ACLU: Teacher Who Made Anti-Gay Comments Has First Amendment Protection

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Union County, N.J. high school teacher is in hot water after making anti-gay postings on Facebook, but she’s receiving support from an unlikely source.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports

Deborah Jacobs, the executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said that Viki Knox may have voiced a biased position, but that doesn’t justify taking away her right to due process.

“Although we do not agree with the sentiments expressed on Ms. Knox’s personal Facebook page, her comments are protected by the First Amendment,” Jacobs said. “The ACLU believes that the response to offensive speech is not the restriction of speech, but more speech.”

Knox is under fire for a thread on her Facebook page that compared homosexuality to a sin that breeds like cancer.

Jacobs said this is an opportunity for a teachable moment and that the issue needs to be handled carefully.

“As hurtful as they are they need to be addressed. If we don’t address them and just go into attack mode then those opinions are gonna go underground, and that’s the place they fester,” she said.

School administrators are trying to verify students’ claims that Knox taught discrimination in class. Jacobs says if that’s true, Knox should be fired.

Knox has yet to comment on the situation.

Where do you stand on this entire situation? Sound off in our comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. man from old ways says:

    homos are vile and filty we do not have to acept them in any way

  2. Marcia Simpson-James says:

    Vicki Knox should be free to express herself. If this is her genuine, religious conscientiousness. Because she is Black, the homosexuals are baying for blood.

    Everybody knows that the homosexuals are racist and continuously and maliciously target Black people, if we do not support them.

    Ps have you every heard any case where a Black-hating homosexual is prosecuted for any race-hate crime?

    Most hide behind the anonymity of their colour (white) and their sexuality (that they keep hidden). If the public actually realised how many homosexuals were holding public positions, and were working against the public interest, they would be shocked.

    This case illustrates this perfectly. How can homosexuals complain that a Christian, espouses Christian beliefs in a Christian country.

    Next they’ll be telling Muslims to stop being Muslims and ‘convert’.

    1. mishi says:

      Wow…How can I say this so I wont sound condescending? Um, your notion that all gays are white is, on the face of it, so astonishingly stupid that my jaw dropped. Really? Bayard Rustin was white? James Baldwin? Lorraine Hansberry? Wanda Sykes?

      Certainly, some white (and non-white) gays are racist. And certainly, when African-Americans voted in higher-than-average numbers to ban same-sex marriage in California, angry comments were heard, but they were (to cop a Christian cliche) about the vote, not the voter. (After all, the Mormons – with a long history of racism – were the main targets of gay anger, not blacks.)

      So tell me, do. What anti-black hate crime performed by an identifiably gay person went un-prosecuted? Since you’re so outraged, I’m SURE you have many concrete examples at hand. Let’s have ’em. TELL US THOSE CASES! And why weren’t they prosecuted? Because the all-powerful gays secretly control the government? Hey, wasn’t that supposed to be the Jews?

      Sigh. I’m sure you won’t come up with any. Just as I’m sure my pointing out that this is not a “Christian country” but a secular will fall on deaf ears. Stop playing the race card on this. You only look like a paranoid fool.

    2. Bob says:

      Supporting hate speech with even more hate speech.


    3. James says:

      Typical of a Bigot. Trying to feel sorry for yourself. Miss thang named Marcia Simpson-James, you probably don’t know this but I don’t see any homosexual people beating on black people because of the way they are like how heterosexuals are doing in places of christian Africa, and Jamaica. Those places have gays. I suppose the black gays are racist too correct? Go and check yourself before you car reck yourself.

  3. BubbaDaKang says:

    Wow I see a few comments about tolerance up…whatever happened to the angry old testament god…you know the ten commandments guy…I think somewhere in his glory days in the old testament when he was smiting mofo’s left and right he “inspired” someone to write if a man shall lay with another man as would he a woman then he shall be put to death…what made the big guy have a change of heart…isn’t he supposed to be un changing and all that??did jesus’s fulfillment of the law void everything before the new testament??just curious on that…but on to the next…when did we as americans lose our right to voice our opinions when did the mum law start out weighing the U.S. Constitution,when people who didn’t agree with something sat quietly for fear that voicing their opinion could possibly cost them their lively hood. I’m black but before all else I’m an american in my life time I’ve been called a n!@@er quite a few times, despite that fact that its offensive and hateful I will adamantly defend a pricks right to say it, because I know denying him that only opens the doors wider for the powers that be to dance upon my civil liberties

    1. David says:

      Very true and real. Your opinion is valid and well put. I am a Beliver in The Lord Jesus, and all of your points are right.

