Greyhound ‘Tali’ To Get Surgery After Attack By Pit Bull Mix In Prospect Park

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A greyhound that suffered a broken leg after being struck by another dog will be getting the surgery he desperately needs.

Kasia Bednarska and her dog “Tali” were at Prospect Park on Monday when Bednarska said a much larger Pit Bull mix ran up and barreled into Tali, sending him flying.

Bednarska says she cried for help as she cradled her wounded dog, but the man and woman with the Pit Bull mix ignored her.

“They walked away, they walked off, they walked right away,” she said.

Bednarska says her flyers and online postings trying to reach the owners got no response.

“Whenever he moves, he’s crying and whining, sometimes I don’t sleep at night because he’s crying all night,” Bednarska said. “I think ethically, they should reach out to me. Maybe they don’t have money, I don’t know what’s in their head.”

Bednarska used her rent money to pay for the dog’s visit to the animal ER Monday and the veterinarian says Tali needs surgery that could cost $3,000.

After her story aired on CBS 2, she received enough donations to pay for the procedure, which is set for Tuesday.

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  1. Christine says:

    This article clearly states that the pit bull ran into the other dog, as dogs often do when playing. The pit bull did NOT “attack” the greyhound, as the title suggests, so why did the writer put that? This title is completely misleading, not to mention reckless, and will undoubtedly put another nail in the coffin of all those poor pit bulls fighting to survive in NYC’s shelters.

    1. Gussie Moore says:

      I totally agree. This was not an aggressive pitbull. This pitbull did NOT attack the greyhound. Dogs tend to play rough with each other and it has nothing whatsoever to do with being a pitbull or not. Please stop posting such ridiculous articles. Was this woman’s story even checked out? I doubt it. The media is so hell bent on maligning these friendly and playful pitbull dogs. It is so sad that now they cannot even play without someone saying they attacked someone. I’m so disgusted with the media and their relentless attacks on pitbulls. Let’s see some of the many instances where pitbulls saved someone’s life or protected someone. Let’s see more positive news stories to counter the negative publicity these wonderful pitbulls get in the media.

  2. Formica D says:

    The thought of the dog howling in pain all night is freaking me out. I own a rescued pit bull and can say I would NEVER let her off-leash – she is not aggressive but other totally irresponsible people do let their dogs off leash and I think some of them enjoy watching pain being inflicted on animals….just sick and sadistic people. They must be caught.

  3. gotacomment says:

    That strangers could donate enough to pay for the dog’s surgery is wonderful, Here’s to Tali’s speedy recovery. Shame on the pit bull’s owners. Who do these lowlifes think they are, anyway? Anyone that irresponsible should not be allowed to own a goldfish, still less a dog,

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