Police: Man Plows SUV Into Multiple Cars During Sunday Chase

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A suspect on the run from police plowed his SUV into at least 12 vehicles Sunday.

Glass and car parts were scattered across two parking spots during the chase along 35th Street in Astoria, and a tire and bumper ended up by a tree.

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“Bunch of beat-up cars that got smashed pretty good,” witness Jack told 1010 WINS’ Eileen Lehpamer. “A minivan there looks like aluminum foil.”

“It’s bad. It looks really bad,” another witness told 1010 WINS.

wall damage in astoria Police: Man Plows SUV Into Multiple Cars During Sunday Chase

Wall damage in Astoria (credit: Eileen Lehpamer / 1010 WINS)

It all started as police responded to a fight. Police say 20-year-old Michael DeLorenzo jumped into a white Ford Explorer and bounced it off car after car as he tried to make an escape down 35th Street.

“It was like a low rumble with thumping crashes,” Jack said.

According to witnesses, DeLorenzo was caught when he flipped his SUV onto its side and tried to crawl out through the sunroof.

car parts by tree in astoria Police: Man Plows SUV Into Multiple Cars During Sunday Chase

Car parts by tree in Astoria (credit: Eileen Lehpamer / 1010 WINS)

“He was still like trying to get out, and the cops like grabbed him,” Jack said.

Among others, DeLorenzo was charged with marijuana possession and running two red lights.

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  1. Bart says:

    That’s why police should not chase someone that is not a violent known felon, I’m surprised no innocent bystanders where not hurt, but look at the damage that was done. The police should have to pay for the damage too. When I was a young man, the police would not chase someone who ran just for safty reasons. Most of the time they would catch them later. Thats why the eluding an officer law was interduced, so the person would get more jail time for running from police. But today police are bullies haveing fun, and don’t care about anything but their adrenaline rush. You can here them talk about how much fun they had doing the job, while having coffee in a restaurant or over a drink in a bar, or at a party. There is no more “to proct and serve” in the police force today, they don’t care how much damage is doneor how many people get hurt, as long as they get to do the job and have the bragging rights for it. They have become your boss the only differance is, instead of getting fired you go to jail………………………..

  2. Jeff Putterman says:

    These stupid white kids are nothing but animals.

  3. Liberals Are Evil says:


  4. Jo says:

    Well I hope everyone had decent insurance,luckily he did not hurt or kill anyone. What was he running from in the first place?

    1. rmsbl4 says:

      Do you have a problem reading or did you not get to the last sentence of the story?

  5. mike says:

    U stupid malaka!!

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