Darrelle Revis: ‘I Don’t Dislike’ Mike Francesa, Hang-Up Blown ‘Out Of Proportion’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — It was the hang-up heard ’round the Tri-State area — and then the nation.

Moments after Jets media relations director Jared Winley instructed Darrelle Revis to end his interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, sports fans were going wild tweeting the news.

Shortly thereafter it was all over the web.

By late Friday afternoon, Revis’ shocking dial tone treatment was everywhere.

“I felt a certain way, he felt a certain way and that’s what it was,” the cornerback explained after the Jets’ 27-21 win over San Diego. “I don’t dislike Mike, he knows my agent very well. He had his opinion, I had mine.”

During a heated debate over Revis’ controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against Miami, Winley jumped on the call. He identified himself to Francesa and shortly afterward told the All-Pro to hang up.

Listen: Revis hangs up on Francesa

“That wasn’t my call,” Revis said. “Jets PR told me to get off the phone.”

Francesa later announced on-air that Winley called to apologize.

Apology accepted. No harm, no foul.

On Sunday, Revis insisted it was “nothing personal.”

“I just felt we shouldn’t have been talking about that in the first place because it was Friday, and I’m trying to get ready for San Diego,” he said. “But he brought it up. I stood my ground he stood his.”

Revis didn’t say he would go back on air with Francesa — but he didn’t rule it out, either.

“We’ll see what happens in the future,” said Revis. “Like I said, I don’t dislike Mike. It kind of blew out of proportion.”

Do you agree that the hang-up was blown out of proportion? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. Steven Avery says:


    What does Francesca expect ? –
    “yes, the referee blew the call, I never should have gotten the touchdown, sorry to embarrass the ref, maybe he can call one against me next time to even it out”

    You make a comment, give a wink and a smile and move on, you don’t try to pressure a top player to make a comment that a ref gave him a gift, whether true or not .. the problem here was Francesca not understanding the basics of the dynamic of player, team and ref. If you get a call, you smile and move on, you do not start crowing.


  2. Used to listen more but now my ear hurt says:

    WFAN has come full circle in 20 years. Mike is the new Pete Franklin. Yelling at calllers. He the smartest guy in the room always……What a bore he has become. He is arrogant, rude and he accent is horrible…..What a joke he has become just like Pete was at the end rude, abnoxious know it all…….

  3. Gene Straussman says:

    Francesa is a self centered egomania! I try and listen at times but it’s to no avail. I find myself switching stations withing minutes. He dominates the conversation over the callers. Shows no respect to peoples opinions. I can’t understand why this idiot is still on the air!

  4. smfic says:

    Listen to the interview and pay attention. You have to be fair. Mike brought up the topic, they discussed it, and then they moved on. Revis is the one that came back to it, at which point any good interviewer would delve into it further. Obviously if Revis brought it up again there’s a chance there might be some “gold” in the topic. Mike found it, Revis fed into the search.
    Revis is a pompous, arrogant a-hole to tell anyone that their opinion is completely meaningless because they aren’t a football player. I wonder if he’d have the same opinion if he blew out his knee and then got cut from the team.

  5. Lee says:

    To me, Mike just wouldn’t let it go. I don’t know why this guy is so popular. I TRY to listen to him but I find I have to change the channel after a few minutes of listening to him. All he does is repeat himself over and over. I don’t know why ANYONE would stay on hold to talk to this guy when all you can say is, “Hi, Mike, how are you?” Callers are allowed to say three words and then Mike doesn’t shut up and talks over everybody. You can barely get an opinion out before he takes over and the caller is done. I have no idea why there’s a line of callers who can’t say anything and then get hung up on

    1. Jonathan says:

      Lee: I totally agree with you regarding Francesa’s repitition, talking over callers, and hanging up. What you forgot to mention is his unique inability to cast any sort of eloquent insight on an issue except to repeat the same adjective over and over and over. He might say something positive about one of the teams he likes such as, “Derek Jeter is a tremendous tremendous clutch hitter. Over the years he has shown himself to be a tremendous tremendous clutch hitter. I mean, he is just tremendous.” Does this sound familiar? It should because that’s what he sounds like for five freaking hours every afternoon. I have tried to listen him, but I just cannot. Listen to the podcast, it’s like Francesa has OCD or something. He just keeps pounding nonsensically on Reavis. You’ll note that he has got Reavis’s microphone level set half as loud as his own so he can talk over him with his bombastic self serving and boorishness.

      1. JMS says:

        what i don’t get is why some of these dingbat callers wait on hold for two hours to make the most ridiculous, inane comments/suggestions and most of the time i’m glad he talks over them.

      2. Lee says:

        Jonathan: Totally agree. When I get in my car to drive home, my radio is set to WFAN from the morning. I leave it on Francesa just to see how long I can take it until I have to switch over to 1050, or even news radio. It’s almost like a contest for me. I rarely get home before switching the station, and I just shake my head at what I’m hearing.

        And, JMS, you make a good point about some of the inane callers, I guess you just have to expect that if you’re listening to a call-in show.

