NYPD’s Kelly Pulled Fast One On Protesters And Was Ready For Their Every Contingency

Zuccotti Park Call For Reinforcements And 'Human Chain' Idea Were No Match

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When you get right down to it, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was able to evict Zuccotti Park protestors because he faked them out.

Once he knew he had to evict the protesters Kelly reached into his NYPD playbook and pulled out his trick play. He had been running regular drills every single night in lower Manhattan, but on Monday night/Tuesday morning the practice drill suddenly became the real thing.

“Last night we had another drill and we used officers involved in the drill to actually carry out the plan,” Kelly told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

And Kelly was ready for the protesters to call for reinforcements, too. But by the time their e-mails started up around 1:15 a.m. there were only two words for it — too late.

“We had an outer ring, you might say, of police officers to keep people away from the park when the actions were ongoing,” Kelly said.

A “peace flag” flying over the encampment didn’t stop the protesters from forming human chains, but, again, Kelly was ready.

“Many people they locked their arms together so they had to be forcibly separated. Other people locked themselves together with these bicycle locks and two people locked themselves on to trees. The locks were cut by Emergency Services officers.

The police commissioner did admit he planned to go in late at night when the numbers were reduced.

“We think it was appropriate t do it when the smallest number of people were in the park,” Kelly said.

Several hundred police officers were involved and there were more than 200 arrests, but the big test will come in the next few days when “Occupy Wall Street” protesters decide what their next steps are.

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  1. biskitts says:

    I have two members of my family who you would classify as the evil, greedy 1% simply because they have money. What you don’t know is that their families came here from poor countries with next to nothing, and they busted their ass in school, getting scholarships and taking majors that are actually worth something. Then busted their ass to get to where they are now.

    But still, they are the evil, greedy 1% to you and they need to be stopped.

    That’s my problem with you and the rest of the Occupy idiots. You don’t understand that you have to WORK to be successful.

    And success is not WRONG!

    1. Sam says:

      Well said

    2. nick says:

      99% dont hate 1%
      Find system unfair
      this is really about the top .1% who thru lobbying manipulate the system for self gain, not giving a @#$% about the air, food and water both you, me and everyone else consume
      in the last 20+ years the average workers salary has gone up $1.50/hr
      in the same amount of time, the top .1% salary has gone up $10,000/hr
      guess what… the the top .1% are also paying the lowest taxes since before the Korean war… i say that because taxes have been raised during every single war the united states has been part of…. except Iraq and Afghanistan…
      google the term “starving the beast”
      manipulation of the system is wrong and that is what occupy is about

  2. Master says:

    Then go protest at the federal reserve, or the WH and not a public park. All they do is disrupt normal people trying to go about their lives. Your “100%” is a dream in your head. I work for a living and always have, why shouldn’t they?

  3. Ray says:

    NYC to OWS: Occupy this!!!

    *note spelling correction ; )

  4. TeaRunner says:


    Nazis were the national socialist party of Germany. I also seem to recall it was the OWS protesters with the anti-Jew signs out there, not the NYPD. You’ve got your sides mixed up there, pal.

    Take a bath, read a history book, go get a job.

  5. Ray says:

    NYC to OWS: Occuoy this!

  6. Sue Darling says:

    I am all for peaceful protest. It is our right to assemble & express our dissatisfaction with issues that our government refuse to take care of in a logical, practical and reasonable way.

    Unrestricted bail outs were and still are a mistake.

    The ability for corporations (including big businesses, crazily wealthy individuaks, unions and other private interest lobby groups) to buy legislation is dangerous- though unfortunately not a crime,

    However, these unfocused occupations of public & private property have crossed the line of assembling for peaceful protest. The unending lists of “I wants” and “Gimmee for free” demands, as well as adding support for issues that have no bearing on the original protests have made this “movement” a sad farce.

    You are crying about unfair taxes out of 1 side of your face & cry about not getting stuff from the government out of the other. Which is it? Do you want your government to have a balanced budget, be logical about aid to businesses/individuals/public groups or do you want your taxes to become the piggy bank for the cause of the moment?

