2 Boys Arrested After Falling Shopping Cart Critically Injures Harlem Woman

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A bizarre incident that left a woman in critical condition in Harlem has resulted in the arrest of two 12-year-old boys.

Marion Salmon Hedges, 47, was walking with her 14-year-old son outside the Target store on East 116th Street in East Harlem Sunday night when the boys allegedly pushed the cart off a 4th floor walkway that connects the store to a parking garage.

Hedges was struck on the head by the falling cart.

“She carries a lot of responsibility with her — not only for her family and her professional life — but also for the number of not-for profits that she’s involved with,” a family friend told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman, adding the woman’s son filed a criminal complaint with police Monday morning.

The two boys were arrested and charged with assault, and using the cart as a weapon.

Hedges, a broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman, was at the adjacent Costco buying candy for the Stanley Isaacs Center.

“It would be the kind of thing she would do because she’s very generous, she’s very caring,” said Wanda Wooten, of the center.

Because of the age of those allegedly responsible, the case is being handled by the child welfare agency.

  • Bridget

    The 14 year old should be charged as an adult with attempted murder. He should depraved indifference. If the woman dies the charges should be upgraded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

      I disagree. Yes, what those kids did was reckless, and if an adult had done the same he/she would be charged with attempted murder. However, at 12 years old the brain isn’t fully formed, and the parts of the brain necessary to make the decision not to push a cart off of a parking garage is not one of the areas that is complete. It is entirely possible that they didn’t even realize that someone could get hurt by their actions. At the age of 12, kids are impulsive and they do not have the mental faculties to inhibit their impulses. They are also highly hedonistic, and usually the possibility of having fun will overrule the possible consequences of the “fun” idea. This hedonistic side tends to come out more when a child is in the presence of another person his or her age, which is why groups of teenagers are much more dangerous than one teenager.

      • FedUp

        you can’t be serious… people like you are the problem with the young people of today

      • J. Edgar

        I am so tired of pathetic excuses because of age, brain formation etc. If they were big enough to push a cart off a building, they are big enough to stand trial for what they did. If this woman dies God forbid, they need to be looking at second degree murder.

      • Jean Downing

        That’s funny. The brain’s of my children were developed enough at 12 to know right from wrong….my kids must have been special.

      • Greta Garbo

        Except that they did know someone might be hurt – the police said they laughed when they were arrested. I’m so tired of hearing about the brains of delinquents. They also said on the news that the neighbors said these kids were bad. If they had just been stupid kids who didn’t realize they imight hurt someone and had been upset, then I might agree with you. They weren’t upset at all. They though t it was funny.

        I feel so terrible for her son. God help him and the family and please let her recover.

    • Nita

      Her son is 14. The boys that did this dumb crap are 12 yrs old.

    • Marina Ios


      • uwsmom

        For the record, their names are Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Osario. They are hispanic from East Harlem.

        • Huh

          uwsmom…what exactly is your point??

        • Philip Farley


          • Curious


            What do mentally challenged fish have to do with this story????

        • gabby

          raymond Hernandez goes to ps 72 he is i my class he is puerto rican and i do not know about the other kid

        • Wowsers

          What does them being Hispanic have anything to do with it? Yes they’re awful kids but…are you really gonna pull out the racist card?

    • gotacomment

      No, Bridget, he should not. It was he who urged them NOT to do this, and it was he who reported them to police. Now, of course, in that neighborhood, he’ll be forever condemned as a snitch instead of being hailed as the honorable human being he is.

      • Todd

        Just because he reported it doesn’t excuse the fact that he committed the crime. AGAIN, stop blaming others and take responsibility. He did it, he should get a lot of jail time for it. STOP ACTING LIKE HE’S THE VICTIM.

        • gotacomment

          He did not participate in committing this crime. He tried to stop it from happening, and when he could not, left and informed police. Tell me how this means he committed the crime.

    • Bob Chipeska

      except that the article says they are 12. the lady’s son tha was with her is 14. but not to dispute what you said: yes, should be charged as an adult with attempted murder. He should depraved indifference. If the woman dies the charges should be upgraded. Absolutely!

      • Deidre Lee

        Absolutely..i do not care what age they are they were aware they were doing the wrong thing…I hope they did not intentionally try to hit a person…My kids at12 were under my supervision…this is a tragic thing happening to a beautiful, kind lady in the presence of her young on. Violence is pervasive in some communities………….why?

  • JamesWhitey Bulger

    Charge the basterds with attempted murder, yes?

