Pregnant Mother Of 13 Killed In Crossfire Near Brooklyn School

NYPD Probing Whether A Rooftop Shooter Involved In Death Of Zurana Horton

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A manhunt is on for suspects in Brooklyn after a shooting near a school left one woman dead and two others — including a young girl — injured.  Police are currently questioning three individuals with  regard to the shooting.

Shots rang out around 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon at the intersection of Pitkin Avenue and Watkins Street near P.S. 298 in the Brownsville section, where students had just been dismissed 13 minutes earlier.

Neighbors Believe The Shooting Was Gang-Related. 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Reports.

While picking up her child from school, 34-year-old Zurana Horton, a pregnant mother of 13 children, was killed. Horton is being regarded as a hero after police said she was seen hovering over several children to protect them as the shots were fired.

Another unidentified woman, who was also picking up her child, was shot in the arm and chest and is listed in stable condition.  Cheanne McKnight, 11, also sustained a graze wound to the cheek.  Both were being treated at Brookdale Hospital.

McKnight’s mother, Harriet, told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis that her daughter is alive thanks to Horton.

“She could have been dead. Thank God it was just her face,” Harriet McKnight said. “She knew what happened, her face hurt.  She said it felt like a rock hit her.”

Family and friends in the Horton’s Brownsville apartment said she loved children, and would do anything to protect them. So when the gunfire erupted, she used her body as a shield.

“Didn’t know that she was pregnant or whatever, but I know I’m going to miss her.  She was a good person,” said friend Tiffany Morris.

Police are also investigating whether the gunman fired from a rooftop about one block away — 1800 Pitkin Ave. — where seven shell casings were found.  Five other shell casings were found in front of that building and authorities believe they came from a gunman’s 9mm semiautomatic pistol.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that a total of 14 shots were fired Friday afternoon.

The NYPD said that two suspects, including the gunman, were still being sought.  One was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and the other dark clothing, authorities said.

Witnesses also told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan that there has been a long-running dispute between two housing projects.

“It’s Howard Houses against Glenmore — every other day, gangs against gangs. That’s why I pulled my children out, so they could be safe from this,” one woman told Sheridan.

Police were also investigating whether the gunman may have been shooting at a group of male teenagers on the street.

“My heart go out to the family. That could have been one of us, that could have been our family, you know? This is really, really serious,” said Nilda Ramos.

A $12,000 reward is being offered for information in the case.

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  1. White hooded says:

    Omg. 13 niglets. The folk be animals. Bring back slavery!

  2. Onbothsidesofthetrack says:

    Mormans have many wives with many children one man totaling 50+ offsprings. Many Baptists have many children b/c many of them do not believe in birth control also the Catholics don’t believe in birth control. The Duggars get a tv show to advertise that they promote childbirth and how many children God will bless them with. No one is talking about them. Who is talking about Kate Gosselin who made tv after having 8 children and now promotes her children so that she can still get a check from America due to her tv ratings. Go to your local mall and notice the many woman walking around with the jean skirts and long hair and ask them how many children they have. Does it matter if one is married which determines it to be ok to have an aboundant number of kids. Just b/c you are single doesn’t mean you can’t provide for your family any less than a couple that is married. When the economy failed please tell me how many White man in Corporate America went home and killed himself b/c he realized he was no longer going to make six figures. So for the ones who bashes this woman b/c she had 13 kids and one on the way, remember you don’t know her family situation she could have been married before to her ex that fathered 8 of the 13. I work with many people Men and Woman who once had a piece of Corporate America. Many of whom lost everything never imagined being on welfare, these people of all RACE and AGE. Not just Blacks, Hispanics as a matter of fact all of you who have nothing better to do than talk about others take some time and go down to your local Human Resource Agency and count how many Whites you see, better yet ask them what type of degree they hold. Wake up America this is not the late 50s where only the Blacks and Hispanics were considered poor. Its just as many Whites that now sit at the bottom of the poverty chart b/c they once thought that they were better than the next.

    1. Roslyn says:

      Thank you and God bless you. Finally someone who speaks like they have some sense. Amen

    2. Michelle says:

      Wonderful point of view Onbothsidesofthetrack! Thank you for being a voice of reason.

  3. Nita says:

    I will not read any of these comments because I know lots of you judgmental ass holes are saying something so mean about this women and her death. I am not in the mood to cussing any of you out today. I just want to send my condolence out to this young mothers children and family. I am so sorry about what happened to your loved one.

