Milk Street Cafe Owner Sacks 21 Employees As Consequence Of Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Occupy Wall Street movement, which says its goals include improving the economic lot for 99 percent of Americans, may have some explaining to do to some cafe workers now out of a job.

Marc Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall Street, just let 21 employees go.

The reason? The barricades police have set up throughout Wall Street as a consequence of the ongoing demonstration.

In June, he opened the New York branch of the Boston shop, which has a 30 year history. Epstein says he leased the space on Wall Street because it was next to a pedestrian plaza – and his was the only restaurant along that plaza.

“The opening was perfect,” Epstein told “The food was delicious, the customers were happy, and the line was out the door.”

Customers kept coming back, Epstein said.

“Everything was going in the right direction. Sales continued to grow. We started to build our catering business. Costs were going down. I felt that by October or November we would break even.”

Then the Occupy Wall Street movement launched.

“I came one Monday morning and I found the exit by the 2 or 3 subway station closed. I saw all these barriers – barricades – all up and down my street,” Epstein said. “At first I thought nothing of it, but after a week… it’s been six or seven weeks now.”

Six or seven weeks of marches and occasional clashes between police and protesters. So the barricades have remained in place.

“The end result of it is that it completely destroyed the pedestrian traffic on Wall Street. Completely destroyed it,” Epstein said. “It is a desolate, police-controlled area.”

The cafe has a capacity of 150 seats. At the height of lunch hour Tuesday, Epstein estimated the shop was half full. With those sorts of numbers, he’s had to let people go.

“We eliminated 21 positions in the company,” Epstein said. “First time in 30 years I’ve laid anybody off.”

They’ve also cut back their hours at the New York location, closing now at 3 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.

However, Epstein doesn’t lay all the blame at the feet of Occupy Wall Street.

“I think this is an issue of both Occupy Wall Street and the city officials. There’s protest and how you react to protest,” Epstein said. “If the barriers do not come down, I do not see how we can survive. This has got to become like America again. You have to be free to walk around.”

“Everybody should understand the consequences of their actions,” he said.

Epstein says he’s brought his plight to the attention of city officials and police and has been met with empathy. But the barriers are still in place.

“Everybody’s empathetic and they’ll have lots to say at my eulogy,” he said. “I don’t want to be eulogized. I want the barriers down.”

What do you make of Epstein’s story? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    Sadly Americans have been blessed with complete Freedom and Democracy .
    While they blindly knowing no better reach out for radical Socialism .
    Who’s past reads like the worst night mare even somehow the far left and media still praise . Of course 160 Million Starved to Death and Murdered in 112 years have no voice to say “”STOP “”Before it is to late .
    Remember Radical Socialism really Communism is Based on far less Freedoms , Great loses of Individual Rights, Personal Responsibilities and control of many things we formally took totally fore granted .
    With every new countless Obama , Rule , Bill , regulation .
    You can’t do this or that .We turn control over to those that see us only as useful Idiots .

    1. No One Important says:

      Exactly. Stupid kids refuse to actually learn history. . and the arrogance of the “progressives” (should be called regressives). . .they always think they know better than history.

      It was never the policies, it was always the person who implemented the policies. . . .noooooooooo. .the loss of freedoms? Nooooo, nothing to worry about there.

      I’d like to pay for a government program to ship every one of these weasels to China or Russia, let them live under a true “communist” situation for a couple of years and let them come back and find out just how good they had it. . . . .

      They know not of what they speak. . . . .for they speak from ignorance born of arrogance. . . .

      Useful idiots? More like dangerous idiots.

      Go home. . . .all of you. . .just shut up and go home. . .

      1. Tim Lieder says:

        Speaking of stupid, the Socialists and the Communists distinguished themselves from each other throughout the early 20th century. The fact that the only people who call themselves socialists these days are the assholes selling newspapers at protest rallies does not mitigate the fact that socialism is one way to deal with capitalism (put on certain stops and safety nets in order to keep it from spiraling out of control) while Communism is another way (ending it in favor of some kind of utopian world that doesn’t really work.)

        As far as “learning from history” – we live in America, the first nation that ignored that great lesson of history from the end of the Roman Republic, namely “democracy doesn’t work except in small city states and the monarchy is the only stable form of government.”

        1. Alborotador says:

          Speaking of stupid, the United States of America is not a democracy. It’s a republic.

          1. nobody says:

            speaking of smart, Alborotador is correct.


            1. mike says:

              The U.S.A. is a great representative republic.
              Wikipedia is not an authority on anything.

              1. Tex says:

                Alborator is not really correct. The US is a representative democracy. His is a facile point.

                1. David Napoli says:

                  That is a republic Tex, but also included in the definiton I would add a Core set of values and process IE our const.

            2. Kyle McGuire says:

              “nobody” is correct….we are in fact a Federal Republic. End of discussion. Boom, this is what we are:

              A federal republic is a federation of states with a republican form of government. A federation is the central government. The states in a federation also maintain the federation. Usage of the term republic is inconsistent but, as a minimum, it means a state or federation of states that does not have a monarch.
              In a federal republic, there is a division of powers between the national (“federal”) government, and the government of the individual subdivisions. While each federal republic manages this division of powers differently, national security and defense, monetary policy, and other issues of a “national” scope are handled at the “federal” level while more local issues such as road and infrastructure maintenance and education policy are handled at the local level. In other words, while the federal government has ultimate sovereignty, there is a limited sovereignty granted to the subdivisions, where the federal government does not have jurisdiction. This is in contrast to a unitary republic whereby the national government has complete sovereignty over all aspects of political life, with purely administrative subdivisions, and a confederation whereby the constituent states retain ultimate sovereignty. The form of government is used by many countries around the world.

              1. Herb1949 says:

                You are not quite correct. The federal government did NOT grant limited powers to the states. The states, which formed the union, granted limited powers to the federal government.
                Our Constitution was designed to limit the power of the federal government, not the powers of the people and the states.
                ALL of our current problems can be traced to the failure of the states, and the people, to control the enroachment of the federal government into what should be rights of the states and the people.
                Go read the constitutional powers and then read the 10th amendment.
                “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

                1. don36 says:

                  Just EXACTLY right! What are you doing on this forum with FACTS? Congratulations

          2. Wellington says:

            America is both a republic and a democracy. Why people get this wrong time and time again I don’t know.

            As for socialism having any value, it doesn’t. When capitalism goes awry, it’s invariably because avarice and a general lack of morality has set in. Capitalism is the greatest economic system ever developed, but just like democracy it must be infused with a proper regard for ethical norms. If not, then capitalism (democracy too) devolves into a sham version of itself. So many times when people criticize capitalism, what they’re really criticizing is “crapitalism.”

            1. Alborotador says:

              “America is both a republic and a democracy. Why people get this wrong time and time again I don’t know.” A republic is not a democracy. Your seeming exasperation as to “Why people get this wrong time and time again” probably flows from your own confusion. Read “Plain, Honest Men” by Richard Beeman. That should help.

              1. Michelle says:

                America is a Democratic Republic, so you are the one that is wrong. If you have a problem with it, go back and review your history books.

                1. dr procto says:

                  While we argue senselessly about whether we are a republic or a democracy, 21 people have lost their jobs. Wonder if they care about your insane semantic ramblings.

                2. David Ball says:

                  I pledge allegance to the flag,of the United States of America. And to the REPUBLIC,for which it stands……

                3. Alborotador says:

                  You are confusing the roles of the modifier (democratic) and the word being modified (republic) in the term “democratic republic.” They are not conceptually equal. Here’s an analogy that may help you: cowboy hat. Yes, a cowboy hat is indeed a hat. But a cowboy hat is not a cowboy. A democratic republic is indeed a republic. But a democratic republic is not a democracy. “If you have a problem with it,” get yourself a book on English grammar and a dictionary, and do some thinking.

                4. Ed Stark says:

                  It’s a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. That’s why we send REPRESENTATIVES from each state in the REPUBLIC to do our bidding (in theory) on the federal level.

                  Michelle, it is you that needs to review your History, or if you wish to play a semantics game, your informal logic.

                  Of course, I can find a History book that teaches indians were intentionally murdered with smallpox blankets (didn’t happen), people thought the world was flat when Columbus sailed (not true), or that Galileo was burned at the stake for his heliocentric theory (also didn’t happen). The lesson, be wary what History book you read, and what misanthropic libtard teachers you listen to. The nation is not democratic. It’s one of the great lies perpetrated in the last 50 years on schoolchildren because understanding how things REALLY work is too hard for the stupid kids, leaving the smart and middle parts of the bell curve woefully undereducated.


                  1. joeyinnyc says:

                    Oh God how you terribly educated fools so try to out talk each other with such word war gargle! Who cares if you can articulate and provide grammar and “history” lessons! You are very poor citizens, a thorn no doubt to your neighbors, a menace to local busniess employees back in your hometowns, probably Jewish, and certainly always right! Thank God you dont live in Americans richest city NY. Most of you out there make us all laugh our way to the bank.

                5. VABuckeye says:

                  Correction: America is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. The difference between that and a Democratic Republic is “Rule of Law” versus “Rule of Man”.

                  This is basic civics…and it’s pretty evident it’s not even taught anymore.

                6. auggie says:

                  America is a Constitutional Republic that uses representatives put into office via a democratic process. The Constitution defines the limits of the federal government. In a democratic republic or outright democracy the people would vote directly for all laws in the process.

              2. Wellington says:

                A republic is not necessarily a democracy but it certainly can be. In the Federalist Papers, James Madison reserved the term “democracy” for pure democracies, like that of ancient Athens, and the term “republic” for representative democracies. Well, representative democracies are still democracies and I’m not confused about this and I don’t really care what Richard Beeman has to say about this matter.

                Also, for any who don’t find this particular issue germane, just ignore it rather than criticizing those who are interested in it. Correctly identifying what exactly the American polity is is not merely an arid intellectual exercise. Oh yeah, for the record, the Occupy people are pretty much a bunch of losers and if they were running things we’d have ten times more problems than we do now and we have plenty now.

            2. Kevin Pearson says:

              Democracy is where three men vote to rape two women.

            3. Republic says:

              Liberalism made its way into capitalism. Thus creating crony capitalism.

          3. haruka says:

            What deep, insightful analysis! Tim is OBVIOUSLY wrong about EVERYTHING because he has not “properly” interpreted Cicero (obviously Tim has cited a general lesson that could have been set forth by anyone, but Cicero was making the argument at the time) through the lens of Federalist #10! Clearly that entitles you call him stupid, what with your superior knowledge of political theory and all.

            I will help Tim out, though. Cicero clearly references BOTH democracy and republicanism, so: “democracy and republicanism don’t work except in small city states and the monarchy is the only stable form of government.” [obviously Cicero acknowledged that monarchy can devolve into tyranny without proper limits, but I believe he would agree with this statement nonetheless]

          4. LeeBar says:

            The left doesn’t know the difference.

          5. Deni says:

            Actually it is a Democratic Republic, but very few people seem to know that.

          6. ByteRider says:

            Alborotador is correct… we are a REPUBLIC with a Democratic election process.. but we are very, very much a REPUBLIC.

            Might be worthwhile to note that Republicans were the “Grand Ol’ Party” for a specific reason– they were the ONLY party.. even the DEMOCRATS were called “Republican Democrats”… but they removed “Republican” from their name because they didn’t like the fact the the plain “Republicans” were pro-Black.

            History is replete with facts, my friends, and the facts point to the Dems being a party of racist biggots… the KKK was started by them, segregation was started by them, they fought against civil rights, blah blah blah… just an FYI.

          7. Dennis D says:

            Speaking of stupid. A Republic is one form of Democracy. From Websters Dictionary
            b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

            Republic falls under Democracy. Its just one of many forms

        2. Lynn says:

          Hey numnuts the US isn’t a Democracy it is a Republic. Learn the difference you smelly fleabagger.

          1. nobody says:

            “the United States relies on representative democracy, but [its] system of government is much more complex than that. [It is] not a simple representative democracy, but a constitutional republic in which majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law.”

            not that simple

            1. Marshall Law says:

              I hate to say it, but nobody is right in this discussion.

              1. Alborotador says:

                Don’t feel bad. You’re wrong, but that’s okay. The United States of America is a republic, not a democracy.

                1. Michelle says:

                  The United States Alborotador is a Democratic Republic. You are the one that is wrong.

                2. Ed Stark says:

                  Representative Republic Michelle, no democracy at the federal level. Repeating the democracy lie over and over doesn’t make it true.

                  To get technical, it’s a representative republic of law, the Constitution being that law, the representatives being the house and senate, the executive of the representatives being the president, and the arbiter of the law being the Supreme Court.

                  Well, before the progressive hordes muddled everything with disastrous interpretations of the commerce clause.

                3. jenb says:

                  Sorry Michelle, you are incorrect. Lynn and Alborotador are correct in saying America is a republic.

          2. Courtney Durham says:

            GIRLS, GIRLS, YOU’RE ALL PRETTY. Stop the cat fight!

            1. Not on the band wagon` says:

              Courtney!, after reading your post I had to pick myself up off the floor. (LMAO) BTW awesome movie quote!! It’s funny to see people argue about something that the article seems NOT to address. People, its about a so called movement that will do NOTHING in the long run for the majority of Americans but these Yahoo’s OWS’s dont get that and are doing more harm then good!!!! You want to amke a true change….VOTE WITH A BRAIN CELL INTACT!!! Make an educated decision when you VOTE!!!

