NYPD Moves Into Zuccotti Park To Clear Out ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters

Hours After Manhattan Residents March On City Hall, Bloomberg Responds

Updated at 3:19 a.m., Nov. 15, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg had said all along when the time was appropriate he would act to address the “Occupy Wall Street” occupation of Zuccotti Park.

Well, just after 1 a.m. on Tuesday he gave the NYPD its marching orders.

Clear the park.

According to 1010 WINS, the NYPD set up a perimeter around the park and unveiled flood lights illuminating the area before later moving in and telling the protesters they needed to leave or risk being arrested. According to 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon the protesters were also told they would be notified how to pick up their belongings.

“It’s a raid. It’s an eviction,” Rincon reported, adding tents and other belongings were being thrown into dumpsters by NYPD officers.

However, according to the New York Times, the protesters appeared to have other ideas, chanting “Whose park?! Our park!” The paper also said the protesters started building barricades around the area known as “the kitchen” with tables and wood.

But not everyone stayed. Rincon reported many of the protesters listened to the NYPD directive and scattered, some with very large bags on their backs.

There were no immediate reports of violence or arrests, but 1010 WINS’s Terry Sheridan reported a large group of protesters began marching towards Lafayette Street, with police officers en route. In addition, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was reportedly on the scene, supervising the clearing out of the park.

Officers reportedly told the protesters that the city “had determined that the continued occupation of Zuccotti Park posed an increasing health and fire safety hazard.”

The OWS movement in New York City had become a serious detriment to residents and business owners living and working in the area near Zuccotti. Bloomberg was constantly under siege from residents to do something about the noise and reports of unsanitary conditions, in addition to the negative impact the demonstrations were having on local businesses.

Residents got so enraged they decided to do something about it on Monday by marching on City Hall.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The Story

“No, I’m not going to take off my mask,” one woman, who was wearing a white hockey goalie-style mask when meeting the media, told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

The masked woman, who said she covered up out of fear of retribution from Occupy protesters, wanted the city to take lower Manhattan residents’ claims seriously.

“A lot of them would have done this, but a lot of them are very scared to show their face and come out here,” the woman said. “I mean I’m even scared to show my own face because I’m afraid of the backlash.”

Protesters have been camped out at Zuccotti Park for nearly two months, weathering the elements and the near-constant criticism from those who live and work in the area. They have complained the protesters’ presence has become a quality of life crisis.

Residents say poor sanitary conditions, loud noise from round-the-clock drumming sessions and rowdy drug-fueled parties have made their lives a living nightmare. And, they said, the movement was killing their businesses.

“We close our gate at night time and they move their bowels all over the gate, our gate, you know what I mean?” one business owner said. “They pee all over the back of the store. They are not nice. They push customers.”

“A lot of waste is being dumped behind my alleyway where I dump the garbage,” another owner said, reiterating the waste he was witnessing was indeed human waste. ”

“As long as the protesters are here, our businesses are threatened,” another man said. “I don’t know how much longer we will be able to hold on.”

Mayor Bloomberg had waffled between supporting the protesters’ right to freedom and sympathizing with those who say the movement was restricting their own.

Earlier Monday — once again — the mayor refused to elaborate on what, if anything, he was going to do, but the actions of the NYPD early Tuesday morning clearly showed Bloomberg;s patience had reached its end.

“As I’ve said before we’ll do what we think is appropriate when it’s appropriate,” Bloomberg said.

The protesters had planned a march on the New York Stock Exchange and other events on Thursday as part of its two-month birthday. It is unknown at this time how the clearing out of Zuccotti will impact those scheduled events.

Protesters repeatedly said they were trying to be good neighbors and pointed to compromises — like bringing in Porta-Pottys and limiting the drumming to four hours a day — as proof.

“We understand that there are challenges that our presence brings to the local community, but at the end of the day we’re an occupation, we’re here in this space. We’re trying to be good neighbors since day 1,” protester Justin Wedes said.

Please stay with CBSNewYork.com throughout the day on Tuesday for developments on this story.

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One Comment

  1. webfigs says:

    Masked one percenter broad you are one simple broad

  2. The Realist says:

    The protesters are from out-of-town, so they have far more rights than mere city residents, including ABSOLUTE PRIORITY in use of public spaces and FULL EXEMPTION FROM ALL LAWS.