      1. philjourdan says:

        Satan also believes in the Lord Jesus… and your point is?

  4. GoofyinSyracuse says:

    I think a huge aspect of this story is being missed by those making comments…The ACLU (the evil, liberal, gay driven organization that it is according to the right wing) is defending the teacher who made the anti-gay comments. Wow…a LIBERAL organization defending the right to say words that they totally find offensive. A liitle education for you conservatives…that is called principles. The ACLU believes in free speech, and defend even that speech they disagree with. It seems that the conservatives commenting on here are the real moral relativists (something they like to accuse liberals of)…arguing that this teacher should be free to say what she will, but the liberals who say she should be fired are evil and need to shut up.SCORE ONE FOR THE ACLU AND THE LIBERALS. Maybe FOX News and the conservatives can learn something about integrity….ahhh who am I kidding???

    1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

      I think you’ve hit a sore spot on those conservative blokes, GiS!! They like to complain that they are the ‘oppressed’ of the world but, in actuality are the oppressors. One can spot them a mile away. The ACLU has taken many conservative cases and won for the conservative side so they’d better not be too obnoxious… they could lose a very important friend! I assume Bubbadakang is your real name.

  5. Meme Meyagi says:

    if you want your society destroyed, then support homosexuals. imagine if society turns into homosexual wet dream, where everyone in society is homosexual. how long can such society last? precisely for lifetime of homosexuals, then such society disappears. for examples from history refer to romans and greeks. they sure liked their homos.

    1. GoofyinSyracuse says:

      Sorry MeMe…that is not a “homosexual wet dream” (sounds like you are a little sexually obsessed…maybe frustrated???)….we homosexuals rather enjoy being a select chosen few and don’t want the likes of you at our party…LMFAO!!!

      1. Ms. Meme's Big Sister says:

        Thank you, GoofyinSyracuse. Meme OutfoxedHerself seems to forget that heterosexuals produce the little homosexuals she so despises. Can a mere 10% of the population be so threatening? Now if w could only produce intelligent Memes, Meme Meme would be SOL!

    2. mishi says:

      Everyone is society is gay? Wow…I always suspected that being gay was really fun. But so much fun that, given the chance, all you hets will convert? Wow. We should start charging admission!

      Oh, and just to correct your little stupidity: Rome reached its greatest heights under a gay emperor, Hadrian. It wasn’t until HUNDREDS of years later, when Constantine made the Empire Christian and made homosexuality punishable by death, that Rome declined and fell. Yes, Rome before the Fall HATED their homos. So if I wanted to be as idiotically reductive as you about history, I would claim that homophobia causes empires to fall. (See also: the USSR, the Third Reich, the Taliban.) But I won’t, because, well, I’m smarter than that.

      1. mishi says:

        Sorry, I meant to write, “Everyone in society will be gay?” My bad.

        But I’m right about Rome, Meme. Look it up, if actual facts don’t bother you too much.

  6. shooter377 says:

    Have any of you here realized that America went from; Gay actions are a crime, to Gay is OK, without the discussion on the morality of it? Has there ever been a comparative analysis of “gayness” under the worlds three systems? Christianity comes out as the best system for gays. Keeping it short; Under secular humanism, anything goes and society breaks down(like now, but we haven’t gotten to the end yet), and the backlash from the nongay public will be violent and deadly. Under islam, Gays are hunted down, dragged out of their house and killed by any muslim who wants to. Under Christianity, gays stay in the closet and live their life. “stoning” is only for “in your face” acts(pun intended) in public. That goes for public fornication also, not just gays. God will deal with all gays eventually. If you want to take your chances, go ahead, just remember that God will forgive the repentant heart.