        3. Fred says:

          Uhm, I really enjoyed your description of socialism. Tell me, are there fairies and unicorns in at as well? Because your idea of what socialism is is totally divorced from reality. Have you actually ever read any history, economic history? I don’t think so.

          To put it briefly, socialism, in practice, goes far beyond putting up ‘certain stops and safety nets’. It is the gradual takeover of the entire private sector by the state. In fact, all aspects of life are taken over by the state, ‘from cradle to grave’ as they say. Socialism never lasts very long. It always ends up becoming communist totalitarianism. This is where Europe is headed. I should know, I live there!

          1. Gez says:

            Of course there are faires and unicorns…sheesh! Don’t you know anything about the real world.

            I really enjoy the anarcho-socialists, now that is a well thought out utopian ideal. Yesiree bob.

          2. Republic says:

            Don’t forget the House of Representatives is the People’s voice in Congress. Whereas the Senate was intended to be the State’s say in Congress. Unfortunately, the 17th Amendment did away with yet another check and balance between the Fed and State Gov. Research why the 17th was even thought of I laughed at the reasons. The USA was gone even before I was born in 1971. Just sad.

          3. Republic says:

            Socialism always runs out of other people’s money. The USA is right behind you.

        4. Chris says:

          Without making a value judgment on the propriety of implenting a non-capitalist system, I can say with total confidence that you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, and have never read a socialist or communist track.

          Marx differentiated between (1) primitive communism, which described our state-of-nature existence prior to civilization as well as several then-extant tribes surveyed in the contemporaneous anthropological literature (Marx’ and Engels’ anthropology left something to be desired, but it isn’t immediately relevant for our purposes); and (2) scientific communism, in which–after a hundred(s) of years of socialism–the profit-motive would whither away and the instrumentalities of the state would no longer be necessary.

          This is all to be distinguished from capital “C” Communism, which was not really in line with anything that Marx ever wrote (or much of what Lenin or Trotsky ever wrote, for that matter). Communism was typified by authoritarian regimes centrally planning their nation’s economies.

          “Socialism” comes in many flavors and means many things to many people. Roads, schools, police stations, and a national military are all socialistic institutions. Socialism could also be achieved through robust employee stock ownership plans operating in a market economy (so-called “syndicalist” socialism) or by outright ownership of the means of production by the state. Few if any modern day socialists advocate the latter meaning of the term.

          For purposes of disclosure I, like almost all other Americans, advocate a mixed-economy approach whereby some sectors are socialistic and some are left to operate under market mechanisms, regulated or unregulated as reason would dictate.

          It is the ultimate irony that you unthinking Drudge-head masses refer to health insurance reform as “socialism” when it retains a health insurance market owned by private firms. In this regard the much maligned public option was also not socialistic, as it would have merely created a public plan which would compete with other private firms within the health insurance market. The only socialist health insurance regime would be a single-player system, like those employed in the cheaper, superior Western European systems (though I wonder to what extent health insurance premiums in our country are driven up by the obesity epidemic).

          Read a book rather than the hit-pieces to which your uneducated troll-master links and you might learn something.

          All this is ultimately moot, as the blame for this reduction in the propietor’s work-forces falls directly on the police-imposed roadblocks which make it a pain for me to walk to my job just south of Zucotti Park every day. I question the efficacy of the protestors’ methods (and the coherence of their message), though your invective against the liberal teabaggers is wantonly hypocritical in the wake of the praise you heaped upon idiots screaming at townhall meetings re: health insurance.

          1. chris says:

            errr…tract. mea culpa.

          2. motimer says:

            WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE? taxpayers! you and i right well i do not want to pay for your health insurance- clear enough.

            1. chris says:

              And both of our health insurance costs are higher because people don’t take preventitive care and instead rely on more costly emergency care. I for one am completely comfortable making a public decision to pay for health care, just as we pay for free public education, fire departments, police protection, and a military.

              In fact, health insurance through my employer just increased 20% THIS year, driving my premiums up to 200 dollars per two week pay cycle. That’s like 2000 more per annum than I’d pay for comparable care under a Western European single-payer system.

              This is a legitimate conversation to have, and if Americans do not want to extend the social safety net even when it will reduce net costs it is their prerogative, but to a priori declare single payer undesirable “clear enough” without giving a well-thought out argument is not sound argumentation.

              1. kbernatovich says:

                Well you can have your european health system. After living in Germany for 5 yrs I can say without a dobt that there hospitals had me thinking I was in 1940. The care was horrible and the crowding.

              2. Republic says:

                As far as the Healthcare and the public option. It would fail miserably under Federal Control. To make sure it didn’t. The Gov would siphon money from somewhere else. This is the Dems true baby. They will do whatever they can to make it work. After putting out the private sector by playing unfair. They will come back and say see……… Then the country will truly go down the chitter faster than you can type the letter “a”.

              3. Republic says:

                The reason why the premiums are so high are many. The main problem was the big push for employer sponsored plan. It took after WWII. From 7% of people having employer plan to well over 70%. Companies getting a tax break contributed greatly to this growth. When I was in corporate america. I rather of had the compensation in wages instead of their plan. Then again, the company wouldn’t get the tax break. Nor would I. If I received the wage difference. I could have shopped on my own. Perhaps getting a catastrophic policy with a high deductible. Since I was younger and relatively healthy. Didn’t live a dangerous lifestyle. I really didn’t have any choice in the matter. Back to more reasons premiums have gone up. Hmmmmm……Trial lawyers…..doctors practicing defensive healthcare…..people here illegally getting taken care of via the emergency room……drug dealers shooting each other……corruption……fraud….etc….decades and decades of this…..the employer sponsored plan ran its course. Many pushed the notion that the employers should cover employees. Why? Because they work for you. You want a healthy workforce…right? Why haven’t I heard anyone talk about employers providing food insurance to their employees. After all, employees need nourishment so they have energy so they can work. Could you imagine a food insurance plan. Pay a premium. Go to store and buy the best of everything. Not only 1 of everthing. But…say 3 of everything. How long will the premiums stay low? How long before limits are placed.

                Heck, lets move into car insurance. Imagine if car insurance worked like our healthcare system. People would be taking their cars to the garage for every little rattle. Air in tires. Then, a federal mandate that all garage have to repair a vehicle regardless of the person’s ability to pay or not. Of course this will push prices up for the insurance plans and to those to pay out of pocket. Next, lets start fixing cars from south of the border with no required payment from them. Lets run this for several decades and see where the system is. How high will premiums go? Please do not even throw the emotional argument in to this. Lets just say that the car can feel pain and has feelings. I really don’t think the car would want to be junked and put into the car crusher and recycled.

                Unfortunately, we will never be able to go back to pay out of pocket. Unless you are me and have found a doctor who does not accept Medicare/Medicaid or any insurance plans whats so ever. He axed all the costs associated with maintaining staff to deal with the thousand layers of red tape. It is just he and his wife. They accept cash and payment plans. He has almost 1000 patients. It has worked well for close to a decade now. Just food for thought!

              4. Republic says:

                The extended safety net idea. IF the USA would start worrying about her own over other nations. If the Feds can significantly reduce all the waste that they knowingly participate in. We have plenty of $ to cover those that should happen to truly need it. Here is a serious problem I have run into on several occasions. I really felt bad for the one guy I know. His mother was just diagnosed with cancer. Was between jobs and no insurance. I tired to help in different option he could look into. He didn’t want anything of it. He was too focused on the fact she didn’t have insurance. And how evil the insurance companies are. Then I asked if his mother owned a house. He paused. I said owned. Not mortgaged. He said she owned it. I knew he wasn’t going to be happy with what I have to say next. I said she is just going to have to sell the house. If she wants to live. You have to sell it. She does not have the right to have gov force $ from someone else to take care of her when she has assets she could sell to try and save her own life. He was like. Then she will have to start over. I was like. Better to start over with a chance to live than be dead. I wonder how many people many many years ago would have sold their assets if they knew they had a chance to live. We are talking the 1800s and before. I would have to say many would sell without hesitating. Unfortunately, back then. Their was no known treatment for cancer that had any rate of survival. We have that survival chance today.

              5. Republic says:

                The only answer is for the Fed Gov to return the taxing power back tot he States and Local Govs so they can continue to experiment with social programs such as healthcare. When a State or local gov comes close to perfecting a system. Others will follow. Then the Constitution can be amended. Thus, transferring the power from the State level to the Fed Gov. For some reason. The Fed Gov has taken this upon herself to take care of. Some say because the States failed to do so. Hmmmmm, maybe it is because the States can’t really increase taxes anymore. The Fed takes too much already from. us. Besides, if the States can’t get a good system going. Who in the hell thinks the Fed can? I always ask people if they want the Gov to handle the Healthcare. I direct them to discuss it with their local politicians. Every single time. They balk at me and call me crazy. They always respond that they don’t trust them. So I respond….”so you trust the career politicians in DC? Usually there are a few moments of silence. Some facial expressions….sighs. Then I see a light bulb start to flicker above their head.

            2. angrymom says:

              Nope but you can pay for my children to be in foster homes, to feed and cloth them till they are eighteen cause I can’t afford healthcare for myself. And the surgery I need I can’t get cause I am an uninsured American. An illness that is curable but deadly without proper care. Taxpayers including myself pay for the foster care system. So go ahead pay for my children till they are eighteen cause their mother may die from a preventable disease. Then pay for their food stamps and welfare after that cause we all know the success rate for foster children and college. All because we could not come together as a nation to pay for every American to have healthcare.

              1. Theodore Baar says:

                The reasom ealth Care cost riee madly is 1. Government requirements forced on insurers 2. Government refusal to allow real competition and 3. 20-35 Million illedga.

              2. Jim says:

                Yet you are on a computer & have internet access but refuse to get a health policy….

              3. PV says:

                It is not our fault that you have failed to provide for yourself and your children. You are the failure, not us.

                You should not have had children if you didn’t have the means to take care of them. I took care of my own, why do you think you have a right to make me pay for your’s?

            3. Kevin Pearson says:

              Who do you think pays for health insurance? That is a stupid question, only asked by a stupid person.

              Health insurance is not health care. Only a stupid person cannot tell the different.

              Health care is what is provided by a physician. Health insurance is an contract made with an investment company in which you provide them with a certain amount of money every month – which they invest with the intention of earning a return – and in exchange for this monthly remittance, they give a promise to make payments of certain specified health care costs in the event that they arise. The idea is that they would be so astute at investing that they would have ample funds available to make good on their commitment to pay future health care costs.

            4. ByteRider says:


              As a tax pay I am offended when I am expected to pay the medical coverage for:

              A-Sex changes
              C-Drunks/Druggies (repeat offenders)
              D-Diseased homosexuals

              I don’t want to pay for these people’s demons.. they should be expect to pay for it themselves. If —>I<— have to pay for it, you're better bet I'll be getting very, very violent about it.

          3. Jeff McCabe says:

            You had me to “Drudgeheads” and went downhill from there. Obviously no interest n changing anyone’s mind and just another hack more interested in insulting those you disagree with.

          4. Condor30303 says:

            From both the word count, and the condescending nature of your “teachable moment”, I’m making a guess you walk to your waiter or coffee shop job each day, and that you have a Masters is something like Social Justice or something else useful. In you spare time you try to be useful at OWS.

            Beware, your food server job may be next.

          5. PV says:

            Complete nonsense, Chris.

            All collectivist forms of government rely on central planning which fails every time it is tried. You can dress it up all you want, but it is completely impossible for any group of elite, no matter how supposedly intelligent they are, to capture all of the economic signals present in the market so they can fashion an adequate response.

            They are always looking in the rear view mirror and cannot ever keep up with the dynamic changes taking place by the moment, something that self-interested individuals, focusing on the areas of the market where they have comparative advantage, are already responding to before the central planning elite even get a whiff of.

            Why do you conceited fools always think you have the ability to manage all of our lives for us? Take care of your own life and get the heck out of mine.

            1. Republic says:

              They pulls levers expecting other levers to move into place that will fix things. Thing is. These other levers are not the ones that move. A whole other set moves that they didn’t expect. So they move more levers in hopes of positioning all levers where they need to be. Again this fails. Other levers move unexpectedly and so on and so on.

          6. michael says:

            Hello Chris:

            I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I feel better knowing that folks like you are around. Knowing the sarcastic nature of these things I just want to say that I truly appreciate what you say. As an autodiadact I have learned to not re-invent the wheel but, rather to stand on the shoulders of giants. Thanks.

        5. Clearhead says:

          And “socialism” has never worked and will never work anyplace but in Heaven. And you certainly won’t need it there.

      2. Tim Lieder says:

        And btw, China and Russia represent the worst aspects of capitalist degeneracy these days. Even though China is still officially Communist, it’s entire system is based on cheap labor and exploitation of workers – the only thing you’re going to do by shipping these kids off to China is to show them where all the American jobs went.

        1. John Steele says:

          Between the Marxist OWS movement and Brain dead NYC officials, it’s a wonder that there are any jobs left in the area. A couple of days protesting is fine, but when it starts killing off business & ups un-emplyment , it’s time to shut it down. The TEA Party is going to be the big winner here. Now NYC is losing tax money from these businesses and has to pay for brain dead drones protesting non stop… Nov 2012 is going to be so nice to see.

