Exclusive: Husband Of Shopping Cart Victim Marion Hedges: Her Health’s ‘In Fate’s Hands’

Relation To Accused 12-Year-Old: 'We Feel Real Bad For The Whole Situation'

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — There were some surprise developments Tuesday night in the shopping cart attack that nearly killed a Manhattan mom.

Marion Hedges’ husband spoke about what happened to his wife and her ongoing fight to survive.

Michael Hedges talked to CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey exclusively about the incident that’s made national headlines: his wife severely injured by a cart tossed from four stories up in Harlem.

“What I can tell you is she’s not well,” Hedges said.

Hedges said his wife, Marion, will survive, but because she has damage to her brain, the road ahead will be rocky.

“Her prognosis at a minimum involves many months of painful rehabilitation,” Michael said.

The 47-year-old Upper West Side realtor was critically hurt at an East Harlem shopping complex Sunday night when two 12-year-old boys allegedly threw a shopping cart over the railing from four stories up. Marion Hedges was walking underneath with her son after buying Halloween candy.

When asked how angry he was at the two boys, Michael Hedges said, “They’re not adults. They’re children, and children who have been left on their own without supervision.”

Both boys were arrested when a friend turned them in. Their wreckless behavior was caught on a surveillance camera.

“It’s tragic what happened,” Michael Hedges said.

At the boys’ Harlem homes on Tuesday night family members wouldn’t come out from behind the doors, but one offered the following:

“We feel real bad for the whole situation and the family and what she’s going through. I can’t imagine what her family and kids are going through, but we’re also going through something, too,” the family member said.

When asked what he would want to say to the kids if you ever got a chance to meet them, Michael Hedges said, “I can’t comment. Right now my focus is on my wife’s well being.”

The mother of two has been helping charities for years, but on Tuesday night was in intensive care, needing all the help and prayers she can get.

“There’s not a lot we can do right now. It’s with the doctor and with fate’s hands,” Michael Hedges said.

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  • uwsdad

    300 comments last night when you racists thought they were black. All out of venom and hatred now, I see……

    • Truth Hurts You

      They are Black. Black Latinos which you must be.

  • Outraged in Ozone Park

    Why isnt this being treated a sa hate crime? these coloureds obviously waited for a white person to attack.

    where is Al Sharpton and the other fat mouthed monkeys?

    • uwsdad

      He’s busy in your daughters’ throat….call the other monkeys after they get their turn…

  • NYC55

    Funny that a news station’s web site should have a deceptive link whose text suggests it will show security camera footage of the incident but only shows a news clip. Bait and switch, much ?

  • KPMc

    “There were some surprise developments Tuesday night in the shopping cart attack that nearly killed a Manhattan mom”

    What is the surprise development? Does anyone even read these articles before they publish them?

  • http://brendatobias.wordpress.com brendatobias

    How is an assault charge appropriate? 12 is not 2. A 12 year old knows enough about cause and effect for this to have been an attempt to kill. There are not many 12 year olds who would engage in such violent behavior who are going to be “normal” when they grow up. These boys need to serve serious time and get serious help. http://www.HereSheIsBoys.com

  • Boomer

    I bet you have an ounce of black blood coursing thru your veins and you are projecting your self- hate toward others.

  • Chuck

    Mr Hedges has more compassion for these teenagers than I do…. They are old enough to know the difference between Right and Wrong… and if they dont then they should learn about it in JAIL for a few years…

    This is not youthful indiscreation… it was purposeful and malicious !

    • hey hey hey goodbye

      I agree a life sentence for these 2 . They will amount to nothing so lets just save other people fron there abuse.

  • longisland

    By your logic, the cart would have bounced harmlessly off Mrs Hedges if she was a republican?

  • mike

    Just like the wild white kids on long island that threw a stolen frozen 18lb turkey from a moving car into another car smashing into the drivers face .. Almost killing her. Remember that? Bad kids come in all colors .. The parents must be responsible for heinous acts their children commit. law makers need to make parents responsible!! Other wise kids have a license to kill.

