Kris Jenkins: Jets, Schottenheimer Not Allowing Sanchez To ‘Be A Man’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has taken his lumps this season. He hasn’t been safe from the fans, in the media and reportedly even in his own  locker room.

One name attached to the growing groundswell is former Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, who didn’t hold anything back in an interview Thursday morning with WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

When asked directly if Schottenheimer is preventing quarterback Mark Sanchez from developing into an upper-echelon player, Jenkins responded, “I think so. Yes.”

“(Sanchez) is a true quarterback and he’s going to put the work in,” said Jenkins. “I just don’t think that they allow him to be a man. I think it’s unfortunate.”

Listen: Jenkins with Boomer & Carton

According to Jenkins, it’s a case of Schottenheimer “trying to do too much.”

“Some coaches, they want to be known for being innovative and doing something new and bringing something wonderfully magic to the game,” said Jenkins. “Sometimes you’ve just gotta get back to the basics … and plan to the strength of your players.”

Not even Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum, mostly revered among fans, was safe from the straight talk of Jenkins.

“I think he’s a wonderful businessman,” said Jenkins. “I just don’t think he understands football like that yet.”

As it stands now, Jenkins doesn’t think the Jets will make good on Rex Ryan’s boasts of a Super Bowl title in Indianapolis.

Matter of fact, he doesn’t even think they’ll make the playoffs this year.

“They would have to beat (Buffalo) and New England for me to be convinced.”

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  1. Neil says:

    What will you say if the JETS beat Buffalo and New England the next two weeks? Yes, Shotty sucks, but he is not out there playing the game.

    Let us see this season play out before we go off the deep end. Jenkins was a former Jet now paid to deliver words rather than tackles…..who cares what he says.

  2. Joey says:

    HE’s 100000000% Correct. Klecko has been saying it, fans have been sayingi it, I have been saying, it and it’s obvious by Tom Moore’s hire, Jets management is thinking it. Schotty HAS TO GO. HE IS HORRIBLE. He is not a good coach. you can sit there and say this and that, and it won’t matter. Good coaches plan to the strength of their players and this coaching staff does not do that. Please, this week count how many out routes there are, count how few slant plays there are, check the play selection on short yardage. It’s predictable and pathetic. Schotty is living off his father’s name and he does not deserve to be on the NFL level. The only reason he is, is because of his Dad…enough already. The time to compete is now!

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