Activists Renew Calls To Ban Horse-Drawn Vehicles In NYC Following Yet Another Collapse

Carriage Association Disputes Claim, Saying Animal Got 'Tangled' After 'Bucking'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A horse collapsed while pulling a carriage at the intersection of 60th Street and Broadway on Friday, right in the middle of the evening commute.

According to the ASPCA, the horse was suspended pending a veterinary exam and won’t return to work until the exam is completed.

It was the second horse to collapse in the street in two weeks. Last week a spooked horse crashed outside Central Park. Animal advocates say enough is enough.

“Yet again it’s another illustration of why these horses do not belong on the streets of New York City,” said Carly Knudson of New Yorkers for Clean and Livable Safe Streets.

However, a spokesperson for the Horse and Carriage Association of New York e-mailed CBS 2 early Saturday morning disputing the claim that the horse had collapsed, saying: “This horse did not ‘collapse.’ All horses were suspended from working most of this week due to storm damage in Central Park. The combination of the long period with no work and the cold snap led to this horse exhibiting normal, frisky horse behavior by bucking. A hind leg tangled with the shaft of the carriage, the horse fell, and stayed down calmly while people unhooked him from the carriage. He was walked back to his stable under his own power, without further incident.”

Last month, 15-year-old draft horse “Charlie” dropped dead as he pulled a carriage to work at Central Park. A necropsy revealed he had several ailments, including a fractured tooth and a chronic stomach ulcer.

“Some of these horses have underlying health conditions that are not being noticed or picked up in the mandatory Department of Health fact checks,” Knudson said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a long-time supporter of the horse and carriage trade, what he called a major source of tourism revenue. He’s not wavered from his position to keep the horses on the street.

“Most of them probably wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t have a job,” Bloomberg said recently.

State Sen. Tony Avella, however, has sponsored legislation to ban the horse and buggy rides.

“I challenge the Mayor and Speaker Quinn now to end this practice because shame on them if they continue to allow this to go on,” he said.

Infuriated by the latest incident, Avella asked how many more accidents need to happen before the practice is stopped.

“How long are we going to continue to have the cruelty to the animals, horses dropping dead in Midtown traffic? Plus the danger to pedestrians and motorists?” Avella said.

Should horse-drawn carriages be banned in New York City? Sound off in our comments section below…


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  1. Ferdinand says:

    Unfortunately most here in this comment blog don’t realize what happens to a horse when it no longer “works.” Check out horse slaughter…and how many people in this country advocate for this. Its true, research this. So I can tell you that when these animals are done with their use they are sent to “auction,” where people think they are going on to a green pasture, but are just being bought up and shipped to canada or mexico for slaughter….yes people, we in this country banned it, and now these animals have to stand in trailers intended for cows and endure a trip north or south before they are shot in the head or electocuted for human or pet food consumption. They are killed people, but tortured with a 1000 + mile trip before they do it!!! WAKE UP….read…Sen. Max Baucus wants to reinstitute this practice in the US….open your eyes, take off your rose colored glasses!! Bloomberg knows exactly what he’s talking about!

  2. Kristin says:

    Do any of you understand that all of these carriage horses would just be sent to the slaughterhouse if they banned the practice, along with the millions of others that are sent there yearly? Their meat is sold to Europe.

  3. ohsnap! says:

    I don’t believe these animals should be working on the streets of NYC. I often think of the stress of traffic, the pollution they have to breathe and work in everyday. It was different when horses were the normal mode of transportation. Now if the horses outnumbered the cars, that would be different. As it is, no.

  4. Charlotte says:

    My two cents… i think horses should continue to work in New York City. I think the health department or animal services should be taking better care to make sure that the horses are being taken care of. But I see no reason to not allow them to continue to pull carriages through Central Park. I don’t think it is cruel at all.

  5. Chris says:

    Unfortunately if these horses lose their jobs it’s the dog food factory for them rather than retirement to the happy horsey community farm. People need to think about the consequences before they go suggesting that these horses would be better off without a role. I guess we don’t see ill treated draft horses on farms any more, of course the majority worked but had as good a life as their owners and were always well cared for. But along came the tractor and suddenly the dog food didn’t taste quite so beefy for a while. Careful what you ask for.