    • Curious

      Wow. Before scrolling through this forum I had no idea that there are more ways to spell “Bastard” than “Qaddafi”…

    • Larry

      Aggravated assult, and manslaughter if she dies. They need to be locked up until they are 21 so they can learn crime from those in jail … you know, the ones who do it so badly they always get caught.

      If they are left on the street they will learn crime by those who are not in jail and may be harder to catch.

      Of course, if they had parents … but then if that were the case they probably wouldn’t be doing this stuff. It is possible they have parents who work night and day to keep them in food, clothes, and an apartment. If so sad to say they are now shocked to realize that allowing their kids to live on the street by themselves while they are at work is ….. not working.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

        why is it that the ignorant always have to boil everything down to race. I know plenty of white kids that would have done the same thing. Would you be saying this if the kids’ names were Jones and Smith? I doubt it, which is why i have just reported you. Have a nice day.

      • beatdude

        Starting to show your a$$ “gotacomment”. There are a lot of ladies performing this position without responsibility. You tone is starting to expose that cone on your head.

        • gotacomment

          Within the context of this discussion, I’m concerned only with the two that whelped these creatures.

          • uwsmom

            This is a very serious yet rare crime. The last time something like this took place it was some White kids in Long Island. Were you concerned about the supine positioned “work” their trailer trash mothers did to spit them out? I hope you were equally outraged. Doubt it.

            • gotacomment

              Trash knows no color.

  • jason

    Why is there a photo of many metal shopping carts and one plastic one?
    Are we being led to believe that shopping carts are responsible for the injury?
    OH! Sorry, I just noticed, it’s CBS.

    • bullrider

      Register all shopping carts! There is NO constitutional right to have one. Only the government was granted this power – oh wait, that was the right to bear ARMS. Oops. Well Target and the shopping cart company and the parking garage will probably all be sued for what those stupid 12 year old kids did.

      Young or not they are old enough to have known that a shopping cart falling that far was going to cause very serious injury or more likely death. Lock them up til they are 18, lock up their parents for 20 years.

      • OICU812

        If only we had some common sense shopping cart control legislation. If people weren’t running around with such high capacity carts this may not have happened.

  • Flannigan

    Those kids will get off easy: the cart empty!

    • freecheese

      aint nuttin gonna happin to dem, day beez cherin. day beez humin beans! why fo the whities beatin on day heads.

      • beatdude

        Freecheese, since nothing is going to happen to them, why don’t you go burn a cross on their front step? That will teach them little …..

        • uwsmom

          freecheese is assuming they are black im guessing, by that so called ebonics he is speaking. they are hispanic children, Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Osorio. quite likely they would not appreciate your misplaced stab at “humor”.

  • Lou Ann Watson

    key phrase is “in harlem”

    • Amber

      Obviously you don’t live in NYC. There is a difference between East Harlem and Harlem. Harlem is now pretty mixed with black and white. East Harlem is primarily Latino. Learn to do research before you speak. Either way what these kids did was very wrong and very disturbing.

    • uwsmom

      WRONG….the key phrase is “East” Harlem. They are hispanic not black. Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Osorio. Thanks.

      • Hardy Har Har

        In a sense, it is possible to be a Black Hispanic, but I think in this instance they probably weren’t. There’s a difference between African American and Black. Those children were obviously not African American, but yes Hispanic. I am not sure if they were black hispanic or white hispanic but again, one boys mother did look very tan. I guess it doesn’t matter as whatever race or ethnic group they belonged to; they still did it.

    • Carolyn

      What does “in harlem” mean?

  • Ethan Kavet

    Somehow I see 10 hours of community service in their future

  • Art

    “Sleepers” with a grocery cart…they better hope that Kevin Bacon isn’t in their future….

    • Amber

      HAHAHA!!! :)

  • Tomfoolery

    How about attempted murder?

  • NY2NJ

    Not to defend these kids, but this is common in the inner city. We used to do things like this and we were (mostly) white. Of course, we’d have a lookout on the ground, and the heights were much much higher.

  • I WROTE IT !


    “Whatever happens, happens,” Vargas said one of the teens responded before they launched the cart from the overhead walkway.

  • seriously

    Are you serious? You seem to be clueless.

  • artemis133

    These little thugs should be tried as adults for attempted murder, be locked up, and throw away the key. They won’t be missed.

    • zzzzzzzz

      You should be jailed for life for being such a non-forgiving retard.

      • zzzzzzzz

        And you for being so naive, ignorant, trained, irrational. Whichever fits the best, all good reasons.

    • HM Phobe

      Bet their single mom would miss that gubbemint check. Oh well, she’s probably only 25 and easily pump out a few more.

  • Gerri

    This is George Bush’s fault!