          1. joeyinnyc says:

            You obviously have not been to this restaurant. It was terrible. The city is much better off closing it down. This epstein guy is going to file bankruptcy and not pay his suppliers. NYC made no tax dollars from this guy. The reson the mayor has not shut it down, is because the city is making a lot of money from these people. You cannot get a hotel room in the entire area, for journalists from around the world have booked the rooms. Broadcasters have union cameramen contracted to be down there. private security firms, public sector police, bus tours, the list goes on and on… the city is making a lot of money off this!!

            1. Jay says:

              What bothers you more Joey, that the food is bad or that Mr. Epstein is Jewish? Your anti-semitic remark in an earlier post makes you sound like a 12 year old skin head on crack!

        2. Deb Budd says:

          Seriously, what part of ‘ours is a republic and not a democracy’ don’t you get? The founding fathers mandated a federal republic BECAUSE of the problems encountered in the earliest democracies!

          1. Gaius Gracchus says:

            Actually, it’s a democratic republic. But don’t let facts get in the way of….I don’t know, were you making some kind of point there or just spouting (incorrect) fun facts?

            1. HeyGaius says:

              Actually it’s a constitutional republic.

              1. Gaius Gracchus says:

                Please correct me if I’m wrong (with an example)…but I’m not aware of any republics that have ever actually existed without a constitutional structure. They can be purely “written” (though even that is a misnomer since constitutions invariably require interpretation), hybridized (Australia is a good example), or the result of precedent and convention (Ancient Rome, Modern Britain)…but all republics are by definition constitutional. So again…your point?

                1. HeyGaius says:

                  A republic does not require a constitution. Quoting Ron Paul:

                  “That the head(s) of state and other officials are chosen by election, rather than inheriting their positions, and that their decisions are subject to judicial review makes a state republican.”


                  Having a constitution makes a constitutional republic constitutional. I

                  Pompous much?

                2. Gaius Gracchus says:

                  To HeyGaius @ 6:12

                  I don’t think you understood the point I was making, none of which is contradicted by the Ron Paul statement you made. I repeat that there has never, either in practice or by definition, been a republic not governed by a constitution of some description. This is an entirely different proposition from saying that we have a “Constitutional Republic,’ which is generally meant to convey that we have a republic that happens to be governed by the Constitution of 1789.

                3. HeyGaius says:

                  According to an article in Volume 109 of THE NATION (weekly journal) from 1919, on page 834, China is described (at that time) as “a republic without a Constitution.”

                4. Gaius Gracchus says:

                  To Hey Gaius @ 6:01 on November 1

                  Had to scrape pretty deep for that, eh? By the way…this means whatever I can find in The Nation you will accept ab initio as truth? Somehow I doubt it.

            2. themadjewess says:

              Vladamir Putin, in June 2011 said “America is not a democracy, it is a republic, so stop lecturing democracies”

              We are not a Democracy and even former KGB agent says it.
              If you love that type life, America is just not the place for you.
              Stop forcing things on us that are NOT us.

      3. Odumba says:

        “Stupid kids refuse to actually learn history”
        You can move up the pipeline and blame the Progressive run indoctrination/school systems of completely disabling the kids abilities for critical independent thought. The Department of Indoctrination is really effective in producing group-think entitlement-mentality drones (aka useful idiots).

      4. POPSKNOWS says:

        Or perhaps the “Progressively Punitive.”

      5. Bob Barre says:

        Nicely written.

      6. bob Barre says:

        Well said.

      7. Rick says:

        ship every one of these weasels to China or Russia

        The Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore, so Russia is NOT a Communist state
        (And you call others stupid)
        It’s a Republic with elected officials just like in the USA
        Please feel free to join the 21st Century

      8. Jennie Maroney says:

        I agree. They really don’t know what communism would entail. I’d personally buy a one way ticket to any communist country for one of these so-called “protestors.” They’ve made their point, now they should go home and shower. I feel very sorry for any business that has to close down because of these “useful idiots.”

      9. liz says:

        Perhaps Susan Sarandon and her cronies will support the workers who just lost their jobs and support them in finding them new jobs. Where is she now? I tell you all of them are LOSERS, the FLEABEGGARS, the SARANDONS, THE MICHAEL MOORES, THE SHARPTONS!! What a joke and a complete and utter waste of time. Ruining this great City. Shame on all of them! Total disgrace!

      10. Omar says:

        I agree with you No One Important and as for the store owner it is sad that he is losing his business because of the occupy wallstreet movement that is destroying jobs which comes to show you how contridictory they are especially with their radical socialst communism ideas and I’m younger than most of these clowns. Also the fact that they refuse to know history makes their views that more flawed since socialism and commuism are failed forms of government in terms of poor economic strength and the fact that they take the rights and freedom we hold dear as Americans. Furthermore both socialism and commuism have been hot beds for corrupt officials to take power make their flawed laws, oppress the people and pocket the moeny for themselves. The only reason China is doing so well is becuase they have Our jobs, not becuase their form of government is great, which is not

    2. Amos says:

      Romney is not his own man. He is a figurehead who takes orders from his wealthy supporters. He wrecked the Massachusetts economy, destroyed the residents’ health care system, forcing the sick to seek care in other states, and forced up unemployment. His election as President would only continue the debacle our country is experiencing.

      1. Don36 says:

        As someone who USED to live in Taxachusetts, let me assure you, the economy there was ruined long before Romney made his appearance there!

    3. Gaius Gracchus says:

      Stirring speech. It might be more effective coming from someone who understands proper capitalization, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation, and/or the easily found definitions of fairly common terms. But why be literate and reasoned when you can just say, “Derp derp derpity derp!” all day and the right wing trolls will eat it up?

      1. Fred says:

        Way to actually deal with the arguments on their merits.

        But why do that when you can just say, “grammar, spelling, right wing trolls!” all day and your clueless hipster buddies will eat it up?

        1. Gaius Gracchus says:

          Because the complete lack of even basic writing skills, argumentation skills, and knowledge of the relevant concepts and facts shown by people like the commenter and yourself are so deliciously ironic given how you almost invariably come into these comment thread to lecture people on how they are “clueless”?

          In short, I must be a masochist. But it hurts so good…

          1. Fred says:

            Yes, there is irony in the fact you have yet to present any argument of relevance to counter the above commenter and prefer to criticise their spelling and call them names all the while criticising them (and myself) for calling you names and not having any argumentation skills.

            In short, you just enjoy making fun of others and name-calling because you have nothing else to say. There is further irony (not to mention arrogance) in calling this ‘masochism’.

            1. Gaius Gracchus says:

              Actually, Fred, my point was to emphasize that the original comment was utter tripe and garbage; that no point or argument exists within it; that it is fundamentally meaningless. It’s a non-grammatical, poorly written, and conceptually and factually devoid rant that is unworthy even of being taken seriously, let alone “debated”…as if that were even possible. You can’t argue answers with someone who doesn’t even understand the question or the language in which it is framed.

              1. AlltheWayAirborne says:


                I promise your friends and family make fun of you when you’re not around. Lighten up a bit. You’re not fooling anyone.

                1. Gaius Gracchus says:

                  I would hesitate to argue with someone so obviously familiar with my family…tell me, how long have you been in the asylum, and how is mother? 😉

              2. Penseive says:

                Gaius, are you always this flatulent?

                1. Gaius Gracchus says:

                  A rose by any other name, Penseive. As to what can be said about your input (or rather output): Tum podex carmen extulit horridulum.

    4. joeyinnyc says:

      That restaurant was terrible to begin with!! This epstein guy talks a bunch of bull. Sounds like hes about to file a bankruptcy notice to not pay his suppliers. Go back to boston you idiot!

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Did you not read the article? This is a company that has been operating in Boston for 20 years that was very popular or he would not have opened a branch in New York. He is only talking about one branch of a larger company, he is not talking about bankruptcy.

    5. Robert Courtney says:

      My Dr friend next door (at 81, still plenty sharp), told me this.
      “The only difference in Communism and Socialism is that the Communists stick a gun in your face at the beginning, Socialists stick a gun in your face at the end”.
      I finally get it.

      1. ByteRider says:

        Well put 🙂

    6. George McCallister says:

      Socialism is freedom. Socialism is democracy. Stop letting Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck tell you what socialism is. You wouldn’t go to a carpenter to learn about electricity would you? Learn about socialism from socialists. You’ll see it’s not about handouts.

      1. PV says:

        And what anyone learns when they look at socialism is that is is an ideology only meant for all others, not for the socialists themselves who always live like they are royalty.

        Socialism is just another trick to give a group of untalented elites the ability to grab the power and wealth they could never earn through their own efforts.

        What a joke.

    7. Sad_But_True says:

      It’s kind of like the old Margaret Mead phrase. Youth is a wonderful thing, it’s a shame it’s wasted on the young.

      It’s a shame that these protesters have the right to protest and have never truly fought for that right. Someone else has laid the groundwork to get the country to where we are today. People can blindly protest banks, while putting an employer (I am assuming his employees were happy with their jobs before they were canned) in a position to cut income for 21 people.

      I hope at the end of all this the OWSers get nothing of their demands as shaky, loose, and destructive that they are. Really? Free everything for everyone? Who the hell thinks that is a good idea?

    8. stormchilde says:

      Profitalism is dead and decaying
      come watch the last rites on the news
      the streets are embracing the children of freedom
      The greedy are quaking
      and chiding
      and siding with puppets whos strings have been cut
      who fall flailing to somber appraisals of evolution
      pretending there can be some solution
      to the problem of institutionalized greed
      and a worthless currency
      or a ‘job’ that will soon have no value
      to the starving stomach
      of a crying child.

      “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. …”

      And the two political pundits
      in their easy lazy chairs
      with the television blaring some cop, crime, commercial
      and a laptop with which to spit from high balconies on
      the dancing children in the winter streets…
      I remember you from the muppet show
      You were much funnier then
      now you are just sad.

      welcome to ouR.evolution
      Start listening or get left behind

      we are going from company store
      to localized community empowerment
      for us to survive these changes without regressing to violence due to unpreparedness we need to get together in our local communities and coordinate how we will be prepared to feed our children and heat our homes without walmart, gas stations or supermarkets.

      Support your local farmers
      Support and BE your local craftspeople
      Prepare for the coming depression
      Learn a trade skill and teach your children.

      This is not going to be an easy transition and its not gonna be communism or socialism or any old ism.

      This is going to be completely new and will be global.

      Good luckm and being mad at me or dissagreeing wont help you to be any more prepared. You dissagree then good riddance maybe your bunker will be a nice place to spend a couple of winters. I know that community is more valuable to me than being trapped in fear.

      No more killing in the name of peace
      No more tithes for war
      no more lords and ladies owning more homes than they can live in
      This world is not our property
      its our home.

      1. PV says:

        You have an excellent legal case against whomever educated you. If you truly follow your philosophy you will do the world a favor. You will die in the street as a truly worthless piece of human debris.

        Someone has really destroyed your ability to think.

    9. Jay says:

      these radical conservatives are the ones who need to break out their history books and go back to high school and take World Government again. the TRUTH about socialism is, it is far more conducive to democracy than capitalism will ever be. why? because under socialism, the people truly rule, unlike the pseudo-democracy we have here in the states where money is power and the wealthy call the shots. the only thing that capitalism is good for is making the rich even richer, the poor even poorer, and setting up this greedy, “all for me, none for you” society that we have today. if nothing else, this so-called great country of ours is a living testament to that, with the rich just getting richer riding on the backs of the working class, the poor just getting poorer because the rich are too greedy to give to those less fortunate than themselves, and the middle class fast disappearing.

      1. Erik says:

        In today’s class, we will be learning about that most important rhetorical obscenity: platitudinous babble! Yes, we must be always on guard to avoid such deviations into the grotesquely banal, lest we bore our listeners or readers to death!!

        Case in point: the literary abortion you see before you from Jay.

      2. Jennie Maroney says:

        Jay, I know lots of countries where you would be a lot more comfortable. Why don’t you move there? No one is forcing you to live in a country you obviously hate.

    10. Rick says:

      First, there have been very few new regulations enacted
      Second, we had more regulations in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s — Back when people were making good money.
      Third, you do realize that those regulations came about because of the abuse by businesses.
      Example: Armour provided meat to Teddy Roosevelt’s regiment in the Spanish-American War. The meat was all spoiled and many of his men got sick.

    11. herbert mokwuah says:

      The underbelly of CAPITALISM as an inhumanely unsustainable economic idealogy is fast unravelling. The economic disparity engendered amongst the various economic classes is beginning to threaten political and social stability. I am not in any way endorsing a socialist economic system. All am saying is that the present economic arrangement is socially destabilizing. This WINNER-TAKE -IT -ALL economic mentality espoused by the capilistic concept is akin to THE-GRAVE-DIGGING of the country. There is a better way to divvy up the national pie without abandoning it to the harsh fate of social instability if you know what i mean.If you look at world history you will see that that we are on the path of empires like the soviet union,babylon.egypt,france. They were morally reprehensible in the way wealth was divvyed up unfairly. A greedy nation soon parts with it’s country. We can do better. The present recession is a wakeup call.

      1. don36 says:

        In capitalism, it is not a fixed sized pie!

      2. Hawkeye says:

        Smoke another bowl Herbert. By the way, take a look at the arrest ledger for OWS. It seems that 95% claim residence in homes that average $500K or more. Those that rent….average rent is a hair under $1900 per month.

        Maybe theiy need to be hitting their parents up for cash instead of us. Then again, their parents probably know they are worthless bums.