  4. SAD says:

    If the black community doesn’t think they have a big problem, then you are blind. The first problem being that you can’t even walk your own neighborhoods without being in danger from you own people, the second a woman 34 years old who has 13 kid and another on the way is okay? It’s okay if she and the fathers are supporting them and raising them to be responsible decent human beings, but what are the odds of that. This is just bringing in life for financial gain which is abhorrant. I would really like to see the pro-lifers step up and take on the 13 children she left behind.

  5. Erica Hazelton says:


    1. BLESSMENOW says:

      Hi Erica, what a tragedy, my god!!!! what’s next for her children??, I don’t have money to help at this time, but I will can gather some clothes, r whatever else!!! my heart is breaking,,senseless killing, enough is enough and I heard the news this morning on my way 2 work(and here I was having a petty party all weekend, damn!! Erica went u can please post where I can drop off the donations, I will get my job and churches to provide so financial support,,,POST POST ME!! UNBLEIVABLE

    2. Steven Rappaport says:

      you didn’t spell your “dear friends” name right

  6. ginna says:

    bobby maybe u were there at sometime in your life. thats why we aint getting no where, the lady risk her life and her child to protect other children and u be on hear talking s…t. that is why this place wont get better to many foolish ppl in this place we call home.

  7. Blasterific says:

    Off the welfare rolls, onto to the SSI rolls, same money different office.

  8. Tlu says:

    Stupid, stupid racists. We are ALL related. Please educate yourself. Google: Mitochondrial Eve. Regardless of color, we are all humans decended from one line.

    God bless this woman for her selflessness. I hope they find the perps.

  9. ONE HUNG LOW says:


    1. Clarke says:

      Oh really it would never happen in China? Let me tell you I read the news around the world and one of the things that shocked me is when they find babies thrown in the streets in China. All that horror because of their strict law regarding how many babies couples can have. If they have girls they throw them away mostly now they’re worried about the population where there’s more men than women! That’s the backlash they’re getting.

  10. Mrs Bailem says:

    IIts really a shame that the streets are not safe to walk on The mayor needs to do something about this but he have cop on corners in brownsville doing car checks Im really upset my Neice Unque Armstead was the women who was shoot in her arm she is ok thank GOD but what about the mother of 13 and one more on the way Shame on you Mr Mayor Brownsville need protection

    1. stooo33 says:

      Shame on the mayor how dare you!!!!!!!!! Blame your people. If we put a cop on evey corner and we started searching people that might have guns then the cops would be racist. Righttttt!!! wake up lady you know what the problem

  11. Jason says:

    Wow– 34 and 13 kids and one on the way! I hate to say it but it saved the taxpayers a lot of money–there is NO dount that there was more deposits made in her than at the bank by her!

    1. T;i says:

      Jason, what an awful, HATEFUL thing to say. How do you suppose those 13 children are going to survive now? Not to mention they’ve lost their mother. Some of them may even be reading these posts. Shame on you!

      1. dan says:

        Their dad can step up

    2. Clarke says:


      You obviously didn’t read the update report since the father of eight of those 13 children have 3 disabled he’s looking after. He also confirmed that the mother of his 8 children wanted to buy a house down south. So there you go how you think she was going to buy a house? You don’t know if she worked, saved and invested money plus the father contributed to make all that happen. Sadly she was to get married in February 2012 and move and she was murdered.

    3. BLESSMENOW says:

      @jason ur a sad brother, that thinking is y blk man r not respected, grow the ras up, and start thinking different, bro!!!!

  12. Peter says:

    Reading stories like this one reminds me how important life insurance is. Imagine she did not have any, what kind of life are those children going to lead?

    1. Nancy says:

      @ Peter, way to go ! Other than myself…a second sensible comment. YES YES YES, funerals run easy into tens of thousands of dollars. Many people invest in stocks, homes, cars, lottery and possibly pension/401K’s.

      1. BLESSMENOW says:

        @nancy and peter, god will always make away, everything good r bad happens for a reason, we have no control over our destiny(we can only prepare ourselves)mankind and gods ppl need 2 wake up we need ppl more than we think!!!what can we do now 2 help that’s the question…..

    2. Kate says:

      Children of deceased parents receive social security payments until they’re 18.

      My dad died when I was 11, and that came in handy. I hope these kids have family who will take them in.

      1. Bklyn Mom says:

        I hope these kids have a FATHER! I should hope so, as she was pregnant yet again. I feel terrible for the kids and the innocent life lost, but have to wonder about a woman having 13 kids at age 34… Can’t even image… And I’m sure she did not have life insurance.