  • tramky

    Demographic information??!! This was in HARLEM! What do you think the demographics are?

    • uwsmom

      Hope you are not suggesting that they are black. They are hispanic. Their names are Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Rosario. There is a difference between Harlem and East Harlem demographically speaking.

  • New York NIck

    “in East Harlem Sunday night.” Enough said.

  • wildbill6996

    You work at the Nancy Pelosi School of LOGIC ????????

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    Two thugs with a shopping cart,
    Thought that they were pretty smart,
    The pair is shady,
    ‘Target’ a lady,
    Then they headed for K-Mart.

    • Chicago Nick

      cuz dey wanted dem a purse, but den things done got worse
      when dey drop a cart on her head, and now she be near dead. ;(

    • Nick Renesis

      Thank you Walt Whitman for such lovely prose.

      • VinaSestonari

        That was an attempt at poetry, not prose.

        • gotacomment

          “Attempt” is the right word.

      • I WROTE IT !


  • Lester

    Any demographic information available?

    • uwsmom

      Hispanic. Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Osorio. Happy now?

    • Carl Curmudgeon

      Any taxonomic information available?

    • Ben


  • malcom

    seems like the most horrible crimes are done in areas which are run and govoned by liberals and democrats.

    • Little Death Bear

      That maybe the least thought out comment ever

      • TiminPhx

        How are they wrong? They are not. You can’t wish away the truth. But that’s what you leftists are about, Power and Wishes.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

          no, that is what conservatives are about. i mean what is a prayer? a glorified wish.

      • OICU812

        Sounds pretty accurate to me.

      • teaj

        almost as least as yours.

        • rufus levin

          racist ho

          • Little Death Bear

            How did you know I was a ho? Not a racist, just a classist. Poor people do things like this, while people with money commit white collar crimes.

            • Reality

              Better learn para-military tactics,time is short!

      • Chris

        Actually, it is a good observation as it is usually the liberals that breed crime. Their policies enable people to blame others for their own inadequacies while trying to strip those that are responsible from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is a simple fact that areas that embrace things such as the second amendment and less government (i.e. taxes and regulations) have happier citizens and less crime. Unfortunately, it is always the uneducated and the less fortunate that are exploited by the evil policies given by the left because of their guises of fairness. It just points back to the time when Stalin plucked a chicken of its feathers and then gives it some grain in proof that the general populace can be abused as long as you just give it a little to think you are its friend (http://bible.org/illustration/lesson-plucked-chicken).

        • Pete Kay

          While left wing policies may be a factor, they aren’t the cause. The fact is the kids are probably dangling on the left end of the IQ bell curve. Blacks only have an average IQ of 85. That’s a statistical fact. That means only 16 percent of Blacks have an IQ above 100, but more alarmingly that also means 16 percent of Blacks have an IQ under 70. The high crime rate and lack of impulse control are a natural consequence of that fact. Look at leftist strongholds like Portland or Seattle. Do they have high crime rates? No. Why not? Check the demographics.

          • uwsmom

            They are not black, genius. They are hispanic. Raymond Fernandez and Jeovanni Osorio. Do a little further research before spewing out the typical, hand fed “Bell Curve” bull.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

            Let’s put aside the fact that these kids were Hispanic, which is completely different from being black. The reason black people appear to have lower IQ’s is because Intelligence Tests are biased towards white people. Questions on those types of tests are geared more towards the way white people learn, and there is a difference in the way white people and black people learn–not that i am saying one way is inherently better than than the other.

            Also, the fact that you’re basing your argument on demographics means that you’ve been hanging out with sociologists from the 1930’s, which must be a total blast, but is completely unhelpful.

          • Carolyn

            Your information is incorrect; but what does the average IQ of Black people have to do with this article?

          • Carolyn

            I’m Black, grew up poor and my IQ is 130!

      • kentex1146

        Spoken like a good little liberal, government worker or lawyer…..or maybe all combined.

      • Chicago Nick

        The truth is pithy as was that comment, which is entirely in context with the article, seeing every time nowadays when a crime is committed in an American city by an illegal or minority or democrat for that matter, all pertinent demographic information is conveniently left out of the piece. Every time.

        On the other hand, had it been 2 crackerzzz (sic) who pushed a cart on top of a woman leaving the Welfare office the National News would be camped out on their front yard until the kid was tarred and feathered. And everyone knows it’s true.