    12. Munneybagz says:

      Please. Everyone needs to open their eyes. The owner Marc Epstein is clearly looking for a handout. This explains it better than I can…

    13. Tj Khan says:

      A former staffer of Milk Street Cafe claimed back in September, before OWS, that she didn’t think the place would last past Xmas, due to “inefficie­ncy and disorganiz­ation.” Also, a similar deli/cater­ing business lasted in that very same space for 7 years during and after the 9/11 WTC attacks.

    14. Dmack says:

      The real key -as noted in the article is that the City/police have set up the barricades and are hurting the business “I think this is an issue of both Occupy Wall Street and the city officials. There’s protest and how you react to protest,” Epstein said. “If the barriers do not come down, I do not see how we can survive. This has got to become like America again. You have to be free to walk around.”. I suspect many of those protesting would enjoy stopping in to the cafe and supporting a small business. the anti-OWS media keeps focusing on the small number of protesters that are there 24 hours, but look at the reality. Everyday many more come in to swell the numbers, but those folks are hardworking people with jobs and other responsibilities that do not allow them to stay full-time. Yet realizing that this is an important issue, the keep returning on their days off , before work, and after putting in a full day of work elsewhere. denigrate the movement all you want but history says we should pay attention. world history is filled with examples of societies where similar wealth discrepancies and ethical questions have arisen. In every case, the outcome was not good for anyone. Think about ancient Rome, Mayans or France before their Revolution. OWS is giving us the opportunity to recognize and address this issue before it gets any further.

  2. VeritasCurat says:

    Mr. Epstein, take the barriers down yourself. I understand that this is a ridiculous situation and the Occupiers have more than overstayed their welcome, but Mayor Bloomberg is on their side, and the government will do nothing. If you want the barriers down, take them down yourself and prepare for the court battle with the city for your business. You will have the backing of the entire nation. Either your business will be destroyed by these punks, or you will fight to keep your business, and might still be destroyed. Will you be a lamb or lion?

    1. Joe says:

      VeritasCurat, you have a very good idea. Could you take down the barriers and fight the court battle? Unfortunately, Mr Epstein is very busy with a business to run and cannot take on the added expenses of a court battle. This way you can be the Lion for him.

  3. No One Important says:

    So, you 99%ers. . .

    I’m reading 95% against you, and really only 3% for you on this board. . . .

    Doesnt’ sound like you speak for any majority but yourselves. . .. . . .

    Funny. . . . .sounding more like you guys are just a bunch of whiners who are losing the support of anyone except the left wingers who are desperate to have someone combat the power of the tea party movement. . . . .

    (lookin’ around) Don’t see too many people here that think you’re doing anything useful. . . . nor supportive. . . .

    As even lefty Froma Harrop said. . . .time for you to go home.

    1. nobody says:

      this board is nothing but an orgy of trolls filled with mind numbing, half-assed attempts at arguments.
      no where in any of this does anyone use a logical argument supported by facts or even an analytical argument. i feel dumber after reading these comments and wish you all the best of luck.
      this is completely depressing.

      1. bruce brinkmann says:

        My question to you Nobody is, What ends this? What would satisfy these occupiers, and make them go home?

        1. nobody says:

          reinstating Glass–Steagall Act would be a major factor

          1. Frank Housholder says:

            and we can thank Bill Clinton for the repeal of Glass-Steagall in his last month of office.

          2. chris says:

            Which the Democrats repealed, in 1999, which opened thr floodgates for corruption………………and the Socialist democrats exploited it t the fullest!

            1. nobody says:

              quit making this a political party issue, it is detrimental to the process of fixing the economy.

              republicans had control over congress during clinton.

              its not the lefts fault or the rights fault. its both

              lern 2 thnik critcly plz

      2. Schlomo says:

        Oh the irony…

        1. nobody says:

          please explain how the reinstatment of the Glass–Steagall Act would not help our economy.

          1. Schlomo says:

            The irony, genius, is that you are on here crying like a little titty-baby about trolls, all the while trolling yourself.

            1. nobody says:

              if you dont want to answer my question thats ok. it does require a lot of reading and thinking.

              1. Schlomo says:

                Perhaps, if I was replying to your question about GS I would bother to answer your question, but since I was replying to your ironic post about trolls you fail, yet again.

                Thanks for playing, buttercup.

                1. nobody says:

                  lesson learned: do not bring up a logical argument with Schlomo.

          2. PV says:

            Reinstatement would be a good idea, but that is not the real problem at hand. It is the social engineering of society by a government using the tax code to drive what they deem to be the desired behavior. They pushed affordable housing, affordable energy, and now affordable health care. Everything they touch they make exponentially worse than if they had left it alone. Almost every major issue we are dealing with is the consequence of some bone–headed government program

            All they are is hired hands. They need to be required to only do what they have been hired to do. We don’t need, or want, them planning our lives.

    2. Adam H. Zmick says:

      hey no one, have you considered the possibility that cbs/viacom might be biased on this issue? or that this comment thread has something to do with the idea that drudge linked here?

      1. Don36 says:

        You are clearly easy to impress and to amuse.

      2. MooseHead says:

        I have read numerous articles from CNN and MSNBC that were not linked to The proportional responses against the OWS movement is comparable to this article’s proportions. The overwhelming majority of readers are against the movement. I wondered the same thing, did some digging, and it seems anyone interested enough in reading dislike the OWS movement and their goals. BTW, the consilidation of finacial services didn’t cause the current economic problems, it was the idiots speculating on home price appreciation, uninformed borrows taking floating rate loans, and the government who forced the banks to loan money through the Community Reinvestment Act.

        1. Adam H. Zmick says:

          OWS is not about the consolidation of the financial services industry. it’s about the corrupting influence of money in politics, and the weakening of our democracy/republic as our elected representatives from both parties have taken to representing corporations instead of people.

          you seem to have an opinion about what shape financial regulations should have going forward. do you think your voice will be represented??

          and regardless of who participates in the comment thread of various corporate-owned media outlets (cnn is timewarner, msnbc is ge), the only poll i’ve seen on the subject says that more people support OWS than oppose it:

      3. PV says:

        You do know, don’t you bonehead, that Drudge is only a news clearinghouse site?

        It just provides links to articles which the reader can choose to read and think whatever he chooses. No one tells us what to think as compared to you progressive drones whom seem to never have an independent thought.

    3. stormchilde says:

      Profitalism is dead and decaying
      come watch the last rites on the news
      the streets are embracing the children of freedom
      The greedy are quaking
      and chiding
      and siding with puppets whos strings have been cut
      who fall flailing to somber appraisals of evolution
      pretending there can be some solution
      to the problem of institutionalized greed
      and a worthless currency
      or a ‘job’ that will soon have no value
      to the starving stomach
      of a crying child.

      “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. …”

      And the two political pundits
      in their easy lazy chairs
      with the television blaring some cop, crime, commercial
      and a laptop with which to spit from high balconies on
      the dancing children in the winter streets…
      I remember you from the muppet show
      You were much funnier then
      now you are just sad.

      welcome to ouR.evolution
      Start listening or get left behind

      we are going from company store
      to localized community empowerment
      for us to survive these changes without regressing to violence due to unpreparedness we need to get together in our local communities and coordinate how we will be prepared to feed our children and heat our homes without walmart, gas stations or supermarkets.

      Support your local farmers
      Support and BE your local craftspeople
      Prepare for the coming depression
      Learn a trade skill and teach your children.

      This is not going to be an easy transition and its not gonna be communism or socialism or any old ism.

      This is going to be completely new and will be global.

      Good luckm and being mad at me or dissagreeing wont help you to be any more prepared. You dissagree then good riddance maybe your bunker will be a nice place to spend a couple of winters. I know that community is more valuable to me than being trapped in fear.

      No more killing in the name of peace
      No more tithes for war
      no more lords and ladies owning more homes than they can live in
      This world is not our property
      its our home.

      1. James says:

        You are looney tunes and a product of poor education. You will be the one in the bunker hiding for your life when this is all over.

  4. FOWS says:

    I read a recent statement by an OWS rep out of New York. He was asked by a reporter about the oncoming snowstorm. His reply was that they were ready for their own”Valley Forge.” The idiot probably does not even know what happend at Valley Forge under George Washington and in addition, the audacity that the little SOB snob would compare camping out in a park to what our national ancestors went through fighting the British at Valley Forge to free the colonies shows the utmost ignorance and stupidity of this movement.

    1. No One Important says:

      Of the 2,000 that died at Valley Forge, most were from disease.

      You’re right, what a complete idiot that kid was. . .and to compare themselves to our sacrifice for freedom. . . .

      They think too highly of themselves. . . .they’re nothing more than freeloaders who are being vagrants on someone else’s property. . stinking up the place. . . .dealing drugs to kids and people getting raped. . . .

      Yea. . .some great “revolution” that is. . .

      I like the idea of dropping millions of pounds of flaked soap, and turning on the fire hoses. . .(grin)

      Wash the place down. . .

  5. Brian says:

    OWS has failed: They were just a bunch of misguided losers who believe that occupations and being pests is a way to be effective and bring about change.

    Now, OWS (and the City of new York) are killing jobs. America has ignored and tuned out the so-called news media as they’ve devoted endless hours and pages to the OWS bunch. But now a backlash is developing against both OWS and the media, as jobs are lost and livelihoods are destroyed.

  6. mm says:

    What’s sad is that these protesters do not understand the basic science of a stock or the market. For example, these protesters hate Bank of America(hereafter BAC). The stock price of BAC is 6.52 as I write. Within 5-6 years as they clean up their balance sheets and restructure their model, the stock will likely approach it’s old levels of about 70 per share. These protesters can afford to buy a couple hundred to a couple thousand shares of BAC as it is so cheap now and they can gain a healthy profit in time for their investment. And all the while, you’re paid a dividend while you wait. That dividend is only taxed at 15% and the gain you’d make in 5-6 years is also taxed at 15%. This could pay for your kids’ college! Rather than view BAC as part of their problems, they should view it as part of their solution. It is truly sad.

    1. Paul Battis says:

      So these misguided haters of capitalism should partake in crony capitalistic schemes? Interesting. Maybe if they invest in Wachovia/Wells Fargo and Wachovia/Wells Fargo can launder more Los Zeta drug money (Google Wachovia caught laundering Los Zeta drug money) then they will turn a nice healthy profit for themselves because thats all that matters right? How about investing in Wackenhut then lobby for tougher crime sentencing especially on non-violent offenders. Or invest in Haliburton and lobby for more wars. As misguided as the Wall Street Ocupiers are, you my friend are at the root of the problem.

      1. The Coach says:

        For every investment that you link to a negative, there is one that can be linked to a positive. You INVEST money in the aspects that you feel can provide return on your investment by providing a viable solution, service, or product. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, even the local thrift store that you are buying your hiippie garb to look cool during the protests requires investors.

        You argue against the system, but you are obviously plugged into the system and providing it with the capital needed to operate. Smartphone, computer, internet access, air conditioning/heating, clothes, and maybe even living quarters.

        But then again, no one wants to live without the results of a capitalist system, they just want to have everything for free. If we lived by the way of what the OWS demands are, we would be sending smoke signals to each other sitting nude in our caves without any toilet paper.

    2. Eliza says:

      I’m not sure that my 85-year-old mother is going to last the 5-6 years to reap the benefits of the Bank of America stock that was going to pay for the costs that happen when you are completely crippled with Parkinson’s Disease. Luckily, the stock is still worth something, and as long as she doesn’t live more than a few more years, she should do just fine. Isn’t it lucky that Parkinson’s usually kills you young, and that she’s already outlived the statistical average?

  7. Tony says:

    Oh, the media found a little story & ran with it… Go occupiers… Your just keeping it warm for the rest of us when the dollar collapses.

    1. Pat says:

      Okay so you go down there and start protesting now, don’t wait. You moronic imbecile. “keeping it war for the rest of us”..Please….

      1. nobody says:

        moronic imbecile huh?

        Imbecile is a term for moderate to severe mental retardation

        Moron is a term once used in psychology to denote mild mental retardation

        does anyone think about what they say before they spew it forth?

    2. Tony says:

      When the US Dollar collapses…. The more money you have, the harder you will fall. The government knows this & continues to do nothing except print more money.

      1. Jack says:

        While I agree with your comments, you should note that the OWS croud is not protesting the government or our monetary policy. They are protesting those evil “rich” people.

      2. KansasGirl says:

        I have dumped the dollar for gold.

        It is after the standard. Hehe.

        1. The Man says:

          The dollar for Gold?? humm and how much Gold are you willing to give for a Candy Bar?

          1. Jenb says:

            Any chance, in the future, that you might need a wheel barrel full of dollars to purchase that candy bar?

  8. packer says:

    stop paying your taxes i bet the barriers woull come down! by the way you voted for these liberal you got just what you voted for

  9. Delighted says:

    Oh Goodness me, I can’t stop laughing! Oh my! The OWS is the best sitcom I have tuned into for years. I wonder if it will last more than one season, I doubt it, I can’t wait to see how it ends. Golly gee whiz! Let me wipe the tears from my eyes!

  10. DP says:

    Full time protestors don’t work and they aren’t unemployed. They complain!!! Honestly….it drives me crazy that anyone would choose to protest full time instead of putting all their passionate efforts into getting and keeping a job which might actually make a difference and bring them happiness at the same time. I’m all for protesting rights and such, but not at the detriment of honest hard working people….TAKE YOUR FIGHT TO THE BALLOT BOX PEOPLE!!!

