Family Searches For Missing 13-Year-Old From Wayland Massachusetts

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 13-year-old girl from Massachusetts is missing.

Allie Loftis was last seen one week ago in Manhattan. Surveillance video showed her getting off a Peter Pan Bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

She is from Wayland, Mass.

The girl’s father Tony spoke with 1010 WINS about the desperate search.

“We have left voicemail messages on her cell phone until it got filled up. We’ve tried every method we think possible but haven’t heard from her,” he said.

“Our daughter… has been missing since Friday night Nov 4th. We know that she took a bus to NYC and got off in Port Authority around 11pm. She is a mature looking 13, 5’4″, 130 lbs, black hair usually in a bun or ponytail, bi-racial, light-skinned, last seen wearing blue jeans and black Uggs. Please help us and forward to all your contacts, we need all the help we can get,” the administrator of the Facebook page devoted to finding her wrote.

Her father fears the girl may have met someone online.

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  1. Debbie Paesano says:

    First of all, it takes a good 4 to 5 hrs on a bus, I know. I did it when I was in my late teens to go visit my grandparents in Mass. My first question is, where did she get enough money to pay for the ticket? She had to leave by around 4 or 5;00, to get to the Port Authority by 11:00 pm. I also think she had this preplanned, but why wasn’t she being monitored on the computer? It’s a scary situation, and I hope they find her safe and sound. Very unfortunate that she couldn’t confide in someone,

  2. jennifer says:

    A lot of the blame toward the parent seems to be derived from assumptions. No one is asking for sympathy, just as no one is asking for judgment. The family has asked for help. If one will deny, it would deem appropriate to stay out of this.

    While I am not here to criticize Allie, I feel that people are giving her too much credit because of her young age. I remember being her age not too long ago. Teenagers can and will have secrets from parents. There is no way to keep surveillance on another individual, child or spouse, without making a person feel like an animal. I hope no parent responding here grants him or herself the right to dictate a life, even if it is of a child.

    What is it to us if there were problems in the household or the reason Allie got off the bus at 11pm in NYC by herself? The subject matter is that a girl is missing. The family is only requesting the public to essentially keep an eye out.

    My heart goes out to the family. Coming from Queens, NY, I am so sorry that this event may have confirmed any preconceptions of the city’s dangers held by the public. I hope for Allie’s safety, and that this is in fact, a foolish teenage act of rebellion.

  3. Friend says:

    It is all to easy to blame parents or say there must be something wrong. It makes us feel it wouldn’t happen to us. I know the parents and Allie too and I know that they are a good loving family. I know she disliked the tiny village where she lived, wanted more independence, wanted to spend a year in nyc with her grandparents going to school here but wasn’t allowed, had some issues at school …She may have been totally naive and met someone online and run off to meet them as an adventure that then turned bad…who knows? Teenagers can have romantic totally unrealistic ideas and can be really stubborn…..please help look for her I am sure that she wants to be found by now…

  4. TC says:

    Get off facebook!
    Also children should not be aloud on the bus without an adult period. No one is mature at 13. At that age your ready to take responsibllities???? PLEASE.
    We live in a sick society, so much violence, raped,killed,beat up__ the list can go on and on. Parents need to know what there kids are doing and no cell phones or beepers__ ARE YOU A DOCTOR??

    When I was growing up__ we didnt have a cell phone,laptops,ipods, flashy clothes, ect….Today these kids have all this ___ and gets them into trouble.

  5. doc in NJ says:

    don’t describe the water to someone when they’re drowning.

  6. Amtracmarine says:

    Che k OWS. I’m no trying to be a jerk but she could be there.,.

  7. Nina says:

    I know her parents well, and they’re as responsible and doting as they come. Allie is a normal 13 year old girl who very foolishly ran away. Please stop mistakenly blaming her parents and help find Allie. Please.

    1. concerned parent says:

      I’m sorry, but no 13 yr old runs away unless there are some serious issues in that household, or with her own mental state. Makes no sense that the parents had no idea of her whereabouts. And who exactly saw her getting off the bus? Obviously someone new she took it… Something just doesn’t sound right.

  8. bullett says:

    How does one allow a 13 year old to get off a bus alone at the Port Authority bus terminal alone? Especially at 11 PM.; regardless if one is a mature 13 or not. How foolish of the parents. Hope and pray that Allie has not become a victim of foul play.

    1. nrichard says:

      she ran away they didn’t put her on the bus!
      this is a clear example of parents not paying attention to what their kids are doing on facebook or anyplace else until it’s too late!

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