  6. coloradopam says:

    Wake up and smell the 21st century people. We do not use horses for transportation anymore. This is pure expoitation. Any of you who feels this is okay should be hooked up to a carriage and forced to drag people around the cramped, busy, smog-filled streets of NYC. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    1. Chris says:

      Ask the horses if they’d rather be dead. Or don’t you know this country has more horses than it knows what to do with? Cared for and working is better than discarded and eaten.

  7. Heather Vernon says:

    Wow.. I can tell that most of you people have never owned a horse in your life. You can’t MAKE a horse do something it does not want to do. Try getting 1500 lbs to do something it does not like. You can’t. Our horses work with us.. we are partners, friends, and family. Horses like dogs strive to please us and do what we ask. In exchange they are well taken care of.. Remember wild horses only live a short time. They die due to diseases, starvation, and injury. Domesticated horses live up into their 30’s. You can’t tell me that man/horse relationship does not work out well for the horse in the end.

    1. Dubloh7 says:

      I am truly glad that your horses are treated well, and you work in a partnership with them. This is just an FYI. In my youth and young adulthood, I owned my horses who were also my friends. I also worked for a horse trainer and we had literally hundreds of horses each year come through our facility. If you believe that you can’t make a horse do something, then you have (happily) never seen the ugly side of the horse world. The poor auctions and the cheap dealers, out to make a buck. I have seen things I wish I could forget, but thought I was too young or powerless to act against. I know better now, but a horse CAN be forced to do something it doesn’t want to. Let’s all try to make our pets and companion animals know that they can depend on us.

  8. Beth Boyle says:

    Horses like people have good days and bad and some get sick and accidents happen. I have driven horses for years and It’s much easier on a horse then being ridden. Horses are still being trucked to Canada by the thousands and slaughtered for meat. If you think these horses would be better off not working you are mistaken. In these hard times many, many horses are just being put to sleep by their owners or trucked over the border to end up as dog food or on a table being eaten in France.. My mare is now retired and its really expensive to keep her going but we do because if we sold her she would end up killed for meat in all likelihood. The public has no idea about what goes on. Retired horses do not live happily ever efter much of the time.

  9. iggy says:

    and when the show horse died after smashing its legs into wooden barriers in a sport for the rich, no one said a word about banning the sport. hypocrites

  10. Donna Schultz says:

    This must stop. My friends and I will be boycotting NYC until the carriage horse program is dissolved. No plays, movies, dining, museums, attractions until this is fixed and the horses are in pastures. Not dead like the mayor insinuated they would be if they weren’t working. I will only enter the city to participate in vigils and protests. Please join me in this and help make the mayor see how it affects the city finances as opposed to his distress over no horses no money. Please join me in this and make this midevil horror known so others may join also and the city can see the toll it may take. Also, the ASPCA is now removed from my will until they step up to the plate on this cause. Sincerely Donna Schultz

    1. Beth Maxwell Boyle says:

      You have never lived on a farm or around horses have you?

    2. Heather Vernon says:

      That’s ok.. My horse friends and I will go and be sure to take a carriage ride to support the HORSES in NYC. You realize that if these horses don’t have a job to do they will be sent to auction??? Do you know what happens to horses that go to auction? If you love these horses so much you should be paying for the carriage rides that PAY FOR THEIR FEED AND HEALTH CARE!!

  11. Jane Doe says:

    I wonder how many of you people actually know anything at all about horses. I don’t mean crap you’ve “heard”, or read on the internet, but actual, solid knowledge of horses. Until you have real, hands on experience with an animal like that, you really have no room to make your comments. Horses are LIVESTOCK, and if they didn’t have a job, there would be absolutely no point to them being. Yes, they’re beautiful, magnificent animals, but they’re not dogs, and they have to work for a living. I agree they need to be treated humanely, and with respect, but give me a break. These cab horses aren’t being abused. You can tell just by looking at most of them how healthy, and well cared for they are. Why would the owners abuse their income? If they don’t take care of these animals, they can’t make a living. Simple as that.

    1. Beth Maxwell Boyle says:

      These posters clearly know nothing about horses.

