Judge Orders Jury To Keep Deliberating East Village Parking Dispute Case

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Jurors are deliberating again after hitting an impasse in the trial of a man who admitted hitting a woman during a parking dispute.

The judge told the jury Wednesday to forge ahead in discussing Oscar Fuller’s assault case after jurors told him they were stuck.

The question before the jury was whether Fuller intended to cause serious, physical injury when he punched Lana Rosas in the face in a dispute over a parking spot.

It happened in February in the East Village.

Rosas was apparently trying to hold the spot on 14th Street for her boyfriend by standing in it, when Fuller got out of his car and punched her, knocking her to the pavement, authorities said.

Rosas was in a coma for a week.

Prosecutors say Fuller hit Rosas in the face out of anger.

Fuller said he acted in self-defense after Rosas attacked him first. His lawyer said prosecutors didn’t prove the 35-year-old meant to cause serious injury, as the assault charge requires.

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  1. Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey says:

    This is what happens when you let SAVAGES live in a civilized culture. Next time when you zoo keepers punch out for work, make sure the gorilla cage is locked.

  2. puddy says:

    So this wasn’t an open and shut case of him attacking this woman. For there to be a deadlock there must be some serious testimony or evidence that convinced some jurors that he is innocent that the media isn’t reporting. I hope some news outlet will do some real reporting about this and not just pick and choose parts of witness testimony that will make him look bad so that they can sell papers.

  3. Blackheywood Heywood says:

    The jurors must do the right thing and Acquit Oscar Fuller. Lara Rosas caused this entire unfortunate incident, by standing in the parking space and by striking Mr.Fuller first.He did not intent to harm her but he had every right to defend himself.If women chose to hit men, then they must bare the responsibility of their actions. Mr.Fuller did not look for trouble, it found him in the form of a lawbreaking, out of control, violent Lara Rosas. Acquit Oscar Fuller that is the RIGHT thing to do.

  4. DanTe says:

    That deSPICable c\/nt thinks it owns the streets. Guy should be given a medal. Too bad the c\/nt recovered. Now it’s going on its way to spawn more roaches.

  5. No Woman says:

    She’s like an animal defending her territory and got vicious when threatened. Small animal should know when to back down and leave. She did not and instigated the matter. I think she threw the first punch.

  6. DanTe says:

    He’s a bully that will only pick a fight with someone much smaller than himself.

    1. DanTe says:

      This is funny. You’re so pathetic that you KNOW nobody listens to you. So you have to always post using someone else’ name in order to be taken seriously.

      Have you tried suicide? I heard it helps with your pathetic condition. Go ahead, give it a try.

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