    3. Clarke says:

      @Peter, she loved her children very much and may have set something up for them already. Also there’s a fund raising charity for her funeral and children and many people of all races got involved in it. I too, will be contributing some thing.

      1. Florence says:

        Is there a link to the fund so readers can contribute?

  13. ol' whitey says:

    They can blame me. Used to it by now.

  14. Venti89 says:

    My God!!!!!! This woman died protecting children. It doesn’t matter if she had 50 kids. God Bless her and her baby. I hope they find the pig that did this.

  15. bobby says:

    13 kids and pregnant wow that’s allot of baby daddies.I bet there were 9 different fathers .At least now the City will save some money..I feel sorry for the kids they don’t have a chance .They will all be in Rikers in no time …..

    1. SparklingEyes says:

      First off, Race does NOT make the person.The Heart within someone makes the person.Race & how many children one has is NOT the Issue here.The Issue Is that a Woman who has a Heart full of Love gave her life to Protect these children.I say Everyone should be Thankful she was there.She could have ran but she did NOT. She tried her best to shield these children the best she could.I say she did a Courageous thing.She gave her life so these could live.
      Who are we to say how may kids another should have?Some people are made to have large families cause they have the Love to give to them.As for these Negative people who talk down about those on welfare,Have you ever been on ay assistant before?Have you ever had anything bad happen to you to cause that? NOT all people are on welfare just cause they wanna be.Sometimes it’s something they haffta let their pride go, to be able to help them.Yes some Abuse it. But just cause someone has several children it does NOT mean they are o welfare.So Please Grow up & Accept Life as it really is.Back in the old days lots of people had large families.Money is OT what Life should be about. The Love & a Good Heart Is what Life is,and this woman has shown the kind of Love & Heart she has.I for one am Thankful for her being there.I give my Prayers to her Family as I Know this is a big Tragedy for them.I say Please Remember the Love that she has for you Every day.Be Proud of her & Keep her alive in yer Hearts Everyday.
      May God Bless & Be with this Family Always.
      You Negative people should STOP & Think that one day it may be someone that you do OT really care for that may be the One to Save yer own lives.

    2. Clarke says:


      Read the darn news out of 13 children 8 were for the same man who looked after 3 disabled children in his home. He will take in the other 5 too, since they were living with their mother. Now that other people are helping he probably will stick to her wish to move all the children out of the city. The other 5 mostly likely will be looked after by the grandmother till the other father of them can pick them up. They have a lot of work to do and I don’t think they wanted to separated all the children since they all grew up together. The oldest one is 18 and probably graduated from high school or in college/business school.

    3. BLESSMENOW says:

      @bobby, ur sad sad sad sad, be very careful what u say about ppl and especial children, u need 2 pray and wish them best in life….u satan!!!!!!

  16. Carolina says:

    It’s so easy to sit back and make these hateful, smug comments, isn’t it? It’s much easier to behave in this ugly manner to others when you’re behind that computer, isn’t it? If those leaving these horrible comments are in fact leaders of our communities; police, human health, and so-called “educated” citizens, I’m horrified.
    Why are we not angry at the people that would desecrate a site of learning, a safe haven with such atrocious actions? Why are we not praising this young woman for her selfless act? Why are we not mourning the loss of a mother??? Rest in peace, mama – your sacrifice does not go unnoticed by the Father of us all.

  17. AngryColored says:

    First of all, how do all of you know whether these were her biological children? Perhaps she adopted some of them . Secondly, I wonder where Al Sharpton and all the other black “activists” are to address the real problem with black America – black on black violence. I would love for Kanye West or Jay Z to come to these projects and talk to the youngsters about getting their butts in school or getting jobs and doing something productive with their lives instead of shooting at pregnant women standing in front of an elementary school!!!!

    1. Nancy says:

      @ Angry, it’s not about Kanye or Jay Z. It’s about the reality of 1 in 4 children are growing up in a less than two parent home. They lack the teachings of discipline, respect, self-respect, education, morals, love and proper care. These kids are more likely to carry a gun oppose to a pencil..bookbag and identification. Young society have taught them that’s “it’s cool” to carry a gun for “protection”, hang out late nights, cut-class, smoke/drink and have sex. They are too ignorant to understand that when you fire a weapon “randomly” it will most likely take the life of “an innocent” person. Regardless of the victims age, race,how many children they bared,if they’re employed or their residential region. AN INNOCENT LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN AND NOW A FAMILY HAS BEEN TORN APART AT THE HANDS OF “A CRIMINAL WHO WILL LIKELY REPEAT HIS ACTIONS IF NOT CAUGHT AND JAILED”. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, PUT ASIDE YOUR RACIST OPINIONS AND DEGRADING HER BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF CHILDREN, AND SAY A PRAYER FOR HER CHILD/CHILDREN THAT WERE WITH HER TO WITNESS THIS DEATH.