    1. Little Miss First Baptist Matron says:

      You sound just like another unhappy Christian that used to post here. Why are you both so unhappy if you are saved in Christ? You and JT should be rejoicing at the top of your lungs and not disparaging others. I will keep praying for you. God bless your journey!

      1. shooter377 says:

        You’re right! I’m unhappy that our country is going down the drain. I AM saved, and I also like the blessings of Liberty, honest government, Justis, law and order, the right to defend myself, etc. Why do you despise all of that “little miss”. Would you please research where your wacky world view leads to. Google R J Rummel to find out.

        1. vincentmerkel says:

          OH DUH Jesus said turn the other cheek…..he also saidJudge then ye shall be other words your idea of Jesus is perverted and derrainged and demented..just like all right wingers your God is based on vengence and you doing all the judgeing for him which he will do to all of you ………..since you applaud and want uninsured to die …’ing soldiers……… the wealthy to quote him again it will be easier for a camel to go thru the eye of needle then a rich man to enter the gates of heaven…so keep supporting the devil because as long as you vote republican or even right wing you support the devil

          1. shooter377 says:

            vm, You aught to read the Bible before you start quoting it. If you have read it, maybe your one of the ones God was talking about when he said that in the “later days”, people would read it “without understanding”. It’s tough to discus a point with someone when they can’t understand simple stuff like “nothing is free”, “all socialism is theft”, “only PEOPLE” pay taxes(corporations don’t), etc. Maybe you should reconsider your position. (Booing solders???)

            1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

              “aught”…AUGHT??? The word is ought, which applies in that YOU ought to keep youe stupidity to yourself!

              1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:


        2. GoofyinSyracuse says:

          Shooter…speaking as someone who is gay…let me offer the opinion that the BEST system for me is the secular humanist one. I am free to live my life as I see fit without hiding or lying about it and you are free to live your life as you see fit without hiding or lying about it so long as our actions do not impinge on the rights of others…..or as you conservatives call it LIBERTY. You talk about LAW and ORDER (an excellent TV show by the way)…yet you talk about the “nongays” engaging in a violent and deadly backlash (a very CHRISTIAN position????). I believe in living freely and openly as a gay man under the an HONEST government as well as in defending myself against people like you who would deny me that right as long as I live. When I die…heck…I guess I’ll stand next to St.Peter and subject myself to the judgement of it is HIS place to judge…not yours.

          1. shooter377 says:

            So who taught you to be gay? Was it the gay and lesbian task force’s public school program?, or were you molested by a funny uncle, or neighbor? The problems I have observed are that gays just can’t mind their own business. If you believe you were born that way, fine, but keep it to yourself and live in peace and keep it to yourself. If you try to change 3000 years of knowledge by force, there definitely will be trouble. There is a big difference between liberty and license, so don’t confuse the two. I know you feel that you got a raw deal, but gayness can be unlearned. I have to admit that is difficult when you have a lot of other gays saying it is impossible, and being gay is OK.

            1. mishi says:

              Oh shooter…who died and left you King of the World? The problem I have observed is that many honmophobes, while proclaiming “I have nothing against gays,” spout the most awful claptrap. It’s not just gays saying that sexual orinetation is inborn and usually impossible to change – it’s every psychological and psychiatric assocation out there….but clearly you know more about this than they do…because? Um?

              Well, here’s the deal. I promise to go back in the closet when every Knox-esque fundamentalist Christian (and Muslim and Jew) stops trying to shove their chosen fact-free lifestyle down my throat and keeps their damn mythology to themselves. Deal?

              1. mishi says:

                I have to second-guess myself here and revise my above reply in the direction of complexity.

                Sexual orientation is, most likely, due to a combination of factors, including genetic predisposition and very early life experiences. There is, though, no indication that molestation or some public school program will turn a kid gay. Like I said, claptrap.

