Bloomberg Flip-Flopping On OWS?; Protesters Arrested In Sept. Go To Court

Sources: Political Pressure On Mayor To Act Growing By The Second

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The “Occupy Wall Street” protest has been a difficult one for Mayor Michael Bloomberg to get his head around. He started off an ardent supporter of the right to protest, but as the weeks have gone by and the complaints from lawmakers and residents have mounted, he’s started to change his tune.

The drums were beating on Wall Street on Thursday, but they definitely weren’t in tune with Bloomberg’s latest thinking on the protest. He’s upset that the protesters don’t report crimes, like sex-related incidents, in Zuccotti Park to the police, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“It is despicable and outrageous and really allows the criminal to strike again making all of us less safe,” Bloomberg said.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

From the stunning violence by protestors in Oakland, California to reports of sexual assaults and other crimes in Zuccotti Park, there’s concern about rising crime at occupy camps nationwide.

“I’ve been here since day one and I certainly do feel safe here,” Faith Laugier, of East Harlem, told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Others did not agree with Laugier’s sentiments.

“I wouldn’t, considering what I’ve heard in the past, and considering what I see,” Trish Ballart said.

With the movement spreading,  so has crime. In California, protesters say rogue factions are causing trouble. In Dallas, it was the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.  And in New York, the NYPD arrested a demonstrator, accused of sexually abusing a woman.

Fellow protesters admit all they did was surround the suspect, and shame them away.

“It’s being presented in a way that we’re harboring them, those people are being kicked out,” Brent Schmidt said.

Some protesters said the problem is not rampant violence, but isolated incidents, where calls to police, they say, have gone unanswered.

“Well actually we have called 911 and we’ve been hung up on the second we mention Zuccotti Park,” one protester said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s views on the protests have been “evolving.” Some might say he’s flip flopped.

Contrast this comment three weeks ago: “The bottom line is people want to express themselves and as long as they obey the law we’ll allow them to do it,” with what the mayor said about the protests Wednesday.

“This isn’t an occupation of Wall Street. It is an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan and it’s really hurting small businesses and families,” Bloomberg said.

Sources tell Kramer that the mayor’s change of heart is partially the result of heavy lobbying from the Democratic lawmakers who represent the area — people like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who asked the mayor to enforce laws prohibiting excessive noise from drumming which, they said, disturbs neighbors day and night.

As well as sanitary and quality of life laws banning public urination on streets, buildings and sidewalks maybe it was the increased public pressure; maybe not. But on Thursday the mayor seemed to be even more short-tempered with the protesters.

“If you want to yell and scream we’ll make sure you can do it, but you’re not going to do it at the expense of others,” Bloomberg said.

City Hall has not announced any new actions yet against the protesters, but Speaker Silver’s chief of staff met Wednesday with Bloomberg’s deputy mayor, Howard Wolfson, to demand some changes.

Now the proverbial ball is in the mayor’s court.

Meanwhile, 78 protesters who were arrested during a march in Union Square on Sept. 24 had their first day in court Thursday.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports

The majority of the arrests were for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic, police said. Two were charged with resisting arrest.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports many of the arrested protesters want to go to trial. They are due back in court Jan. 9.

Attorney Martin Stolar, who represents some of the protesters, said the demonstrators claim they did nothing wrong.

Some of the protesters took a deal from prosecutors called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or ACD, which will put the cases on track to be dismissed if they stay out of trouble for six months.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says there were 14 no shows for court and said in all, 53 refused the ACDs, nine accepted the deal, one case was dismissed and the case for one who was charged with a misdemeanor was adjourned.

The clash between protesters and police on Sept. 24 sparked a huge response by Occupy Wall Street and others when video was released on YouTube showing officers pepper spraying a group of women who were cordoned off by orange netting.

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested in Occupy demonstrations around New York. About 700 were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge back on Oct. 1.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who had been identified as the officer in the YouTube video seen pepper spraying the women on Sept. 24, was docked 10 vacation days after the NYPD ruled he had violated department guidelines.

Bologna’s union has said his actions were done out of a concern for the safety of officers and the of the public.

The lawyer for one of the women, teacher’s aide Kaylee Dedrick, has urged prosecutors to bring criminal charges against Bologna.

As those 78 protests went before a judge Thursday, the rest of the Occupy Wall Street movement planned to take on Goldman Sachs Thursday afternoon.

