CC Who? Agent Reportedly Wants Robinson Cano’s Contract Re-Worked

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and other high-ranking team officials have gathered in Florida to address offseason plans.

What they probably didn’t plan on with CC Sabathia’s opt-out situation looming? Robinson Cano’s agent asking for a re-worked contract, according to the New York Post.

Scott Boras has reached out to the Yankees — so far to no avail.

“I called Cash to ask about dropping the options and he hasn’t returned the call,” he told the paper.

Cano slugged 28 home runs and drove in 118 RBIs in 2011 — to the tune of a .302 average. Not to mention his Home Run Derby crown won in July. All that production cost the Yankees $10 million this season.

The second baseman’s options for $14 million in 2012 and $15 million in 2013 “can’t be split” under his current contract, The Post reported.

An organizational meeting on Wednesday lasted around 6 1/2 hours at George Steinbrenner Field, the Yankees’ spring training home.

Items on the Yankees’ agenda include whether to pick up right fielder Nick Swisher’s $10.25 million option and formulating potential plans for Sabathia, who can opt out of his 7-year, $161 million contract after the World Series.

Cashman’s current contract expires at the end of the month, as well.

There were no announcements made after the session, which ended around 4:30 p.m. Although originally scheduled to be a two-day affair, the New York-based officials were returning home after completing their work on Wednesday.

Others involved in the meetings included managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner, team president Randy Levine, special adviser Gene Michael, senior director of pro personnel Billy Eppler, assistant general manager Jean Afterman and senior vice president of baseball operations Mark Newman.

Eppler has interviewed for the vacant general manager position with the Los Angeles Angels. He declined to comment about the ongoing process, which could see the Angels hold a second round of interviews.

Should the Yankees give Cano a new deal? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. BEAR says:



  2. Agrkdj says:

    To all you glorified yankee fans…………..A-rod had to give the green light to opt out when he did,because boras decided to announce it during game 4 of the world series in the 8th inning doesnt mean boras has the power to do it on his own but his timing was just plain stupid which made a-rod look like an ass……….as far as cano and pedroia,cano is one of the best players in baseball period. Not to take away from pedroia who is great in his own right but talent wise he is not on canos level………..and this guys comes from a met fan

    1. chess says:

      The argument isn’t over who is the better hitter but who is the better second baseman. You don’t hit when you are in the field, you defend the position. They are two different types of hitters. Cano is a middle of the line up hitter, pedroia is more of a table setter. But I do think that Pedroia is the better defender ergo the better second baseman.

      1. Christopher says:

        ergo you also hate the Yankees & A-Rod so you will not say anything positive about them even if you know the truth, your hatred for them makes you blind to reality.

        Anyone who believes Pedroia is better than Cano, in hitting, in defense, as a complete player as you do is nuts.

        Also stupid, everyone knows you don’t hit when you are in the field, you defend the position., that’s why you take a glove to the field and not a bat, how stupid are you, even to bring that up you sound retarded making that statement.

        Don’t tell us; when you played in the Special Olympics you used a bat to play defense and a glove to hit. Damn son, no wonder you’re on the outside looking in.

        1. chess says:

          Listen Christopher, maybe one day you can read and actually understand the context and meaning of words strung together. The prior points brought up in the argument all dwelt on hitting stats. I pointed out you don;t hit in the field. Now if you want to go on with your silly rants be my guest. You have already proven that you don’t understand how an agent works so let’s see if you can grasp some basic stats. Go to fangraphs and look at each players war. if you don’t know what WAR is its Wins Above Replacement. For 2011 Cano was 5.6, Pedroia was 8.0 so by having Cano on the team the Yanks get 5.6 extra wins above the average second basemen, Pretty good. With Pedroia you get 8 wins more than the replacement. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have 8 more wins than 5.6. The stats don’t lie. Now I understand you are a blind Yankees fan who will only accept that your players are the best but they aren’t, they’re just the most overpaid. And the last time I checked the Yanks got spanked out of the playoffs byt the Tigers and are now sitting around watching the WS as well.

          1. Christopher says:

            And where was Pedroia YOU DUMB*SS?, being that you forget or wish to forget, helping his team CHOKED big time down the stretch in September. LOL, LOL

            You’re an idiot chess and you’ve proved it time and time again

            1. Chess says:

              Do you mean the month where he hit .304 with 4 hrs and 19 RBI. And again you show your ignorance of the sport if you think the offense is what caused the Sox collapse in September.

            2. chess says:

              And as an aside, where do you need me to send the books on how to properly put together a sentence?

              1. Christopher says:

                chess you try, and I mean try to make yourself sound smart, but you’ve made so many mistakes with your thinking.

                People at my job are laughing at you as I’m sure all those who are reading your post are as well.