        But if Mike talks for two minutes in response to a call, I’d say he says the same thing five times.

        I just find it truly amazing that he gets the ratings he does when he’s the only one speaking on a CALL-IN show. Let the callers SPEAK once in while.

        1. JMS says:

          I do agree and I’ve been noticing that he does repeat himself allot. maybe old age setting in? Even w/bad temper and the repitition i still find his observations and opinions to be very cerebral and on point and i enjoy listening. I also like michael kaye but if i had to choose i prefer francesa

  6. bill sykes says:

    carton(idiot of the year) is so jealous of mike its so apparent….just rem who help built this station while u were trippin on mushrooms…fan the house that mike built!!!!!

    1. JMS says:

      completely agree w/ur carton remark. that show is unlisentable b/c of him which is a shame b/c boomer esiaison is very knowledgeable & entertaining. he could quite posssibly be the most self absorbed radio persoanlity in the hostory of broadcast. makes me sick.

    2. Non Bussiness says:

      welll that is cartons stick he is a fan phony he says he is a die heart fan of one team once they start to lose he jumps ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sternalike says:

        Carton uses the same style as Howard Stern- a rip off if you ask me. When Stern was on 92 fm he had his own style, good or bad, but Carton sounds just like that to me. I tune for awhile then tune out.

  7. Wilberto LaSalle says:

    I blame the Revis hang up on Mike Francesa, In my neighborhood we call Mike Mr. Know It All, he is never wrong and knows everything, I feel the fan should start going in a different direction, he is really getting boring with hanging up on callers that do not agree with him.

  8. JMS says:

    I’ve got a great deal of respect for mike f’s knowledge of baseball and football and enjoy listening to him immensely. i like him eve more noew that he got rid of the mad dog who in my estimation added nothing to the show. I do agree he can be a little short tempered w/callers who have no point to make but when it comes right down to it i don’t want to hear them anyway. contrary to what otherts have said on this board, i find that he will entertain callers who have a different viewpoint than him if they make a coherent argument.

  9. JS says:

    If Mike was just “kidding” with Revis why keep badgering him about it? I like Francesca but his ego does get in the way sometimes. Pushing the buttons of the only Jet who will take his call is counterproductive, don’t you think? I’m sure the on-air guys at ESPN radio in New York will be glad to talk to Revis so if I were Francesca I would take a different tact toward Jet players. If he doesn’t like the Jets and favors the Giants/Yankees why bother talking to them? He doesn’t talk hockey because he doesn’t follow it and he doesn’t talk to ranger players so why call the Jets?

  10. Jonathan says:

    Why does the FAN keep this guy on the air? He is an embarrassment to the radio station. His condescending attitude is disgusting to me and many other listeners.
    He has become the”Jerry Springer” of sports radio. He insults and hangs up on anyone does not agree with him, but acts so surprised when he gets hung up on. I can’t believe the FAN lets this “snake” bring this otherwise first class sports station down to his lowlife standard.

    1. BOB says:

      The morning show is more like Jerry Springer than MIke. That idiot in the morning is the one that should be removed from the WFAN airways

      1. flea says:

        Carton is a disgrace to radio. I can’t listen to that idiot for more than 30 seconds at a time. I feel sorry for Boomer. Only Scott Ferrall is worse.

  11. silly sports media says:

    Rex Ryan causes controversy to get his team riled up and deflect negative attention off his players. Mike causes controversy for ratings. It’s just entertainment folks, no big deal.

    Still, Mike should probably think twice before he criticizes Rex Ryan for the controversies he causes. Mike is no different.

  12. W. Cromartie says:

    Darrelle, I listened to the interview and- OH YES- you DO dislike the pompous Francesa, and why not? He’s actually more pompous than YOU are! Yes, hard to blieve, I know. It was like “okay, pompous Darrelle and pompous Mike going at it”. VERY awkward interview, tough to listen to. Mike had one agenda going in and that was to make you admit it was a penalty.

  13. Sheena says:

    An emabrrassing moment for Mike. Totally disrepecting Revis like that. He pushed him, harrassed him, mocked him and then plays innocent? Plainly embarrassing moment for MIke who seems more and more lost these days. I used to like Mike on Sundays and never miss his football show. Now it’s just a joke the way he treats a stand up guy like Revis. He starts the interview mocking him and feigns shock when he gets hung up on? LOL

  14. Maximus says:

    Yes the call should have been a penalty but against Brandon Marshall, Marshall hit Revis with his helmet and charged right into him into , it was clearly an offensive penalty, . Mike is dead on wrong!

  15. Maureen says:

    Why put the players in the JETS thru the arrogance,to be ambushed and mocked by this clown?

    1. Bozo says:

      CLOWN! Are you talking to me, Maureen? Are you talking to me!!

  16. Non Bussiness says:

    well the fatman cause the problem if this was a giant ot yankee he would not have treated him differently. Just like the callers who do not agree with him he hangs up on them so now he was hung up on and he doesn’t like because the fat man hates the fact he was wrong again. We all know he is not fair wehn it comes to teams he does not root for and that is the fact maike the fatman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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