    1. Concerned_American says:

      I agree with your basic premise, but many of these protesters are employed by unions, some are professional agitators.

    2. Red Bright says:

      They are being paid by ACORN; and fed & clothed; I think they have to buy their on drugs, Eh?

    3. just one says:

      Some education for you DP.
      We have an auctioned politcal system. Our reps spend nearly all their time campaigning.Someone reported that the DNC and RNC literally have charts that money to votes of their candidates at most levels in the gov. Unfortunately our supreme court ruled that money is free speech to corporations (who are also apparently people). That means that voting effectively doesn’t matter in a 2 party system. They protest because their voting has been made obsolete.

    4. nobody says:

      unemployment is the _____est its been in recent years.

      a) high
      b) low

      “Yeah, go get a job!”

  11. Liz says:

    Yes the line was out the door on the opening, because it was new! Then people learned the prices were too high and the food wasn’t that good. As far as staying open until 9:00 p.m. that hasn’t happened since August. The Milk Cafe has been closing their doors by 3:00 p.m. since before OWS. High prices and tasteless food equal no business.

    1. Sammie Jo says:

      well, that is your opinion, but if I was the store owner, I would sue the city for loss of business, they put the barricades there and allowed these professional whiners to take over the city.

    2. Trader says:

      You are totally wrong. I eat there almost every day. Great food, always crowded till you losers shpwed up. Tpday was the first day I noticed my favorite servers were gone.

      Great job OWS!!!!!

  12. Samson says:

    Anyone realize that this movement has now taking place in 90 different places around the world, and also has started shifting the issues off of things that dont matter and giving common people a sounding board, a voice, a starting point of dialogue. in a recent visit to one of the upstate occupy movements i saw a woman feeding her two kids because of a recent pink slip she was delivered. The fact is we have joined every class of person around the world in a single dialogue of economics. I did not know any numbers or facts about where our money was being spent until this movement started, and frankly i dont get why everyone isn’t mad about where your money is going. It is harder to see the big picture if you are not standing in the middle of it. But if one family is fed, if one family is clothed, if one person has found there voice in this whole movement, than it has been worth it. These people are all of our voices wether we like it our not.

    1. dave says:

      no they aren’t

    2. No One Important says:

      No they don’t.

      They don’t speak for me.

      You want economic happiness? Stop electing democrats to office like Harry Reid who spent 2 million of your money to name a park after himself. No, it wasn’t an earmark, it was extra money they spent.

      Stop electing goofs like Obama shoving half a bilion at a time out the door to his buddies while whining that he’s supposedly fighting for you and wants more money . . . .from the evil 200K/year “millionaires.”

      Vote for smaller government. . . .vote for fewer public employees. . .fewer unions that are over paid and expect to live in luxury on your back while you struggle to make the bills each month. . . . .

      Want to do someething useful? Get out of the stupid parks, and get motivated in a small government conservative candidate’s campaign. . . .

      That’s how you “make a difference”. . .that’s what is “worth” it. . .when you can keep more of your own money, and spend it on your kids and your own life. . . not some politician’s idea of what is best for you. . . . .

      No. . .they don’t speak for me. . .

    3. Jeff says:

      We have plenty of places, in every town & city, where people who need assistance go to get food, clothing, shelter….even free medical and legal services – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I do know where most of my (tax) money goes and the whining of nair-do-wells, never-done-anythings, freeloading, smelly hippies for MORE…MORE…MORE doesn’t represent “99%”. When your movement is endorsed by the Nazi’s, Communists, repressive regmes and others who hate America – your known by the company you keep.

    4. richard basehart says:

      they are not my voice and you are an idiot

    5. Jason says:

      Samson: that’s the biggest crock of libtard crap I’ve read YET. So ONE person gets helped, but MANY get destroyed and you are FINE with that??? You mindless mouth breathing liberal neo-communist red diaper doper babies are pathetic cretins. May God grant the government the power to finally start ridding you disgusting slobs the hell out of the cities and let COMMERCE be restored. And I’m all for force, lethal if it escalates to that.

    6. Robby says:

      Not My Voice!

    7. Vince says:

      Not mine! Lazy, dirty, begging, pay-off-my-debt i incurred on my own, people dont speak for me.

    8. George Johnson says:

      They are STILL a MINORITY!!

      Most people are not there because they have to work for a living. Most people do NOT believe in a failed socialism system.

      These are whiners just out to get what they can for free, because they have been taught (by out loser schools) A) they are “owed” a free living and B) they can not succeed. They are losers, nobody WANTS to hire them. They’re the LAST sort of people *I* would hire for MY company!!

    9. john q public says:

      Correction…These idiots don’t speak for me. They are the voice of marxist totalitarians worldwide though.

    10. Michelle says:

      Then you should have been more informed before this movement started.
      They do not represent me, they aren’t makiing a difference.
      They could but they aren’t.

    11. LPerez says:

      The OWS occupiers are only the voice of the Lazy, Uneducated, Illegal Immigrants and Union Thugs… THEY ARE NOT THE VOICE OF THE 53% WHO WORK HARD AND PAY ALL THE TAXES SO THE WHINERS CAN SMOKE DOPE, DANCE AROUND THE PARK AND DEFECATE ON THE AMERICAN FLAG! Enough is enough… time to force these losers out of the park and back into their parents basement where they came from… Freeloaders, nothing more!

    12. overthecoastline says:

      “Anyone realize that this movement has now taking place in 90 different places around the world”

      According to Diane Sawyer, CBS News, OWS is now occupying in “over a thousand countries”.

      (For those of you in Rio Linda, there are only 192 countries in the world)

    13. The Real Majority says:

      Attending community then state college while living at home and working part-time allowed me to not incur debt. Selecting a functional major (not liberal arts or psychology…etc) allowed me to find meaningful work.
      My family and I live below our means and happily contribute to society.
      I do not want to pay for the credit card, student loan or other debt these bottom 10% – 20% represent.

    14. DTW says:

      I agree with Dave..they don’t speak for me either

    15. Cate says:

      These people do NOT speak for me. There are NOT my voice. I lost my job at the end of 2008. A GREAT job making a LOT of money. I loved it. When it became painfully clear that I wouldn’t get the same kind of job anytime soon, I thought about what to do and MADE a job for myself. Fast forward 2 1/2 years. I now run a business that employs several people, and I’m doing very well for myself. So are the people who work with me. And my business didn’t cost me a CENT to start up, either. I will do very quickly do much better than I ever did working for someone else. So, protesters, instead of sitting around boo-hooing, get off your arses, put down the bong, clean yourselves up, and get a FREAKIN’ job!!! And if you can’t find one, MAKE ONE for yourself! It just takes a bit of imagination, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box!

  13. patmurphy1965 says:

    Occupier Busted Exposing Himself to Children…
    Sexual Assault of Teen at Occupy Dallas…
    Occupy Boston’ Couple Busted Peddling Heroin…
    Another sex attack in Zuccotti Park…

    Occupy supporters: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, Sean (credulous) Penn, Al (notsosharp) Sharpton, Jesse (jackasss) Jackson, American Nazi & Communist Party, Unions, Nancy (purloin) Pelosi, Mike (porcine) Moore, Al (dissimulator) Gore, Van (useless) Jones,, Barrack (bigmistake) Obama and the 47% that does not pay taxes.

    THIS JUST IN: Iran’s chief mad mullah, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, loves the protests and the government of China applauds them.

    Go Away Flea Party!!

    1. LetsBeReal says:

      Everything you cite has been done by politicians.

  14. Greg Eddy West says:

    the only thing that makes sense is to militarize occupy wall street. if they were militarized people wouldn’t talk trash about them. maybe if every protestor gave up on the notion of peaceful protest, something positive would actually happen. the only way to make people accept what they have done is to force them to face their actions. watts riots overall were successful, we need them again

    1. Jeff says:

      I can see the positive side of this scenario….go on a rampage and burn down your own encampment (like we do here in LA) and maybe the police can fly overhead and open a few boxes of soap before letting go with the firehoses (clean up the smelly,filthy lot – at least on the outside). Face it, nobody is listenting to the absurd demands of this collection of mental patients.

    2. Frank says:

      Oh ya they were successful in turning Watts into a slum. The big chain stores all left Watts and haven’t returned in 40 years. Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

    3. Don says:

      What action are those, please explain and provide real facts to back up your opinion.

    4. No One Important says:

      Gave up the notion of a peaceful protest?

      “Make people accept”??? “Force them”?

      Go for it. . . .seriously. . . . .

      There is an entire “silent majority” of the nation that will meet you head on. It’s called “regular Americans”. . . . .and some of them are just itching for a fight. . . . . .just waiting for someone like you to think you’re going to “force” anyone to do anything..

      Trust me. . . it won’t go down the way you think it will. . . .This isn’t Europe. . . .where the only thing people have to defend themselves is a broom. . . . .

      This nation is armed. That’s why you don’t see the “anarchists” running to your side excited to get violent. . . .

      Yea. . .real easy to beat up on people armed with brooms in Europe. They don’t seem to interested in being “anarchists” in a nation of armed Americans.

      But you go right ahead. . . . .you foment that violence. . . because you’ve spent too much time talking into an echo chamber. It won’t go down the way you think it will . .. . . .

      The only thing you’ll do is get a bunch of kids hurt.

      1. Big Bear says:

        On the plus side, any violence by these druggies may lead to angering the Silent Majority enough to finally scrub the scourge of drug culture from our society.

        1. No One Important says:

          yea, but I dont’ want any of these stupid kids hurt.

          That’s all they are is stupid kids who haven’t gone out and gotten a real job yet. . . .wait until they get their first tax bill. . . .they’ll be republicans then. (grin)

          I just don’t want these stupid kids listening to crackpots like Greg Eddy West who has been talking into his own shower thinking he’s talking to a room full of people, as if they’re some majority. . . .they’re not.

          Morons they may be. . . .but they just need to go home. . .not follow crackpots like Greg Eddy West. . . . .

    5. Blah Blah Blah says:

      So, you want to take up a your cause against 2nd Amendment loving Americans. We know how you Libs hate that part of the Constitution.

  15. Jeff says:

    I drove downtown (Riverside, CA.) on Sunday to have a tire repaired and happened to pass our cities own OWS encampemt (didn’t know we had one). A half-dozen tents on a trash-strewn lot with a bunch of homeless looking “zombies” shuffling around. What a pathetic excuse for a “movement”.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      I checked out the Seattle OWS a couple times. Very similar scene. Good place to buy drugs, no doubt!

  16. No One Important says:

    The OWS crowds were complaining about people showing up for the free food. Nooooooooooo, the OWSers are all for taking from others. . .but don’t you dare be a sponge on the spongers !

    Oh no sirreee. . .they were calling them “vagrants” and “derelicts”. . . isn’t that what the OWS people are?

    Oh but don’t you dare take their stuff. . . . no. . . no free food for others. . . .but they want their “free” stuff. . . like free education. . . . .automatic jobs. . . . gimme gimme gimme. . . .

    The OWS crowd is so stupid. .they can’t even see a real “life lesson” right in front of them. . . .

    When you work hard, and someone comes along and doesn’t earn it, and takes stuff from you. . . .you get angry. . . . .you worked hard for it. . . .and someone else expects you to give it to them for free. . . . someone else thinks they’re “entitled” to take what is yours?.

    Welcome to the 51% of the nation that pays taxes. . . . .fools. . . .

    1. Truth is Freedom & Provision says:

      Exactly! If the OWS people had the knowledge and determination to be part of the 1% then A) the percentage would be bigger and B) they would feel just as you listed. Unfortunately they are not part of the the 1%. This just makes me like capitalism and the 1% more. Those 1% have work their whole lives for what they have and if we can’t teach and expect that greatness is possible and attainable then nothing means anything.

      Proverbs 1:7-19, The Message

      7 Start with God—the first step in learning is bowing down to God;
      only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.

      8 -19 Pay close attention, friend, to what your father tells you;
      never forget what you learned at your mother’s knee. Wear their counsel like flowers in your hair,
      like rings on your fingers. Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you,
      don’t go along with them. If they say—”Let’s go out and raise some hell.
      Let’s beat up some old man, mug some old woman. Let’s pick them clean
      and get them ready for their funerals. We’ll load up on top-quality loot.
      We’ll haul it home by the truckload. Join us for the time of your life!
      With us, it’s share and share alike!”— Oh, friend, don’t give them a second look;
      don’t listen to them for a minute. They’re racing to a very bad end,
      hurrying to ruin everything they lay hands on. Nobody robs a bank
      with everyone watching, Yet that’s what these people are doing—
      they’re doing themselves in. When you grab all you can get, that’s what happens:
      the more you get, the less you are.

      Why don’t people boycott Hollywood and all actors and producers if they are so against people having more money than them? Oh, that’s right, because we all need escape from the nonsense of this fallen world. The first letters of nonsense is spelled O-W-S.

    2. Preston says:

      “When you work hard, and someone comes along and doesn’t earn it, and takes stuff from you. . . .you get angry. . . . .you worked hard for it. . . .”

      I know a lot of people who worked hard for their house, had it taken from them, and qualified for refinancing a week after their home was foreclosed by the bank. They felt angry, because they worked hard for it. But God forbid they speak their minds about it on OWS, then they are just “vagrants”

    3. ShalKing says:

      I know right? So much of what they say and do contradicts the tenants of communism. It’s almost as if they aren’t communists at all…..

  17. Rupert says:

    Businesses in Washington D.C. have not suffered any losses due to TWO encampments, one at McPherson Square and one at Freedom Plaza.