  3. A Suggestion says:

    Decent people and businesses that live in the OWS areas need to power off their WIFI that the OWS are leaching on. There are ways people crack into your security. It’s better to power it off when you are not using it then there’s no WIFI to break into. Cell phone use costs money and those devices are not as quick or efficient at broadcasting messages. This will limit the OWS ability to communicate and organize.

    1. Jim says:

      You live by the laws of the land, else, you break the law…you will be arrested !!

  4. Osamas Pajamas says:


    A couple of months ago I began referring to OhBummer as a pathological flea, inasmuch as the majority of Americans see him as a bloodsucking fraud and a dishonest propagandist.

    About a week ago I bumped into a blog comment referring to the Occupy Wall Street gang as “the flea party” and I warned the author that I would STEAL his ingenious reference and use it wherever it could inflict the most damage on the enemies of the American taxpayers.

    More recently still, my favorite columnist, Ann Coulter [she a Christian and myself an atheist], published a column entitled “WINGLESS, BLOODSUCKING AND PARASITIC: MEET THE FLEA PARTY!” at her anncoulterdotorg website.

    Clearly, things have gotten out of hand. This prairie fire of flea-mongers is raging out of control, wherever you turn. ~:<)

    It's a lot more people than just "the rich" who despise OhBummer and his rioting foot soldiers.

    The Fleabaggers in OhBummer's Flea Party [Occupy Wall Street and its metastasized little cancers in other cities] are the ideological blackshirts, brownshirts, redshirts and no-shirt thugs tasked and directed in their riots by OhBummer allies Michael Moore, David Astroturf Axelrod, and Van Jones, by MoveOn.org, the SEIU, the Huffington Post, and OhBummer's former employer, ACORN — and, naturally — by Barak Hussein Hushpuppy Hoover OhBummer, himself — with a cameo appearance by dopehead rugmuncher Roseanne Barr-The-Beheader.

    Oh, the corporations! Oh, the banks! Oh, BOO HOO! Most of these demonstrators and rioters have a wind-up key sticking out of the middle of their backs with OhBummer's fingerprints all over it. He pooped all over their brains and they LOVED it, crying, "Oh! Oh! More poo, please! More poo!"

    This so-called "spontaneous, leaderless civil unrest" is a White House operation, conceived in the bowels of Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer's fetid little mind — while he sat ruminating in the bowels of the White House — and enacted by OhBummer's chosen proxies, surrogates, cronies, and confederates.

    OhBummer and the OhBummer Wrecking Crew have been promoting envy [mental illness] and trying to shift blame to "Greedy Wall Street" and away from themselves — they who are what novelist Ayn Rand called "greedy for the unearned."

    I advocate that the police shoot and kill every one of OhBummer's rioting troops who obstructs traffic or trespasses on private property or in any way threatens or attempts to intimidate any of their critics or their intended victims.

    Yes. These are the lying, arrogant, GREEDY-FOR-THE-UNEARNED, bloodsxcking, tax-eating Democrat hoods, thugs, and gangsters. I advocate and I seek their destruction.

    There are still approximately 120 million privately-employed nongovernment taxpayers in America today, and while this pathological flea, Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, and his minions, are promoting street riots, I advocate that all 120 million of these privately-employed taxpayers stage a riot on the bridge of OhBummer's nose. That skunk wants race riots and class-warfare riots — and he should get a riot that will make history.

    $ $ $ $ $

    Meanwhile, back at the hacienda…. In 2008, the top 1% of earners paid more than 38% of all Federal income taxes. Check this out at ntudotorg, "who pays income taxes."

    And so to the President of the United States of America and to the so-called "99-percenters" in OhBummer's street-gang Fleabaggers who claim victimhood — go blow smoke up your own axxes.

  5. Mike Harlow says:

    As a member of the Tea Party Patriots, I want to thank the Occupy Anything idiots for showing up and demonstrating what the liberals in a American politics are all about. Destruction, anarchy, and ignorance. Thanks guys, you make us TPP look good! Your actions will make it easier for us to get Conservatives in office, and we may not even have to demonstrate anymore. This will save us time, energy and money, as we do have jobs to go to and households to maintain.