  18. surewewill says:

    I have noticed in news reporting, especially breaking news, facts are often missing and what is reported is often sketchy and plain wrong. We need to wait until more facts are reported and if it is really important to you, then form an opinion based upon known facts.
    I just did a search on Google and there are many reports, some including information nowhere quoted here. One “cousin” said Horton was supposed to get married soon. Another witness said kids were throwing rocks at a man who got angry at them and presumably was the shooter. That’s just 3 articles I read.

    I think if you read all these preliminary reports, you will get a more complete picture. If you wait longer and it is still important to know the full truth, wait for more reporting although I doubt much more will be written.
    As to the causes, the social implications of the woman’s situation and the crime,etc., there is no lack of opposing opinion on these issues.

    Fear, anger and hate will not solve these problems but only serve to separate people farther from each other. We won’t solve anything that way and the sad result is more and more innocent people are caught in the crossfire.

    My opinion only. Like noses, all people have one.

  19. NYC42A says:

    Amazing! Somebody gets killed in NYC in broad daylight near a school and the debate is only around the victim having 13 children. It is apparent that these criminals own the streets and have no fear of police who are only left to investigate the crime. Mayor Bloomberg has shifted resources from policing and crime prevention to pedestrian malls and bike lanes. He then conveniently blames the problem on inanimate objects without taking responsibility for his absurd policies.

    1. rikki says:

      well if she didnt have 13 kids….

      she would have had plenty of money to move to a safe and more expensive area…

      1. Jay says:

        She should’ve been receiving atleast $15,000 a month from welfare with 13 kids.
        That’s why people are having so many kids. So they don’t have to work. Great system we have in this country. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!

        1. She who speaks for those with no voice says:

          Try $3500, welfare is barely enough to live off and depending when you signed up, people do not get additional aid for children born after an application is turned in. There is also a strict time limit, in most places 2 1/2 years! I am so tired of ignorant people pointing the fingers at welfare recipients as if they just lay around getting pregnant to make money! Pray, you dont lose your job and exaghst your unemployment and end up on welfare and get fingers pointed at you!

          1. Jay says:

            Shut up you lazy bum. If you can’ afford to have so many kids, then don’t have them. What gives you the right to keep popping out kids and have the government pay for it? I WORK 12 to 15 hours a day and i sure can’t afford 13 kids and I wouldn’t be so irresponsible. $3500 is bull, I have friends that are social worker’s that tell me how much the government pays OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Nancy says:

        @ rikki…
        I don’t know what’s more stupid, you or your comment. If this woman had ONE child and A TON OF MONEY IN HER POCKET/BANK ACCOUNT IT WOULD NOT HAVE PREVENTED HER FOR BEING KILLED BY A STRAY BULLET. All you have to be is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she could or anyone for that matter could have been in upstate NY, Long Island Suburb, or a tony town in New Jersey. If someone randomly shoots a gun and you’re caught in the midst the safeness, area or money will be completely irrelevant. Rikki, try really hard to grow-up, do a lot of reading and perhaps some inner soul seaching and move on to real-life. YOU ARE STUCK ON STEP ONE !!

        1. rikki says:




          SHE WASN’T

          1. Nancy says:

            @ Rikki, it’s a sad thing when a person doesn’t realize the stupidity that’s brewing in their head and then regurgitates it. This violence has absolutely NOTHING to do with a drive-by, it’s about a random act of violence upon an innocent PERSON. Forest Hills has had violence…recall the Doctor who had her husband shot in the head as he dropped his daughter for visitation ? THAT’S JUST TO NAME, WE COULD GO ALL DAY..OR SHOULD I SAY I COULD ? VIOLENCE IS EVERYWHERE. YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM VIOLENCE RIKKI, APPARENTLY YOUR PARENTS LACK THE COMMON COURTESY TO PROVIDE YOU WITH COMMON SENSE AS A CHILD OR DID YOU SLEEP THROUGH THAT ? YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS WOMAN WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR, YOU’RE BASING YOUR MORONIC COMMENTS ON THE MEDIA REPORTS. HERE’S AN IDEA, STOP WITH THE JUDGING..AND BECOME A SAMARITAN, LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR THE FAMILY TO CONTACT YOU AND INFORM THEM YOU’RE WILLING TO DO ALL YOU CAN TO HELP. “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