  12. Bobbi Smith says:

    Of course they should be banned from the streets of “NEW YORK CITY”….what are you Bloomberg…NUTS! And everyone else who lets this so called tourism business continue….you have NO BRAINS!!!! A horse belongs in a pasture, ya know, on a farm….what the hell is wrong with the way your brains work? Oh sorry, YOUR BRAINS DON’T WORK! YOU ARE THE SICK PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH THAT DESERVE NOTHING LESS THAN NOT BEING ON THIS EARTH ANY LONGER IN GOD’S EYES!!!!

  13. PK says:

    As a owner of horses – NO! No to banning horses in the carriage trade. No to banning Police horses. No to banning horse rentals in Central Park.

    Animal Rights “people” (and I use the term loosely) won’t be happy until cats, dogs, hamsters, Guinea Pigs, etc are banned – banned in the Cities and banned in the country.

    As a human being I’m insulted by those who say animals have the same rights that I do.

    1. beth says:

      And I am ashamed to be part of the same species as you. You sound like a real first class animal lover with a huge and generous, emphathic heart.

    2. Jane Doe says:

      As an animal lover, and a former breeder of stock horses, I have to agree with your comments. Animals have rights, to a point – they have the right to humane treatment, and the right to be treated with respect. They do not, however, have the right to be treated like human beings. I love my horses, and I love my other animals, but these animal rights activists are getting way out of hand.

  14. Mary Kecko says:

    FACT: Horses worked the streets of NYC long before cars were even thought of. BAN THE CARS from NYC – THis will provide a safer environment for the horses to do their job, that they havebeen doing for hundreds of years and return many horses to work that have not been able to work because of the cars.!! THis will eliminate the traffic congestion and pollution from the cars and Create additional jobs for people such as – Pooper scoopers, groomers, vets, stable hands, etc from the increase in horses working again. Leave the horses alone, increase the oversight in their proper care and ban the cars and STUPID people!!

  15. libby says:

    how many of you ‘animal lovers’ posting here have leather seats in your car, wear leather jackets or shoes, wool hats, sweater and mittens when it’s cold and let your kids use crayons?

    these horse are draft animals, bred to pull PLOWS in FIELDS. pulling a lightweight vis-a-vis carriage made of light weight wood on wheels on a paved street is nothing for them. i worked in boston as a carriage driver for 10 months (september to june) and those horses i drove had a better life than i did.

  16. rachel york says:

    If these horses don’t have a job, they’ll be sent to Canada for hamburger. Do you want to take one of these horses home? Thinking you are advocating the right thing, you’ll have unintended consequences.

    1. Beth Maxwell Boyle says:

      Exactly. All of these people posting about ending the use of carriage horses need to watch this:

  17. Psion says:

    I notice every time the news reports on a carriage incident or a video shows up on YouTube that shows how cruel the carriage industry is, these parasites waste no time spreading their despicable lies. Yeah, they treat their horses so well, one of them had a painful ulcer and a cracked tooth because he’s living like a king.

    That fat pig Quinn and that sorry excuse of a mayor should’ve been in office during the days when Tammany Hall was at its strongest. They would’ve fit right in. A nice perfect fit.

  18. Tess says:

    The pro-carriage industry statements remind me of an old Monty Python routine. A man brings back a parrot that he had just bought from a pet shop. His complaint was that the pet shop sold him a dead parrot. The man then proceeds to have an argument with the store owner, who insists that the parrot is not dead, he’s just sleeping. Of course the parrot is obviously dead, but the store owner just keeps insisting that there’s nothing wrong with the parrot.

    In the same way, no matter how many accidents happen involving carriage horses, no matter how many horses die, the carriage industry, along with Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, just keep insisting that there’s nothing wrong with having horses pull carriages around the streets of New York City.