        The MSM went from the fourth estate to the fifth column in a blink of an eye when Obama came on the scene and they’ve NEVER been so egregious in their left leaning, minority and illegal alien protection in US history. They’re traitors to America.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

          there is something seriously wrong with you Chicago Nick. White kids (speaking as someone who was a white kid until she became a white adult) get away with murder, especially when they appear to have any amount of money. The brats in my neighborhood (all of them crackerzzz as you put it) ran wild all day yesterday. A bunch of them threw eggs at little kids trick-or-treating, cars passing by, and houses, but the police were nowhere in sight. Calling the cops in a white neighborhood when the assailant is a white teenager is likely not to get a reaction, but if the assailant is black or Hispanic they come out in droves.

          It is ignorance like yours that keeps America back in the 19th Century (that is the 1800’s in case you can’t make the conversion from century to actual year).

        • Chicago Nick

          That was actually a reply to this comment but ended up down here :(”

          Lester / Any demographic information available?”

          • rufus levin

            HARLEM!!…call Charlie Rangel for explicit demographics, dummy.

        • Scott Smith

          Thank GOD for the Fox NEWS channel.
          Fair. Balanced. Informative. Interesting. Entertaining.
          The MSM is DONE. They just don’t know it yet :)

      • siylence

        Let’s see…Where are the majority of liberal politicians elected? Big cities. Where are the majority of liberal policies enacted? Big cities. Where are the majority of liberal minded citizens residing? In and around big cities. Where do the “majority” of “all” crimes occur? In and around Big cities. Doesn’t seem too far fetched.

        • Porkchop Pat

          Let’s see. What do these big cities have in common?

          Jew. Enough said.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

            Excuse me? What do Jewish people have to do with this AT ALL? Go back to the Nazi Party and leave the rest of us alone.

          • Ben

            Plus knee grow and you have the makings of a garbage utopia……

          • rufus levin

            muslims, asians, gays and lesbians, transvestites, baptists, politicians, druggies….

            • Porkchop Pat

              Yes, but it is the Jewish enabling and financing of all of the above that is the real culprit. Look no further than the Jewish run media and academia to find the source of this liberalism, multiculturalism and appeasement that has decayed this country for the last fifty years.

      • Hardy Har Har

        Lol I strongly agree. Lol (W/ you little death)

    • New York NIck

      It doesn’t SEEM as if they do, it’s solid incontrovertible fact my friend. ;(

    • Butch Blosc

      How true — nationwide!

  • Amber

    Let me get this straight…these “children” are old enough to receive condoms and have sex but not old enough to know NOT TO PUSH CARTS on people and be punished. Something is upside down here…..

    • OICU812

      I don’t know… Seems like birth control is an excellent idea here!

    • I WROTE IT !

      You Are totally correct !

  • pending lawsuit

    There should have been something like a fence to block the walkway to prevent any objects from falling etc. – is what the lawsuit will read.

    Children nowadays are way too bored – and stupid

    • gotacomment

      Actually, pending, you’re right, All walkways, balconies, etc. should have chain-link fence barriers. A demented grandmother threw her two-year-old granddaughter off one such walkway at a mall in Virginia, and a woman with post-partum psychosis threw her disabled 10-month-old son off a hospital parking lot walkway in California. And now you have these creatures heaving shopping carts around. Fencing would have prevented these incidents.

    • Little Death Bear

      Try lack of parenting, put the whole damn family in jail.

    • kentex1146

      Just say what you mean: It wasn’t the ‘kids’ fault.

    • Tom Harkks

      Uh, I raised my kids correctly. Maybe it’s just the color of their skin. Sorry. I’m a terrible racist.

    • Hardy Har Har

      The Target where I live actually has a walkway that looks similar to that but…of course we have glass that protects anything from going out. It’s the one on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Not sure if you’re familiar. I am not sure why this Target didn’t think to do the same.

  • Hello?

    WTF? Typical liberal trash.The real victim gets diminshed and the criminal gets to be the victim instead because of some imagined slight that happened to them in thier childhood..These kids are brats.They deserve whatever punishment they get.At 12 they know the difference between right and wrong,they just chose not to listen.I hope the lady recovers fully and these brats are put away for a good long while.

    • teacherlady

      Why are you calling names to someone (please! any;one!?) who is trying to find a solution. And please spare me the hate mongering that I have been reading in these so-called adult replies!

  • Reparationsforwhat

    Umm, seriously? If your tongue isn’t planted firmly in your cheek, you need to seek a therapist.

  • Pamela Algea

    For those of you stupidly ranting about the race of the perps, chances are that the woman who was injured is BLACK too, which (if gthe perps are black) would make this a “black-on-black” crime — which is much more common than “black-on-white” crinimal acts…….when will someone be concerned about the BLACK victims of these criminals??!!

    • jnsesq

      Oh, OK. Never mind then… (Another brilliant “analysis” by the Left.)