  6. AS says:

    What happened to protesting with signs and going home?
    We don’t tolerate/allow the homeless to live in the park, why should you be different? The park is preserved for people to enjoy, not camp out in. Be respectful of the land, the people that own business there, and the people that work there.

  7. Tom says:

    There is an alternate camp site available. It’s in the Adirondack Mountains.
    A nice healthy trail hike to Mount Marcy which rises to 5344 ft. could become
    OWS’s new command post. One drawback, cell phone coverage is spotty.

  8. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. A says:

      its Muslim… you ignorant retard. and with your trendy thought, we should enslave all black people .. since 3 black people beat up my mother… it just means they are all “stoopid” gang members. Get out of America please.

  9. M.A.D says:


  10. Aquila729 says:

    Maybe Bloomberg will use this as an excuse to run for an unprecidented fourth term in office!

  11. michaelfury says:

    “In 1983, I found myself being thrown into a van, in handcuffs and shackles, with a couple of dozen other people for having blocked the entrance to a company that was constructing counter-insurgency training camps in Honduras.

    I won’t romanticize civil disobedience. I won’t pretend that it stopped what was happening in Central America. But I think it was a lot more appropriate than anything I had done up to that point. It had an impact on public perceptions and on what certain companies and interest groups could get away with. The activities of the peace and justice movements of the 1980s did accomplish important things. I wasn’t just an individual, I was part of a social movement, which was enormous and which participated actively in history.

    Furthermore, there was a kind of peace that I achieved that day, lying on the ground in my handcuffs in the November rain — a kind of communion with the spirits of the people killed at Rio Sumpul. I don’t think this was just self-indulgence or fantasy, though this is always a danger. I think I was starting to translate compassion into genuine solidarity with those who suffer. Compassion without active solidarity is barren. I was starting to get some integrity. Not that I was a saviour of the world, but I was beginning to put into practice my moral and spiritual values. That huge chasm between talk and action was beginning to be addressed in my life.”

    – Graeme MacQueen


  12. Stan Chaz says:


  13. Rip Torn says:

    Action by the NYPD- FINALLY!!!!!!

  14. Aidan Doyle says:

    As somebody present at the eveiction ( I was researching TV inbterview I was plkanning with some of the organizers) I was schocked but in hindsight not entirely suprised at the timing of the eviction. Health and firehazrds aside, the proposed day of action scheduled to take place this coming Thursday had as it’s centerpiece a carnival along Wall Street with it’s priime intention to ttotally disrupt the afairsof the Strret’s inhabitants. Pardon the pun but a classic case of waving a red flag the proverbial Bull!

  15. Tee-Jay says:

    Any court will rule that…

    – the City has flatly refused to enforce any laws in that park, thus granting the protesters 100% EXEMPTION FROM ALL LAWS.

    – the owner of the park has refused to enforce its own rules, thus rendering those rules NULL, VOID, and PERMANENTLY UNENFORCEABLE.

    1. Sue Darling says:

      You have stated this in comments to previous stories. And you are incorrect.
      The City allowance of activities for a limited amoun of time is to be expected. And that does not nullify the laws. There is a statute of limitations for all crimes (exceot murder) and the time the protestors were there the city had warned them multipletimes they WOULD enforce the laws by force if they did not follow the law on their own accord.
      The City gave them the rope to hang themselves & they did, in fact, manage to do that. They have had their day in the limelight it is now time for them to work off, off stage, to find ways to acheive their goals. All they are doing now is building resentment against them that will insure that their goals will be fought against. And probably defeated.

  16. man from old school says:

    you have a right to protest but you do not have a right to live there or put up tents or now starting to build with wood go home you bums get a job and wash you all stink the owners have to install a fence at once and close the park and change the rules to close the park at night

  17. mike says:

    Nah nah nah nah!! Hey hey hey! GOODBYE!!! Nah nah nah nah! hey hey hey! GOODBYE!!!

  18. mak says:

    It’s about time.