            1. BLESSMENOW says:

              @nancy I couldn’t have agree w/u more, rickki, needs alot of guidance, how said to hear these remarks in the 21st century, wow!!!I’m really nerves for my children’s future in this warp society,,,,,,,,,,

    2. dfsff says:

      stop blaming bloomberg blame your people

  20. Sandra says:

    OMG.. Never and I mean Never have I been so disappointed in the human race as I am reading these comments. YOU are the person that you write about,Ignorant just Ignorant. If there was nothing written about her and her Family no one would ever know her personal life and that does not matter at all to most people. Im praying for her family and my heart goes out to the children that have been left without a mother.

  21. april says:

    like misread this article or something, as soon as i scrolled down to read the comments…racist much? OMG a woman left behing 13 kids, so what if she’s balck or white or friggin purple, she saved some kids lives by puttin hers on the line….and just because some of can’t afford to raise 2,8, or 13 children today, doesn’t put us in the place to try to judge how she supports them. If i had the money to support that many children I would absoultely love to have a large family, but like someone said it is overpopulated and such….but still yet this isn’t about how large her family is and such it’s the fact she was courageous enough to use her body as a sheild,goodness people grow up & pass on some friggin since to your kids so they don’t grow up to discriminate and cause more hate heart goes out to the family much & if somethin like this were to happen with my child at school i’d be bless to have someone cover him

    1. Class Pre-K says:


  22. Marilyn Brooks says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m sorry for their loss. It could have been anyone. A stray bullet has NO NAME. Lord, how in the world was she “able to have 13 CHILDREN, one on the way ? I’m a mother of 4 adult children and it was pure WORK, my job is still not complete. I hope and pray she has supportive family and the FATHER to help the children get through this difficult time.

  23. family planning worker says:

    Why does anyone need 13 kids in this day and age? It’s not the middle ages when you needed help on the farm… A person who does that is either very selfish or very stupid, I’m sorry to say.

    Any loss of life is a terrible thing, maybe if she hadn’t spawned such a large litter of kids she might have been able to work more and save money so she didn’t have to live in the ghetto?

    1. The truth says:

      As stated previously, it’s all about the check. Denial won’t change reality.

  24. ny says:

    Tooo many Illegal guns on the streets ! When it’s easier to get a Illegal gun then get a job,we are in trouble.New york has become home for the rich or poor – Sad

  25. Sharon says:

    Racist much????? The hope is someone like you is sterilized.

  26. John Frost says:

    Why was she allowed to have 13 Kids?
    Blacks are leeches and parasites said a retired NYPD Sargent.

    1. Class Pre-K says:

      @ John, perhaps your “retired buddy” should have stayed in school a bit longer, HE DOESN”T KNOW HOW TO SPELL.

  27. Scott says:

    This lady had 13 kids for the welfare check..totally wrong!! Awful to see people use the system for whatever financial gain they can muster while not seeing the harm it does in making these kids lives hard and depressing. Sorry she died but she needed to stop popping out babies for a gov’t. check!!

    1. strongblackwomen says:

      how do you know she was on welfare maybe she was a laywer and supported all And i bet theywere from all the same father

  28. Corel says:

    I am sorry that she was killed. People do not respect life today .However, as you read this you can not help but think why is she pregnant again with 13 kids already ? Are the father(s) involved in their lives and who will help care for them now?

    1. BLESSMENOW says:

      @corel, seriously is that what’s important now?? she is dead leaving behind 13 children, why and how she have her children is non of our business who cares, can u help donate something 2 her children?? my opinion, gosh!!!!

  29. Frank says:

    Racist: 1. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive term for a white person. 2: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, if promoted by white people. 3: a belief that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race, if promoted by white people.

  30. supergrover says:

    I guess the implication is that if she was, say, the mother of only three children, it wouldn’t be so bad.

    I guess responsible heads-of-family just aren’t worth much these days.

  31. Pyatt says:

    NYC (and the world) is getting so overpopulated that EVERYONE (white, black, etc,etc) should be sterilized after 2 kids. Those receiving public assistance would be a good start since govt can have leverage over them.