  19. HoovesforNewYork says:

    Keep the horses!
    Alot of these horses would not be adopted and would just be slaughtered. No horse volunteers for execution. Truth is that if the horses were out in the wild, they would have it worse. They would be dealing with the elements constantly, forest fires, no medical care, no guaranteed feeding, wild dogs and other predators.
    The carriage horses have reasonably good lives for horses. All horses can not be pets. The large draft horses are built for work and for centuries have been working and still living out the full life span for the breed.
    Anyone who can’t see a horse drawn carriage when driving a car is a menace. If they fail to yield or even observe the horse and carriage, how can they possibly avoid striking pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles? Signs should be posted advising them of horse drawn vehicles, the need for motorists to yield and severe penalty for failing to do so such as temporary license revocation.
    No one wants to see any horse or driver or person hurt period.
    If they want to add more vet care for the horses, I am fine with that. I am fine with giving the horses the best care available and the proper diet as well as rest time when the horse needs it.
    However, I am against removing all horses due to a couple of problems since the problems are infrequent. The carriage horse that got tangled in the equipment is a rarity but horses sometimes have problems in barns and paddocks under the best care so this does not mean the horse is not getting care.. The horses do get petted, do receive treats, do have stalls to protect them from the elements. When it comes to being ground up for dog food, all the horses would vote “Neigh” (Nay is the translation) And sadly, most of the older ones and the less attractive ones would be put down right away.

    1. pam irvin says:

      u really have ur blinders on.this cruel practice needs to be banned immediately, let tourists get out and walk like other cities. thiis is just another form of slavery that is perpetuated in this country. all beings wish to be free, not just we humans

      1. pk says:

        “thiis is just another form of slavery that is perpetuated in this country. all beings wish to be free, not just we humans”

        That is one of the silliest argument statements I’ve ever heard. Animals cannot, nor are they, slaves. Get your head out of a dark place and open your eyes/ears and think things through before you spout propaganda you’ve been spoon fed.

      2. Jane Doe says:

        Are you serious? I could set every one of my horses free, and I can guarantee you every, single, one of them would be home by supper time! You want to free all the animals? Are you going to be the one picking up all the carcasses when they start starving to death?

  20. hawaii bob says:

    F,,K U anti-horse okoles! let the horses work.

  21. Walter Hubbard says:

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  22. Erin Annis says:

    Let me ask all of you people who think what these cabbies do is right what would happen if i brought my horse to New York and tried to walk him down the middle of the street in traffic? I know what would happen. I would be fined and my horse would be removed from me because livestock are not allowed in the city streets and my horse would be a danger to the community and traffic. Not to mention all of the risks to my horse itself. BUT Because these horses make money who cares about anyones well being or safety? If livestock arent allowed in city limits go find out why… Ill go ahead and tell you….Sanitary reasons, no good place to keep the animals and keep them healthy…Public safety…among others, so what makes it ethical for these horses to be here??? OH YEAH $$$$$$$$! Thats right! The almighty $$$$. How silly of me. Money is whats important here, not the animals. And let me ask all you people who say these animals would have been slaughtered if not for this industry, WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE HORSES WHEN THEY CAN NO LONGER PERFORM THEIR DUTIES AS SLAVES IN NEW YORK??? If these animals dont belong in city limits for me and you ( and let me tell you that my horses would be way more cared for than these animals) is money a good enough reason for that rule to be broken? I guess if all you care about is money thats fine, but not for me. These horses belong on farms where they have room to run and be horses. Not shoved in some stall and only taken out when they are walked around on city streets. Where im from you MUST have 10 acres per horse or they will be removed. Do these horses have even one acre? I thought not.

  23. Only Selfish People Exploit Animals says:

    Ban this cruel practice. People who exploit animals, no matter the excuse, are not thinking about anything but themselves and their own pleasure.

    Hire people to pull the carriages. Dress them up in silly little outfits. At least they’ll be doing it voluntarily. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg would like that idea as it will create more jobs.

  24. Meme Meyagi says:

    unless these activist will pull the carriages themselves, i suggest they go about solving real problems. like reversing current policies in usa, which turned it into a police state.

  25. Karola says:

    This must stop. Stop animal slavery!!!

  26. Andrea Lang says:

    As a tourist it breaks my heart to see such middle ages practise with working animals in the streets. This is 2011!!! Mr. Bloomberg – do you have a heart in your body? Animals should not be working, suffering or dieing in the streets of NYC. Not for money, not for fun, not for tourists not considering what they do.
    Stop this now and free these animals from extreme stress, horror, slavery and cruel accidents or even death!