    Of course D.C. Police are not assholes and neither is the mayor. There are no barricades and no attacks on people exercising their First Amendment Rights.

    We respect each other because we are in this together.

    Billionaires may have a reason to disagree, I suppose a lot of them post here now. I guess they are worried. Good.

    1. Frank says:

      You don’t have a first amendment right to camp in a park or plaza. And how do you know that no businesses have lost anything? Have you seen their balance sheets?

    2. George Johnson says:

      Yeah, a “LOT of billionaires” posting here today. Like they have nothing better to do than come here and post.

      What a moron.

    3. Blah Blah Blah says:

      Obviously, everybody on here is a 1%er.

      No, the D.C. Police are the exact opposite, as is the mayor. Deciding who, when, and where to enforce their laws. All laws should be enforced equally.

      Would you be OK if the KKK occupied your local park in protest of our laws and your beloved Mayor and P.D. allowed them to do it for weeks on end. Something tells the you’d be throwing a fit.

      You’re a hypocrite.

  18. Jim says:

    I’m certainly not part of the 1%’er but don’t include me in the 99%.
    I worked for 44 years and am now drawing SS. The union I belonged
    to blew my pension fund through bad investing, they did this when
    wall street was doing good. Screw unions. OWS, screw you to.

    1. Frank says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for being one of the contributors and not one of the moochers. I hope you enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it. Oh ya, screw unions.

  19. Erik Olson says:

    I’m a Baby Boomer, barely. The United States Census Bureau considers a baby boomer to be someone born during the demographic birth boom between 1946 and 1964. There are not very many of us participating in the “Occupy” movement, or the riots, or whatever is scheduled to come next by Progressives and George Soros, in their decades-long plot to bring about American Socialism by destabilizing the US economy.

    But do not count us Boomers among the ranks of the Useful Idiots.

    1. just one says:

      Banker bailout with no interest (handout)(socialism) and economic injustice is the reason OWS exists.
      Sadly you’re a bit misinformed by who actually destabilized the economy in 08.
      Your think it was progressives when in fact it was Big rich banks.
      Not sure how you could be so misinformed I reccomend reading a newspaper before letting bias cloud your thinking.

      1. Fred says:

        The banks did pay interest on TARP funds. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good protest!!

      2. Frank says:

        I suspect it is you who are misinformed. All of the banks have paid back all of the loans WITH INTEREST. And remember, the banks can’t take what isn’t given. It was the progressives in Congress and the WH that created the problem in the first place with the housing bubble. And then they doubled down by bailing out Wall Street. They should have let Wall Street fail. But then, BO is the biggest recepient of Wall Street campaign money of anybody, ever.

      3. MediaBS says:

        Problem is that the newspapers are biased lefties, so what you are reading is total cloud cover. Do some research yourself and see who refused to pass regulations on the banks and lenders, and STILL hasn’t regulated the main offenders, Fannie and Freddie.

      4. Russell says:

        Sure it was only the banks that destabilized the economy. It had nothing to do with potential homeowners biting off much more of a mortgage than they could afford to pay. It also had nothing to do with the Democrat’s notion that everyone has a ‘right’ to own a home (regardless of whether they could afford it), the and the subsequent pressure throughout the 90’s on banks to approve more loans, with fewer requirements.

        OWS thinks they’re doing some huge service for 99% of the country. As part of that 99% of the country, let me tell you what we really think. Get off of your lazy asses and get a job.

      5. Joe Blowe says:

        “Just One,” it is you who is uninformed. Your side is always talking about “root causes,” ‘but curiously’ it is not mentioned now. Don’t you find that curious? You should. Here’s why your side never mentions “root causes”: It goes back to the 90’s when Clinton was President. ACORN and other leftest radicals demanded that banks make loans to minority groups. The banks didn’t want to do it, because they said these people wouldn’t pay back the loans. Well, radicals went to the homes of the bankers, in a threatening manner, and called them racists. Barney Frank and Christpher Dodd (both Democrat Congressmen) jumped in and threatened the banks with laws and regulations, so the bankers bent to all of this political pressure. Then what happened? Surprise, surprise, these people defaulted on their loans. The banks, not wanting to lose depositor’s money, tossed the hot potato. Eventually these “hot potatoes ended up inBarney Franks’ “Freddy Mac” and “Fanny Mae” were ready to buy them up. Well, the losses mounted up until they could no longer be concealed.

        So, you should really be protesting ACORN and Barney Frank, and a bunch of leftest radicals. (Connecticutt voter booted Chris Dodd.) They are the root cause.

        I never understood the Communist principal of “First create the problem, then offer yourself as the solution” until now. It works, because people have short memories and by the time the crisis has exploded, the masses no longer remember who actually created it. Wise up.

        1. Joe Blowe says:

          Forgot to mention in regards to my last paragraph above: According to recent news, ACORN (or its members) are supporting OWS. Isn’t that “offering themselves as the solution? Sure looks it to me.

  20. Andy says:

    I don’t blame the protesters. I blame the media for not doing their jobs. They are now openly in the pocket of the DNC and the White House.

    The Press failed America.

    1. just one says:


  21. John says:

    OWS is showing them that they can block the resturants for as long as it takes to slim them down so they will never again be too obese to fail

  22. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Hmmmm. Was it Lenin or Stalin or Hitler who said that in order to make an omelette, you have a break a few eggs? Never mind — OhBummer’s Fleabaggers would agree with any one of these political gangsters.

  23. Came Saw Left says:

    I wonder if you actually took a Poll of 1000 people in every major city – how many of them would actually support the OWC crowd. We did an informal poll of our own here at work – we asked 195 people – what they thought – and 2 people supported what they are doing, 5 people say they support them but it’s over and time for them to go home. 21 people had no comment and could less what they did or didn’t do – and 167 people believe this is a waste of people’s time, taxpayers money, law abiding citizens rights and jobs now it seems.

    1. The Sage Waitress says:

      Sounds like OWS is the 1%.

  24. wodun says:

    How many people were raped at OWS protests today?

    1. Bernadine Gillette says:

      Your question is as stupid as it’s intent. How many people have been “finacially raped” by anks & WALL ST?

      1. Frank says:

        That’s easy, zero. Nobody made people take out loans or invest their money. They were willing accomplices.

  25. VETOBAMA says:

    Go back and read the social media…it was originally going to be Sit On Wall Street but when SOWS came to light…it was changed to Occupy Wall Street…LOL I guess SOWS was too apparent to their own lifestyle.

  26. Anna says:

    How about a few hundred grenades tossed in their direction by We the People. They think they are the 99% – yeah? 99% of what? They are in fact 100% LOSERS. This occupy/general strike business (Oakland) has been in the works by the same “people” who run the gangs in prisons – and leaders of the new massivelysocially networked outlaw gangs on the outside. This all came out of Northern CA… the occupy/general strike language – I have booklets and websites from the late ’90’s with this – these are the same “people” who have been insinuated and investigated for previous terrorist attacks in the US – specifically Oklahoma City, but had started before that – you want names, I got names.

    1. True American says:

      LMAO! You sound so silly. Take some valium and go to sleep.

      1. patmurphy1965 says:

        Anna is correct on one account — 100% LOSERS.

        Occupier Busted Exposing Himself to Children…
        Sexual Assault of Teen at Occupy Dallas…
        Occupy Boston’ Couple Busted Peddling Heroin…
        Another sex attack in Zuccotti Park…

        I’m definitely not in the 1%; however, please don’t lump me in with the so call 99%. I’m with the Percent (%) whose core principals include:
        Limited federal government, Individual freedoms, Personal responsibility and self-reliance, Free Markets and Returning political power to the states and the PEOPLE!

    2. EMC says:

      Maybe that is how you perceive these people but the reality is that they do represent a cross section of Americans who have been affected by the liason between government and special interest groups, ie, finance, insurance , oil and pharmecuticals.
      Retirees have seen their pensions vanish or become worthless, the underemployed who had their hours and pay cut. The students who took out loans that they see little hope of repaying without employment and the homeowners unable to make payments.
      Yes, a lot of what the press shows us makes these people look like sociopaths and post-Woodstock generation but there is validity to the sentiment.

      1. Frank says:

        Stalin thought the same thing.

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        There isn’t a huge market for degrees in basket weaving. Make poor career choices, suffer the consequences.

      3. Heywood Jablome says:

        Look at the reasons you listed and ask who is responsible: the answer to all of them is GOVERNMENT!

  27. Bon Livings says:

    This is a result of the protesters not understanding the big picture and not being responsible for their own actions. They just want want want without regard to consequences.

  28. Brandy says:

    Sebastian Florida has a city council that will close businesses rather than work with them to save jobs. Wish the OWS people would come here and sit on our city council for trashing jobs.

    1. True American says:

      Maybe you should get together with some friends and start your own 😉

    2. SebastianResident says:

      I live in Sebastian, Florida, and the City Council did not close that business. The City was given a grant by the State under certain conditions which the restaurant clearly exceeded. Would you have been willing to pony up the $2+ million the City was in danger of repaying?

      Something tells me you don’t have that kind of money laying around.

  29. you fools says:

    YOU FOOLS.. the loss of business was because of the BARRICADES.. If the ignorant pigs had left them march , there would not have been any barricades.
    F the police…..

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      That’s it. Just let anybody who wants to march through any street, any time, day or night, with no regard to the rights and livelihood of others. That’s what you think should happen, eh?

      1. Blah Blah Blah says:

        It’s ok if you agree with what they are saying.

        These same people would be cr@pping themselves if the KKK set up came at their nearest park. What, they don’t have a right to the 1st Amendment? Hypocrites, the lot of them

        1. The Man says:

          The Difference is, the KKK would of only stay for the day, made their speeches and went home to get back to whatever Jobs they have.. these clowns just want to disrupt business, and say they are something they are not.

    2. Buck Williams says:

      You are a worthless piece of fecal matter.

    3. patmurphy1965 says:

      Are you one of these:
      Occupier Busted Exposing Himself to Children…
      Sexual Assault of Teen at Occupy Dallas…
      Occupy Boston’ Couple Busted Peddling Heroin…
      Another sex attack in Zuccotti Park…

    4. Mr. T says:

      HEY – “you fools”

    5. Michael says:

      Are you really that stupid? Wow, your ignorance is monumental.

  30. Matt Litvak says:

    Turn the dogs, firehoses and pepper gas on the Occutards

  31. No One Important says:

    The OWS people complaining about those “sponging” off their free food, but they’re all for taking from someone what isn’t theirs that they didn’t earn.

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, it’s ok to demand that the government take from others and give to them, but dont’ you let those OWS people catch you eating their free food. . . .nooooooooooooooooooo. . . . . .

    They’re so clueless, they can’t even see a “life lesson” right in front of them. You earn what you have. . .and when others take from you what they didn’t earn, it makes you angry.

    Welcome to the rest of the 51% that pay taxes in the United States.

    Grow up, go home.

    You have the right to free speech. . . you don’t have a right to an audience.

  32. Michael says:

    There was the key. the pizzaria was doing better away from the protest. Does that mean OWS is picking and choosing winners? Smacks of cronyism (tic). These people are too stupid to make it on thier own. They want a wet nurse not a job. A key principle of economics is wealth is constantly expanding. They are all caught up in everyone elses wealth and not generating their own. That’s their problem.

  33. Pattyb says:

    So let me get this straight, police blockade the streets and prevent people from walking around, and it’s the protesters’ fault? Yeah, it’s easy to see who CBS sides with — just look at the vitriolic featured comment at the top. Twist and turn and everything but the truth — just another mainstream media outlet acting as a lapdog for the new world oppressors. CBS is part of the problem. They’re nothing but boot-licking lackeys wanting to promote the status quo

    1. Jack in Ga says:

      If the protesters were there for a day or two and then left these people would still have jobs.. Mayor Bloomberg has let them camp out for weeks so the blame should be with Bloomberg and the flea baggers.. Of course this bunch of rabble won’t take any responsibility for anything.

      1. juan says:

        jack, patty is clearly too dumb to realize that if there were no protesters, there wouldn’t be any barricades!!

        1. Greg Eddy West says:

          im only saying it once so listen up. if the mayor were to enforce his rule like he has the occupiers would disappear. however, they will return except the next time that they return will be to overthrow the mayor and at that point it wouldn’t matter to them the safety of others. right now there is still a peaceful protest, if you take that away, you will breed animosity towards the system which tried to make them the scapegoats

    2. Middle Way says:

      Moron, your bus is leaving . .

    3. Silhouette says:

      @Pattyb>>>> And just why do you think the barricades were put up in the first place? You’ve go a bunch of hostile airheads who want “a living wage whether working or not…all debts forgiven across the board”, and they sleep, defacate and urinate in any park or courtyard they can get to, including doorsteps…and you, naturally side with the wackos…sheesh

  34. cntrlfrk says:

    These OWS people are nothing more than Obama Astro-turf and need to get a life.

    They do not speak for the working class of America, or anyone else for that matter.

    Stop letting yourselves be used by the Obama ‘administration’!

  35. Brad Gates says:

    Proves how arrogant, insensitive and self-centered the OWS movement is.

  36. No One Important says:

    OWS. . . .go home.

    You’ve had your say. . . .you have the right to free speech, you’re not guaranteed an audience.

    The more you destroy, the angrier the nation is getting at you.

    Even Froma Harrop said “time for you to go home.” At this point, you’re losing popularity, and losing support of everyone.