    You are demanding that private individuals/companies pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes. But who decides what is a fair share? You? Do you then determine how the money is fairly distributed? Conflict of interest there. Something which needs to be watched. We’ve seen how conflict of interest works in DC.- if you are a campaign donator you pressure your ‘representative’ to ditribute things your way.

    Just look at the exemptions granted to the new healthcare laws. Alot – if not most – are Obama warchest donator.

    Make up your minds. Can’t be both ways.

    And lastly, to everyone on this list – name calling and insulting the opposing side is juvenile & damages your arguements. This disappoints me. If you can’t present your position without calling the opposing sides clever(not) little names you obviously don’t have enough thought process to debate. THIS GOES FOR BOTH SIDES.

    Grow up people.

    1. Zigfried says:

      I sat on a condo board many years ago and we discussed the next year’s budget. We all agreed we needed to increase in certain areas, such as for snow removal, landscape improvements, and general maintenance, After agreeing to how much the increase would be to cover all expenses, plus contingency for those that chose not to pay their fair share of common charges, we propsed the new increases, to which another liberal board member stated: ” I didn’t know increasing our operating budget would mean an increase to everyone’s monthly dues”. This is a microcosim of how liberals and democrtas think, or perhaps don’t think.

      1. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

        that is not logical. You are making a personal experience with
        with an individual you know little about,( you CLAIM was a Democrat), and that this behavior justifies your contempt for ebveryone else who has an objection to the way in which our Financial system operates .
        Your abuse of logic vitiates your argument, which never held any water. It is the same as someone who says:”I was mugged by a black man, once , twenty years ago. He was a vicious lunatic criminal and had a knife. This is how I know that all black people are vicious, simian muggers and knife wielding thugs with IQ’s of 67! They must be deported back to Africa or made to be slaves serving civilized whites, again. ” Logical enough?
        The use of illogical and angry screeds to demean, insult and denigrate people you disagree with is a recognized charateristic of extreme political conservatism which denies reality if it will make a political point. Most early fascists in France and Germany were like this,(Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Gobineau, etc.
        You belong to quite a well known group of racists and nationalists, the NAZI party in Germany was one of their offspring. .

    2. Ray Haley says:

      Sue you hit the nail right on the head!

  7. O Yes been there b4 says:

    This is just like Woodstock 1969 without the music.
    Real criminals who cheat in the banking and stock broker business must
    chuckle how the cops who make great over time pay chasing these zero head
    kids ,have no time to go after them, perhaps this is why the media makes this
    news 24/7,keeps the bigger crooks and Obama the new Republican, in business
    without much scrutiny. cool .

  8. Kip Noxzema says:

    Uh oh! Now they have to go back to living in the parents’ basement, denouncing capitalism by updating their new iPhone, sending out a Tweet, and logging into Facebook on their quad-core PC with the jumbo terminal.

  9. Jerry Frey says:

    “The court heard how Mr Abramovich employed a company called Valmet to set up a “complex and opaque” web of offshore companies and trusts, which he used to remove hundreds of millions of dollars from Sibneft, the oil firm he bought and set up for $100m (£62m) in 1995 with the assistance of Boris Berezovsky, and sold in 2005 for $13bn”.


  10. Mary says:

    I hope you are prepared for the supposedly blocking of the bridges and occupying the Stock Exchange. This is what I have read.

  11. john says:

    Careful what you wish for commie…as many in Stalinist Russia found out the hard way.

    1. captain awesome says:

      He isn’t saying he wants it to happen, hes just acknowledging that that is the only way it will happen.

    2. Tim says:

      Since when does quoting Lincoln make someone get tagged as a communist? I’m mostly dissatisfied with the hippiness of these protests.

      1. Dodger says:

        Probably since Lincoln’s own actions were in complete opposition to his mouth. When Americans started shooting, he shot back and ground them under his heel.

        Lincoln was big with words he couldn’t comprehend. He put the government before the people and provoked a war between Americans yet has some real zingers like that quote. That he gets worshipped for provoking the American people into killing each other to save the Federal government is what is truly amazing.

        The general populace of this country is just astoundingly gullible and stupid.