  27. Swamp Yankee Horseman says:

    If animal welfare groups would like to choose a battle worth winning, go after the bottom 5% of the horse industry–the breeders, owners, and commerical dealers who contribute to the over-supply of horses and then refuse to take responsibility for what they bring into the world and own. Did you know that most lamed or too-slow racehorses go straight from the track to slaughter, for the sake of nothing more than full depreciation on their owners’ tax returns?

    The problem is NOT responsible owners who are giving healthy horses good care and reasonable jobs. I can tell you from a lifetime with them that most horses LIKE having a job, same as people. Go and feast your eyes on what people are dumping at the Camelot and New Holland auctions for LACK of a job, good care and an owner who wants them before you vilify the carriage drivers of NY!

    An intelligent solution for all would be to confine horses to Central Park itself and stable them there.

    1. Andrea says:

      Stop these lies about horses “want to be bondaged in leatherstrings and freeze in the city streets of NYC among extreme traffic”! Animals want to be free, run and be in the nature, where they belong!

      1. Swamp Yankee Horseman says:

        And who’s going to feed them there, just curious? Do you think there would BE any horses at all if people didn’t domesticate them? Exactly what planet do you inhabit?

      2. pam irvin says:

        my sentiments exactly, andrea

      3. Beth Maxwell Boyle says:

        Yeah they would be free, free to board the truck to be slaughtered in Canada.

  28. Marisa Penelski says:

    We don’t live in a horse-drawn carriage society. Having them is archaic and satisfies human hubris to experience some sort of childhood fairytale. These horses suffer and are not well cared for, as we have seen from recent events. These majestic creatures should be cared for and respected.

  29. 212HORSEPOWER says:

    Let’s hope the Mayor remembers this as part of his “review of the industry” FACT!

  30. Deborah Zarb-Cousin says:

    I would love to visit NYC with my family but i know my heart would break if I saw the poor carriage horses. Please make NYC a sophisticated city and not an example of animal cruelty



    1. pam irvin says:

      luv this!

  32. 212HORSEPOWER says:

    Anyone with a good eye can clearly witness that “16 to 17 hand” measurement is not often followed. It may be what they are taught in carriage horse school 101 but the drivers don’t comply with that or much else. Plus a horse’s nostrils do not have to be inhaling fumes directly from the tailpipe to pose a health issue. The tourists whose business you take in with your cash business (is that tax-free?) often specifically ask for “buggy rides”. When they learn the truth or are victims of what can happen when riding in one, they speak out. We are grateful for them.

    1. Jewel Kaye says:

      Lizzie, what are you talking about? There is no law that dictates a horse must be 16 or 17 hands. Must be hard for you to post on a forum that doesn’t delete comments that don’t gibe with your uninformed POV.

  33. Eva Hughes says:

    We just got some VERY good news for the carriage industry: because of the recent fuss now being made about the horse who fell and got up unharmed, Mayor Bloomberg, who has been under fire from the RARAs and Sen Avella et al, has called for a “review of the industry.”
    We wholeheartedly SUPPORT this review, we welcome it with open arms. As we have said time and again, we have nothing to hide. We look forward to whatever review the Mayor has in mind.
    Thank you, Mr. Mayor — we will be exonerated!

  34. Renee Montillo says:

    Not only should our attention be on the Hansom carriage horses, but also on Greyhounds that are abused at race tracks. All this animal abuse for the love of money! People will turn a blind eye to these horrors if money is to be made.

