NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — You know the saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” That’s what “The Rehirement Coach” Rafe Gomez believes when it comes to getting hired.

WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack recently sat down with Gomez to discuss the problems job seekers face, and how to solve them.

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According to Gomez, there’s some limited good news ahead for job seekers.

“I think we are seeing improvement,” he told Farnack. “I can’t say that we’re seeing improvement to the point where there is a turnaround and everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief, but there is movement.”

Gomez believes businesses are beginning to reevaluate their cost-cutting measures from recent years.

“I think what’s happening is companies are looking at their infrastructure and their roster of employees, and then they’re looking at their goal, and they’re realizing that they cannot achieve their goal with their current set up. So they’re pretty much saying ‘Uncle, we can’t do it, we need to bring in people from the outside. We’ve been cutting, cutting, cutting for the past several years, giving five jobs to each person, and how can we expect them to be productive? How can we expect them to help us meet our goal and meet our challenges? We need to bring in people from the outside,” Gomez said.

However, Gomez warns that this doesn’t mean that your job search will suddenly become easy.

“I think there are some cracks in the joblessness edifice in this job market. It still is tough,” he said. “You still need to prove that you are the person who can deliver what the company needs.”

If you’ve been unsuccessful for a long time looking for work, Gomez believes you should do what George did in that Seinfeld episode called “The Opposite.”

“He was out of work. He was living with his parents. And he realized: ‘You know what? The way I’ve been living is a complete failure. I’m going to do the exact opposite of everything I’ve ever done’,” Gomez said.

“And he took these ridiculous extremes, but he got hired by the Yankees, he got a girlfriend, and he got an apartment, because he did the complete 180-degree opposite of what he was doing. And that’s the lesson here. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, it’s not going to work if you do more of it. You need to take a different approach.”

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