                1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

                  Thank you, mishi! The fundaMENTALists don’t really listen to anyone PROFESSIONNAL who knows what they’re talking about. It’s easier to remain ignorant, arrogant and intellectually insolvent. Suffice it to say that they will, in time, be fewer in number and noone with any intelligence will replace them. This is the miracle we’ve been waiting for. 😉

                2. shooter377 says:

                  OK. I grew up thinking I was gay. I was molested when I was 3 and 4. The whole idea disgusted me, but I was convinced I was, so I avoided friendships and grew up as an introvert. I always heard it was wrong. After joining the navy, I hooked up with a foxy woman of ill repute, and discovered that I liked women, a lot. I made up for lost time. Looking back I can say for certainty, that if my teachers were spouting that “just a different life style” crap, and encouraged experimentation, like they do now, I would never have “discovered” women. I am straight, You may have gone the right path, with a little direction. There was a guy in our company that was very effeminate, one guy with 14 sisters. We took him under our wing and showed him how to be a man, and we never berated him for his ways. He said he could have gone the other way, he was picked on without mercy in school and with a little encouragement from the GLTF, he would have wound up in your predicament. This stuff is learned behavior and can be fixed with the right help and no interference. That interference should be locked away in a closet, where it can’t hurt society.

        3. Little Miss First Baptist Matron says:

          Justice, my dear little one, … Justice.

    2. philjourdan says:

      Thank you, JT, and all other fakers.

  7. zom says:

    Throw massive amounts MORE of money to them! IT’s FOR THE CHILDREN!! NOT THE UNIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. John smith says:

    After all is said and done in this oh so modern world,I wonder how many of our now military men are now afraid to bend over in the shower.

    1. John Smythe says:

      LOLOL. Only if they have back problems. Of course,some people glory in their pain. Didn’t quite pull that one off, did you? lolol.

      1. JT says:

        Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator , this commenter laughs onscreen just like you do, “lolol”. Hmm.

        1. John Smythe says:

          If you had half the education, tolerance, and good will that Rev. Dakotahgeo did, even you might be tolerable here. As it is we just pity you and allow your presence because we pity you! And I have a lively sense of humor, lolol, or you’d be dead from my verbal bashing right now! Understand? I’m proud to sound like Pastor Dakotahgeo!

          1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

            Thank you, John. I’ve been so blessed in life. God and Mama said there would be people like JT in the world, and they weren’t lying, lolol. Patience is a virtue. Even the good Lord will take JT by his ear and shake him up a little, heh heh heh. JT will learn of God’s love and laughter like we all have. How can one not be happy in Christ?! It’s to laugh.

  9. Ed walker says:

    The power of the word coming out of a teacher’s mouth or hand is awesome. If misused can perpetuate misconceptions, bias, bigotry and many other sins far more serious than love or sex between individuals of the same gender. One may choose not to associate with those who do not share one’s won views but let’s remember what Jesus said, those who have no sin throw the first stone.

    I urge anyone who may have had sex with Ms. Knox before marriage (if already married) during her marriage, or afterwards if she is divorced would come forward and point her out as a fornicator or adulterous in the context of the quotation mentioned above.

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

      Thank you, Ed! I don’t see anyone fighting to be the first to throw that stone, heh heh heh. This is a good sign. You have educated us today. Thanks again.

    2. JT says:

      “Let the little children come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”

      “Woe unto those who teach evil is good, and good evil.”

      “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  10. Robert says:

    How did such a small segment of society (gays) become so powerful as to demand someone get fired for her beliefs?
    I could care less what your sexual preference is but once you demand such action as to dictate what someone says, I am against you!

    1. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

      Pllease let me help you, Robert out instead of just criticizing his shortcomings. First, you teach in school; you preach in church or a religious setting. You do not carry your personal thoughts into the educational setting through a public social network. Second, you follow proper procedures in firing a teacher, which the school (as far as I know) did not do. Third, when a person is a professional in any open setting, it would serve them well if they guarded every word they spoke, jealously. Politicians should be the first to follow this rule. Fourth, and most importantly, every teacher goes through an evaluation on job performance at least once, if not twice or more, a year. In my 25 years in public education, I have never seen such atrocious use of grammar/spelling/word usage/et al, in my life. Her ability, or lack thereof, should be solid ground on which to terminate this teacher on the spot. The fact that she has taught as long as she has, exacerbates the problem tenfold. She should be terminated for incompetence, procedurally, as soon as possible.
      There, Robert… let’s hope we’ve cleared the air regarding sexual orientation being a part of this discussion. It wasn’t discussed was it? Nor should it have been. You have been educated today. Praise God!

