Arrest Made In Queens Library, Synagogue, Church Swastikas Incident

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Queens District Attorney Richard Brown announced that an arrest has been made in a crime that shocked a Queens community.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell On The Story

Franco Rodriguez, 40, has been charged with graffiti as a hate crime for allegedly spray painting swastikas on a library, synagogue and church in Jackson Heights.

Rodriguez was arraigned on Saturday.

This comes as authorities in Midwood, Brooklyn deal with a rise in anti-Semitism.

Brown said it was fitting that Rodriguez was arrested on Veterans Day, which honors those who served in World War II fighting against the Nazis, who adopted and corrupted the swastika symbol.

“As a civilized society, we will not stand idly by and allow individuals to mar our neighborhoods with such hate graffiti. When it, regrettably, does occur, those responsible will be brought to justice,” said Brown in a statement.

Rodriguez, who faces up to four years in prison if convicted, was ordered held on $5,000 bail. He is due in court on Dec. 1.

Authorities said Rodriguez used black spray paint to draw three swastikas on a window and two glass doors of the Jackson Heights branch of the Queens Public Library at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 3.

Later that same morning, Rodriguez is accused of spray painting a swastika on the front door of Congregation Tifereth Israel. The lens of the synagogue’s surveillance camera was also allegedly spray painted.

Rodriguez is also accused of spray painting a swastika on a door of St. Joan of Arc Church sometime before noon on Nov. 4.

At the time of his arrest, Rodriguez allegedly told authorities that he spray painted the swastikas on the three buildings and that he did so because Jewish people were harassing him.

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One Comment

  1. Sho Uesugi says:

    It’s interesting but the somewhat anti-jewish comments in this thread are to me, a lot more concerning than the mental case who spray painted on these buildings. Personally, I am 100% against HATE crimes, because in the US, we don’t punish people for ideas. I would charge him with the same crime, with the same punishment irrespective of whether he was jealous of the owner of the building, or hated Jews, or Herman Cain, or whatever.

    However, since Jews have contributed so much to the USA, in the arts, sciences, politics, and since they come from all vantage points, political or otherwise – why are they so disliked? Answer: Because they’re Greek. Meaning: They’re the intellectuals in our world, and most people are quite jealous of them.

    Personally, I think that Judaism along with all religious is irrational, and fundamentally evil. But most Jews don’t practice anywhere near what the Bible would command them too, and in fact the majority are secular. What they do represent is reason, individualism and capitalism And that is why they’re hated. That and William Shatner’s acting ability.

    In any event, 4 years is ridiculous for this crime. He should work to pay off 5 times the damage. That’s fair. And then get the hell out of the system. 4 years is a liberal joke, no doubt when murderers walk free.

    1. AryanDan says:

      The fact he is facing 4 years for vandalism of “Jewish property” (when everyone knows if he vandalized anything else he would have been treated differently) is one reason people resent “Jewish privilege”.

      It is not “anti-jewish” to be concerned with justice and fair-play.

      1. Shō Uesugi says:

        Um, your name is “Aryan Dan” lol – wow. Doesn’t that sort of speak to the issue? Hate crime legislation applies to Homosexuals, Latinos, Christians, etc. and if you investigate, you will find that the same sentences apply. However, it is very unlikely that this individual is going get four years. What is concerning is how Jews are a lightening bolt for all the jealousy, dissatisfaction that people feel inside. They have become the world’s bogey man. And yet, this very website I would assume was made possible in part due to the hard work and genius of people associated with this culture.

        Your attacks are clearly motivated by the age old fallacies about genetic determinism, and silly conspiracy theories. Jews are the traditional intellectuals in most societies, taking over from the Ancient Greeks after Maimonides integrated Aristotle into Jewish thought/philosophy. And as much as I disagree with religion (i.e., Judaism), their sub-culture in the US is heroic and often quite beautiful. Check out who took care of Jefferson’s estate after he died and perhaps you will learn a thing or two, my Aryan Friend. You may want to drop the r and a, and then you can become Ayn. Sounds better.

        1. AryanDan says:

          I simply claimed the media has been overly focusing on the Jewish vandalism and not the Christian vandalism. I see you have not disagreed with my point.

          I also say, in the same vain, he is getting extra punishment because the target of the vandalism was Jewish. You have not disagreed with that point either.