  32. Jacqueline says:

    It’s soooo sad because i was just standing in the same spot she was killed i was standing right out the store when I heard the shots fired I ran in the store with my son and i looked out and saw the women laying on the floor and blood coming out her mouth that was so sad to see her there laying lifeless it’s no joke whats going on in brownsville i saw the whole thing happen thank God my son was not killed I feel bad for the other people struck I pray that God gives strenght to the family of that lady who died and her unborn child my goodness i am still shaken up by the who inscident it’s sad that no adays you have to watch your back every where you go you can’t walk in the streets in peace anymore with out looking over your shoulder it’s just soooo sad.

    1. Dani Rivera says:

      Thank God you and your son are okay! It is a very sad situation, but unfortunately it will only get worse before it gets better. The sad part of it is, is that people do not have any respect or reagard for life anymore. The only solace there is, is that what goes around, comes around and the ones doing the dirty deeds will get theirs on day, whether we see it or not! Keep your faith in God and he will help you through the feelings you are having about this incident. God bless you and yours!!!

      1. Jacqueline says:

        Thank you so much for that ,what comes around will surely come back aound
        People no adays are so ignorant and don’t think before writting or saying things you know that’s sad so sad.I am still shaken up seeing that lady there laying helpless but it gets me even more upset the comments of these people they wouldn’t write that if it happend to one of there loved ones.Thanks agian and God bless you too!

    2. Tom says:

      Are you on welfare?

      1. Danielle says:

        Jacqueline don’t respond to his ignorance. It’s sad when someone is killed on a corner in Brooklyn and its sad when a kid in Colorado builds bombs in his garage and kills his classmates. Instead of writing ignorant stuff here people should take time out to do something about the problem. There is a complete disregard for LIFE. I work in law enforcement a couple blocks away from this incident. We have more NYPD officers covering the occupy wall street protest then the area. The amount that has been spent on overtime at that Park is at 3 million to date. How many after school, mentoring or sports could that amount of money cover.

        1. Carolina says:

          Thank you for sharing your story, Jacqueline – my heart goes out to your community.
          Danielle, thank you for your humanity. Thank you for not taking this opportunity to bash all of the citizens in the area. Bless you both.

  33. Dani Rivera says:

    OMG!!! Is this how people in New York really think and act??? The ones making comments about this woman should really be ashamed of themselves!! Unbelievable!!! This woman was murdered in cold blood and all you can seem to post is that your worried if your tax dollars will pay for her children? These poor kids are left without their mother…does that mean anything to you people?? May God have mercy on your souls! I am from Wisconsin and you could not pay me enough money to associate with likes of many of you!! We as a society, should be helping our own….worry about the tax dollars that are being spent in other countries for stupid stuff when it could be used here to help pay for Americans who are sick, jobless, homeless and hungry!!!!! That’s what you should really be complaining about!!! May God bless this poor family and keep them under his wing during this very traumatic time. RIP Zurana!!!

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      Tax dollars ARE being spent for stupid stuff here. Like 13.5 kids that she can’t support on her own. Wouldn’t be surprised if she has grandchildren leeching off the system as well.

      1. Dani says:

        Joe, you seem like a very bitter man and that bitterness is what is going to eat you alive!! Do you know this woman personally?? Do you know her situation?? Unless you do, you have no right to judge her. Matthew 7:1-2 states: “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. One day YOU may be the one who needs help…should we judge you?????

    2. Valannin says:

      Is everyone from Wisconsin as naive as you?

      1. Carolina says:

        My hope is that not everyone is as callous as you, Valannin. Have a heart and stop spreading the bitterness.

    3. Heather says:

      The ones that are on here talking smack about this woman, would b singing a different tune if she used her body as a shield and saved their child from being killed now would they?

  34. gglenie says:

    Some Of You People Are So Mean. Maybe she didnt believe in Birth control. Say Something Nice…Let Her R.I.P. She Did A Brave Thing Before She Died. May The Father Rest Her Soul.

  35. flynn says:

    The answer is “Yes, idiot, you’re comment has been reported.”

  36. Colleen Quintyne says:

    34 years old and had 13 kids, what she been doing screwing every night,?god that is ridiculous.

    1. meeeeeee says:

      Listen you idiot nomatter how many times she screwed or how many kids she had her life and her unborns life was taken you are soooo ignorant wake up!!! It could had happend to any of your family members you are such an idiot grow up!!!!!

