Paterson Police Arrest 3 Men Caught On Tape In Machete Attack

Paterson Police: Video Shows 1 Man Hacking At Victim 14 Times

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — They’ve got their men.

Police said Wednesday they’ve arrested the trio caught on tape attacking two people, including chopping at one victim with a machete. The Paterson Police Department turned to social media in its hunt for the attackers, posting the stunning video of the attack on its Facebook page.


The incident took place on Sept. 10 at the U.S. Chicken restaurant at 194 Straight St. Police said the “vicious assault” began just before 4 a.m.

There were two attacks, said Paterson Police Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez.

“Both attacks were unprovoked, as far as we could see. Nothing was taken in the second attack,” Rodriguez told CBSNewYork.

In the first case, the victim, seen on the video wearing a white shirt with a black insignia on the top left corner, was attempting to walk out of the restaurant when he was confronted by two men in the doorway. While they talk, police say Omar Villota, 22, comes up behind him and pistol whips him in the back of the head. The trio tumble into the street.

Things then go from bad to worse.

macheteattack Paterson Police Arrest 3 Men Caught On Tape In Machete Attack

L-R: Tyree Seegers, Omar Villota, Johel Gomez (credit: Paterson Police)

A few minutes later, the group comes tumbling back into the restaurant, this time struggling with a second victim. The second victim is seen on tape being repeatedly punched in the face, allegedly by 20-year-old Johel Gomez. Police said Tyree Seegers, 22, then started hacking at the second victim with a machete.

According to police, Seegers is seen on the tape hacking at the victim at least 14 times with the machete. During one of his swings, he chops into Villota, who is continually pistol-whipping the victim. Seegers nearly severs Villota’s right arm, leaving a blood trail that the cops used to track them down.

As the victim lays apparently unconscious on the ground, Gomez allegedly kicks him in the head.

Gomez, Seegers and Villota have all been arrested. Seegers was picked up early Wednesday morning after turning himself in.

Amazingly, despite the intensity of the punches, kicking and hacking with the machete, the second victim is not seriously hurt, police say.

“He’s doing alright,” said Rodriguez. “He was banged up… nothing life threatening, thank God.”

Rodriguez said the reason the victim is still alive is because Seegers was lousy with the machete.

“The one time he swung it straight and effectively, he hit his own counterpart, his owns friend,” Rodriguez said.

Police are still seeking the first victim and want him to come forward.

Rodriguez said he was happy to have a tool like Facebook.

“We turned to Facebook for help… Seegers turned himself in because he felt all this pressure from everywhere.”

Rodrguez said they department will continue to use the social media site to publicize wanted crooks.

If convicted, what do you feel the appropriate punishment in this case is? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Carl says:

    Well, race aside, this was a vicious, unprovoked attack intended to kill or maim. This is why people need to buy a gun. Train with it until you are able to hit the target, and then carry it with you at all times. Screw the concealed carry bullsht. Like the old saying “I’de rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”. I’ll defend myself first and worry about the fallout later. I trust no-one. I go in a resturant at night, I am prepared for whatever happens. Screw with me and mine at your own risk.

  2. Mark Carlton says:

    It’s just hard to believe that three such fine-looking young men would have no place better to be at 4 a.m. And then to misbehave on top of that…

  3. D says:

    steel doors should clamp down on all fried chicken restaurants at 4am every morning, followed by poison gas, cremation and disinfecting spray.

  4. Jason says:

    It’s a good thing NJ has such tough gun control laws. It would be horrible if someone would have stopped the attacks.

  5. Mike R. says:

    We need to decide as a society that we are willing to make incarceration a genuine punishment. As it is, for the most part, in prison, many people with nothing are provided with more than they realistically chose to provide for themselves.

    We need to change the prison system to make it both more cost effective as well as more of a deterrent. We need to put an end to this nonsense, we need to make sure that either criminals are truly rehabilitated, or permanently cut off from society. However, on the same token, we must be sure not to slip down the slippery slope of many communist countries that jail political adversaries and put them to death just because they are “contrary to good order and discipline in society.” Liberty is a delicate balance to maintain.

    1. Mark Carlton says:

      Agreed. There are plenty of things our society needs that could be produced in prisons. And even if there weren’t, a few years making little rocks out of big rocks, and then making sand out of the little rocks, would make reincarceration less attractive.

  6. Andrew Wags says:

    And the black and latino community wonder why we white people put race above logic. Start acting like human beings and we will see you as such.

  7. John says:

    These guys are the 99%. I’ll bet Goldman Sachs made them do it.

  8. Lone Wolf McWayne says:

    Awesome! South American are so cool! Amnesty for all!!! Hooray!