  35. George Richardson says:

    To all of you that have never taken a carriage ride in NYC I challenge you to do it before opening your mouths and slipping a hoof in there. These horses are well fed, well watered and well loved by their owners. You can pet them and even feed them if you know how to. They are the gentlest creatures I have ever met. Now for those of you that are concerned about death’s of horses in the streets, may I remind you that people crossing the street, and walking on the sidewalk, going to the theatre. eating at a restaurant, drop dead all the time. Should restaurants be banned, should sidewalks be banned, should streets be banned, should ball parks be banned…a few die in ballparks every year..from underlying causes every year? Or should people be banned without having several MD’s examine their fitness to walk the streets of New York? I will almost bet you the the cab crash was the cabbies fault. The horses would probably be dead..they had no other function and would have been slaughtered. It is sad to see any animal die. I am a total animal lover. This practice has been going on for a very long time. We kill, every year on our highways over 35,000 people. Not even close to the few horses that have died. And that’s we all of the .new safety equipment in the cars today. Put this in perspective..these animals are loved..these unfortunate incidents are not that common, but every weekend and week accidents are. Leave the Hanson cab industry alone..or outlaw people coming out of their homes. They can die just as easily there. They don’t have to take up the time of the NYPD and NYFD.

    1. 212HORSEPOWER says:

      George: People choose to work and walk the streets and drive carelessly on highways and take the risks. Horses rely on us to protect them. This cannot be done in New York City. People are also capable of seeing without blinders on, walking, running or driving without being encased in equipment or prodded or whipped into submission to be a tourist attraction or have metal bit jabbing in their mouths to work. It is ludicrous to compare car accidents with horse fatalities. These horses do not choose to do this. Even if it’s as you say it’s “the cabbies fault” that is another reason these horses do not belong on the city streets in 2011 or would you prefer a ban on cabbies? Horses are prey animals. They frighten and startle easily and it can be a sound, a movement an odor anything that can suddenly set them off in fear. The City streets cannot be made to be safe and humane for these horses, many already tired, arthritic and have worked hard before they even got to the City streets. Don’t assume that the drivers “love” these horses. Of course they have to feed and “water” them to keep them in some form to work. It doesn’t mean “love”. It does not matter the length of time that this business as been afloat. You say “the horses would probably be dead” if they had no other function. What makes you think they are not dead once they leave this cruel and unsafe industry? The drivers and horse owners are not accountable for how they dispose of a carriage horse no longer able to work. A horse does not have to be purchased at a kill auction to be put to more forced labor. Contrary to what you may have heard, not every horse needs a “job” and it is not an excuse to keep the slave labor of these horses alive. If you were a true “animal lover” you would understand this. If you don’t expect the NYPD or FDNY to get involved in a city horse accident, who do you expect to involved? Certainlly not the carriage horse industry who can quickly discard an injured or dead horse and mangled carriage without a trace of accountability?

      1. Lilliana Vegana says:

        well said!, hope this stops soon, a new mayor for NYC is needed… I pray this horse was sent to a nice pasture and is not locked up in a stall in a building suspended, paying for his exhaustion, if you ask where the horse is now, the cab company will probably state “no comment”. Oh… and I know for a fact that the horses once retired are sent to slaughter because there are no adoption programs for all the retired NYC working horses, most of the owners oránd drivers only use the horses and once not able to work anymore they are of no interest to them to keep.

        1. Lorraine says:

          Stop spreading lies. There is an adoption program at Blue Star Equiculture. It is one thing to have an opinion. Once you start stating things as “facts” you have to back them up. Some proof of your assertion, please?

          1. beth says:

            I am grateful this organization exists for the horses. However, it’s in MA, and cannot possibly accommodate all horses entering retirement. NYC needs to retire its carriage horses yesterday and model a sanctuary for them based on this one. I would be delighted if the operators of this organization would get in contact with the city of NY and the Parks Dept and offer to draft a plan for such a place, in conjuntion with NY CLASS and other NY groups fighting to see the end of this industry using horses, and replaced with nostalgic Henry Ford era electric cars.

            1. Lorraine says:

              Oh, please. NYC-CLASS is run by a developer who wants the stables so he can build parking garages and bring MORE cars into the city. And, yes, Blue Star can accommodate horses as they retire. NYC-CLASS is behind all this nonsense about carriage horse abuse because this developer wants the land. See Guess you’re not reading that on the NYC-CLASS site, are you? Ever notice that nothing in support of carriage horses is ever posted on that site? You know why – they delete pro-carriage comments and ban supporters. Why don’t you ask for some specifics about these so-called sanctuaries NYC-CLASS has for the carriage horses? Or better yet, ask if it’s true that pro-carriage comments get deleted. Dare you – ’cause I can tell you what will happen. You’ll get deleted. Check out Donny Moss’ comment – he knows there is no actual plan for these cars. It’s a ruse to get gullible people who know nothing about horses to help the rich get richer.

