Benigno’s Best: Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers 7-0 (1)

The champs enjoyed their bye week as they sat back and watched the chips fall below them. Where are the losses coming from?

Next: @ Chargers

2. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 (5)

Look who has the best record in the AFC. Pitt now with four straight wins. Used ball control passing game to exercise Patriot demons. Blood match with Ravens on the horizon.

Next: vs. Ravens

3. San Francisco 49ers 6-1 (4)

Yeah, we know the division stinks, but the Niners would be tough anywhere. They already have wins at Cincy, Philly and Detroit, not to mention their 48-3 thrashing of the Bucs.

Next: @ Redskins

4. New England Patriots 5-2 (2)

Steelers showed formula for beating the evil empire: Control the ball with an underneath passing game and keep Brady off the field. Boy is that secondary brutal.

Next: vs. Giants

5. Detroit Lions 6-2 (7)

“Cats” end two game skid with destruction of Denver Tebows at Mile High. We all know about Stafford, Megatron and D-line, how good would they be if the running game was healthy?

Next: Bye

6. Buffalo Bills 5-2 (8)

The Bills finally win a game in their home away from home in Toronto with a whitewashing of the fading ‘Skins. Now comes a huge divisional test with Rex’s boys coming to town.

Next: vs. Jets

7. Baltimore Ravens 5-2 (6)

They followed up stinker in Jacksonville by falling behind the horrific Cardinals 24-3 at home before rallying for the win. Flacco better pick up his game as the “Birds” head to Pittsburgh for a showdown with the revenge-minded Steelers.

Next: @ Steelers

8. New York Giants 5-2 (10)

They struggled versus the winless “Fish” at the Meadowlands but a win is a win. Eli playing his best football since his Super Bowl run in ’07. Now if they could only run the ball and stop the run with the “fun” part of their schedule coming up.

Next: @ Patriots

9. Cincinnati Bengals 5-2 (unranked)

Who Dey! No, this is not a misprint. Rookies Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are changing everything in Cincy, but two games with the Steelers and two games with the Ravens in second the half will determine just how far this group has come.

Next: @ Titans

10. New Orleans Saints 5-3 (3)

They’re lucky to still be here after a hideous loss to previously winless Lambs. How do you put up 62 one week then get shutout for a half in St. Louis? Drew Brees is still looking up from this beat down.

Next: vs Bucs.

Closing In: Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans

Falling Out from Last Week: Atlanta Falcons

Who would you erase from Joe’s list? Give us your best in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. Brian C says:

    YO bro bills rannked 6th? sure they are 5-2 but i still they are playing above their heads. reality will set in. How are the jets not in your top ten. sure they arent playing like a top ten team but BRO they are your team! they have to be at least #10 even if they are winless. Thanks BRO

  2. Love the show, guys says:

    My only question is, bro, when the Bills beat the Jets, bro, will they ovahtake the D-Troit Lions, bro, who ehh ehhh let’s be honest, bro, they’re ehh ehh looking a little shaky there. Tim Tebow is not an NFL qwarterback, bro, I mean come on. I mean come on. The Jets and their ehh ehh qwarterback mister ehhh Sanchez, bro, could drop fowrty on that D bro. Do you think the Bills can overtake the Lions this week, bro?

    Evan: To be fair, the Lions did what they should have done. The went into Denver and beat up on, quite frankly a joke of a team. That’s what the Broncos are a joke.

    Joe: Right, bro, absolutely right. Agree a hundred puhcent.

    Evan: But to be fair, yeah Tebow’s a good kid, I get all that. You wanna say he shouldn’t be on the field, you wanna say he’s a leader, you wanna say he shoulda been an abortion, I get all that. Alright, no one gets all that more than Joe and I do.

    Joe: Bro, couldn’t have said it any bettah, bro.

    Evan: That’s all well and good. But the bottom line is, if we’re being fair here, he’s just not an NFL quarterback. I mean he’s just not.

    Joe: And that’s what I’m sayin, bro. You get these Sanchez ehh ehh hatuhs who call in and ehh ehh they act like the kid can’t play. Bro, please, bro, I mean come on. He’s been to two straight AFC Championship games! I mean come on, bro.

    Evan: To be fair, I think the people who say that are just jealous. That’s what it comes down to. That’s the bottom line here.

    Joe: Bro, agree a hundred puhcent. You could not be any more factually correct, bro. Hatuhs. I mean come on. Two AFC Championships not good enough for you? What more could the kid do? I mean come on.

    Evan: In all fairness, this is going to be a difficult game for the Jets. On the road, at Buffalo, off a Bye week, I get all that. Alright, listen, no one gets all that more than Joe and I do.

    Joe: We live it, bro.

    Evan: But I think this is a game where if you’re Rex Ryan and the New York Jets you say “hey, we’ve got a legitimate shot at being tied for the division lead after this game.” Now who woulda thought that? After three straight road losses, and the team was a wreck…

    Joe: Bro, we had calluhs callin in every hour on the hour between our weekly spot with Jim Lehnuhd and ehh ehh mister Ernie, about how the Jets stink, Ryan’s a blowhard, Sanchez can’t play qwuarterback. I mean come on. This is the same team, I think a lot of us forget, this is the same tea that went to two straight AFC Championship games. They went up the Foxboro and put a beatdown on a team that was ehh ehh already crowned Supah Bowl champs. I mean come on. I mean come on, bro.

    Evan: To be fair to the Bills, they’ve got a good football team up there.

    Joe: Absolutely. Absolutely.

    Evan: This is not going to be a walk in the park for either team…

    Joe: Walk in the pahk? Don’t they ehh ehh, Ernie what’s that pahk they play in up there? Up in ehh, Buffalo?

    Evan: The Bills actual stadium is in Orchard Park, New York….

    Joe: Orchahd Pahk [laughs]. Oh man. That’s what it is, I could not think of the name for the life of me bro.

    Evan: Now in all fairness, it’s not . I mean it’s a pretty obscure place geographically speaking.

    Joe: Agree a hundred puhcent, bro. I mean come on. Who’s evah heard of ehh ehh Orchahd Pahk?

    Evan: Hey, it’s a small town, it’s got good wings, and now a good football team. I get all that, I know Joe gets all that, we both get it. Now I don’t know if the team is better than the wings, but we’ll see.

    Joe: Not a chance, bro.

    Evan: Alright time for a quick break, we’ll get to the calls after this.

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