      1. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

        Correction: “Pllease let me help you out, Robert, instead of just criticizing your shortcomings/comments.”
        There… much better!

      2. JT says:

        25 years of silence about Christ while standing in front of classrooms full of children?

        1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

          If you are referring to the above comment, we didn’t have to preach in the school. We saw the students in church on Wednesday nights and Sundays in church. Separation of church and state, you know.

          1. JT says:

            I see, you are a worshipper of one little mention by Jefferson in one of his letters.

            1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

              Well, I hate to sound sacreligious but if Jefferson’s picture wasn’t on the $2 bill, I probably never would have noticed him, lolol. But thank you for the reminder… I have a number of those around the house as keepsakes. Peace!

          2. JT says:

            Was it a big city government school classroom? Did it contain such books as, “Heather Has Two Mommies”, and “Daddy’s Friend Ken”?

            Did a pair of men or women come around and teach first graders about tolerance? That goes especially well with the program taught by CBS, “Two Men and a Boy” (“Two Men Raising A Boy, One of Whom is Effeminate”.

            C.S. Lewis had it perfectly prophesied when he wrote, “The Toast”. What have most churches said about it all? Probably not much, that would interfere with the giving.

          3. JT says:

            That’s about right for the system in which we have ‘public education’. Five days a week, 6 or 7 hours a day, for everything goes, and one hour on a Sunday morning for ‘church school’. And church-going parents wonder why their kids quit going to church, and why the culture steals them.

            1. Little Ms. First Baptist Matron says:

              Honeybun, you are preaching to your choir again and they are sound asleep. Try preaching a little love and tolerance. You must really hate yourself. I pity you and will hold you in my prayers.

              1. JT says:

                Right. The kind of tolerance you are for is not a virtue. It is the only virtue of liberals.

                Yeah, like Paul I do hate myself, wretched man that I am. But I know better than to stand by while evil is taught as good, and say nothing, especially where children are involved, and a teacher who’s been the target of organized liberal crime.

                1. shooter377 says:

                  You are right on JT. I may ask; Why is it OK for Secular Humanists to preach their religion in public schools and exclude Christianity. Government is prohibited from establishing a state religion, and yet that is exactly what the humanists are doing. It would be better, and more legal, to teach both and let people decide on their own.

                2. Little Miss First Baptist Matron says:

                  But aren’t you a saved sinner in Christ/ You should be so happy about that and not be such a sourpuss. I’m just curious who threatens you so much. I’m sure you have the makings of a good Christian somehow.

            2. JTee says:

              It is precisely because of this:

              They are not saved, or at the least, they are saved, and have very little understanding yet.
              If not saved, they are blinded and are under the control of Satan.

              And Satan hates America, because historically it has done more to uphold freedom and protect and spread the Gospel than any nation in history.

              Incidentally, a thought from earlier today. Considering the thousands of nuclear weapons still aimed at each other all around the globe, can you imagine what kind of work God does, and His angels, in keeping Satan from letting all those loose?

              1. Little Miss First Baptist Matron says:

                You didn’t answer my question, Sweetheart. Eactly what Christian aspect is frightening you so much?

  11. joe says:

    I wonder if we would be defending her right o speech if she said something anti-semetic/Jewis or if a White teacher said something anti-Black. Just wondering

    1. Tyvian says:

      Though it may not be right on a personal level, We would be protecting her rights as well there. Look you have the KKK and all the militias in this country and so many various people of different groups that have a certain agenda. Thank God for the United States of America and the first amendment!!!!!!!! Free speech is what it is…..FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jim says:

    right on nypj! we need to shout right back at these deviants!

    1. philjourdan says:

      I see you’re making great headway.

  13. Bob says:

    Freedom of speech, it like enjoying freedom of religion by building an Islamic center near Ground Zero.

    Let’s see how the American Taliban twist on this.

    1. philjourdan says:

      Well, the American christian Taliban might not be so keen on it, but they’re too busy ‘saving’ people so they probably wouldn’t even know it’s happening.

  14. tony says:

    Thank god the gays can get married and adopt

    you know them N*gg*rs …they breed em and leave em

    1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

      Aside from your rude and misleading comment, I applaude the fact that your first statement is entirely correct. 50-50 isn’t bad!

