Mayor: NJ Cop Fired For Racial Comments On Twitter

ORANGE, N.J. (AP) — A northern New Jersey police officer has been fired for posting what officials claim were profane and racially charged comments on Twitter.

But Hector Rosado’s lawyer tells The Star-Ledger of Newark his client will appeal and eventually be reinstated to the Orange police force, where he served for eight years.

Administrative charges against Rosado were heard in June, and the hearing officer recommended that he receive a 10-15 day suspension.

But Mayor Eldridge Hawkins Jr. tells the newspaper he fired Rosado on Monday to “head off any potential future liabilities” the city might incur through Rosado’s “possible actions.”

Charles Sciarra, Rosado’s lawyer, says the charges were filed after Rosado and other officers criticized Hawkins over police layoffs and other decisions regarding departmental operations.

What do you think? Should the office have been fired? Tell us in our comments section below.

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  • Tommy C

    Why won’t CBS post what was said . This way we can have a clear picture and form an opinion based on fact not inuendo.

  • Mishki Roy

    The article dosnt say what he said, then asks what you think…how effin stupid can cbs be

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      CBS didn’t do the firing, they merely reported the story. How effin* stupid can YOU be?

      • Mike

        Hey genius- Mishki is right. We have half a story- what did the cop tweet, or at least give us a hin; terrible reporting by CBS. How effin’ stupid can YOU be?

        • DarthEVaderCheney

          Well, I’m tryin’ m’ best to catch up to you, but…. whtever! Who cares what you think!

  • Docmo

    Don’t know what the officer said, but he did it online and he does have freedom of speech, that’s what Veterans gave their all for. Since when is criticism prohibited from being voiced. The political correct thing has going too far. The example here is don’t say anything bad about anyone (no matter how worthless they are)

  • Mike

    Not sure what he said but whatever happened to freedom of speech? Seems a little harsh to me.

    • TomNJ

      His freedom of speech was not violated. That only applies to the law as far as being arrested for speaking your views. It does not allow anyone to say anything without private consequences. People always confuse that, they think we are allowed to call our boss a jerk and he cant fire us.

  • Breck Porter

    This is what happens in cities with Strong Mayor government, no civil service service protection for police and fire. This should have been the police chief’s decision, not the mayors.
    The police associations should go to the legislature and get civil service protection from these politicians who rule like kings and dictators.
    Breck Porter

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      When the “boys” in blue behave themselves and quit acting like storm troopers (Sturmbandfuhrers), politicians won’t HAVE TO act like kings and dictators. They’ll learn… in time!

  • Big Nards

    It just amazes me that Hispanics forget where their ancestors hail.

  • DarthEVaderCheney

    It really doesn’t matter if it is against official rules. These boyz in blue just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut, their thoughts to themselves, or their fingers from typing garbage! In time, they’ll learn!

  • Chiker

    Interesting that one can be fired for future actions that may occur. That being so who among us could ever hold a job anywhere? Why then are criminals released from prison? They have a demonstrable rate of recidivism.

    This sounds like a television show where the criminals are arrested because they might do something in the future.

    • DarthEVaderCheney

      Possible but not probable. Blowing unecessary smoke!

  • Maria

    Thank you for standing up for professionalism. There is too much of this going on paid for by tax dollars nationwide.

  • Omar

    Unsure. What did the cop say?

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