          For someone who doesn’t disagree with me, you are making some bold and slanderous claims about my intent.
          I told you I was concerned with justice and fair-play.

          You focused your attack on me because of my name “Aryan” Dan.
          Then you went off on your hate tirade.
          I am sorry you have so many stereotypes concerning Aryans.

          Do you really believe all Aryans have a monolithic point of view and that it is all bad? Because that is how you are coming across.

          1. AryanDan says:

            I understand you are suffering from anti-Aryanism, so, until you resolve that, please only address my points and not how you think about Aryans in general.

            My points are up for debate, but your hate of Aryans is not.

          2. Shō Uesugi says:

            My hate of aryans? Haha! Oh my god. They don’t exist. Read your history. Unless of course you speak Punjabi which is about as close to ancient Sanskrit that you can find these days. Genetically, everyone is “mixed”. There is no “pure” anything. So I most certainly HATE the idea that you stand for. As I hated what Hitler stood for. Ironically, DNA tests have shown that Hitler’s family as well as a large portion of German society have African and Semitic roots.

            Second, I agree that the media is usually more concerned with protecting what they consider to be minorities than mainstream groups. But I do not agree with any of your Jewish preference arguments in regards to this guy. It’s the nazi thing that freaks everyone out. He put one on a church. Believe me, no one likes to see that symbol. The fact that you focus on this Jewish conspiracy shows once again the old jealousies, and paranoia of the mental infants who associate themselves with the remnants of the world political philosophy in history.

            Just because you can spell reasonably well, and manage to write in semi-paragraphs does not mean that you are civilized in the best sense of the word.

            I am a Proud Anti-Aryan! Let the idea be destroyed as the nazis and their silly haircuts were, trampled on by Americans and those people that used to be called British. And a few non-traitorous frenchmen.

            1. AryanDan says:

              Wow, you are a proud hate-filed bigot!
              And you want all Aryans destroyed, both ethnically and historically.

              You need to seek help.

              My comments on this topic, before you started your hate triad (and after), are completely valid and true.

              And, I still have to add, YOU have NOT disagreed with my points!
              You simply ignore them, call me names, then slander Aryans.

              You are the one not civilized.
              I represent freedom and fair=play, you spew hate.

              1. Shō Uesugi says:

                I did address your original comments several times.

                And incidentally, its a “hate tirade”, not a “hate triad”, unless of course I was chinese and part of that underworld organization which likely doesn’t like white supremacists either.

                I am proud to hate, if hate means the most profound dislike possible, the very ideas that you support. I hate your focus on Jews as your main problem in life. I hate the backwards anti-science philosophy that led you to the concept of “aryan”. I hate the fact that you ramble your idiocy here for others who may also be mentally “soft” to get taken in by them. I hate that you mix together some good ideas about criticizing bias, etc. in the media, with terrible racist concepts. I hate that there are so many of you in the world, that enjoy the fruits of the labors of Jews, and other ethnic groups, while publicly trashing them. I personally think that the man who runs around spreading evil ideas is worthy of hate and if there is one central evil idea in history, it is racism/tribalism. The worship of the irrational which has led so many societies down the path to destruction. And it is always the Jews that they attack first for they represent the best of the best in our culture. The intellectuals. The scientists. The artists. The capitalists. The Jews are the modern Greeks. And while I normally trash the idea of tribalism, even as it applies to Judaism – I stand with all Jews, or anyone that has ever been associated with them as friends in stark opposition to the forces of evil that all who call themselves ARYAN represent.

                1. AryanDan says:

                  You need to calm down and get the facts straight.
                  You say you are against the ideas I support,
                  although the ideas I support are freedom and fair-play.
                  That would be par for the course concerning you
                  since you admit to being a proud bigot.

                  You say you hate my focus on Jews.
                  Well, person, what is the topic at hand
                  in this story we are commenting on?
                  Did I bring up the topic?
                  No, I am saying that the media ‘over-play’ of this topic
                  is outside the frame of fair-play and equal justice.
                  That is my underling point. A point you have not even disagreed with.
                  In fact, you agreed completely when you said that the media does overly focus attention on who they want to.
                  And, in this case, it’s the Jews.
                  So, since it’s clear you don’t even disagree with my points I brought up, the only problem you have with anything I say, is you just hate Aryans and you don’t want anyone to be proud of their Aryan heritage.

