Wounded Brooklyn Woman Held For 5 Days Says NYPD Tried To ‘Get Me To Lie’

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A 35-year-old Brooklyn mother claims the NYPD held her for 5 days in a precinct last month after she’d been shot without charging her. Now, she plans to sue the city for $5 million.

Takesha Griffin says her nightmare began with searing pain in her leg from a stray bullet. At the hospital, she says instead of helping her, police handcuffed her.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Hears From Takesha Griffin

“They took me to the 73rd Precinct, where detectives tried to get me to lie and say that I was in a lover’s quarrel and shot by a friend, who was with me when I was struck by the bullet,” Griffin said.

Griffin says she still doesn’t know who fired the stray bullet that hit her in the leg on September 3. She says, however, that police didn’t believe her and accused her of protecting her friend.

When she refused to lie, Griffin said police refused to let her go and handcuffed her to a bench for three days and later held her in isolation for two days. She says she was only fed a hamburger and a coke each day and never given any water.

Furthermore, she said she was forced to suffer the indignity of going without a bathroom and hygiene products while she she desperately needed when she was handcuffed to the bench.

“This is America. This should not be happening here,” Griffin’s attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, said, pointing out his client hadn’t even been arrested.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne issued a statement Thursday night saying that Griffin was provided access to bathroom facilities in her individual cell.

“She was being held on an outstanding warrant, and claims that she was not brought to court in a timely fashion are being investigated,” the statement read.

“I refused to lie and they kept me in the precinct for five days, trying to intimidate me and force me to lie,” Griffin said. “I would ask them when was I leaving and no one knew, they just never came back,”

Rubenstein said the warrant was not valid because it had already been dismissed long before. Griffin was let go after a clerical error was discovered.

He also said Griffin was denied the right to face a judge within 24 hours.

“Here it wasn’t 24 hours, it was five days,” Rubenstein said. “Takesha was victimized not once, but twice.”

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One Comment

  1. factchecker says:

    Not surprised, but its a bit unusual. the system will continue to the the same for years, especially in those neighborhood, mistakes do happen, but this is hardly excusable, especially a warrant issued in error, given that she did appear the system should have caught it, in booking however the same situation can occur .

  2. bigmamamuley says:

    John Cray: You are either stupid, or just an ignorant ass fool. There was no outstanding warrant, it was dismissed a long time ago. Even if someone has an outstanding warrant, they are supposed to be arraignen in 24 hours. Now you shut the f’ck up, idiot.

  3. Joe Schmo says:

    Not like she missed work and MY tax dollars are taking care of her kids, so don’t see a real problem here.

  4. Jerry R. Blackford says:

    Don’t stop at $5 Million take it to the ultimate limit……….Get deep in their pockets that will hurt worse than anything….Make them cry…….

    1. Gerald Waldman says:

      That means the taxpayers of NYC pay!

      1. Outside Observer says:

        So? If that’s a problem then perhaps the taxpayers of NYC should force a reform in the fascist institution known as NYPD, so that it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps they should call for the jailing of the officers responsible for this, for the same 5 days this woman was held. Nah, never happen. You are just slaves to the system. The system OWNs you. You prefer to just whine. So, pay up and shut up.

        1. JeannieD says:

          These people think money comes from a magic money tree. They’re not taxpayers or contributors so why should they care? They just lie around and wait for their handouts.

  5. Walt says:

    Am i supposed to be surprised, It’s not about Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect, its more like Cops Protect Rarely, i always wanted to be a cop as a kid but when i got older i realized they are as bad as the criminals they put away.

    1. Walt? I don't thinks so. says:

      Really ‘Walt’? What a moronic comment. Please stop wasting time here making ludicrous comments.

  6. John Cray says:

    You had a an outstanding warrant? Shut the **** up!

    1. Outside Observer says:

      You, John Cray, obviously can’t read. The article says: “…the warrant was not valid because it had already been dismissed long before. Griffin was let go after a clerical error was discovered.” Now, in your own words, YOU “Shut the **** up!”

  7. TSnotELLIOT says:

    Seems like the police are starting to act a lot like the various regimes we have been fighting to topple in other countries.

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