        2. pam irvin says:

          so so sad

      2. Jeannie Paris says:

        Well said, 212 Horsepower.

    2. Kristen G says:

      Really? I have seen some seriously underweight horses with sluggish strides working in all kinds of extreme heat and cold. Just cause you can pet the pretty horsie doesn’t mean that your an expert of equestrian health. We are not talking about people who have free will dying so why would you correlate the two? We are talking about animals that are forced to drag hundreds of pounds of weight for 9 hours a day for an archaic, cheesy tourist attraction. And as far as them being slaughtered, what do you think happens to them when they “retire”. seems like the only one with a hoof or whatever a troll has for an appendage in his mouth… is you.

    3. ELIZABETH says:

      Who are you one of the people who force these horses to work on these streets? Otherwise you don’t know what you are talking about. As for a hoof in our mouth, it seems you need to fit one in yours since you do not like horses otherwise you would be saying, how in the world can we make these horses work in such conditions? Man what is your problem. I get so mad when I hear someone make such a stupid and selfish statement.

      You must have taken that great remark…from that great mayor, if the horses didn’t have a job they would be dead?? I don’t understand this, it is okay to torture and force these horses to work in these conditions because they should be happy not to be dead? I think you might need a few classes in morals, because you lack them for sure.

      Take the horses off of the streets NYC. Don’t listen to people who just don’t give a big fat darn to what these horses got through, all he cares about is his own entertainment!!!

      1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

        No one is “forcing” hese horses to work on the streets of NYC. These horses have jobs they willingly do and a stable that many horses would envy. THese horses are like the working horses in the Budweiser Clydesdale hitch. I don’t see you posting to demand that Bud stop driving its hitch of 12 horses on city streets.

        Horses are very adaptable and have lived and worked in cities for thousands of years. What NYC needs is fewer privately owned motor vehicles in its central business district and more carriages, pedicabs and mass transportation. It’s the motor vehicles that are making NYC streets dirty, and unsalf- NOT the carriage horses.

    4. Marina Marshall says:

      George, you are so pathetic! You are comparing apples to oranges! The horses DO NOT BELONG ON NYC STREETS pulling carriages year round. Yes, I’m sure many of them are loved but if you watch Animal Planet you’ll see that these people who claim to love their animals are also the ones who end up neglecting, cruelly confining, improperly feeding them and so on. Most often times the owners lack the knowledge to care for them, lack the means to properly feed them, get them vet care, the list goes on. People have LOVED their animals to death! The horse doesn’t choose to halter itself in 90 degree heat and pull a carriage in the streets!

    5. S.T. says:

      Well said George!!! I will add~~~Go after the truly horrific horse & buggies that are so very cruel to their animals. All their animals………TRULY Disgusting.~~ I have every belief that the horses from the Hansom cab company are well cared for……You don’t think these horses who are on display (all 140+ of them) are not on duty 24-7 & aren’t on a rotation, that if they were being abused, neglected, etc, the City wouldn’t jump in?

  36. Elizabeth Forel says:

    the tiny carriage horse trade will never accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong in their business. They have been infantilized by the government for so long with coddling, subsidies, entitlements and political cover that they would not even know what the word “responsibility” meant. It is not in their lexicon.

    If a horse collapses and dies on the street: horses die, get over it. Or this horse was new to the business; if a horse spooks: Liar, it did not happen – or there are too many cars on the street; Now with this new horse – they say he was too frisky and got his leg caught. The Daily News reports he was down for 15 minutes. Video shows he was down for the count – very still. Does not sound like a frisky, energetic horse to me. But hey – if you want to believe that, I have a nice bridge i can give you cheap.

    Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      The tiny RARA groups will never accept responsibility for their outrageous and hysterical claims which have no basis in fact. They have been soaking poor, well-meaning animal lovers for so long that the word “truth” is not in their lexicon.