  19. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

    Hey CBS2 and everyone from the Tri-state area

    The OWS movement… I support it and the sounding community i am disappointed that people who are humans have the nerve to talk down to people who are just as human. To every story there are two sides, the occupiers who are EXTREAMLY peaceful and welcoming and the surrounding community and ignorant folks who call them animals and the rich who have the nerve to go public with that statement. I have been organizing for my community in the South Bronx since I was 12 years old and I have seen alot in the organizing world from working on issues such as youth violence and today working on green demonstration projects such as green roofs and rain gardens. My point you may ask well its simple I believe that the NYPD was strategic but wrong on timing, I believe that if you pay for your property you have a say on what happens to it, I believe that taxes that come out of the workforce including myself are wasted on crap like police cars that get trashed by horrible drivers that the NYPD are and other junk we waste our taxes on and I also believe that to understand something like Occupy Wall Street you have to see it for yourself. I was there two weeks ago and i think it was organized and the cops should have gave them more time to move out and no be as oppressive as they were. CBS2 you were witnesses to the oppressiveness of the NYPD being bunked from a huge story that will be history.

    I hope that everyone will be OK including the elected official that got his head busted open and those who were arrested and I pray to god that the ignorance of our society stops.

    Good night/ ealry morning to everyone .

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      “F” them Rivera. They had notice from the beginning. What part of “No Tents or Tarps didn’t they understand??
      They have been on notice for 3 months now and did nothing to comply so action was taken.

  20. Albert Right says:

    Zucotti Park is being forcefully cleared at this very moment. The mayor has rightfully stated that it has become a health hazard. Some protesters are fighting back and the national guard appears to be involved.

    Get more ows facts live on my site:

  21. Andrew Nutra says:

    THEY’RE FLUSHING THE TOILET NOW, TUESDAY MIDNIGHT!! I heard OWS cut deal with Bloomberg to kick them out to save face!!

    1. Michael H. says:

      Oh Andrew, you poor thing. What will you do for income now that your job badmouthing OWS is done?

  22. Andrew Nutra says:

    Keep drumming away OWS. Wall Streeters listen to shareholders, politicians listen to voters. NO ONE listens to raping percussionists!

  23. liz says:

    GLOOMberg needs to GO! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! He is spineless, worthless, worse than Dinkins ever was! GLOOMberg is a complete DISGRACE to the CITY OF NEW YORK.. He’s an ABOMINATION, he should be REMOVED from office. And now I have mentioned his good qualities! SHAME ON YOU MR.MAYOR!

  24. Andrew Nutra says:

    I want to set up an “Attention Booth.” I’ll charge each OWS member $5 per 15 minute session. Tell me about your problems. Awww your liberal arts degree not doing anything for you in this down economy? You should have majored in IT or something in healthcare! POOR BABY!!! Do you want to drum some more? Bad bankers!! Bad bankers!! No no need to look for a job. Your drums made out of unicorn testicles when played will make everything better. Let’s bring in the soothing voice of Joan Baez. This is all about you!

    1. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

      ignorance is bliss learn it.

  25. edrews says:

    Aaah… apparetly the rights to peacefully assembe and protest outweigh and overrule the rights that any other person or entity might have. I don’t recall anything like that in my last reading of the constitution.

    1. martin says:

      Try reading the 9th Amendment

  26. OccupyBillionaireBloombergsHome says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is a DISGRACE. There are RULES in that Park and LAWS regarding defecating ad urinating in public. ENFORCE THE RULES & THE LAWS,
    Bloomberg! If this were “Tea Party”people you know this BILLIONAIRE power hungry third term buying “Mayor” would have sent the cops in. The CITIZENS who live there should say NO MORE and call on Cuomo to send in the National Guard.

    1. John says:

      Enforce the LAWS that were primarily enacted to protect the one percenters?

      Ok. I SEE.

      1. OutragedForTooLong says:

        Laws against public defecation and urination only protect the one percenters? Your ignorant statement just defined what is wrong with the OWS.

        It’s about time this disgrace was cleared out.

  27. paula revere says:

    to the woman in the mask: bravo! organize one of these protests for a weekend, and i will come in to stand with you. the mayor has no spine along with the property owners of the park, and has been inattentive to you and your neighbors, and the local businessmen. organize it and i will come. no doubt others will come. why should you be taxed to provide services to the occupiers. you have empathizers/sympathizers who will support you. open your ears and heart mr bloomberg.

