a protester with no job,
        Depending on the system. I am an electrical engineer and more than make my own way but that does not mean I do not see the plight of many others. Yes, I am fortunate and secure but does that mean I should not have compassion for people who are not? Things are going to get real bad and I for one will not turn my back by pretending it does not exist.

        People are becoming desperate and it will get worse. You better prepare and make sure you have enough food in your home for when it does. Going to the store might not be an option. Look at Africa and the Middle East. If you can hear them then you are too close.

        I wish you peace as well……

  2. The Realist says:

    Most of the protesters are from OUT OF TOWN, so they automatically have MORE RIGHTS than mere City residents, including absolute priority in the use of streets and public spaces.

  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Well it’s not like they were G.W.Bush causing a phony war in Iraq that
    has now cost us 704 Billion dollars and ongoing emotional costs for the
    families of our war dead and injured who will be in re-hab forever.
    Conservatives love their own ,don’t they.???
    In any event these people won’t last long in my city as on their website
    they use words like “Comrades” & General Assembly” words favored by
    Stalinists ,this socialism did not work for Russia and China now pretends it is
    not Communist these days, it will not work for OWS.

  5. katk says:

    very simple- If you live close enough for the noise to bother you, you live close enough to hook a hose up to your sink and spray everyone from your window!
    Sorry folks, cleaning my windows.

  6. Wolf says:

    It’s time for OWS to go home. They are wasting my hard earned tax dollars. And how do they expect to find jobs if they are hanging around some park chanting for five weeks?

    1. saoirse says:

      brookside office properties owns zoocotti park and allowed this and also has plenty of money,so the bills for nypd overtime should be forwarded to THEM,, As for their sanitation problem–sqatters AKA ows have received donations in the thousands-let them rent their own port-a-san/port-a-potties and buy adult attends for their long marches……yeah,this 99% is simply so intelligent,evolved and elite. They couldn’t even plan on the need for restroom facilities as they occupy the streets,or did they really think all the local businesses would put up with them ? and they’re going to solve all the problems.

  7. mo says:

    I wonder if there is a way that the residents in the area could bring a lawsuit against Brookfield Properties. I’m sure there’s a lawyer out there who could come up with some angle.

  8. Rick H. says:

    Sorry neighbors, you are worthless peasants. There are important people who want the protestors there.

    1. The Realist says:

      Besides which, most of the protesters are from out of town, which (by law) makes them FAR MORE IMPORTANT than mere City residents will ever be.

  9. Cara C says:

    Bloomberg is not doing his job and protecting the rights of the NYC taxpayers to live in peace. Give these occupying malcontents a permit for peaceful demonstrations during the day and send them home at night. And stop the drum circles. Don’t we have noise ordinances to prevent this kind of auricular assault?

  10. KansasGirl says:

    New Yorkers have allowed the nonsense, so fly-over country has no sympathy.

  11. LiberalsRDopes says:

    They made their point..Which is they have none…Why the press covers this story is beyond me…Non working (blame Obumbles), cry babies. They want succesful people, who have worked hard, all their lives, pay for these soap deprived, living in mommy’s basement, sidewalk deficating, comrade stealing, ambition lacking, union job searching, wastes of dna…..Just kill ’em….Time to move on…

  12. Rudy V. Giuliani Jr. says:

    The thrill has gone and now we have just a bunch of malcontents
    partying .if it were in my backyard ,bricks would be flying off the roof.
    This ain’t Woodstock 69’79’79 or any other love in.

  13. SokrMom says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, more self-indulgent griping from the 1%.

    1. SokrMomIsanIdiot says:

      Do you have any idea what the “incorrect” term of 1% means soccor dope? MUST FIND GOOGLE…And it’s not milk ….seriously, are you reproducing???????

      1. AmericanPie says:

        SokrMom was right. The Losers Occupying Various Places are the Bottom 1%. They are the Dregs!

  14. Lord of common sense says:

    The protestors are just idiots, high as kites and twice as stupid. They created the problems we are dealing with and just whine and cry about what “they are entitled to”. quit whining and get a job. Our ancestors did not sit around and cry like babies, they got to work!

    1. savior of common sense. says:

      When the riots start, people like this are going to kill people like you, and I will celebrate one less idiot in the world.

      1. KansasGirl says:

        Sorry pal, when the riots start, we’ll be long gone.

        Good luck sustaining you and your loved ones.

      2. ugottobekiddinme says:

        You can’t afford food or a place to live, how are you going to buy a gun…who do you think owns them numbnut?

  15. The Realist says:

    Most of the protesters are from OUT-OF-TOWN, so they automatically have MORE RIGHTS than mere City residents, including absolute priority in the use of streets and public spaces.

  16. mak says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when a community board would side with outsiders coming in and holding a neighborhood hostage. Why bother having a community board if they are not going to advocate for their constituents?

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