Police Find Missing Brooklyn Boy Last Seen On School Bus

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — He’s safe and sound.

Police have located a missing 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn who was last seen getting off the school bus Wednesday afternoon.

Police say 11-year-old Taiheen Shuler was last seen inside of his school bus as he was getting off just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Shuler was found Thursday and is said to be doing well.

  • jenny

    Learn to read people:

    “Shuler was found Thursday and is said to be in good shape.”

  • DaEmph

    why do whites have to make the stupidest comments what it comes to children of color, now let it be one of “their” kids….I’m gonna crack joke too next time then. See how that feels.

    • 123

      how talented that you can tell the color of a person’s skin without seeing them… I guess all whites sound alike, huh? Get over yourself please. It doesn’t work for the health of society. YES, there is racism in NYC, but not EVERYTHING that displeases you can be attributed to that.

  • Ginger Snap

    I just posted this to facebook, it may help find him. If any of you have facebook please post as well. You never know, some one may have the info. they are looking for.

  • Gingersnaps60

    This is a healthy and handsome young man. People try to be compassionate please. His family is obviously worried and scared as I am sure this young man is. I pray that he is alive and as unhurt as possible. I hope that who ever has taken him will just leave him so someone can find him.

  • Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport

    Lost a pair of sunglasses 2 weeks ago. Just bought another pair and bent them when I lied down on them. Uggh.

  • nypj

    lisa irwin goes missing on the other side of the country some where, and you have so much details, what the house address is, where the family was, etc, etc… this is a local boy who has gone missing and this is the best that you can do? WHERE did this happen? give some kind of clues so that people know to be more alert…

  • Laura J Vazquez

    Truly sad… hope the end of the world is 2012…people have lost their sense of compassion.. He’s an 11 year old boy, and people are getting off on his disappearance….disgusting.

  • Jessica Franco

    Oh god, not again. I hope they find him. People need lives and you idiots who post these ridiculous comments are nothing but a bunch of retards.

  • Hip hop hamburger

    Did he steal the bus?

  • SueZ

    123 your right on target…They should give as much info as possible including what he was last seen wearing…shoddy journalism.

  • 123

    Brooklyn’s a big place. Don’t they think it might be more helpful to say IN WHAT NEIGHBORHOOD he was last seen???

    oh yeah, and Jay? You’re an ass.

  • Jay

    Damn white people did it.

    • Liberals Are Evil

      You are an asshole! A kid is missing and you have to b a moron!

      • SAINT

        Wow, now all of a sudden you have a conscience, I THANK JESUS FOR CHANGING YOU!

      • Laura J Vazquez


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