  9. MassJim says:

    Assuming that the death penalty will not be allowed and life without parole would be overturned by some spineless judge, I would think ten years without parole, and lifetime exclusion from any where civilized people congregate.

  10. Donna Andrews says:

    The issues is clear…we need more Machete control laws!!!!

  11. Matamoros says:

    African-Americans behaving like blacks.

    I’m shocked.

  12. John M says:

    These thugs give fried chicken a bad name.

  13. C. L. says:

    Death penalty.

  14. Real talk says:

    All 3 should get Life with no chance of parole. They obviously have no respect for human life and are a drain on society.

  15. Duke Wilson says:

    ___DO NOT FEAR____

    Cowards Like These







  16. Duke Wilson says:





  17. Duke Wilson says:






  18. eddieblue says:

    death via machete & vigilante justice.
    it’ll give other criminals food for thought & might save futur5e victims.

  19. comere says:

    Thugs need to be confronted with lead. It’s the only thing they understand or respect. If all the thugs figured out they’d be shot in the face fairly quickly, they might not attack people just for fun. Everyone get a gun and learn how to use it. Your government won’t protect you, they’ll protect and defend the thug.

  20. Shaquilla says:

    Was there ever any doubt about race when you head the headline?

  21. Mike says:

    This is why I carry a sig p250. machete no match.


    Hate, hate, hate……. Thank you for letting us know who the real sub humans are. Blacks are more likely to be imprisoned for their crimes than whites. Where is the lack of compassion coming from? Innocent people were harmed for an unknown reason it doesn’t matter what racial group the perps were from all that matters is other human beings were assaulted and they need help and to be protected. This can happen in any ciy at any time by anyone to anyone. what have we done to change the culture to promote healthy values, reality shows, break up the american family, TAKE ALL OF THE DECENT JOBS OUT OF AMERICA, you tell me the answer however is not hate, it is COMPASSION, WORKING TOWARDS A COMMON RESOLUTION TO RESOLVE THESE ISSUES, stop arm chair quarter backing the apocalypse your apathy fuels the feelings of disgust and hopellessness that cause these propblems. ASK YOURSELF WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE THINGS BETTER. The time for general malaise is over positive action is required. What socio economic situation leads us to this, when did we get to a point where everybody feels they are entitled to everything? Exculsion is the old way inclusion regardless of race is the new way. Now go get STARTED!

    1. TiredOfThisCrap says:

      Like I said…. One to the head of each of these three = problem solved!

    2. eddieblue says:

      idiot – more blacks are in jail than whties because more blacks commit crimes.

      you love criminals, invite them into your home, feed and house them.
      and see how long you will live.
      bleeding heart idiot – you deserve whatever you’ll get.!

    3. Matamoros says:

      I suppose hate is why less than 20% of black males can even graduate dumbed-down Detroit high schools?

      Explain that.
      How is that whitey’s fault?

      Average black IQ in America is 85. The average IQ of the average criminal is 85. Blacks are not exhibiting criminal behavior because they are black, it is because they are stupid.

      The education statistics tell the truth.
      IQ statistics tell that shameful truth.
      Personal experience should have taught you this by now.

  23. Felix says:

    Radio Free Northwest has the information….

  24. mojo says:

    Anyone looking into if this was a gang mob action? This fits the m.o. of a certain gang, which is know to use other minorities which they let into their gang as street level thugs. Nearly the same thing happened in the town I’m in. No matter, these thugs should get the death penalty. It’s far past time that we, as a country, allowed this kind of low life to continue to live among us.

  25. TiredOfThisCrap says:

    .45 rounds are about a buck apiece. $3 = problem solved. One to the head of each of these vermin and they will never attack anyone else.

  26. Tinala says:

    What is it about fast food places that causes people to go insane?

    1. GSP says:

      The food.

  27. teerover says:

    These guys are nothing but savages, to be treated as such too. Swift justice, no delays are needed. String ’em up by their necks in the town square until dead. I’ld be willing to kick the stool out from under them!

  28. Hannah says:

    Lots of Hate in these Comments. Lots of stupidity and disgusting remarks thrown at each other but no comments about the real crime. Let’s put racism aside. I’m sick of it. Let’s look at these boys as being AMERICAN boys attacking other AMERICAN citizens violently. In my opinion, these boys need to go to jail for a very long long long time! They have so much hate and pain and all they want to do is inflict it on other innocent people. They are really in need of help, like serious help. When you get to that point of such hatred that you go out and just start attacking random people for no reason, there is someone seriously wrong. I’m sick of all the hate in this country right now and all you people commenting are perfect examples of this hatred. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This story isn’t about politics, race, or ethnicity. It isn’t about YOU! This is about what is going on in this world and you guys are part of the problem. Stop this hatred and ignore the morons. They will always make stupid comments, but half of you I know are better than that. Chill out! Start commenting on these boys and their actions not on their last names, race, or your political and religious opinions.

