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One Comment

  1. Carolyn says:

    Marcia is a great reporter, but she’s has so much work done that she looks awful! From the botox forehead to the Joker mouth Ugh! Marcia, please, enough is enough!

  2. Igor says:

    Please inform weatherman John Elliot, that Washington crossed the Delaware River, NOT the Hudson River as he erroneously stated this morning, Tuesday Aug. 9, 2011

  3. emma says:

    Where is Jay Dow. Miss him.

  4. Deb says:

    John Slattery’s segment on those who don’t use EZPass didn’t mention it being vacation time and vacationers were not addressed. I am a vacationer. I tried to get an EZPass. Because I don’t live in an EZPass state I would get a $1 charge every month. While I would like one, and I don’t mind them taking a chunk of money to keep for future toll use, I do mind giving $12 for the privilege of having one.

  5. Tom says:

    How can this station have a segment called “Living Large” when there are record levels of unemployment, and the economy is faltering terribly? I find it insensitive and out of touch with the people to air such nonsense! How about something the people can relate to, like living within our means, which for most of us is not living large.

    1. Frank says:

      Tom, I couldn’t agree with you more. I came here to post the same sentiments and you beat me to it.

    2. judy says:

      Absolutely right….and after showing segments of people afraid of losing their medicare and medicaid and other benefits…….and the people who are Living Large are probaqbly not paying any taxes ……..
      And what ever happened to Lonnie’s weather report in the 5 o’clock segment?

    3. Wil says:

      I am so glad there are others who took the time to find this area of the website and post comments about Living Large. I am taking the time to write this because the segment “Living Large” is offensive to me having been out of work for three years now, just as many many others are. If this segments purpose is to show how our society is splitting into two groups; the ultra-wealthy, and the have-nots, then it succeeds splendidly.

  6. John says:

    Marcia Kramer’s commentary is one thing, however, I do not understand how she is allowed in front of the camera with bloodshot eyes encircled by a black sharpie type doodling. Looks like something out of a Horror movie!

    1. Carole - Edison NJ says:

      John – I agree………she is a good reporter but she needs a professional make-up artist to prepare her for on-camera……..

  7. jim johnston says:

    Kristine Johnson’s ‘flight video’ home movie (aired May 27, 2011) was perhaps suitable for her family and friends; it is not news and her squeals brought no delight here (are we supposed to see her wide-open mouth as an invitation to oral sex?). Johnson is no newscaster; ditch this mediocre newsreader. It’s sad to witness how far CBS News has slid in authority. This viewer is changing the channel.

    1. linda obermueller says:

      AMEN to that! I have already stopped watchiing the news at 5and 11 because of Kristine Johnson She certainly is no newscaster

    2. William P says:

      I keep telling people that Kristine Johnson is not on the air for her journalistic abilities but for her looks. This woman is mediocre. I stopped watched the 5 and 11 pm newscasts because of her. Her comments after each story are insensitive. Dont worry, she was soon have bags of wrinkles then they will throw her out the door.

  8. R. Myres says:

    The flip manner in which the story of Southwest Airlines’ humiliation of an overweight woman which just aired in the 6:00pm segment, 5/18/2011 is in my opinion nearly as insulting as the event itself. I HAD been in the habit these past 2-3 years of watching your news broadcast, but after the nauseating way of titling the story “Wide biodies” illustrates to me how Ignorant your writers and reporters are, and so from this moment on, I am once again, an “Eyewitness News” viewer. Congratulations.

  9. Gilbert Ramirez says:

    re: two and a half men; this is to inform you that i am not too happy that you are replacing charlie sheen with ashton. ashton is not charlie, not to say that ashton is bad, but, he is not charlie, so from now on i will ONLY watch the re-runs with Charlie

  10. marlene says:

    Management is really on a sinking ship at CBS 2. Johnson, the new weather girl, and even Tantiloo are not wahat we want to see. Tony’s kitchen is a joke. A greasy fry pan and a hotplate. And I have long made my aversion to Johnson well known. You made a big mistake in letting John Marshall go. I say that management should look to the streets as well.