According to its website, demonstrators are marching to Goldman Sachs’ headquarters.

Before the march, OWS said there would be a rally in Liberty Square Park with various speakers and “expert analysis from Ralph Nader, Cornel West and Chris Hedges.”


One Comment

  1. Average American says:

    Sexual attacks at Occupy events… How surprising, a group of people who are all stating their position of wanting to take what belongs to other people are doing just that..

  2. Tee-Jay says:

    A little something for O.W.S. to think about…

    1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
    3. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
    4. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    5. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.
    6. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
    7. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
    8. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
    9. You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
    10. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they will not do for themselves.

    – William J. H. Boetcker, 1942 (often attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

  3. Bill says:


  4. Albert Right says:

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

  5. squanto says:

    If you still have money, stop buying things you don’t really need. Think about where the stuff comes from, how many american workers got canned so that a megacorp could make their shell game a little more attractive to the folks who still like to gamble, or have so much money they don’t think about survival at its most basic.

  6. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS: all talk, no action. They’re waiting for the cops to kick them out so they can save face.

  7. Andrew Nutra says:

    In the end, everyone knows the OWS would have accomplished nothing. When asked what their focus is you get a list of non-answers. Their legacy will be cold weather, staying warm using corporate made products, rapists, ex-cons and the homeless eating their gourmet food and really bad drumming.

  8. Frank says:

    We had folks like the OWs where I grew up in Brooklyn. We called them “getovers”.

  9. sage says:

    OWS dont need to reinvent the wheel to succeed just link with:
    the workers union who have become power brokers in America by holding THEIR position to make the powers that be come crawling to them
    the civil rights movement that succeeded in changing America by keep moving by marching peacefully keeping their eyes on the prize
    the teapartiers who have in a short time became a potent political force by brewing a potent message.

  10. sage says:

    Bloomberg can at will go from left to right and back again…..forget he is now an independent?

  11. Philip Scharfy says:

    When it comes to dealing with socialist radicals, liberals like Bloomberg have the backbone of paramecia. Rudy G would have had those bums out of there a month ago.

    Bloomber needs to grow a pair, man-up and start protecting the citizens who actually work for a living and give these scrounges the heave-ho

  12. LezLorene Sambajon says:

    Mayor Bloomberg has been lying through his teeth. He says that he is in support of the protest but in reality he wants them to go back home and go back to a job that won’t appreciate them.

  13. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS: “Waaaah, I was well to do enough to borrow $200K to study Medieval Eastern Ugandan Poetry and now I can’t find a job. Life’s not fair! Someone owes me a job and I ain’t taking minimum wage either! “

    1. T DESMOND says:


    2. The Realist says:

      If they feel that somebody “owes” them a job, then they should do what REAL Americans do: (1) identify the SPECIFIC job to which they’re entitled and (2) SUE both the employer and the person who nowhas that job.

  14. candy10011 says:

    He’s not a flip-flopper. He’s a fake.

  15. fed up with the hypocrisy says:

    Is it me or does the OWS seem like a bunch of victims. The want to blame the banks and corps for all their problems. When people took the loans on houses they could not afford, was there a mortgage broker with a gun at their head? When I sign for a loan I know for a fact what I am signing and whether I am beyond my means. Why when we make a mistake it’s always someone else’s fault? People need to take responsibility for their own actions. As one commenter puts it, there are people risking it all to get in this country. We still live in the land of opportunities and if we don’t stop whining and do something constructive the rest of the world will be ahead of us.

  16. seth says:

    It appears now that there are 2 groups who can claim to be the 1%. The top wealthy 1%, who some say are greedy, and the bottom 1% who dont contribute to society, expect everything for free and live on handouts and pity. I’d rather be in the top 1%.

  17. Swamp Yankee says:

    I’d like to see a Goldman Sachs recruiter walk by there and yell “Hey, first 25 of you have the job!”

    Want to bet they’d change their coats faster than Benedict Arnold?

    Instead of creating a public nuisance with their drumming and whining, they should try doing some of the manual-labor jobs I haven’t seen a white person do in 20 years–the new immigrants have no problem finding work, I promise you. Because they’re willing to do anything–with a SMILE!

    1. The Realist says:

      The protesters don’t want jobs. They want HANDOUTS.