      If a horse dies, it’s automatically from “cruelty”, “abuse”, or “neglect”. Horses are not allowed to poop, trip, fall, or snooze with their heads lowered. If an actual plausible equine reason is offered for any incident, then it’s “liar, did not happen.”

      Videos show again and again the living, working, and vacationing facts about our horses: , but the ghoulish, juvenile, ignorant RARAs close their eyes and just keep yelling.

      If you want to believe them, I have some waterfront property in Death Valley I can sell you cheap.

  37. m. lindsay says:

    This cruel out-dated practice must stop! Bravo to Sen. Avella for his efforts, which I hope are successful! Anyone who knows horses knows that this is a life antithetical to what is best for them. Certainly, as feeling, thinking humans, we know better than to continue to support this type of senseless cruelty.

  38. Eva Hughes says:

    Some VERY good news for the carriage industry: because of the recent fuss now being made about the horse who fell and got up unharmed, Mayor Bloomberg, who has been under fire from the RARAs and Sen Avella et al, has called for a “review of the industry.”
    We wholeheartedly SUPPORT this review, we welcome it with open arms. As we have said time and again, we have nothing to hide. We look forward to whatever review the Mayor has in mind.
    We will be exonerated!

  39. teddy says:

    Here’s a thought. Unshackle those poor horses and lets give them a better life sitting in Zuccotti Park. At the same time, lets eliminate a second problem. Hitch the OWS clowns to the buggies and let them pull tourists around the city. I’ll be glad to flick some ashes off my official 1 percenter cigar onto their hind side to keep them lazy, smelly mouchers motivated.

  40. Rina Deych says:

    To Horse Lover:

    The ratio of 1 carriage horse accident per month, when there are only about 220 horse carriages in the city, is exponentially greater than the 6400 accidents per month, when there are 10,000,000 vehicles in NYC.
    How many more accidents does our thick mayor need to witness before he and his puppet, Christine Quinn, come to their senses and abolish this abominable industry.
    The cruel, dangerous, horse-drawn carriage industry needs to be banned NOW!

    1. Heather Vernon says:

      How about you just ban dumb drivers in NYC.. Oh.. wait.. that would be most of you… 99% of horse/auto accidents are caused by bad drivers. Not the horses. I went face first into a barbed wire fence post from my horse because some jerk thought it would be funny to honk and flash his lights at us. BAN BAD DRIVERS!!!

  41. Mimi says:

    The horse tripped in the street. The street has been torn up for weeks for road repair, and not resurfaced. My husband was there and saw the incident occur. This has nothing to do with Hanson cabs and everything to do with lousy road maintenance in our city.

    1. Abby says:

      It has everything to do with hansom cabs in NYC. The point is that they shouldn’t be in the streets of NYC. The NYPD recently built a stables in Central Park. Let’s add on and put the carriage horses in there and keep a closer eye on their health. Why is the carriage industry unwilling to look at this suggestion? Are they afraid of what people would see if there was transparency in how they care for the horses?

      1. Renee Montillo says:

        Abby, you are absolutely correct! I was about to type my own opinion about this situation, but you stated it so well for me.

      2. Eva Hughes says:

        Abby – the NYPD did NOT build a stable in Central Park. A small stable was built for some of the Parks Dept horses. If you can get even this simple fact wrong, why would anyone listen to anything you said?

        And who said we were unwilling to have stables in Central Park? We have 140 horses – if the City wanted to stable them in Central Park, we’d be all for it. But it ain’t gonna happen.

        1. Camille Hankins says:

          Eva – since you are the person who posted on Carriage Horse Facts that Charlie was just returning from his mandatory 5 week vacation, which we now know was a lie, why should anyone believe anything you say?

          Isn’t it your job to do exactly what you are doing here? Don’t you get paid to represent the carriage horse industry? Of course, you are not going to tell the truth.

    2. Jeannie Paris says:

      “Lousy road maintenance?????” Really? What about the two horses that DIED in the street of various ailments undetected? Get really, Mimi. This is a barbaric practice. Could you pull a carriage in July with NY temperatures in the 90’s or higher, for hours a day????

    3. Camille Hankins says:

      Mimi, if the horse tripped why did he lay in the street for 15 minutes after being cut loose from the carriage? Was he taking a nap?

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