With the emergence of their new defensive slogan – ‘Lay ‘Em Down – Smack ‘Em – Yak ‘Em’ – Craig was curious as to what exactly is going on with the Jets after winning their 3rd straight Sunday in Orchard Park.

He asked Boomer to use his connections to the Jets, but Boomer didn’t seem all that interested.  Craig then instructed Al Dukes to send an email to ‘Spanky’ over at the Jets – ‘Spanky’ was a named used by Craig to protect the identity of a Jets employee – to see what he knows.

Al was not aware who ‘Spanky’ was, so he suggested that Craig just send a text to his buddy Mark Sanchez so he got him his white Blackberry.

After Boomer poked fun at Craig’s choice of a white Blackberry, Craig decided not to send the text for fear of waking-up the 24 year-old signal caller…

LISTEN: Craig Wants To Know What’s Going On Internally With The Jets (11/08)

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