  15. James N. Benko says:

    The only way Ms. Knox will get fired if she indeed taught her religious beliefs in the classroom which I strongly doubt. It’s alright to give an opinion about something albeit a sincerely held religious belief that some would find offensive and degrading. But the truth is, it’s either free speech for all Americans or none at all. I am thankful for the constitutional principle of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Are you?

    1. Bembo says:

      Try to yell “FIRE” “FIRE” “FIRE” in a crowded building and see where your “free speech” leads you to…

      1. shooter377 says:

        If the building is on fire, you’ll be a hero.

  16. j says:

    if you dont like her opinions dont read them!! if you dont like what howard stern or rush limbaugh says, don’t listen to them!! Chane the dial, change the channel, read someone else’s facebook page who always agrees with your thinking and/or point of view!!!

    1. Bembo says:

      These people are committing crimes. We cannot look the other way.

  17. lou says:

    She should be fired immediately

    1. Norman Dostal says:

      why is no one mentioning her horrid grammar and incorrect use of words? she is uneducated and a black bigot to boot-minority bigots are teh saddest of all-she doesnt know anythign about civil righst struggles, how they mirror teh fight gays face today-so sad…fire her for being uneducated and send her back to school!!

      1. Andre says:

        Now aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black. You can’t spell or write yet you have the nerve to call someone else out. Why don’t you take your own advice and keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. The way I see it, the only bigots come in your color.

      2. James N. Benko says:

        You talk about being uneducated, you can’t even spell certain words right. I think you need to go back to school!

      3. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Paastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

        Then please let me help Norman out instead of just criticizing his shortcomings. First, you teach in school; you preach in church or a religious setting. You do not carry your personal thoughts into the educational setting through a public social network. Second, you follow proper procedures in firing a teacher, which the school (as far as I know) did not do. Third, when a person is a professional in any open setting, it would serve them well if they guarded every word they spoke, jealously. Politicians should be the first to follow this rule. Fourth, and most importantly, every teacher goes through an evaluation on job performance at least once, if not twice or more, a year. In my 25 years in public education, I have never seen such atrocious use of grammar/spelling/word usage/et al, in my life. Her ability, or lack thereof, should be solid ground on which to terminate this teacher on the spot. The fact that she has taught as long as she has, exacerbates the problem tenfold. She should be terminated for incompetence, procedurally, as soon as possible.
        There, Norman… let’s hope we taught these “more-educated-than-thou” people a short lesson in grammar, et al!

        1. JT says:

          Do you speak Chinese? You’d be a great pastor over in China, in the 3-self Patriotic Church? Of course, you sure as Hell would not like the situation over there, with those 100,000,000 serious Christians in all the house churches, and doing things like resisting the police, and meeting in forests and caves and such.

          1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

            No sir. Just English, German, and Spanish. I did dabble enough in Hebrew to pass the class but Koine Greek is where I excelled. Thank you for asking.

  18. iggy says:

    as a veteran, i don’t like what the teacher said, but i defended her right to say it.

  19. Marina Ios says:

    when i was in school, from 1 grade to 12 grade, including high-school, back in the 70’s, in an european country, you couldnt attend day-classes and graduate if you were pregnant… college you have been married, children, etc, but there were no discussions regarding sex orientation, pornography, etc- only whispers behind closed doors….i really still didnt figure it out if it was better or worse, still …i incline for better

  20. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain says:

    Suffice it to say tht teaching belongs in school, preaching belongs in religion and church, and in our private lives. Facebook may mirror a person’s private thoughts but then one runs the risk of being ‘exposed.’ This is not good!

    1. Jt says:

      We have an expression in the Midwest, and that is bull_ _ _ _. And you being a pastor/chaplain and saying preaching belongs only in religion and church and private lives, shows your stripes perfectly. You, I think, have to be an offense to Christ and the Church. It’s your type who are responsible for much deficiency in the Christian world. I really doubt you are even who your title says. That’s what every run-down now-useless denomination says, ‘keep it to yourself’. If you really gave a rip, you’d be calling for choice in education, and vouchers for all parents to attend the schools of their choice. Instead you kowtow to the idea all children are wards of the state belonging in state-run, state-indoctrinated, Christ-less schools. Who are you with or against? It’s easy for me to see.

