Gotham Gossipist: Tiki Barber Says He Can’t Afford Divorce Settlement

By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tiki Barber is facing his most intimidating opponent yet: His estranged wife, Ginny Cha.

Barber wreaked havoc on his home life and short-lived career as a morning news anchor last year, when he allegedly cheated on his pregnant wife with an NBC intern.

What can we say? The intern, Traci Lynn Johnson, was hot. Barber proposed to the now 24-year-old, over the summer.  Her career has  taken quite a turn since she managed to snag one of the Barber twins, as she’s no longer serving coffee to on-set celebrities, but instead posing in very little on the cover of Maxim magazine.

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Ginny Cha is another story.  When you dump your wife of 11 years while she’s pregnant with twins, you can expect a little payback.  And it’s pay she wants.

The divorce proceedings between the two have no end in sight. Cha is demanding some serious bank for the four children she had with Barber.

But the NFL running back says he can’t afford it.  After all, he did lose that gig on the the Today Show.

According to Page Six, all of this divorce stuff is putting some serious kinks in Traci’s dream wedding plans.  The new couple was planning a May wedding at Barber’s Hampton’s home, and have already started printing invitations.

The only problem: They can’t legally tie any knots until the groom is officially divorced.  That may take a while as Cha seems to be in no rush to finalize divorce proceedings.

Don’t worry Traci, Tiki may not be able to flip the bill for his four kids, but I’m pretty sure he can afford to reprint the invitations.

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One Comment

  1. Aries22 says:

    Wow, pretty much every comment I have seen here is even more stupid then the last. Tiki is obv. a man’s name you idot. He is just like everyone else A HUMAN. So everyone here thats posted a comment has made any choices that they regret or did it for themselves. Its not his job to make you happy. This is HIS life. Whats personally going on in HIS life is HIS business. Do any of you know him personally and actually know whats gong on? Umm, no you don’t. No one here is perfect. What does being white dating a black guy have anything to do with his choices. Who care who he dates or marries. As long as he is paying child support and doing what he needs to do which is be a good father then leave him be. All I see is a ton of hypocrites posting comments knowing this situation isnt far from yours. The only difference is, that your business is not posted for the world to see.

  2. Vigilantechronicler says:

    Want to know why I still believe Bill Murray is dying (even after his PR control/visit to the last Clemson game)?

    No profit is sought from this. All I want, is for Bill Murray to step forward and start talking about this.

  3. Mariamante says:

    I’ve seen a few men, and even some women, risk their most precious treasures in life, their families, to screw around. In every single instance those people went on to lived what seemed like cursed lives. Even worst, is the damage done to the children. Nothing can be worth losing your children’s love and respect. It’s like risking 10 years in jail, with a lifetime of probation, for stealing candy. NOT worth it. May God deliver us, from that evil.

  4. Julie Dilley says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Did he just expect his wife to bid ado and not fight for her and her kids.

  5. KPMc says:

    “Don’t worry Traci, Tiki may not be able to flip the bill for his four kids, but I’m pretty sure he can afford to reprint the invitations.”

    The phrase is “FOOT the bill”

  6. Ed says:

    Well, I remember when Barber was thrashing his old QB and when he quit, Giants won the superbowl. No one will have much sympathy for him because he came across as a arrogant SOB

  7. Giulia says:

    Hang in there Ginny. Once he is out of money the girlfriend will drop him and then you can divorce him.

  8. Ann says:

    Wow Tiki does your conscience bother you at all? Eight months pregnant with twins hunh? Lower than a snakes belly is the nicest thing I can say about you and that thing you’re now engaged to. Not that I care what happens to you Ms. Thang…if he does it with you, he’ll do it to you! Nobody deserves it more!!

  9. abobinmn says:

    Tiki? What kind of girly boy name is that? I think he should change his name to Creepy Barber for all the low down creepy things he does.

  10. Tom Todaro says:

    These athletes are so dumb it is amazing they can ever do anything in the real world. Get divorced first before moving on. But not to worry, he’ll be flat broke before it is all said and done. As for the ridiculous intern who has the morals of an alley cat, when do you think you’re going to get cheated on by Big Tiki.

  11. MIKE says:


    1. Lyndia says:

      excuse me mike, WHITE WOMEN FLOCK TO RICH BLACK MEN. A sister dosen’t stand a chance with black athletes. The WHITE WOMAN has a baby or two by the fool, she divorces him and takes everything. I say good for them, yes, they should have stayed with their own kind but they are blinded by the WHITE WOMAN AND THEY WILL DO ANYTHING. You can throw the Asian women in it too.

  12. Peter says:

    What a POS !!!!!!!!

  13. Martin Weidberg says:

    too bad; so sad!!!!! let him keep it in his pants I hope his ex wife takes every single penny hie has…then see how fast the new babe stays around!

    1. Scott says:

      What a statement, you hope she takes everything he has. You are iether a Family Court Judge and naturally just bias toward men, or you never been married. In either case, it’s people like you who make life very difficult for a divorced man and comments like that don’t help. Be careful man, cheating is a very common occurance and it shouldn’t require a person to loose everthing he has worked for. If you think so, let’s hope you never get divorced.

      1. Moron says:

        @ Scott, you are a moron. You are saying there should be no consequence to men cheating on their wives. He has 4 children to support and hopefully his homewrecking ho knows that they come first period.

        1. Scott says:

          @ Martin. No I am not saying no consequences. Of course their should be. But don’t say and wish that you hope everything is taken from the guy. That’s not fair. I am not judging his cheating or him or her as people. We don’t know them. I am just commenting that your wishinghe will ooose everything is absurd. And call me what you want. I am, sir. I am right.

      2. milesy says:

        Scott’s obviously pulled a Tiki Barber before!

        1. Rush says:

          Agreed. Loser!

    2. JohnJ says:

      People are people, color has nothing to do with it.. The main issue here is that he cheated on his wife. Do recognize that before you pull the race thing..
      God Bless..

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