    • Blunt Force Trauma

      What makes you think nobody’s concerned about the woman? I’ve been reading the comments and I didn’t see even one that implled the crime was in any way less serious because the woman was an AA.

    • Blunt Force Trauma

      And while we’re on the subject, “white on black” crime is practically non-existent. Thought I’d throw that in FWIW.

    • FEZZ212

      THE WOMAN WAS WHITE!!! This is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

        um, do you understand what a Hate Crime is? The legal definition of a hate crime is “Certain specified illegal acts [committed upon] specific victims of protected groups,” Let’s put aside that generally white people aren’t considered a protected group and focus on the fact that these boys would have had to intend to hit a white person instead of a black or Hispanic person for this to be considered a Hate Crime. Are you saying that these boys laid in wait for a random white person to come along so they could push the wagon off of the parking garage roof? If that is the case, then they must have great aim–not only choosing that particular woman, but aiming at and hitting her.

      • Justice Served

        CBS has the dumbest class of posters in the free world! Hate Crime by 12 year olds?

      • Uncle Remus

        Hear that loud and clear. ;)

        But of course it won’t be and we all know it. And the names of the perps will be hidden to ‘protect’ them, meanwhile who protects the citizenry for them since for that to actually occur each citizen would need to be assigned their own individual bodyguard inside every Urban setting in America today.

      • I WROTE IT !


      • Hardy Har Har

        Okay. I highly highly highly doubt that the two boys purposely did this to her specifically because she is Caucasian. Let’s be honest: Two boys. Stupid boys, nonetheless, being retarded and playing “Let’s throw a shopping cart off of the bridge.” They giggled and it unfortunately landed on a random woman: this woman. Now, if anyone white, black, asian or even like the two boys, Latino/Hispanic had walked by, they would’ve been killed as well. It’s really not a hate crime, but still a disgusting thing to do. These boys should be put away but let’s be honest about the situation at hand.

    • ERIC


      • Marley Lee

        I think that eric is right, but on the other hand if she dies 25 yrs or more i dont give a dam what color they are iam 75 i would feel the same if one of my kids , did the same. hope the lady will be okay, but i dont think so. ron

    • rufus levin

      does black on black make it OK somehow….I am missing the point here….

  • nealjaguar

    It is very apparent the youhts were not white and the victim was other than black.
    I am tired of the media not including all the relevant fact when they print a story just to be POLITICALY CORRECT.
    we the people have the right to all facts & decisions of the local government to hide all the facts!!!

    • Carolyn

      FYI, no one involved in this unfortunate incident is Black.

      • Hardy Har Har

        Thank you. I am really saddened by this situation for many reasons. 1. Because this woman may lose her life because of idiot children. .2. Because these boys are being targeted by angry bitter racists. 3. Because whenever someone is unsure of a criminal’s race, it goes directly to “blame the blacks.” Not this time.
        I’m sorry that it happened and I hope she comes out alive and well,

    • FedUp

      Who cares what color the victim or youths were? What does that have to do with anything about this story? Because they don’t print the color of their skin they are being politically correct. You’re an idiot.

      • Chicago_dude

        The color of skin makes a big difference when the case might be a “hate” crime. Dont be a fool and think this is anything other than a hate crime. The fact is there are crappy people in every race. Its OK to say that if your a fair person, but if your the media, can’t ever say anything bad about blacks…

    • I WROTE IT !


      • gotacoment

        There’s a photo of the victim next to the story. Go look at it.

  • jnsesq

    The link that brought me here did not mention Harlem but I wanted to confirm my suspicions by reading the article. How did I know that the perpetrators (the Left will call them “children”) were neither white nor Asian? I suppose simply realizing truth makes me “racist.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

      i don’t know how you define a child, but to most (read: all logical people) people define a child as someone younger than 18. Since the perpetrators (a term I do in fact agree with because they did commit a crime) were 12, they most certainly were children.

  • Me

    It was osama obama’s fault. He’s their role model and god.

  • jasmine

    hat is a wemyn, btw?

    The “little children”? They are at least 12 years old, pre-teens and old enough to know what could happen when you push a shopping cart off of a roof. And if, as you say, they are “little children”, how can they be “acting out a symbolic reparation… blah, blah, blah” (whatever that is supposed to mean)?

    And just where were the parents of these little hoodlums? The parents should be held accountable for not controlling their kids.

  • JByrd42

    FU you liberal dbag! We are sick of the “youths” running wild as usual and people like you come to their defense as usual. You probably blame bush for this don’t you?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

      Actually, I blame the Reagan/Bush Sr./Clinton Generation-Parents, the yuppies who never taught their children right from wrong, and only wanted to be their friends. Thankfully, my parents weren’t yuppies in the 80’s.