                  Well, too bad for you. You do not define me.
                  My points remained unchallenged.

              2. Shō Uesugi says:

                I know you need the last word, and need it badly. So take it. You own this page. Good things the philosophy you represent has been destroyed and trashed into the dustbin of history.

  2. John says:

    4 years for spray painting while the subway train cleaner who shot to death 2 of his supervisors 5 years ago is walking scott-free? Only in liberal USA.

    1. AryanDan says:

      Well, Clive Patterson and Luigi Sedita were not of “the” protected people.

  3. John says:

    He spray paints a swastiika on a Roman Catholic Church because he feels the Jews are harassing him . I’m not sure I understand this one.

    1. Shō Uesugi says:

      Jesus was Jewish. Therefore Catholics are Jews.

  4. Hurt in Harrison says:

    Dan and Mr. Himmler, while I assume you think your comments are smug and somehow “cute”, you fail to realize how hurtful such comments are to many of us. If only you knew just how painful and upsetting such incidents are, and what makes them worse is when people like you make light of it and even support it. Please think before you comment!

    1. AryanDan says:

      My point is not cute, it is valid and true. I bet Franco Rodriguez is not your typical “white supremacist” to boot. I find it painful that have Whites to be drug through the mud every-time some vandal spray paints a swastika. Usually the real culprit is not even a “White-Supremacist” either. Hurt is not exclusive to you. My points are true and valid.

      1. AryanDan says:

        Think about it, a Hispanic person vandalize a Christian church and a Jewish temple, but the media is only concerned with the Jewish temple. Wouldn’t that offend you?

        And then, until the culprit of these kinds of attacks are caught, we as a public have to endure the constant drum beat of how evil the average White person is.

        And at the same time we watch our tax dollars going to support a racist colony of Jews who kill their neighbors just to keep their country exclusive.

        You are the one who needs to think (in a new way).

  5. AryanDan says:

    So the guy spray painted both Jewish and Christian buildings.
    The media only cares about the Jewish buildings.
    I bet he will not be charged with a Christian hate crime.

    1. John says:

      WELL?? Who controls the media?


    2. LocalColor says:

      So stupid it hard to validate with an answer…but he’s not being
      charged with a JEWISH HATE CRIME you absolute fool. He’s
      being charged with a HATE CRIME. Are you sure YOU weren’t
      out doing this Aryan? Sounds like somebody doesn’t care for
      the Jews. You a secret Nazi lover? Or just a guy with a target
      on his back?

      1. AryanDan says:

        We will see if there is a difference in how the crime against the Jewish building, the secular building (library), and the Christian building owners will be handled.

        1. AryanDan says:

          We already know there was a difference in reporting.
          He was publicly guilty of a Jewish hate crime,
          no mention of Christian hate crime in media.

          I suspect the same behavior from court system.

      2. Shō Uesugi says:

        How can one be a secret Nazi lover, when your name is Aryan Dan? He is out of the closet my friend. An overt Nazi Lover. Certainly, he has a right to his backwards, sick, twisted opinion. And instead of censoring him, I am happy to see all of this exposed. Because what’s more fun than taunting Nazis! Oops…I mean people who agree with the racial and political theories of the Nazis, but perhaps Aryan Dan is not a card carrying member of the Nazi party.

        1. AryanDan says:

          FYI, just because you call me a Nazi lover, doesn’t make it so.
          And if anything should be censored, it should not be my valid, unchallenged points; it should be your childish name-calls and slanders.
          The only thing you are exposing is you deep-rooted, blind hatred of Aryans.
          You admit to being a proud anti-Aryan bigot,
          and that’s the first step to full recovery.
          Keep up the good work.

          1. Shō Uesugi says:

            The only Aryans that exist these days speak punjabi, or one could say “Iranians” are slight Aryan, which is where the name came from. So if you are dark skinned, and enjoy persian or indian food, then you might be a cute little aryan and we wouldn’t hate you as much for your backwards, irrational, mentally infantile views – my little pretendo Germanic pooky! I hope you find a nice little Jewish girl and settle down, and then you can make swastikas alll over each other!

    3. Elisha Kramer says:

      it’s a dam swastika so yes it’s against jews

  6. ADOLF HIMMLER says:


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