      1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain/Educator says:

        And, as you can see, I have the perfect right to disagree with you. You’re learning. This is a good thing! Blessings and peace!

  21. James Allen says:

    I was taught in school being gay was a sickness and having children born out of wedlock was sin. Guess my teachers would be in big time trouble today.

    1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

      Would be? Take a look around… they ARE, and well they should be! My teachers taught, and didn’t preach. Their living mirrored their lives. They didn’t need to preach! Ms. Knox is in big trouble!

      1. Helen G Thomas says:

        This society is in big trouble….godless, wreckless, sinful, spiteful and diseased. And whether you or anybody on this board believes it or not, JESUS is indeed on HIS way back to take back what rightfully belongs to HIM.

        1. Norman Dostal says:

          Helen-he aint coming back, sister-the bible was written by man and jesus didnt rise form teh dead-any study of history knows that the first gospels made no mention of a resurrection-that was added in later versions-so simple and sheep-like-i envy your ignorance, Helen

          1. JT says:

            You’re fooled.

        2. Scott says:

          What is so sad is that IF a Jesus did come back and he was not the white man with blond hair and sandals passing out judgements on others, performing miracles for the sake of proving who he is, then the christians in this country of ours would be the first to nail him right back up! He has become this image that is nothing but a projection of peoples ego, to support their own fear and hate.

        3. philjourdan says:

          And more than likely, if “he” returns, you would be bitc*-slapped into next month! Behave yourself, “christian”!

        4. JT says:

          There’s a former athiest on You Tube who had an after-death experience and was given a second chance. Besides being pulled out of Hades, he was shown America’s future. He was told America might be taken out, and got the indication it could be a sudden population reduction down to tens of thousands. Technologically, this is probably now possible, through electromagnetic weapons; aka mind-snapping, or broadcasting and inducing of biological weapon effects through scalar electromagnetic weapons.

  22. John Myroro says:

    Why would you label the ACLU as an “unlikely” source for support of this teacher. I am gay and support gay equality across the board, but the teacher does have a first amendment right to express her self in a non-school forum. The ACLU as always supported everyone’s — even Nazis — Constitutional rights. Why would you consider their support of this teacher, wrong-headed though she may be, as “unlikely?”

    1. JT says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ACLU has never supported school choice in the form of vouchers to parents, to go to the school of their choice, no government strings attached. That would be true freedom. At least one country in Europe can do this, why can’t America?

  23. Nola Alan says:

    How many more kids have to die before people can stop hiding behind their bible to preach a hurtful message.

    1. philjourdan says:

      American christian Taliban folks aren’t counting bodies… they’re counting the jewels in their Burger King crowns.

      1. JT says:

        Their commercials mocking Jesus are why I quit eating there.

        And you, guy, laugh all you want, while you can. Like Jesus said, you will weep later.

        1. philjourdan says:

          You did the right thing healthwise, my good man! Their hamburgers and french fries are full of calories and fat. You will live long and prosper! A smart move!

          1. Jte says:

            Thanks Phil. But hey, I knew people growing up who lived into their late 80’s and early 90’s who had lard-based living, bacon and eggs every day, lard-based baking, fried foods,. butter, etc. But they ate out of their own gardens, did not smoke, and they got lots of exercise. As can be found on the Internet, it is the bathing and drinking of fluoridated water, the superpasteurized milk, the lack of trace mineral and vitamin nutrition in today’s foods, the preservatives other than salt, the ultraviolet lights, the air pollution, and going to the doctor and taking what the drug pusher industry’s been promoting, that causes the shortened lives or declining health. In every case of these people, their decline began when they slowed down. It may have been arthritis making it too painful to continue, but when they started taking everything the doctor recommended, they were dead in a few years.

            1. ;-) says:

              You’re so easy!

    2. Helen G Thomas says:

      Who died because of the message of salvation? There is indeed only ONE WAY….every other road leads to death, hopelessness and destruction.

      1. Nola Alan says:


        Teens and adults commit suicide, and hate crimes are committed based on the destructive message of discrimination. Jesus loves gay people. Hate is not in His teachings, acceptance is.