    • Little Death Bear

      No I blame you for taking my oxygen and you keep breeding these ugly babies. I beg you to stop

      • rufus levin

        you a gayywadd?

        • Little Death Bear

          Only with you baby!!!
          Gaywad….lmao….jesus is laughing too

  • White Man

    People I don’t care what race they are! This act was obviously led up to by their upbringing. Where were the parents…Adults…???!!!!! Are they not the guardians and protectors of the twelve year old CHILDREN and the rest of us too? They had to lift that cart OVER the wall or railing to “push” it over the edge. Why were they ALOUD to do this? The adults responsible should be charged if the rats are to young to pay the consequences for their actions. How could people be so stupid. To be in hospital from being hit by a grocery cart on the head by some 12 year olds… I would guess that at some point later they will STILL laugh at it …THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN !!!

    • Black Woman

      You are correct! It is up-bringing and it’s an outrage!

    • winglessdevil

      Give them a break their mom and Dad out working real hard and thease poor children being tought my the school in right in wrong must had told them to push the cart on that rich woman cause their cart was emity and her’s was full..lol at the state

  • sam vaughn

    you’re joking right?

    • cypress

      I just assumed that it was an especially bad attempt at sarcasm.

    • jnsesq

      Sadly, Sam, the “reasoning” of the Left is easily confused with comedy or sarcasm.

      • Little Death Bear

        Oh Man, you use LEFT a lot. The RIGHTS that I still know, have managed to commit federal mail fraud, then won 100K, charged dropped. You know why…..because Daddy is the govt. I know to commit a crime I should go my friends family and ask for help, because he will pull the RIGHT strings for me.

  • Gary

    I would tried these two 12 year olds as adults and put them in men’s maximum prison for life without parole.

    These two 12 year olds knew what they were doing was wrong. The lady might sustain permanent life injuries or she could have died.

    It does not matter if they are 8, 9, 10 or 12. They know better not to have pushed the cart off the fourth floor parkway.

    • Action Jackson

      You’re a moron. Why not just execute them?

      • ZIPORAY


      • libtards all over

        Execute the little ghetto POS thugs and you save an awful lot of people they will hurt in the future an awful lot of trouble. You’d feel differently if the woman was your mom, for sure.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

          why not just execute all the conservatives. it would save us a whole bunch of heartache in the future. Imagine a world where everybody cared about people not corporations.

        • Ben

          GREAT idea, period……the execution of both of the *&^%’s would save society tons of money in the long run……plus likely spare us from umpteen unwanted offspring who then go on to breed ad nauseum……

      • kentex1146

        I’ll volunteer to ‘drop the pellets’, throw the ‘switch’ or open the valve, whatever is prescribed.

        So, how do you them apples, apologist?

      • Gary

        I would definitely execute them. Just line them up and point my M-16 and blow there effing heads off.

        • OICU812

          Send their parents the bill for the bullets.

  • calviin

    Too bad the lady or her companion didn’t have a conceled carry weapon, could have fired back and ended the problem quickly. Someone dropping carts on you is a deadly threat.

    • greta garbo

      Welll, I’m withi you on concealed weapons. But I don’t think if you are hit with a shopping cart and your companion is your 14 year old son, that a gun would be the solution. The justice system needs to prosecute them as adults.

    • Jay

      Yeah, too bad the woman that was knocked unconscious or her 14 year old CHILD didn’t have a concealed firearm… That surely would have solved the problem.

  • jim conch

    OMG, now those liberal congress critters will want to outlaw all those ‘dangerous’ shopping carts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

      only if the rich conservative crackers (i’m white btw) try to add them to the 2nd amendment,

  • Emerald

    Do you write for Politico by any chance?

    • DocRambo

      Leftwing troll alert.

    • Emerald

      Well it doesn’t make sense now that the comment was removed.

  • Kevin from CT

    Now, they are going to be sentenced to no less than one year in the Wilkenson Center in upstate New York. They are going to be beaten, humiliated and sexual abused by the guards sworn to protect them. And in 13 years they will get their revenge!!!

    This would be a lot funnier if I didn’t have to spell out that this is a plot to Sleepers but for the idiot on these boards that take everything so serious and personal. Relax…..

    • JWM

      I saw a movie about that. It was a hot dog stand. And the guard was Kevin Bacon.

      • cypress

        Yeah…That was a good movie!

