Heyman: Yankees’ CC Sabathia ‘Planning’ To Opt Out By Monday Night Deadline

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Would you walk away from a four-year contract worth $92 million?

It seems Yankees ace CC Sabathia has decided to do just that.

According to WFAN’s Jon Heyman, Sabathia is “planning” to opt out of his deal with New York by the Monday night deadline.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for fans of the Bombers. Heyman says the Yankees still remain the favorite to sign CC. The team already has an offer on the table, but Sabathia wants “to look around.”

Sabathia agreed to a $161 million, seven-year contract before the 2009 season and has gone 59-23 with a 3.18 ERA during the regular season for New York.

If he opts out, the 31-year-old left-hander would become the top pitcher on the free-agent market.

This year’s crop is headed by Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, C.J. Wilson, Edwin Jackson and Mark Buehrle. Free agents can start signing with teams Thursday.

How much cash should the Yankees throw at Sabathia? Sound off in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. let him walk says:

    you couldn’t win it all with him. save the money and lose without him.

  2. Tommy C says:

    PLEASE YANKEES call his bluff . Let him go. If he wants to come back TELL HIM you come back on OUR Terms or leave …..Thanks but No Thanks . Hank stay out of this one . We need some common-sense for a change .

  3. Rich says:

    Let him leave. AROD contract was a disaster. Lost with him. Can we do any worse. Hank stay out of this. CC with all his money caused us to lose. His playoff was awful. He should be ashamed to ask for more. He was out of shape and how many attemts to win 20. He failed. Go CC. Yankee fans, as I have been for 55 years say goodbye.

  4. DanG says:

    Why should NYY have to spend more $$$$$$ just to keep players they already have, rather than ADDING new, good free agents? Enough of these “opt-out” contracts, please?

  5. Tommy C says:

    Adios -CC , when is enough -enough .

  6. Cappicola says:

    It’s probably time for the Yankees to stand pat with CC and let him walk for money if he’s offered it. There comes a point where every player needs to show a bit of gratitude to the club and the fans who are paying those big bucks rather than to just his agent. If $92 million isn’t lucrative enough for a 31-year old who’s seriously overweight and who either has great stuff or labors mightily through 4 or 5 innings, then what will $150 million or more do? He’ll just gain more weight and labor mightily that much longer.

  7. Larry says:

    They should let CC go, he was a great pitcher for the Yankess but if 92 million more is not enough, bye bye! The Yankess shouldn’t be saddled with another major contract for a player that will be way past his prome before the contract will end if an extention is granted. Move on, they didn’t win with him!!!!!!

  8. Chris Astrella says:

    I think you resign him to a 5 or 6 year contract knowing that the last year of the contract he will stink. His arm is going to be jello by that time due to the overuse by the Indians, Brewers, and yes, the Yankees. But sign him. He is CC.

  9. JR says:

    Yankees need to get another core of players for the future. If CC is not happy with 92,000,000 sending him packing. I’m willing to see all those pitchers in the minor to get va chance to make it .

  10. ace11 says:

    Bye bye CC

    thanks for 2009

  11. Chuck says:

    CC was good but not great and he’s looking for great money. Signing him doesn’t solve the problems with the rest of the rotation. Go after Wilson or Burlhe and fill the rest of the staff out. These guys have to wake up to what’s going on in the real world. They’ve already priced the real fans out of the stadium and will soon be playing in front of empty seats.

  12. Frank says:

    The length of contracts should be limited overall. Why should any team invest 5 or 6 years for a overweight 31 year old? For the Yankees it would amount to an additional 1 or 2 years, however no pitcher should be allowed to have a contract for no more than 3 years. Non pitchers, no more than 5. CC, CJ and CYlater

  13. Pete says:

    You have to make a stand somewhere. If I were the Yanks, I would go after Buehle and tell CC good luck finding a better offer than what he already has. He won’t, just as A-Rod wouldn’t have. Take a hike!

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