    A deaf kid raped? Real nice. . .pack your stuff, and get out. Now you’re destroying jobs. . . people are getting hurt. . . .

    Just leave. . . .

  37. bill says:

    the rich are just sitting back and laughing you are not hurting them and Michael Moore get to make a movie about the movement and laugh his way to the bank

  38. ron says:

    The person responsible for this economic disaster is the Mayor. He should be sued for not upholding the law.

    1. Gorio says:

      Bloomberg is a 1%’er….

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        So you’re saying Bloomberg made his own way in life. Regardless of his politics, he went to college, got himself a job, worked hard, founded Bloomberg Financial, and is now the 12th wealthiest person in America. And you envy him. You don’t envy his work ethic, or the risks he’s taken to get where he is, you simply envy his wallet. His money. That’s what this is about to the OWS movement. They want something that they are not willing to work for. They want handouts. Because they breathe the same air as the wealthy, they are somehow entitled to wealth (at someone else’s expense).

        Did I get that straight?

        1. mm says:

          Bloomberg inside traded. You don’t get to his level of wealth by just” working hard. ” I am with you in that I am against OWS as it’s a moronic movement, but don’t eulogize Bloomberg.

        2. Gorio says:

          No, I’m not implying anything more than he too is who these anarchists are protesting so he will not make any move to cast them out of the way of people like you and I who do work, work hard, and try and make life better for ourselves and our families. I envy nothing anyone else has. If I want something, I earn it as I was taught to do during my 53 years of life.
          I also gave 10 years to the Navy, and another 4 to the Army as a contractor trying to make life better for our soldiers here in the states.
          My one line single statement was only to point out that if he does anything at all, especially open his mouth, he too will be target of their occupation.

  39. jw says:

    Vik, you are a fool.

  40. Thought Recon says:

    Hose this filth back into the gutter from which they crawled.

  41. lolcatlol says:

    Also worth mentioning is that “Wall Street” had itself a history making month… profit wise! ooops! 🙂

    Another thing: The internet now allows people to exercise freedom of speech anytime they wish. Why are these people allowed to threaten violence and mayhem by their constant presence and social interruptions? That’s not speech! That’s harassment and obstructionism. Not to mention the huge amounts of money they cost the cities! Use the internet for your “speech”, the 60s are long over. There is technology now!

    Send these spoiled kids and “rent-a-mobs” home.

    Next time, before you believe some college (who wants your money), do your own research… It not rocket science to see that 90% of these college degrees aren’t really worth squat in the $marketplace$! It’s not OUR fault you were stupid enough to believe a liberal arts degree was worth more than the paper printed upon. And let’s not forget ethnic and gender studies, the “value” those subjects must hold in society is priceless!

    I guess science is too hard and thus any degree will do?? lol

    Grow up please, tyvm!

    1. Tom Cotez says:

      Oh yeah… good way to summarize it you dingbat. Every kind of person under the sun is there; cooks, teachers, janitors, BANKERS, police, paramedics, small business owners, dropouts/college grads, law students, scientists- you name it. Why dont you baggers do something for your own fake bullsh1t political stand.

      1. Tom Cotex says:

        Dont be jealous of the Tea Party movement. It is not their fault that your OWS heroes cant form a coherent sentence let alone a message to send. You fleabaggers need to accept that you are not a special and unique butterfly and will need to work as hard as needed to get by. No free handouts.

        And it doesnt matter who is down there, its the ideology behind it that is repulsive. Class warfare morons. Keep it up, you will eventually really upset the truly powerful and be removed from the equation.

      2. lolcatlol says:

        “Why dont you baggers do something for your own fake bullsh1t political stand.”

        Ummm the “baggers” DID do something… They SWEPT all the 2010 elections! Har

        Sounds like you saying nothing but UNION MEMBERS are showing up for these lame protests, er no one is surprised about that… again Har Har

      3. Jesus Márquez says:

        Don’t forget dirty hippies that have been at every protest since the 60s. Please give me the link that shows me the bankers and small business owners, so I know who not to do business with in the future. You are the 22% far left, not the 99%. Thanks.

  42. Bob says:

    The occupy crowd is unemployed; where did they get the money for their signs and cell phones?

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      The Unions helped them make signs (as well as the organization formerly known as ACORN), and the cell phones are provided free thanks to your tax dollars. (Lifeline)

  43. Kelvin says:

    Tell it to the 21 people who lost their jobs due to the protesting anarchists, marxists and clueless spoiled rich white kids.
    They and they alone, are responsible for those people losing their jobs.

    1. Tom Cotez says:

      OR it could be the police who setup the barricades you nimwit

      1. nunya says:

        That is a straw man arguement at best. The police reacted, period. Moron.

      2. Keebler says:

        Tom, you are an idiot. If it were not for the protestors, the barricades never would have been put in place.

        The OW people are about as smart as a bowling ball. Those that support them are equally dumb.

        Some people just need to be removed from the face of the earth by any means necessary. Stop the reproduction of their young and put an end to the gene pool

        1. Our rights given by God says:

          Everyone notice how those that disagree with OWS never have an actual fact based response, it’s always the same “get a job” type thing Faux News feeds them along with often they add in a violent threat (which is illegal and much more serious a crime than sitting in a public park). So——–how about some of you tell us all HOW it’s ok for corporations to have limitless donations to legislators and regulators and how it will not negatively affect our system. Well…………? (Please stick to facts …….. you know, those pesky things like truth.

          1. dagney taggert says:

            Society does not owe you a living, moonbat. btw, what was your major in college?

  44. Ruthie3 says:

    Last time I checked I don’t think the Tea Party has caused anyone to lose their job….YET! Remember in November!

  45. JGD says:

    Don’t blame OWS for this. Blame the Mayor and the NYC Gesta, uh, Police for keeping the barricades up. I work right up the block from this place and following the first day of the protest the protestors have occupied Zuccotti Park with an occasional march down and around Wall Street. This particular area swarms with tourists who walk at a snail’s pace or stop dead in their tracks with no regard for anyone trying to make their way along the sidewalk. Frankly, they are the ones who make it impossible to navigate this area as they and us (the people who work here) try to share a sidewalk the size of a postage stamp. So, if anyone cares to hear from someone with first hand experience, stop blaming the folks from OWS and blame the authorities for taking such a heavy-handed approach.

    It’s time for the people to take back our government from the professional politicians who are firmly entrenched in the back pockets of corporate America. Also, keep in mind that Bloomberg is ia member of the 1% so guess which side he’s on.

    As a side note, Milk Street Cafe is totally overpriced. Lower your prices and I might consider giving you my lunch and catering business (which I hear wasn’t doing that great anyway).

    1. nancy says:

      stupid idea. why dun you tell Mr. President to convert America into a communist country?? then we all can have same salary, and all the business is not going to be closed!

    2. Ture American says:

      Only in New York City. America’s wealthiest city, could a billionaire rule as Mayor.

    3. Buck O'Fama says:

      Stupid Obot, it’s why the new movement (conservative) has no interest in having a conversation with you. We realize you have the rote intelligence of a pencil eraser and the only way to rectify the problem is to grind your party and your movement into dust. No quarter will be given, you will be defeated.

    4. mmmars says:

      You are just jealous that you aren’t a billionaire too. Give you a few million and lets see how much you give away! These people earned their money through creativity, investment and hard work.

    5. Brad Gates says:

      OWS: fired workers are “collateral damage”.
      OWS arrogance and criminality is the reason it is so unpopular with the American People.

      1. Tom Cotez says:

        LOL so unpopular thats why its everywhere in the world and gaining traction. I’d say any unpopularity is people being afraid of the police state & getting shot at by the thugs in uniform.

        1. Mack says:

          Hey Buddy,

          They have 300 million peopel in USA the OWS represent an extreme minority, as you will soon learn in Nov 2012.

          1. ShaahhKing says:

            Really? The polls show that they’re far more popular than the tea party. The overwhelming majority of New Yorkers support their continued occupation. Have you done any research on public opinion? At all?

    6. EMC says:

      Absolutely on target!
      The tourists and gawkers have made this area impossible to navigate.
      Now in addition to congesting the World Trade construction site they have somewhere else to block.
      Bloomberg should put an “admission price” on the whole neighborhood.
      Right now, it’s like the lines at Disney World. Too bad we (NYC) don’t get a $75.00 admission charge to subsidize the characters.

    7. Jerry says:

      A couple of things about your post. First you complain about the tourists who move at a snails pace, blocking sidewalks. Did it ever occur to you that those snails are what helps the economy of New York chug along? A big city like New York thrives on the tourist industry, especially restaurants like this. You state the cafe is “totally overpriced”. I’d say that pretty much anything in New York is over priced, but that’s beside the point. Prior to OWS the owner had a viable business with enough customers to support a full staff. Now, due to the barricades, he is forced to eliminate positions in order to keep his business running on the smaller amount of capital which is now coming in. Of course, if you take your 99% mentality to this level, and based on your comments of his prices, maybe he should just give his products away to those that cannot afford them. Shoot, we could do this with all businesses and then maybe the government could run ALL the businesses in this country!

    8. Occupymysack says:

      So you are blaming the tourists who are watching the freak show, but not the freak show causing everyone to look. The tourists and people are always there, not the OWS.

      Liberal loopy logic. I bet you have amazing mental gynastic skills.

      MMM mmm mmmmm, Drink up the kool aid.

      1. Slim Pickens says:

        So I take it outside of OWS things are honky dory?

  46. Slim Pickens says:

    Had it not been for the fact that Wall St desrtroyed the global economy, OWS would not be occupying cities large and small around the globe with the backing of the majority of the 99%.

    1. True American says:

      I agree with your point. I guess the 1% and their supporters just expect us to suffer in silence and or be depressed over the current state of the nation and unemployment rates while they live the good life. Just goes to show you how cold and heartless they are.

      1. Paul Lee says:

        “Living the good life” isn’t a right. It is something that is earned and apparently you and the rest of the 99% losers don’t understand that. Get off the streets and get a job, the real Americans are tired of supporting you lazy sob’s.

      2. SPEAKjones says:

        Stupid, effing lefty-commie idiots will believe anything the “Gubernment” tells you. Forget that fact that Government propells all this. Forget the fact that Goverment on BOTH sides, Republicrat and Dmeopub created this mess by using our tax monies to bail these loons out and WE continue to bail out “Gubernment” and allow them to threaten and abuse us through the tax code and gross misuse of our hard-earned money. Yeah, instead waste your time “Occupying Wallstreet” while your “Gubernment” laughs all the way to and through the Fed. IDIOTS!!!!!!!

    2. donna says:

      How stupid can you be. Do your research and your will find out this started 10 years ago when Clinton threatened banks if they did not issue loans to people that could not afforf to make payments. When the housing bubble burst you blame d the banks, but failed to find out why they made they loans. Do you research before you run off at the mouth.

      1. Slim Pickens says:

        And who was at the helm of H.U.D. at the time? I have done my research and came up with the proof that Wall st. controls our government. perhaps you should do a little research of youre own before YOU “run off at the mouth”.

    3. Andy says:

      Wall Street is Obama’s biggest donors. Corzine just made off with 600 million dollars of our money and OWS is still blaming Bush. Everyone on Obama’s jobs council received billions for their failed Green energy companies and OWS is blaming Fox News.

      This is nothing more than the Communist party trying to destroy American ideals and capitalism and using rich, stupid college kids as useful idiots. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

      How’s that liberal arts degree working out for you with getting a job?

    4. Pim Slickens says:

      You mean the economic collapse brought about by deregulation of home loans through freddie and fannie, democrat causes? Or how Bush Jr tried six times to have the regulations reinstated citing the economic risk?

      Nahh, that cant be what you mean, not with those pesky facts attached 🙂

      Have a nice life.

      1. Slim Pickens says:

        Both parties are equally guilty of dismantling the american middle class and basically ruining the economy. Both parties have enabled facist rule in our once great country.

  47. Stopping CEO Greed at every turn says:

    IIf the now Global OWS movement stops so much as one CEO from giving himself a $20 million bonus that he didn’t deserve, it would have worth all the struggle and hardship the protesters and their followers have endured. And I’m happy to see that OWS is now a legitimate political movement, just like the Tea Party!

    1. glenn says:

      You are truly clueless…
      That is there job. None of those people went to school and worked there way up the corporate ladder to make all that money just to give it away to those who have less. They are out there to make as much as they can and live as high on the hog as they can and will do what they need to accomplish that.
      If you or the protesters don’t like the way they run there business…don’t give them your money.
      Take your clueless asses down to Washington and the other state capitals and protest the morons in the government. They make the laws, not the businessman. Just because big businesses send lobbyist to give millions to political campaigns that doesn’t mean they have to accept it. The politicians and only the politicians can change the way things are done.
      I can tell you this one thing… You are WRONG if you think those big business men should have to give you some of there money because you are only smart enough to work for them not beside them.

    2. The Coach says:

      “Legitimate political movement, just like the tea party”

      What is it that you have actually accomplished? What is it that you actually want? Do you really think that destroying small local businesses is going to make a difference in the way that the capitalist system works? All the OWS is doing is causing economic hardships on the individuals that it says that it represents. I don’t remember any of that from the Tea Party.

      If you really wanted to work to make a difference and be a “legitimate political movement” as you put it, maybe you should focus on the individuals that have driven the recession, the high unemployment, the housing bubble, and the excessive government spending of taxpayer money, move the OWS and call it Occupy Congress or Occupy White House. Then you might actually visit the realm of politics, right now you are nothing but a bunch of vagrant homeless living off of the generosity of others.

