Yankees And WCBS 880 Extend Radio Agreement

NEW YORK – The Yankees today announced that the organization has extended their current radio agreement with WCBS 880 through the 2012 season. The Yankees retain the option to extend the agreement for another year; however the parties intend to continue discussions about a longer term partnership.

Additionally, it is anticipated that radio announcers John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman will each return to the radio booth.

  • Paul Torres Burgos

    It;s at least good to her the cheeky but quirky Suzyn Waldman once again.!

  • Dan M

    Please not another year of Fred and Ethel. Sterling is tedious and obnoxious and Nails on a chalkboard is just plain awful. They both have to go. I will not put up with another year of John’s stupid calls or Ethel’s inability to string two coherent sentences together without stumbling, mumbling and chewing on something. (food I hope). please, please please…….get rid of these two. They are the laughing stock of baseball announcers and the butt of jokes nationwide.

  • bbfan

    Sterling and Waldman are two of the best. Glad to hear the contracts have been extended, and hopefully they will continued longer term.

  • LaurenW

    It is time for a change. Please get rid of Sterling & Waldman.after 2012 season. Their time has come and gone. Sterling will never be the voice of NY Yankees. It’s time for both of them to retire. They just sound so old.That Boston accent of Waldman it just gets under my skin………

  • flea

    How about a decent Connecticut affiliate? That would be nice for a change.

  • Pat Johnson

    Leave it just as it is I actually like my radio on when I watch the game
    rather then the endless patter from the TV hosts.

  • Tom

    Get rid of Waldman. She sucks!!! :)

  • Chris Aloha Astrella


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