      1. mr. matt says:

        get off your high liberal horse and see it for what it’s worth outside of all the touch feely crap. She had 13 kids before she was 35 and living in the projects. At some point you’ve got take certain responsibility for bringing a kid into the world that you can’t support. Aside from that any life lost is tragic, but it could have been prevented years before. Just think about it.

        1. Eddie B. says:

          Gotta love you “pro-life” Republicans, cheering the murder of an innocent woman.

          What are you sadists gonna applaud next? The Holocaust?

  37. kimberly clark says:

    that’s cold

  38. Anni says:

    Why she had so many kids? And she was just 34. Imagine how many more kids she would have had by the time she would have been 50. So irresponsible! Some people just open their legs and produce like a rabbit.

    1. meeeeee says:

      no respect what’s so ever no matter if she had 100 kids that’s not your business a life was taken and a baby also how could you say that about her you wouldn’t like it if something like that happend to one of your familly memebers….you wouldn’t like people writing comments like that…..grow up you stupid idiot I can’t stand people with your low class mentality complete idiot!!!!!!! what you think about that now!!!!!

    2. BLESSMENOW says:

      who r u? where u ras come from? shut u ras!!!! idiot !!! u r go change that,,,,,,

  39. cantcastthe1stone says:

    Its sad how quick people are to judge and stereotype. Human beings do reprehensible things regardless of race or gender. Our focus should be a shooting near a school which led to a woman using her BODY to sheild innocent children. If she were white would the comments be the same? And her 13 children… A good number were grown. Stop the hate, its what they feed off of.

  40. Guy who once saw Lyle A l z a d o at Newark Airport says:

    When is NHL 12 going to be updated with the new Winnipeg Jets uniforms? Driving me bonkers!!

  41. Em says:

    I have no problem with your comment (even thought I personally think you are racist and ignorant) expect for the fact that you have NO facts to back up any of your claims. You do not know if she was married, you do not know how many of those children had the same father, you do not know how she supported them or what kind of job she had. So instead of judging someone unfairly, why don’t you take the story as it was meant to be taken….A person who unselfishly gave her life to save the llives of children. As for the comment about the bloods… are you serious?

    1. asicer says:

      If you live in Brownsville, you’re forced to do so b/c you don’t have much money. If you have 13 kids and another on the way, you’ve most likely not attained your PHd or bachelors or even a HS degree. Likewise, your kids have probably not gone on to productive careers. These are all facts, not stereotypes. It’s a guess, but a very good guess that there are many different fathers involved and that the kids will go into the system to be supported by taxpayers. This is Brooklyn for you. Look around.

    2. Dani says:

      Well said Em! No one has the right to judge someone else unless they have walked in their shoes! This woman could have been married and her and her husband may have wanted a large family. If he passed away, that would have left her in a bind with a large family to support on her own. Who is to really know and who’s business is it anyway! This is the path that God chose for her and it cannot be changed. Hopefully, those who are posting such nonsense, may they never need help because that is when they will truly understand what the rest of us already know!!!

    3. Jerry says:

      Gimme a break, odds are she was working the system and had kids for this reason.
      This mentality makes Brownsville as well as all other ghetto type areas what it is. Unless all people take responsibility for them selves, they willl continually make nothing of themselves.
      Odds of the children of this poor woman making anything of themselves are dismal.
      Her reasoning was simple stupidity and selfishness,subjecting not only her kids to a poor fate ,those forced to live in this enviornment, too, will be adversely affected.
      Those suggesting this as racist and cruel are truly in denial.

  42. Mona Simmons says:

    God bless you Zurana and your family

  43. What about her baby?! says:

    RIP. Did her baby survive?!…I hope so. So tragic, smh. Post pictures of
    Charles F. Bolden, Jr. everywhere. These kids should be looking up to him.

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      I am wondering about her baby as well. Are MY tax dollars going to pay for 13 or 14 of here lil’ dumpings?

      1. Tecato says:

        your tax dollars already were, she was from the projects (public housing).

  44. Clarke says:

    My first reply was to Hmmmmmm

  45. Angelina LaCrosse says:

    I work in Brooklyn and my students tell me that the Bloods are targeting women for the Halloween week. All women and girls will be shot according to them. When the woman in Brighton Beach was killed they said “we told you so, its starting already. They are targeting the women” and then this tonight. I didn’t want to believe these kids but I think they told me the truth.