        1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

          Thank you, Nola. At least one Christian on this site (besides Dakotahgeo) reads their Bible and follows its precepts. Jesus holds no animosity toward any of his children. It will be quite interesting to see who is, and who is NOT in Heaven on Judgement Day. I wish I knew where Pastor Dakotah’s church was. I would like to attend soon!

          1. So Long says:

            You might not find his, but just get a phone book out and look for Unitarian. You can’t be too far off with most Catholic, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, United Methodist, Lutheran, American Baptist, or even some Southern Baptist Churches, the latter are going the same way as the United Methodist.

            If you’ve got money to travel, why not go to China, and worship with very sincere and serious Christians.

            Hopefully, you will not get arrested, rounded up with political demonstrators, taken to the countryside, lined up along a long dozer pit, and shot in the back of the head with an AK-47, by an army soldier. That happens you know.

            But they don’t talk about it in the media, because they hardly ever venture out that far to report, or investigate.

            If you didn’t get rounded up, it would probably be a far better experience travelling to China, than travelling all the way across the US to some church dripping with honey and sweetness.

            1. A Little Birdie Told Mee says:

              JT, Jt, and others,
              I’m sorry but your first two paragraphs mke no sense. Which churches stand on which side of which fence, in your mind. Please explain. I can’t imagine you’d leave without clearing up your own comment.

    3. Jt says:

      How many more kids will be confused by all the divorce, the fatherlessness, the perversion of sex and morality in the media and entertainment world, and all the adults telling them they may be gay?

      How many more kids will have to suffer being encouraged to doubt their gender?

      How many more kids have to have their lives ruined?

      Before Jesus comes back to judge?

      Before His angels come to arrest and cast into the Lake of Fire those who reject Christ, including those who say evil is good, and good evil, and who hinder little children from coming to Him?

      1. philjourdan says:

        That’s quite a list there, Jt! You must watch a lot of television. You must keep in mind that Jesus will also be judging YOU! That should be an interesting sideshow!

    4. JT says:

      Nola Alan, hey let’s just come out with it and get it clear. It sounds like you really, behind it all, hate the Bible. That is your real cause. You are attacking the Bible. You are attacking the author of that book. You are attacking the Christians in this country who take that book seriously. You are attacking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Who motivates you? What you really want is to FORCE AND INFLICT your view upon the entire world. You want them to think, believe, and behave according to your idea of what is right and wrong. Who decides what is right and wrong? Whoever has the most power? Or Someone who would know? If majority rule and human reason are the deciders, then why should the majority not round up homos and snuff them out? By that reasoning the Nazis did nothing wrong. Hey, I’ve decided I don’t like you so I’m sending you to a death camp, because I don’t like your type and what you say or do. No, if the Bible is not the standard, and the Constitution is based substantially on the Biblical teaching of what is right and wrong, then things go well. Based on majority rule or minority rule, according to humand reason, it all eventually goes to Hell.

      1. A Little Birdie Tells Me So says:

        My goodness, JT, you ARE in a snit! I thought for a moment my three year old wa on the internet under your name! When the good Lord tells me we’re biting the wrong leg, your pain won’t go away, lol. I have a strange feeling that most of these people on this site are not in agreement with you and that makes you a very angry Christian. Is anger a fruit of the Spirit? If we are to accept your tenet of faith, will we have to be angry and rude also? I don’t want to be that kind of Christian, do you?
        I’ll let you get some well-deserved sleep now. You must be worn out from the high blood pressure you seem to suffer from. That leads to a stroke, did you know that?

        1. Hello and goodbye says:

          Every once in a great while I go to a doctor. Usually a waste of time, I have to find the natural cure for whatever ailment myself. But, every time, thank God, my blood pressure is impressive enough in a good way, the doctor comments on it.

          Regarding your personal attack, so glad to hear it. Means I have scored very high in the debate. The sheeple master of this webpage knows it.

          So easy to debate proponents of the ‘modern world system’, like dispatch of fish in a container. No knowledge and no ability of argumentational congruence or proofs.

          1. Snapplejack says:

            Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Comments are closed.

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