    1. linda obermueller says:

      Iim agreeing with marlene. Can you PLEASE replace kristine johnson take her off at 5and 11 oclock. Mary Kelvy would be ideal. Dana Tyler would be fine. Many viewers complain about Johnson. Dont you listen to them? You will be losing many of them.I can avioid watching at 5 and wait till 6 but I enjoy the news at 11 before bed and do not want to see Kristine Johnson

      1. Thomas Silver says:

        Kristine Johnson is horrible. This goes to show you that anyone can become lead anchor in the nations #1 market.

  11. Jane Yavener says:

    Dana Tyler just did a report about opening adoption records. Did she really say “real” parents? Shouldn’t she have said biological parents? Real parents are the ones that raise a child, and I am amazed at her faux pas.

  12. Lee Schwartzberg says:

    I just listened to the sports wrap from, I believe, Otis Livingston. Could he have possibly made a more sexist remark about moms celebrating their day at CitiField? He pondered, aloud, whether it was dad’s idea the moms were at the ball park. Oh? Really? Women, moms, daughters, aunts, grandmas – women don’t enjoy an afternoon at the ball park? The only reason we’d go is if we’re dragged by our men? Come on, Otis….. how very disappointing. I’m deeply offended.

  13. Steve lawrence says:

    This morning I have been watching the Sunday news on channel 2 for almost 2 hours , and there has not been one report on the results of Saturday’s running of the Kentucky Derby , the country’s most prestigious horse race. The Kentucky derby is more than just a horse race, it is a cultural event, and I am very disappointed with your sports coverage.

  14. Stephen Herman says:

    Just watched WCBS News for the last time. How dare you call the killing of Bin Laden and execution. That is tantamount to calling the brave Navy SEALS murderers. You are both unpatriotic and self-serving. Maybe your pro-Muslim slant plays well in some circles, but it has become so blatantly obvious that it is discusting.

  15. Ginny says:

    My sentiments exactly. Besides being a friendly person & good weather personality John also has a better appearance. The woman that was hired needs a major wardrobe makeover and a visit to the salad bar. She also needs to stop takling with her hands when she isn’t pointing to the weather map. And put John Elliot on as Lonnie’s sub during the week, not her.

  16. jan says:

    Last night, you deprived loyal CSI Miami viewers of the last 20 minutes of the episode, you deprived stations of advertising revenue, you deprived advertisers of access to their public, you deprived us all of the regular 11.00 news – all to fill over 45 minutes of the screen with news of Osama bin ladin’s death. That could have been adequately covered by a ribbon of information along the bottom of the screen and showing the regulart shows. You didhn’t need to cut away to the Whilte House until the Whilte house was ready. If there is a next time, please do things better.

  17. Anthony says:

    We’ve been waiting years for Ben Ladin’s death – Couldn’t you wait 15 mins?

  18. Tony D says:

    I can’t believe you interrupted CSI Miami for a report on Ben Ladin and Obama that could have waited for the 11:00 News

    Come on people – Pay attenention

  19. Lorraiine McKinnon says:

    I have been ery upset for the past 2 weks becaus of not knowing beforehand that “The good Wife ” was not airing on 4/19 & 4?26. It was announced in the newspaper that it would be on and was not . It is the best show on TV and I know that many watchers were very disappointd.

  20. PANAMAPLUS says:


  21. anrolica says:

    I so agree! A single mispronunciation = complete stupidity. How dare these newscasters make a mistake! Like you, I am perfect in every way, and I have a constitutional right to be protected from imperfection in any (and every) form.

    Anyone at CBS2 who mispronounces a word should immediately be fired – who cares if it impacts their spouses, their kids, etc. In fact – CPS should remove children from the home of any newscaster who makes a mistake on err. Get it?!?!?!

    1. Frank Childs says:

      Maurice Dubois….is that you?

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