  47. Hiphop hamburger says:

    Another great job by the black community. No wonder the cops don’t care about east ny. Smh

  48. Conservatives Stink says:

    This does not only happen in the “ghetto” it happens in white suburban land where some people go into schools and shoot everyone in sight. “Liberals Stink” has a disease called racism.

    1. Hmmmmmm says:

      It’s not being racist, it is shear statistics. There are a higher percentage of violent crimes carried out in the “ghetto”, when being directly compared to other general population areas, or “white suburban land” as you call it.. He/she didn’t say anything about the race, just the area. So you Automatically jump on it being about racism. Hmmmmmmm……. Who’s the racist?

      1. tkny45 says:

        Hmmmmm to you……Go check your statistics MOST crime are not committed in the Ghetto. Stop looking at Eyewitness News and go chase the Real facts.

      2. Clarke says:

        No, you acted like only black crimes happened so let me school you someone who got Scottish/Irish/Black/Asian in their blood. Black on black crimes is common but so is white on white crimes. I suggest you check the TRUE STATISTICS on the fed’ website, as well as states for states’ websites. Just read a white man killed three white people who were family just because he was emotional abused. They had money too, so you see, white or black it doesn’t matter ghetto, surban, city or country people killed other people of their own races whether its family, friends, co-workers or strangers. In California in a quiet neighborhood a white man walked in and killed 8 people all white. Last time I checked the statistic of black on black crimes and white and white crimes they were both neck to neck in the 90% range.

    2. Tell It Like It Is says:

      But we’re not speaking about the suburbs or rural America. We are speaking about NYC and time and time again, almost every single solitary time it’s blacks and Hispanics doing the shootings and stabbings. There is so comparison to the crime that whites commit in NYC. I’m tired of people dancing around this topic all the time. White people are always afraid of being called racist. Blacks want to point fingers at everyone because it’s always someone else’s fault. Hispanics know there is a problem with blacks but suck it up and figure there’s no choice.

      There is a big problem in the minority community, specifically blacks.

      1. bigmamamuley says:

        We are talking about crime, and that includes the White ghettos also. There is just as much crime committed by Whites against other Whites as there is in any other neighborhood. You may be able to B,S. somebody else, but I am an informed, and intelligent person, and I know the facts. It was White people who started gangs, it was White people who started robbing banks, it was White people who started murdering innocent people in this country. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, by presenting proof. My proof is in the history books, where’s yours?

        1. asicer says:

          i’d consider myself liberal but its true about black people committing crimes. you can’t really say it b/c of racial sensibilities but there it is. If you aren’t a new yorker, i can tell you that all the areas with lots of blue dots (homicides) are about 85-100% black areas. The areas without much homicides are not.

        2. supergrover says:

          Even if there is “just as much crime” involving two white parties (and I highly doubt there is), whites are still the demographic majprity in this country. So even if what you state were true, the case remains that a higher percentage of blacks as a whole are criminals where a black victim is concerned.

          And we haven’t even factored in the numbers for crimes commited by blacks upon other races. Of course, those never really count as “crimes” to you people, do they.

  49. Liberals Stink says:

    Just another day in the ghetto!

    1. bigmamamuley says:

      Which ghetto, the White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, Russian, etc. They are all ghettos, and there is crime committed in every one of them.

      1. heks says:

        There is a Russian Ghetto in NYC?? PLEASE dont say Brighton rofl cause people there drive bentleys and maybachs

        1. bigmamamuley says:

          Yes, there is a Russian ghetto, and yes it is Bryton Beach. Do you even know what a ghetto means. Well, it means an area where the majority of the people are all the same, or in the same condition. The Russians of Bryton Beach may drive Bentleys , Mercedes, and every other expensive cars, but the majority of them belong to illegal gangs like the Russian Mafia, and do other illegal activities to acquire their money. There is also a lot of illegal immigrant Russians, here in Bryton Beach, and this area also has it fair amount of crimes.

        2. Clarke says:


          People like you are ignorant because you are the kind of person who don’t even know what’s going on in your own backyard.

          What part of mob, gangsters doesn’t register in your head? Those type of people are just as ruthless than the gangs in the projects. They’re go to church, donated money, kisses neighbors’ babies, play happy family with their wives/children but when it comes down to business, that is dirty they’re cold blooded murderers. Ever watch some true life mob movies like Good Fellas? Donnie Brasco? Ever heard of the Iceman? He was white and one cold blooded hitman for the mob. The man’s family to this day are shock what he was because they saw no sign of his evilness while married with children.

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