                You’ve been slammed by me. Stay down &don’t get up because I will knock you down again.

                By the way, I see Lacky was sent to a rehab for alcohol & spousal abuse or as Boston management called it, out for the 2012 year with Tommy John surgery.

                and this is the guy Boston got to try to beat the Yankees in 2009. That worked out well didn’t it. LOL, LOL

                Heavily favored to win the WS before the season started in ’09, in ’10 & again this year, I guess Boston has a great chance to repeat as CHOKERS in 2012.

            3. chess says:

              I’d rather choke in Sepember than when I have a 3 games to none lead against the Red Sox in the ALCS. And remind me again what the record against the Red Sox was this year? I stopped coounting after Boston beat them for the twelfth time.

              1. Christopher says:

                One was the ALCS (Yankees)

                Boston was in first place the whole season, up by 10 in September & CHOKED. Lost the division to the Yankees and then the playoff’s spot to the Rays.

                that’s why you’re a loser chess, a real loser.

                1. chess says:

                  It’s obvious I’m talking to a 13 year old as the only thing you can think of to say is choke. All your rebuttals come down to the same thing. Let me know when you figure out what a rebuttal is.

                2. Christopher says:

                  rebuttal means chess is a BUTT, A BUTTFACE THAT IS.

                3. chess says:

                  rebuttal means chess is a BUTT, A BUTTFACE THAT IS.-

                  That’s all you came up with? Wow, you are very clever. I do hope you show every one you work with these posts. They can see what a smart person you are. Although I’m sure they know by now what a buffoon they have to deal with daily.

  3. Joe says:

    No he signed the contract.Borus is a greedy sob.Even ARod got rid of him.Cano on the other hand should be happy he’s not chasing rocks like he did as a child in the Dominican Republic .Fourteen to fifteen mil is plenty .He can wait on the contract two more years.If they give into him and BORASS .it will just create more problems.When and how will this crazy salary stop.Much better ball players never made in a life time what these guys make now.The more you give to them the more out of your own pocket will be paying for them

    1. chess says:

      You know why A-Rod got rid of him? Necause he is never going to get another contract again. He’s signed till he’s 80. He sure took advantage of Boraas when it was time for new contracts.

      1. Christopher says:

        You’re a moron. A-Rod called the Yankees after Boras f..ked up by optioning A-Rod out during the World Series in ’07 & putting out bad press about the Yankees. A-Rod was not pleased.

        Later, Rodriguez criticized Boras for his handling of the situation & upon re-signing with the Yankees; Rodriguez said he negotiated the contract without Boras’ help.

        Boras still got paid because he was under contract with A-Rod as his agent, but A-Rod along with the Yankees owners & management negotiated his new contract. Right after is when A-Rod fired Boras.

        Teixeira also ditched Boras early this year. Boras had him ready to sign with the Red Sox, but Teixeira wanted to play for the Yankees.

        “There are a lot of things and no reason to go into details,” is what Teixeira said when asked why he fired Boras.

        Know your facts before posting what you did, you made yourself look like a complete idiot, but I think you were an idiot before you posted.

        1. chess says:

          First off, Boras cannot opt ARod out of his contract. Only A-Rod can do that. So all the blame and the backstabbing ends with A-Rod because like the Texeira example you cited, only the player can agree or opt out of a contract. And if you think that A-Rod was able by himself to get that contract then you are a bigger moron than you think I am. And I said contracts, that is plural in case you didn’t know. Boras was certainly around to help A-Rod with Seattle, Texas, the deal that got him to NY in the first place.

          1. Christopher says:

            chess you’re a Yankees & A-Rod hater. I gave you the facts and those are the facts.

            Again, as A-Rod representative it was Boras who put the word out during the WS that A-Rod was going to opt out, period. You can’t chance history chess

            You can post whatever stupid logic you want, but to will not change what actually happened no matter what you think or want to think.

            The moron is you because you refuse to accept the truth; you’re like those idiots who believe that Elvis is still alive, Area 51 is not a military base, but where aliens landed in 1947 and that Santa & the Tooth Fairy are real.

            I bet every year you also think the Mets are going to win the WS, how’s that working out for you? LOL

            1. chess says:

              You’re right, I’m a Yankees and a A-Rod hater. A-Rod chooses to opt out, not Boras as you clearly stated in your first response. Is Borasa guilty of choosing the wrong time to announce it? Sure but he is not the one who chose to opt out. A-Rod was. Again, I don’t think you have a very good idea what an agent does. He negotiates on YOUR behalf and brings those options to you. What YOU choose to do is the final decision. Just like Tex going to the Yanks instead of Boston. Read this:

              On October 28, 2007, Rodriguez’s agent, Scott Boras, announced that he would not renew his contract with the Yankees citing that he “was unsure of the future composition” of the team. He received a slew of criticism from fans and writers alike not only for opting out, but also for not meeting with Yankee management before he did. He was further criticized for the timing of his announcement, during the eighth inning of Game Four of the World Series, as the Boston Red Sox were wrapping up their victory over the Colorado Rockies. After realizing that the situation was not handled very well, Rodriguez contacted the New York Yankees ownership directly.