  48. jjjjoo says:

    You have the right to protest, not the right to Occupy.

    GO HOME.

  49. WOLF says:

    This just PROVES that OWS is out to eliminate jobs of WORKING people. Please, please, please, go home now all of you OWSer’s. You are destroying a great city. Grow up, clean up and get jobs. Earn your keep and earn your way up the ladder like everyone else. No free handouts for you.

    1. The Realist says:

      The protesters want to destroy jobs so they can keep complaining that there are no jobs.

    2. True American says:

      You’re so dense. The reason they are there in the first place is because the unemployment rate in the U.S. has been at over 8% for the past two years. They are among the millions of Americans that are out of work. If you want to see them disappear then give them jobs. They are able to protest 24/7 because they have nothing else to do, if they had meaningful employment they wouldn’t have time to protest.

      You’re obviously someone who is gainfully employed and perhaps among the 1% who hold most of the world’s wealth or at the very least someone who grovels at the feet of such people in the hopes that you will one day join their ranks. How about showing some sympathy to your fellow Americans who are suffering and not living the good life like you Mr. Fat Cat. OWS are REAL AMERICANS. You and the 1% sold out the United States of America and our flag for money and outsourced millions of American jobs to people overseas. You and your kind and the goons of the NYPD are traitors to this nation.

      1. Dan Berry says:

        If they’re so upset about 8% unemployment, why are they deliberately forcing people to LOSE their jobs.

        The answer is easy: They WANT high unemployment so they can keep complaining about high unemployment. It’s all in their business plan. (And yes, O.W.S. IS a business.)

        1. True American says:

          You can’t be serious? How lame can you really be. You are totally missing the issue here. The jobs at the Milk Street Cafe are not the key target of OWS’ protests and it’s ridiculous and rather simple of you say so. Though admittedly, there have been some harmful residual effects for some area businesses in terms of the OWS vs. NYPD fallout, this is not the case with all.

          In fact, there are some cases where the exact opposite can be said.

          Some businesses in that same area have seen an explosion in revenue and customers. Libertos Pizzeria on Ceder Street a few blocks from the protest site is said to be seeing a revival in it’s business because of OWS. You can read about it yourself in the NY Post. The October 19 article is titled “Favored pizzeria making big dough” and is available online.

          So for those of you who are trying to vilify OWS because it has cost a few jobs at the Milk Street Cafe and is making life harder for the stocktraders, corporate businessmen/women and bankers on Wall Street, you need to find yourselves a better arguement and platform to stand on because as it is you have no ground on this matter.

          1. Mike says:

            I’m guessing the pizzeria owner is in the 1%. To summarize, OWS is costing working class jobs and putting more money in the hands of the so-called “elite”. How ironic.

          2. VETOBAMA says:

            Side note: Unemployment is predicted to go up a notch to 9.2% this month.

          3. Dan Berry says:

            You’re saying that these lost jobs are merely “collateral damage” in a protest against high unemployment? Not so. The fact that the protest cost people their jobs means that the protest was INTENDED to cost people their jobs. Period.

          4. Rebecca Iffinger says:

            just collateral damage, eh?

      2. JohnHW says:

        In case you haven’t heard – 85% of the protestors HAVE JOBS. They just don’t want to work and still get paid.

    3. Peter says:

      well said!!!

    4. Anna says:

      Absolutely. I used to live and work down there, it was paradise. First 9/11, now this OWS, which IMO is a different kind of terrorist attack on the very people they claim to help. I just don’t know why no red-blooded American has not yet tossed few hundred grenades, and called it a day. If I read the news that actually happened, I’d celebrate. Sick of them. You want to fight greed, file one lawsuit after another, but that takes brains. These professional anarchists are no less than the communist party jackboots – genocidal murderes.

      1. Joe Frayer says:

        You sound more like a terrorist than OWS..
        Toss a few grenades into a crowd? are you f’ing serious lady!?

    5. Preston says:

      How is it protesters fault for the police barricades? wouldn’t that be the police that put them there? Perhaps you are too eager to place blame on the protesters to use deductive reasoning skills. those barricades could have been placed anywhere, it was the decision of the police to put the barricade to block off the store, blame them.

      1. The Realist says:

        The barricades are on Wall Street because the protesters’ permit calls for them to be on Wall Street.

        1. Joe Frayer says:

          You shouldn’t need a permit to practice your constitutional rights. A permit is a tax on your rights. WAKE UP!

          1. The Realist says:

            But you DO need a permit to prevent others from practicing their Constitutional rights (e.g. taking over a space that supposed to be available for the GENERAL public, not just protesters).

            1. Preston says:

              The conditions of them receiving a permit was a police barricade that blocked the entrance into a store these protesters would have bought out. I still do not see any way to place blame on these protesters for exercising their rights. Granted, this was a negative consequence, but completely unintentional. These protesters get hungry and would be inclined to buy food from the cafe. The fact that the entrance was barricaded was unfortunate to the protesters, and the owner, but certainly great publicity when trying to discredit the protesters and their cause.

    6. No One Important says:

      Well said Mr. Wolf.

      And kudos on being a featured comment.

    7. Joe Frayer says:

      If you read the article, it sounds more like it’s the Police’s fault.
      OWS didn’t set up the blockades, they are practicing their unalienable rights.

      You sound very ignorant..

    8. rlstein says:

      you are so right, these 21 jobs are the nail in coffin after Pfizer, Credit Suisee, Goldman Sachs etc have laid off thousands of jobs just this year while posting record profits but be swayed by every tiny bit of information.

    9. Our rights given by God says:

      If that’s the case that’s a shame and I am definitely sorry to hear that, but how many people lost businesses and jobs due to Wall Street’s selfish and often illegal playing with money? Our WHOLE COUNTRY and for that matter the world is suffering from the actions of Wall Street, huge multinational corporations and the government that is full of people that will do anything for piles of money disguised as donations to their campaign. The people have lost their voice (along with jobs, health care, houses, etc, etc, etc) and the best this “wolf” poster can do is say “get a job”, wolf……quit listening to the puppets on Faux News and open your eyes. OWS and the thousands (yes thousands, it’s over 2,000 now) of Occupy places around the world are not going away. The whole system is corrupt and we’re not taking it any more. And as for “Anna’….you are inciting violence and should be investigated for making a terrorist threat. Grow up people, the Constitution is in shreds and we are no longer a democratic republic. Get your heads out of the sand and look at reality.

    10. rlstein says:

      what about the thousands upon thousands of layoffs by fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse while posting record profits just this year alone. No, no problem there.

    11. scpatriot says:

      Amen! They need a bath and a job.

    12. bruce brinkmann says:

      That’s a shame that these protesters are causing good people to lose their jobs. If these protesters had any respect for their fellowman, they would simply have an organized rally. Clean up the area and return to their homes. There is a difference between a rally and a protest. The former lasts one day, the latter is indefinite.NY. Take your city back!

    13. Nonyabisnass Patrick says:

      The smell generated by these lazy bunch of useless idiots is driving new yorkers crazy. Hey…I got an idea…how about “occupying” a bathtub for a change.

    14. hyp3rcrav3 says:

      Don’t blame OWS blame the city’s unreasonable over reaction.

    15. Rhonda Tracey says:

      how true… you can’t have it all for free.. work like we did.. pay your loans like we did.. stop whining you losers…

    16. rebeccah says:

      there are no protesters anywhere near Milk Street Cafe. I’d say it was the fault of the police who keep the barriers up and cause so much congestion between those who work down there and all the tourists who blocks the skinny squeezed in sidewalks. But again no protesters anywhere near there. Just take down the barriers without any announcement and those of us that do business there will slowly realize and trickle back.. just because you don’t like the protesters doesn’t mean everything is their fault. Even the owner of Milk Street seems to acknowledge that. GET OVER IT.
      oh and your advice – who are you to say that – I have a good city job. I have worked regularly since I was 16 and i pray that my kids will be able to have what I did (possible summer camp, vacations beyond my own backyard (not europe) etc) I grew up in the middle class, have a masters, work full time and live in a railroad apartment. again i say GET OVER IT – the american dream as you explain it doesn’t exist – it’s not laziness.

    17. JFS says:

      They didn’t put up the barriers. They didn’t teargas people, or hit them on the head. OWS is not what’s stopping pedestrian presence and traffic. It’s the RESPONSE to OWS that’s stopping pedestrian presence and traffic.

    18. mark says:

      too many short ladders ,lots of long planks, everybody off. fish food.

    19. Trace Frickin Nobles says:

      Wolf, note the man explicitly stated the Occupiers were not the issue, in fact, they would probably be using the restaurant as they aren’t poor. The barricades from the police that are containing a peaceful protesters are preventing people from accessing the cafe. As a working person myself, I hope that the OWS will maybe get people to realize that we’ve let people who don’t work very hard do a lot of things to working people that hurt them, and they got away with it. For example, giving lower income people by the millions home loans for houses that they can barely afford, on the promise of the American Dream, and reaping the initial sales rewards in bonuses by the billions. Those home buyers have an unexpected bill pop up and are unable to pay their note, now their credit is ruined and the rest of America must bail out “hard-working” banks stuck with millions of homes they no longer receive payments on. That’s working hard alright. Earning your keep is great, but let’s do something about those at the top that don’t. Why don’t you listen to some of the non hippies down at OWS? Not every protester is a college kid looking to relive the sixties they saw on “Across the Universe”. Many sane hard working people are angry at the injustice that has been occurring in the this country since the turn of the century. Never Forget Enron, MCI, GM, Chrysler, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, Madoff, AIG, Countrywide Financial, Citigroup, etcetcetcetc.

    20. Peter says:

      This just proves that WOLF is a tool, a fool and needs to go back to school.
      Lead, follow or GET OUT OF THE WAY! This is not about people not wantin to have professions or have skills and use them. These people arent afraid of work you dipwad. These people have lost their homes to sheisty mortgage contracts, natural disasters, lost jobs to innefectual or indiotic economic decisions, have been misrepresented by representatives, have been lied to, stolen from and then patted on the heads by idiots like you who dont get the point of the protests at all.

      If you want to play house negro go on and do your little dance for the mastahs but this is about americans having a right to make our own destinies. If you want to be a corporate tool your whole life and then get left in the cold when it becomes unprofitable to pay your retirement then go ahead. See your jobin india in about a year.

      1. PV says:

        You are really a fool. You go through your diatribe describing how people made stupid choices which are destroying them, and then finish by saying how people have a right to make their own destinies.

        They did make their choices and obviously didn’t think their actions through and what consequences would result. When they don’t like what happened, then other people are the fault. What is wrong with you morons? You are responsible for yourselves and the life you create. Don’t blame me because you are too stupid to make good choices.

    21. Hiernonymous says:

      THe article puts the blame for his reduced business on the barricades. From what I can gather, the city put those barricades up, not the protesters. Does this PROVE that the CITY is out to eliminate the jobs of WORKING people? Or maybe – just maybe – there are issues here that require more thought and fewer capital letters and chest thumping?

    22. Rick says:

      That’s not what the person featured in the article is saying.

      “I think this is an issue of both Occupy Wall Street and the city officials. There’s protest and how you react to protest,” Epstein said. “If the barriers do not come down, I do not see how we can survive. This has got to become like America again. You have to be free to walk around.”

      As to free handouts???
      That’s absolutely laughable.
      That’s what the banking sector and the financial community get all the time

    23. Callous Disregard says:

      You are just a greedy capitalist pig. Those workers sacrificed their jobs for the greater good of the people. The people will rise up and take control and make everything better. By the way, we need more donations because it’s cold out and we have only 400,000 US dollars in our “bank” and we need more because the people are hungry and justice demands a balanced diet of high quality food provided, for free, by the people for the people. And we need more tents because it’s cold and the cops won’t let a bunch of drugged out hippies play with gasoline and open fire because they are the running dog lackies of the imperialist pigs….who aren’t donating enough stuff to the people. Did I mention we need more donations ?

    24. Hawkeye says:

      To the owner and the employees of this cafe…I urge you to hire an attorney and pursue OWS under the RICO statutes. They have $500,000 that we know about and you deserve it more than those bus. This is a marvelous RICO case . Also, since the OWS has joined The Allegiance for Global Justice their pockets have become immensely deeper.
      I also urge you to pursue Bloomburg and the City of NY under tha same as well as Failure to maintaion order, criminal neglect, and wreckless endangerment.
      Find a young unemployed attorney that will take your case on a contingent bases and bust their a$$es in court!

    25. herbert mokwuah says:

      The LACK OF JOBS amongst other things is the reason, is the reason they are out .Bless your heart you do have a job.I hope you never find the need to have your living condition in need of protesting. Life is funny you know. Anything is possible and no condition is permanent. what would you do if you fell on hard times and the jobs and so-called friends and famillys’ are not supporttive?

  50. Vik says:

    These lazy, filthy punks need to GTF out of New York NOW!!!!!!!!!! Enough already! Mayor Bloomberg — grow yourself a pair!!!

    1. rlstein says:

      why don’t you “grow a pair” and take care of the situation yourself. Or do you always want the government to do everything for you?

      1. Rhonda Tracey says:

        rlstein.. you don’t fool me…. occupier… go occupy your loser lives.. leave the rest of us out of it… you are lazy filthy punks just like vik said… i can’t stand you people

Comments are closed.

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