  • DCLaw-1

    The bottom feeding, parasite, ambulance chasers will be crawling out of the woodwork, and into the deep pockets of Target before long. Of course, consumers , as always, willl eventually pay the price in some form. Too bad it wasnt a lawyer that took the cart to the head. The average lawyer: not defender of right versus wrong, but amoral opportunistic virus feeding from their 1/3 contingency brought by extorted payoffs

    • Rush

      Lemme guess –

      Your law school application was denied…

      : – )

      • Brutha V

        Exactly, Rush. The resentment and/or jealousy from DCLaw-1 is palpable. However, I’m thinking DCLaw-1 is OK with lawyers who are “community organizers” — i.e., Marxists.

        • John Moser

          I’ve never heard a pinko who had anything unkind to say about lawyers. If he had specifically attacked Jewish lawyers, then maybe he would fit in at OWS, but it would still be a mixed message.

        • DCLaw-1

          Actually, I am a registered Republican, who falls somewhere in the center of the politicial spectrum. I detest “community organizer” and ACLU types as much as ambulance chasers. Both groups do much more harm than good. My years as a lawyer have, in my own view and experience, clearly demonstrated that there is, maybe, one good lawyer out of 100. Most lawyers will steal from their own family, hiding behind the law, and doing so not because it is right, but because the law allows them to do so. The legal profession has deteriorated to the point of no return. The average daily meetings at large law firms would make used car sal;esman tuen their heads in disgust

      • DCLaw-1

        Actually, I am a member of the bar, and a graduate from a large law school. From my first week, I realized that most lawyers, (and law students) have a “my pimple is more important than your cancer” attitude.

        • Bill

          Surely the lowest ‘profession’ on record……parasites on steroids……

  • Mary

    12 year old kids when they egg each other on, can really do some stupid stuff. It is truly a shame that this lady may die because of their stupidity. The police should charge them with attempted murder because otherwise, they will be right back out there causing trouble. If they can do this at 12, imagine what they are capable of at 16! My prayers go out to the woman and her family and I wish her a full recovery.

    • VaEsther Irick

      Unfortunately some children (like some adults) do not foresee the consequences of their actions until it is too late. However, although horrendous, unlike adults, I do not feel these young boys should be charged with attempted murder or as an adult. There must be other alternatives, as tragic as this incident was, destroying the lives of these children is just not the answer nor one I think the victim would condone. May God have mercy on all involved.

    • BlogAllYouWant_com

      And the man who knew her since they were a year old is saying that she “carries a lot of responsibilities”. A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITIES??? What about just a few responsibilities?? What about no responsibilities at all? Does that count? Why does he have to justify the magnitude of the falling cart and the severity of her horrible injury with “soothing” words like “carries a lot of responsibilities”? Read more on my blog that I wrote in blogallyouwant.com/blog/75/Marion-Hedges-struck-by-a-shopping-cart-in-Harlem

    • J. Liz

      I agree that these 12 year olds should be charged as adults for attempted murder. You don’t through shopping carts from the 4th floor unless you want to hurt someone. Our society has and continues to be too leinent with those criminals under the age of 18. If they are not dealt with now as adults they will repeat their behavior in years to come. This is not stupid stuff, it is a clear cut attempt to cause mayhem in the worst way.

    • RichFromTampa

      They couldn’t have just “pushed” the shopping cart off the 4th flr.. They had to LIFT it and THROW it onto her. Murderous intent. RichFromTampa

    • Jerry Irwin

      They should be tried as adults and face the same penalties as an adult would.
      According to the article they are not even in jail where they belong. Pick them up from child welfare and put them in jail where they belong. The story also didn’t say if they knew she was there and they deliberately tried to hit her. If they did then my opening statement on trying they as adults is a no brainer.

    • Greta Garbo

      Yes, they shouldbe tried as adults. The police said they were laughing when they were arrested – so they weren’t just two dumb kids who did something and didn’t mean to cause harm. They are evil, bad eggs, whatever and I think if they just go to Juvenile Detention for a few years, their crimes will escalate.

  • uwsmom

    @Jack Z…..when those caucasian kids threw the turkey off the bridge onto that poor woman in L.I. did you have the same concerns about their race? When will you mindless racists accept that criminals come in every race, religion, gender and age?

    • Marc

      I see you are one of those people who must think that terrorism is equal across all religions? I mean the fact that one in particular publicly shouts it from their mosques and performs attack after attack wouldn’t imply a need or reason for people to more closely associate that behavior with a certain religion, right?

      Criminals do come in every race, religion, gender and age that is correct but they do not come in the same percentage and to think otherwise is truly ignorant.


        Welcome to our http://www.NewNation.org

        • Bill

          A wonderful website indeed……..alas, the mindless sheeple will STILL not ‘get it’…….