              So Boras says he should opt out, A-Rod agrees so he opts out. Then A-Rod gets criticized for it and goes crawling back to the Yankees. I love how all of these guys have problems with Boras AFTER they get their big contracts.

              1. Christopher says:

                key words chess

                On October 28, 2007, Rodriguez’s agent, SCOTT BORAS, announced that he would not renew his contract with the Yankees citing that he “was unsure of the future composition” of the team.

                If A-Rod knew this then why was he so surprised & upset on hearing that he had opt-out and this during the WS.

                This was all Boras doing; he likes the drama, but also made a big mistake.

                You did admit you hate the Yankees & A-Rod and man up on it; I’m good with it, that clears it better & explains your postings.

                Its more hate, them willing to accept the truth & facts.

                1. chess says:

                  Listen, you are missing one crucial thing. Boras cannot opt out on behalf of his client without the client’s approval. I am sure Boras was the one who instigated A-Rod opting out but A-Rod agreed to it. If A-Rod chose not to opt out all he would have had to do is call the Yanks and tell them he isn’t opting out. He didn’t do that. He flew to Tampa to negotiate a new contract. A-Rod opted out. Boras released the ill timed release.

            2. chess says:

              And finally, read this article, In it you will find that A-Rod initially got the talks rolling and then A-Rod sent Boras in to get the deal done so your idea that A-Rod singlehandedly did the contract itself is ludicrous. I’m sure A-Rod thought of negotiating all those contract incentives by himself. It wouldn’t kill you to do some research on a subject.

  4. Hector says:

    Funny, the title of this article is Robinson Cano wants contract re-worked when in reality it’s his agent Scott Boras who wants it.

    Boras knows that at $14 mil & $15 mil a yr Robinson comes cheap compare to what other lesser players are making these days, who by the way are also represented by Boras.

    Cano is the best 2nd baseman in baseball, hitting, power & defense, he’s also 28, so he’s still young and only getting better, so the question is how much does Boras wants Cano to be making and if the Yankees redo the contract will the Yankees get a break by giving up those two option years.

    With Boras that’s very highly unlikely. Boras wants all his clients to be paid, even more the market value. What he wants is for the Yankees to give up the option years and then paid Cano like he was a free agent.

    The Yankees will pay Cano & handsomely when the time is right not when Boras thinks it’s time.

    1. chess says:

      Pedroia’s number one. He’s already got an MVP award, gold gloves, Rookie of the Year.

      1. Hector says:

        They gave it to Pedroia because there was no one else that year Chester. Tell me Chester, just by the offensive numbers in the last 5 years alone, year by year who’s better?

        Being that you live in an imaginary world, the answer is Cano, Pedroia is very good, but doesn’t even add up to Cano.

        Everybody can will an MVP. Because you have a good year and win an MVP doesn’t make you the best. It’s the numbers you put up every year consistently that does.

        Also, Pedrioa ONLY HAS ONE GOLD GLOVE, ’08. Cano will win his second in a roll this year.

        Yes Chester, Cano is the best, hands down.

        1. chess says:

          Ahh yes, offense is the only thing that matters. And no one else that year? That is very ridiculous. Actually winning an MVP does make you the best. That’s why it’s an MVP and not a Silver Slugger award. You clearly have the two mixed up.

        2. chess says:

          And if you check your stats Pedroia has a higher fielding percentage than Cano in 2011.

          1. Hector says:

            that does not make Pedroia better, like I said, and very clearly, just check out the stats the last 5 yrs on both.

            I’m sure you haven’t bothered checking or afraid to and if you did, this is all you got from it, that Pedroia had a higher fielding percentage, that does not make him a better glove man then Cano and everyone who follows baseball knows that, but you.

            I’m sure every manager & pitcher are saying let me pitch to Cano with men on base and intentionally walk Pedroia because he can hurt us with his power & bat more than Cano can.

            Pedroia is not even the best player on his team. Cano is considered one of the top ten (10) players (including pitchers) in all of baseball and top five (5) all round player (power, hitter & fielding) in the majors.

            1. chess says:

              Actually the Gold Glove he just won makes him a better second baseman.

            2. chess says:

              And everyone knows Pedroia is a better glove man except for you.

            3. chess says:


              And again, if you don’t like the way the Gold Gloves work, here is the Fielding Bible Awards who gave it to Pedroia as well. And this is supposedly the true way to gauge an infielder’s ability at the position.

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