FBI Could Make More Arrests In LIRR Disability Fraud Scheme

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The FBI is promising more arrests in the Long Island Rail Road’s disability fraud scheme. CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan followed the alleged scammers who have already been charged.

Dr. Peter Ajemian may have a “clear conscience” about pocketing $2.2 million in fees from hundreds of LIRR disability patients, according to the FBI.  He was apparently living in the lap of luxury in his Laurel Hollow estate.

Ajemian’s office manager, Maria Rusin, who the feds said helped facilitate the scheme, may have had second thoughts and actually collapsed in court on Thursday.

“I’m glad they caught them. Hope they catch more of them. Anybody that’s a crook deserves to be going to jail,” Patricia Heavy, a neighbor of one of the suspects, told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Dr. Peter Lesniewski, with offices in Plainview, is accused of raking in $750,000 from the bogus scheme. He has a beautiful Rockville Centre home and neighbors say he loves to travel.

“Even your neighbors, no matter who they are, doctors have to lose their licenses when they do that,” neighbor Ronald Gallas said.

The U.S. Attorney charges the doctors ran “disability fraud mills” to “pad patients files”  with false reports paid in cash for each fake “disability diagnosis.”

The accused LIRR suspects maneuvered the system to snag early pension and supplemented it with fraudulent disability.

“I believe they were gaming the system and it is the responsibility of the Long Island Rail Road, and it has been my responsibility since 2008 to change the culture at this railroad,” LIRR President Helena Williams said.

As other government agencies slash services, layoff cops and teachers, McLogan wanted to ask the railroad retirement board if it’s changing its polices, but it had no comment.

Riders were fuming about the scandal once again friday.

“What happened to the ones that were really disabled. Maybe they were denied this disability because they didn’t have the right kind of crooked doctor,” said LIRR commuter Neleeda Reed.

The FBI has reiterated to anyone cheating the system “for those of you who choose not to contact us, there’s a good chance we’ll be contacting you.”

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One Comment

  1. Sound Advise for FBI..!! says:

    Hey FBI … Want Info….
    Just ask ALL the EX WIVES and Legally Seperated of these awful men…
    They Stick with these cheaters for 30 Rail Road Years…
    Then.. the guys get Legally Seperated…
    And go off playing Golf and Traveling… with their Girlfriends…after they are “APPROVED”
    Leaving the Ex’s with NO CLAIM TO PENSION or Dissability..!!
    I think these women may enjoy providing some information..!!

  2. Tired Of It!! says:

    Instead of putting the cheaters in jail, make them go back to work without pay until all the equivalent pension money they fraudulently took is paid back in “work time.”. If they refuse to work, then jail is the other option. This takes taxpayers off the hook for keeping them fed & cared for in jail.

    1. Angry says:

      OMG… Great Idea… Would love to see thenm work till 65 like the rest of us..!!

  3. goblin says:

    Keep voting Union Yes and this is what happens. When will people realize that unions are nothing more than legalized extortion entities?

  4. Supervisors...????? says:


  5. plainreviews says:

    The FBI and the CIA do different jobs. Most people think that they are the same thing. This article gives a great explanation on the difference between the FBI and the CIA.


  6. Barbara Taileb says:

    All these people should be made to pay back what they stoled and then be denied any form pension, they are up there with the school officals who make a million a yr. pension. What kind of education to you need to have to punch tickets for 70,000.oo a year.

    1. gtre says:

      how to spell is one

  7. Al says:

    The FBI needs to clean house at the Federal Railway Pension Board. They have known about this for years and even today are still processing these false claims.

    1. Jerry says:

      The SS disability fraud is exorbitant it makes the LIRR scandal look like small potatoes in comparison in this case the taxpayer foots the bills instead of the ridership of the LIRR
      It is well known all the final judges in SS cases approve all who apply?
      Absurd in todays camera enviornment?

  8. UPSET RIDER!! says:

    It’s time for the LIRR to go “hi-tech!!” There is no need for a conductor to punch tickets any more. The BART system in San Francisco makes all pay for tickets before entering the train and you never see a conductor – just like our subway system here. Lower the fares to one flat rate (just like the subway) and ride — no matter the distance. Who needs $70,000 conductors to punch tickets? The LIRR is outmoded and the cheating + greed have led to this latest scandal. Get rid of the conductors!!

  9. peter b p says:

    as a retired MTA employee who gets a small pension and no raise for three years prior to retirement those that scamed the system should be made tp repay aqll the unlawful gains with penalty and intrest (is disability benefits non taxable ?}. If they don’t have the money their assets should be sold and their S S payments be attached.

  10. Harvey says:

    You fools believe everything you read! What idiots.

  11. Pat Johnson says:

    90% are fraud from LIRR disability claims which were phony ,more to come for jailtime ,sadly for crooksthis was a way to make more retirement money .

  12. TK says:

    Just hang them high…better upside down. why put them in jail? they are nothing but parasites!

    1. Internet Explorer says:

      you are a parasite


    Big business, doctoring. More honest than Wall Street? Why? Don’t you know, it’s all about MONEY!!!

  14. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

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