    • riki

      But the vast majority are B L A C K…..we have to eliminate political correctness in American and get on with prosecuting the little hoods

      Bad kids come in all colors .

  • Airborne Ranger

    My heart goes out to her because she is a woman of charity. God speed in her recovery.

    • longisland

      Your heart goes out to her because she’s a woman of charity? My heart goes out to her because she was an innocent victim.

  • V.C

    Too many kids for the mother to keep track of. Growing up on the streets, living
    off the the tax money of the victim.

  • Starwind51

    One of the many things my mother never had to teach me: Don’t throw shopping carts off store roofs. The husband of the victim is being very stupidly liberal. Call it like it is, it’s got nothing to do with skin color, the parents of the kids are to blame for not teaching their kids how to behave, and THE KIDS ARE CRIMINALS. My parents didn’t have to teach me not to do such stupid things because they themselves didn’t do them. This sure as hell is not a case for family court unless we put the kids’ whole families in jail.

    • longisland

      I’m guessing the distraught husband isn’t thinking straight now. Cut him some slack. He’s a victim in this incident, too.

      • David

        He’s actually being politically correct. Which to be honest, shows a lot of strength. I’m sure many of us wouldn’t be able to control our own anger.

  • eliza

    The focus should be on the woman and her family,. Ignore the loser trolls… all they want to do is create controversy and noise b/c of their own pathetic lives. I wish the Marion Hedges family all the best and hope she recovers. As for the boys, they need to be punished. They knew what they did was wrong and careless. At the end of the day, the hope is that the kids learn their lesson and parents everywhere take a moment to remind their children wrong vs. right and the consequences that may follow.

  • Max

    It could have been any one of us- rich, poor, black, white, infant or elderly, a nice kind person or nasty small minded person- it’s all irrelevant. It could have even been you, as you go out to do what you have to on a normal day.Life is difficult for many of us, now there is another person and family who is suffering- someone who demonstrated the capacity to help, care and support those who need it, is now no longer able to-. If you want to make it about race, liberalism etc, etc that is clearly a choice, But illogical. These are kids who have made a terrible, terrible mistake- please don’t use this as an opportunity to incite further violence and hate. This woman stood for something better than that and deserves peoples support not crap like this.


    • Jami

      Well said

  • Shamus O'Connel

    What you say is racist, but so true!

  • Very conservative

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. A medically proven fact.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

    maybe you should keep such racist comments to yourself otherwise they get reported.

    • Stereotypical

      Maybe you should keep your unsubstantiated views to yourself. I’m reporting you. Hope Dante does as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

    @Very Conservative, what makes you think that she is liberal? Is it the fact that she apparently cares about actual people rather than large corporations? Or is it the fact that her husband recognizes that the culprits are children?

  • David

    What the f*ck does her political views have to do with anything?!? And where in the story does it mention them. This was a person who took the time to help underprivileged children… Only to be seriously injured fulfilling her good deed.

    Your issue should be with the two boys who threw the cart off the balcony… Even more so, the parents.

    • Very conservative

      Liberally brainwashed and can’t read between the lines. It’s ok. You can’t help it. Been like that your whole life. I UNDERSTAND.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

        Apparently you’ve been uneducated your whole life because you don’t know how to read properly or how to form an argument without resorting to condescension.

        But that’s okay. You’re a troll (as in someone who clogs up message boards withe useless, hateful commentary.

        • David

          Curious, are these replies for me or from the original person who posted the first comments? If they are, your argument is without merit. All I said was that her political views have nothing to do with this story.

          What does have to do with this story is the two boys who pushed the shopping cart that landed on this woman. Or even more, the parents who raised these children.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=43903047 nyangel22

            No, I was replying to Very Conservative. Not you.

  • Greg

    Spoken like a “true Christian.”

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