  28. Gregory Miller says:

    I was unaware there were no porta potties. I also do not know what the drumming is all about [I must have missed something], and I can see how drums beating 24 hours a day could get on your nerves. If the city cannot afford the port a potties I would think some enterprising port a potty company would paint their logo on the “johns” and provide free potty service to the protesters. They would get a great amount of free PR and their logo would be remembered for years after a million photographs are taken of this kind jester. I hope the “locals can work something out with the protesters. Dispite all the griping–our government is starting to listen to regular Americans again, and we all would benefit with a more responsive government.

  29. Tee-Jay says:

    The protesters are mostly from out of town, so they always have ABSOLUTE PRIORITY over city residents and are FULLY EXEMPT FROM ALL LAWS.

  30. Masked one percenter broad says:

    Waaa. They scared my minimum wage doorman off and now I have to open the door myself. And because he’s no longer around, I also have to carry my own groceries and retrieve my own mail. OMG. Waaa. I have to walk another 30 feet from my limo because of the police barricades. Waaa. They are blocking my lobster and caviar cafes. WAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

      IGNORANCE IS BLISS LEARN IT. do your own dam work like the rest of us. and if your so pleased by your door man then maybe he shouldnt be getting paid minimum wage. rich b***ch the nerve.

    2. mak says:

      Obviously, you don’t know any doormen. They are union workers who get paid very well, especially around the holidays. Not a bad job to have.

      1. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

        i do and i rejected a doorman unionized job i know what goes on i know alot ive seen alot 32bj is the best of them and trust me nothing pays enough for someone to be enslaved by this bs

  31. NY'er from upstate says:

    It’s about time the residents and business owners of NYC take back their city from these people. The mayor needs to listen to his tax paying base, not the people who have taken over this neighborhood without having the proper permits, policing or even porta potties. It’s rediculous that the city has to actually pay the expense for what these people are doing. Taxes that have to pay for the policing and cleaning of it, plus the loss of revenue for business owners, now a health and crime hazard for the residents. I’m a New Yorker from upstate, I will not go to NYC as long as these protestors are there. My childs school went for a field trip to the Bodies museum and the WTC memorial (planned and paid for well before this protest). We had some serious reservations about allowing him to go at all. The group leaders assured us they will take every measure to avoid the Wall St. area. I know we were not the only parents concerned with what our children would be exposed to on this trip. Please stay strong keep the pressure on the mayor, take your neighborhood back for the sake of all of us. Even those who live outside NYC and normally enjoy going to the city and spending our money at your businesses. .

    1. pete says:

      Please do us a favor, stay in the sticks or boondocks, I am sure that you are more comfortable there!! You can knock off the apples or anything else all day in peace and quiet. Do not worry about NYCity taxes, as you are no contributor but a user. The money you bring to the city is nothing compared what you are taking back to Apple-Knocker-Country!

    2. Dr meh says:

      Hey NYer from upstate. Don’t you know ny city taxes subsidizes the expenditures of NY state? The city is the golden goose tax for the state. Maybe your kid should see some ows in action instead of the sheltered Norman rockwell b.s.

    3. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

      Hey , upstate NYer honestly you have no say in something of this matter. you dont have to deal with the stuggles we downstate-ers have to deal with. im going on 19 and i was down there two weeks ago it was peacful and it was welcoming. over 500,000 was donated to this movement and i understand the need for the homeless but understand one thing our taxes dont need to be going to piece of shyt cops or anyone who doesnt do the job properly. the cops there are should be happy for the extra pay and i spoke to some who dont wish to be doing what they are doing


      1. Ann Marie Kellett says:

        I’ve read all your posts and is it possible that some of the “slavery”” you discuss is of your own making? Seriously, the grammar and spelling wouldn’t pass muster in the second grade and yet you claim to be not only 19 years old but a community organizer as well. Maybe it’s time you start acting like and expressing yourself as an adult and not as a spolied child who can’t/won’t be bothered to even express themselves as a higher schooler would? Maybe if you showed you had something to offer besides poorly worded rants you would be able to find work that pays you what you so clearly believe you are worth.

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