Frustrated Motorists Stuck On Taconic Parkway For 12 Hours

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — About 100 motorists were left stranded on the Taconic State Parkway this weekend — some as long as 12 hours — during the freak October snow storm that blanketed many parts of the Tri-State Area.

Dimitra Richardson, 82, and her son are now back home safe and sound in Malverne, Long Island after being stranded Saturday afternoon.

They were on a trip upstate when they got stuck in snow on the parkway in Dutchess County.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Speaks With Richardson

“In those 12 hours sitting there, one plow just came, just one and did a little bit and that was it,” Richardson told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

Richard said they believe that while authorities might have done their best, she thinks they were caught totally off-guard by the weather.

They, along with the other stranded motorists, were eventually rescued by state troopers, who took them to shelters and motels.

While they were waiting to be plowed out, they had some water, but the retired literature professor and dean at Adelphi University said they had little food.

“Well I had some raisins, that’s alright,” she said.

Richardson said she and her son kept turning off the engine to conserve on gas.

“In my case, what I regretted not having in the car, is a little blanket to put on my knees having to sit in cold for so long,” she said.

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  1. Michener says:

    We were left stranded in the car for 11 hours together along with our 6-years-old. That only plow came, not only just did a little, but also did not put any salt or sand down. Why a professional would do something like that? No salt? Caught-off guard as Richardson said? NO. We were told by one of the workers that they did it on purpose: 1. They are angry that Cuomo laid off 1/3 of their workers, so this is their response. 2 to make their buddy tow companies a windfall – we paid $205 to get our car back on Monday. Absurd and outrageous!

    We think Cuomo did excellent job, maybe not enough, he should have fired all of them and give the jobs to people who want to do a good job, not to take advantage from natural disaster and screw their fellow taxpayers.

  2. marty griffin says:

    I’d like to doink that Mona Rivera.

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