Mountainside Reverses Course On Storm Debris Removal

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ (WCBS 880) – Imagine the surprise in Mountainside when storm debris in the street was dumped on people’s lawns, with residents themselves responsible for removal.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

“Everytime I come around the corner, I’m hoping to see that it’s gone,” said one woman.

“[I’m] a little annoyed because they wanted us to pay and have it taken away,” said one man.

“We pay taxes here in Mountainside and actually get very little back,” said another woman.

Now, following a Star-Ledger report, the borough has had a change of heart.

They will now haul off the debris from residents’ lawns after all, even though they don’t yet know how to pay for it.

It’s a small example of the financial strain from the storm cleanup.

As municipalities calculate their costs, FEMA officials will tour the state and make their assessments.

Has your town said it won’t haul away your storm debris? Please tell us in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. Rugbyball says:

    @iggy, didn’t the town take it from the street and drop in peoples front lawns and admit it? Town would probably just do the same thing again.

    If it’s tree debris, see if a firewood company would come and take the trees. They could turn into firewood and resell. The wood that’s no good could be turned into mulch and as part of the deal the town would take the mulch back either for free so the company doesn’t have to pay disposal costs or buy from company at a fixed small amount so company can recoup some of the hauling costs. Would be allot cheaper in the end.
    Problem with Govt is they never think outside of the box, they can’t think like a individual or small company who has to solve problems for the least cost. Wheel and Deal!

  2. iggy says:

    put in the street and deny doing it. someone will have to take it away

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