    1. GSP says:

      Sorry, but the only “help” they need is getting them into the ground sooner than they would be if they were civilized, productive members of society.

      1. Hannah says:

        Help can mean anything, DUDE! I’m talking about serious punishment here as well. This can mean a number of things. They can have their hate and pain taken away by what you are talking about or by tons of time in jail. If it was up to me, I would not like to waste our tax dollars giving them nice meals and exercise equipment in jail. But it’s not up to me now is it?

    2. dave_ct says:

      I suggest that everyone get their carry permit This problem is not going away and will only get worse! Be prepared to protect yourself and family.

      ” Glock 23….becasue a cop just doesn’t fit in my holster”

      1. Hannah says:

        I have guns. This would not happen to me. That’s for sure. I’m just making my point.

    3. teerover says:

      These guys are nothing but savages, to be treated as such too. Swift justice, no delays are needed. String ‘em up by their necks in the town square until dead. I’ld be willing to kick the stool out from under them!

    4. eddieblue says:

      Move to Israel., Hannah
      You’ll be happy there.

  29. bamster says:

    Nigs and spics: ruining America one day at a time.

  30. Casey Myers says:

    Thank God I live in the Great State of Texas where I’m allowed to carry a concealed weapon. These dregs would be room temperature if they tried this on an armed citizen. The gene pool would be much cleaner with these idiots gone!

  31. Lincoln Stern says:

    these felons will enjoy a higher standard of living in prison thanks to the 53% who actually pay taxes

  32. dave_ct says:

    A Glock 23….becasue a police officer does not fit in my holster!

  33. Truth says:

    No…it’s obviously Bush’s fault…just ask the Anti-American Great Divider who currently occupies the White House.

  34. Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

    Easily corrected with three intra-cranial injections of copper jacketed lead, caliber 45, weight of cranial suppository 230 grains. Injection behind left ear of patients. anti-social behavior permanently corrected.

    1. dave_ct says:

      Excellent strategy!

  35. Blackavenger says:

    COrrect, the white democrats who fund and run planned parenthood that is aborting black babies like popping out blackheads. PP IS a democrat organization used for population control of minorities. why dont ya call 0bummer and complain to him?

  36. caligula says:

    wow. spics and chimps. shocking.

  37. Bob Steele says:

    Wiggas and niggas maiming and killing just for fun. Any armed citizen could have stopped this mayhem. Arm yourself folks. Better to go to jail on a gun charge than be or allow someone to be hacked to pieces.

  38. Prezlincoln says:

    True.. These Apes are acting normal. Why is everyone so upset. They chimped out. Its Nature ! Not all Negroes Chimp Out, there is 1% that seem to act normal.Dont let the 99% Chimp outs ruin it for the Decent Black Americans

  39. jacko says:

    let them kill each other.. leave them be

  40. me 2 says:

    These animals will most likely end up back on the street due to our great “legal” system. When criminals are caught on video there should be no plea bargains and no trial, straight to jail. I have to appreciate the way that some crimes are handled in third world countries. This system of ours is a joke and the criminals know it.

  41. Dean says:

    God I love multiculturalism. NOT!! Racism is making a come back and you can’t blame white America. My life has never been made richer or more full filled by interacting or living amongst any other race or culture.

  42. mike says:

    He chopped at his friend’s arm, hahaha… maybe these idiots should stop smoking PCP and hanging out at fried chicken joints at 4AM.

  43. db says:

    SImple all 3 in prison forever. NO excuses here, stop talking about race, color, background, social up bringing, poverty, opportunity blah blah blah. This comes down to right and wrong and these 3 should be put away forever. They have proven they are worthless humans who deserve absolutely no rights anymore. DONE END THEM MOVE ON.

  44. Hojo says:

    Why is everybody fighting about race and religion over this? The answer is simple, put the attackers to death, case closed.

  45. brian says:

    I won’t watch the video. Can anyone tell the race of the 2 victims?

    1. Enuff says:

      Do you know any white people that would go to a “US Chicken” restaraunt at 4am?

      1. Philip Damon says:


  46. Huuf says:

    All 3 of them look like they need chopping up…

  47. Aj says:

    Take these sad excuses for men (their MONKEYS, actually) outside the courthouse and cap them. No trial, no nothin!

  48. Right Wing Master says:

    Death penalty for all.

  49. Greg says:

    Maybe we should let them finish the brawl in prison. I know people who would have paid good money to see this fight on pay per view tv. No trial or jury or thousands of dollars wasted on a t rial. Just good ole one on one prison fight. winner take all and loser stays in jail.

  50. Frank M. Davis says:

    Los animales. Obama’s national security force!

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