  18. simon goldfarb says:

    This communist mayor is a disgrace to the Jewish race.

    1. The Realist says:

      “Jewish” is a religion, not a race.

    2. liz says:

      Simon, I agree! There is NO leadership. He is a true YUTZ!!!! This city is in complete shambles and these jerkoffs down at Z. KRAP have taken over and the rest of us (who live in the area) well – oh well the hell with us! This so called Mayor is an abomination and needs to be removed from office. It’s a complete insult to have Gloomberg as the Mayor of this city. The people who live and work in the area have rights too!

  19. Vik says:

    Hey Oakland PD — bring your tear gas here. We need more cleanup! And if you have any extra pooper-scoopers from your cleanup over there, bring those along too. And bug repellant.

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      You left out shackles for the real criminals in the penthouses.

      1. Vik says:

        At least the criminals in penthouses are sh!tting and f’ing in their own homes and not on a sidewalk where people walk. Disgusting!!! Get the F out of NYC! My tax money is paying to change your f’in diaper, a@##$oles!

        1. Todd & Meagan says:


          Inhale our collective anal vapor.

  20. Andrew Nutra says:

    If things are so bad in this country how people from all over the world are still risking their lives and leaving their families to try a new life here?

  21. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS are people who are well to do enough to borrow $200K to study liberal arts in college and now demand that they be given jobs. This is a land of opportunity, not promises!

    1. The Realist says:

      They’d prefer the paycheck without the job. Instead of the American Dream, they want an American Handout.

  22. Bloomberg double talk says:

    Does Bloomberg call for justice when he sees the FED, and his Wall St cronies committing Major Global Financial injustices?

    oy vee… gelt gelt gelt….

  23. Barbie Q says:

    The mayor and the MSM want nothing more then to discredit and banish the true patriots of our time. Meanwhile the real criminals up in their ivory towers get away with the destruction of the global economy and remain free and protected by our billionaire mayor. I think what it has come down to is “no justice no peace”.

  24. Slim Pickens says:

    The mayor and the MSM want nothing more then to discredit and banish the true patriots of our time. Meanwhile the real criminals up in their ivory towers get away with the destruction of the global economy and remain free and protected by our billionaire mayor. I think what it has come down to is “no justice no peace”.

  25. Fidi2006 says:

    Wonder what Bloomberg and all will have to say when a resident actually gets injured, attacked, or worse by this increasingly more violent mob? Where are the residents’ rights? Ignored compeltely.

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      The only violence that I and the world have seen on film was by the bank financed NYPD.

      1. Vik says:

        Go Pick your A$$ and hug a fleabagger in Zuccotti Park

        1. Andrea says:

          Fleabagger? That is the best one I’ve heard! Love it!

  26. edrews says:

    I wonder if the arrest records that the protesters get because of this, will help them get a good job. I’m going to guess that the arrest record will likely keep them OUT of a number of jobs that might be good, well-paying, jobs. I guess that willl give them more reasons to protest in the future, as they will not be able to get a job.

  27. ericm says:

    Yaaaaaaaaawn. Huh? What? Oh…they’re still protesting? Wake me when it’s over.

    1. nygrump says:

      Why would anyone bother to wake you up? Enjoy your slumber…the banksters will get your life savings at some point. No one is safe, Madoff and Corzine make that clear, the banksters steal from anybody

  28. Honest Rob says:

    @Michael H
    Protestors are photographed Defecating on Cop cars, the American flag and urinating throughout the neighborhood.

    If it were you or me we’d be spending time on Riker’s. Two sets of rules. One for the cops, one for the rest of us.

  29. SilverSurfer691 says:

    Remember Kent State 4 dead in Ohio.

    1. ericm says:

      stop it already. no comparison, and you know it. kent state wasn’t a mob. it was a college campus demonstration. OWS is a mixed bag of idiots.

  30. Curious says:

    Maybe I haven’t noticed but has Christine Quinn taken a stand on the whole OWS issue?

    1. ericm says:

      Fun? Tell that to the local residents and businesses that are NOT having fun.

  31. Michael H. says:

    Tony Bologna assaults a non-violent protester and loses ten vacation days. If it were you or me we’d be spending time on Riker’s. Two sets of rules. One for the cops, one for the rest of us.

    1. ericm says:

      you are a one trick pony with this ‘two sets of rules’ nonsense. c’mon. you can do better.

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