  • Bubba

    What about the woman? So many comments defending the perps, no one caring about the woman. What a strange “society” we live in.

  • Abbie

    I think it was George Bush’s fault.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

      how exactly? i like to blame Bush for most anything, but I can’t figure out a logical way to do it this time.

    • Postman

      Well, that’s a given…

  • uwsmom

    @Mark…we have a good idea of their race based on where they live, NOT what crime they committed. Teenagers of all races commit mindless, mean and dumb acts. Sad part is, they usually grow up to be illiterate bigots who mispell words in their racist, mindless rants………

  • Shannon Callahan

    I don’t care what color they were. They are selfish ignorant brats who deserve severe punishment.

    • ablecynic

      But if they are black, everyone will defend them regardless of what happened to the woman. They will not get severe punishment, they will get their feet tickled by liberals until they laugh so hard they cry; then someone will take a photo and Al Sharpton will show up. Bet on it. And then if a few years they will be back but with knives and guns and someone will die this time around.

    • Target Snob

      I bet the shopping cart was red.

      It’s doubtful the little bas turds even thought Far enough ahead about the cart falling off.

  • Surfin Bird

    Target hopefully will not be sued

    • Me

      Target should sue the kids or their parents.

    • I WROTE IT !


      • fuzzywuzzy

        Good thinking! That’s like blaming the radar operators on Diamond Head for Pearl Harbor! You probably voted for Obama, right?

  • Jack Zadik

    Mark gets an “A” for accuracy on this one. The rest of you are pansy libtards.

  • Davis

    Reckless endangerment
    Assault with a deadly weapon
    Gang assault
    Criminal mischief
    …available upgrades:
    ?Bias crime?
    Reckless homicide
    Murder II

  • yousandi

    That is a shame, thoughtless people in this world…my prayers to the woman, hope she makes a quick recovery.

  • Ih8teens

    Stupid, self-absorbed, thoughtless teenagers. I hope they all get collared and punished!!!!!

  • Mark

    SAVAGES….i wonder what they were. HMMMMM

    • Carolyn

      They were boys, like 99% of all criminals.

    • Liberals are Evil

      What are they…you said it best SAVAGES!

      • Boomer

        Remember about ten years ago, a woman was injured when she was driving and someone threw a frozen turkey off an overpass and went thru her windshield?? Guess what- the teenagers that did that were WHITE! You are an ignorant bigot.

        • nodayatthebeach

          Gee, Did you just assume he meant something else? I guess you’re first thought was black and you decided to be racist and say white !

        • Mike

          Mark is right, they are probably Knee Grows

          • Hardy Har Har

            Okay now I’m gonna turn you red: Today on the news one of the kid’s mother was running from the camera. I can assure you that she was, in face white. A white hispanic, but she was…tuh dah…white. She also had blond hair, but then again she could have died it. The other kid’s mother was a tan hispanic woman. I’m done for the night. Adios.

        • Miguel

          Who but a savage would do something like this? You are saying it’s OK, if they happened to be Black, which makes you a savage too. I doubt that White 12 year-olds do much hanging around in Harlem committing crimes which even they should know might kill someone.

          You commit yourself to supporting savages, despite the truth of your information. The bigger point is that Hollywood and people from my former party have done all they could to undermine our once-decent, even inspirational society, most especially in the minds and hearts of the young

        • Blunt Force Trauma

          Huh? Ten years ago? What have the white teens done lately? It seems like every day we read stories about some out of control “youths.”

        • George Johnson

          Wow. you had to go back TEN years to dig that up??

          Know what? I bet I can find one from yesterday showing the exact opposite.

          So what’s your point?

    • cypress

      There are several definitions for the word ‘savage’. The key words of this definition are “Untamed, fierce, boorish, rude and malicious” Here is where irony comes in. From your comment Mark, you gave these attributes to only Black people. By making said comment, you displayed EVERY one of the attributes to define the word ‘savage’. So what does that make you? By your intellect it means that you also are Black. Welcome.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

        I’m sorry to point this out to you, but it was OBVIOUS that the OP meant that the kids were black, so in pointing out that white kids do stupid crap too, Mark was not being racist, just truthful

      • mephistofan

        I object to your use of the word savage because, almost b y definition, it is a racist descripttion

    • mephistofan

      I object to your use of the word savage because, almost b y definition, it is a racist description

  • Mark

    SAGAGES….i wonder what they were. HMMMMM

    • Amtracmarine

      So stupid you had to say it twice.

      • Cahill

        …it took him time to ask the third grade teacher how to spell the word…

        • Gnimahc


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