B&C Morning Show: Penn State Student Gets A Verbal Lashing From Carton

With the idea of advancing the Penn State story, Al Dukes reached out to a gal named Karisa Maxwell, who is a journalism student at Penn State and called in on behalf of the schools radio station.

As the conversation went on, it became clear that although she wasn’t defending Paterno unconditionally, Karisa did insinuate that she felt he was being made a scapegoat.

That was all Craig had to hear and from there he delivered a verbal tongue lashing with the hopes of talking some sense into the young journalism student, during which Craig did some insinuating of his own when he said – after learning that Karisa’s parents agreed with her sympathy for Paterno’s plight – that she must have been raised by animals.

From there Craig suggested Karisa give some serious thought to changing her major and reevaluating her values.  He also said that Penn State should be ashamed that they allow her to represent their University.

When the call concluded we can only hope Karisa learned something…

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