  12. Timmay! says:

    To be fair, it really wouldn’t be too hard to “fake out” these morons. It’s kind of like teasing a dog….

    1. ThrowTheBumsOut says:

      I know! How “fast” do you need to out-manuever a directionless glob?

  13. Good says:

    HI-larious! I thought the OWS were supposed to be the smart ones. Anybody banking on these clowns better pull your money fast. I have more respect for the hippie at Woodstock. Too funny.

  14. Pat says:

    They are lucky Rudy is not the mayor. There would have been some heads getting cracked. These people should be directing their anger at the “elected” leaders (elected by the Union Thugs) in Washington. They are thieves of the highest order and they should all be thrown out.

    1. psadie says:

      I agree. Rudy would have enforced the law, period. They are disrupting everything. Just look at them; they all look like losers who appear to be professional protestors. Why are they not at George Soros’ home? Clowns.

    2. paco says:

      can’t argue with that….

    3. fecal_heroes says:

      Spoken like a wiseguy.

  15. Roadside says:

    This Hate America Romper Room Revolution is over. Time time to go home to mama’s basement and take a bath. I would say get a job but your Chosen One is out doing everything he can to make sure there are no jobs for inept talent-less Fleabaggers.

    1. Justin M Kohutiak says:

      boy you sure are ignorant…
      the 1% shipped there jobs to china through walmart you inept talentless fleabagger.

      1. johnny says:

        the 1% ship their Jobs over seas because America has the 2nd highest corporate tax in the world so we can support the welfare cases. want more jobs lower taxes and cut federal spending overhaul social security

      2. Glenn Warren says:

        The 1% shipped the jobs overseas because the many of the 99% are self serving idiots who weren’t reading the labels on their Walmart purchases. When you buy cheap and avoid your main street businesses, someday you find there is no business or manufacturing left in America. If you want to support a “living wage”, buy local and pay more.

        1. jobee123 says:

          absolutely 100% agree Ross Perot said that when the Fair Trade was passed there would be a giant sucking sound, business going for a cheaper product in a 3rd world country, he said this in 1991

      3. Skeebo says:

        They shipped jobs to China because UNIONS think its a good idea to pay someone $50 hr to screw the cap on toothpaste tubes. Don’t blame the 1% for going overseas YOU made it happen.

    2. Mike Detroit says:

      you’re either a troll or you’re just blind. What’s American about this:

      …seems like there are quite a few countries in there. If protesting $16,000B in handouts to various banks (including international banks) is Hate America Romper Room Revolution than we’re all f*cked, including you!

      ps. google the GAO, they don’t work for msnbc, I know you’re disappointed.

  16. IVillageIdiot says:

    When they link arms….

    Hit them with the shock stick or the taser…. WOOT WOOT…

    They WILL let go but quick…

  17. Nukemall says:

    This OWS bunch are filty swine, rather than clean up after themselves they sleep in their own dung. It’s no wonder there is disease in that rat infested place they call OWS. Ignorant useful idiots educated on the government dime and expect everything handed to them. You filthy pigs, leave the USA if you think it’s so good in Cuba get the He!! out. A bunch of amoeba brains, all of them.. And take Mother Pelosi with you.

    1. chris says:

      That’s good. Keep fighting the OTHER side. That way you keep your eye off what’s really happening. Go back inside and watch your football. Everything is just fine.

  18. Fedup says:

    These maggot infested mofos need to dealt with harshly. Burn down the encampment to the ground.

    1. obbie says:


  19. Tee-Jay says:

    The “Occupiers” should have argued that, prior to early Tuesday morning…

    – the City had not enforced any laws in that park, thus granting the protesters FULL EXEMPTION FROM ALL LAWS.

    – Brookfield had not enforced its own rules, thus rendering those rules NULL, VOID, and PERMANENTLY UNENFORCEABLE.

    1. stanleycustom says:

      They gave the OWS gang a chance to redeem themselves. A WC Fields said:”Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump.” The OWS fell into those two catagories. Just because the laws weren’t enforced immediately doesn’t mean they should not be enforced or became null and void.

    2. Sue Darling says:

      No law becomes ever becomes null & void. That is why there are statutes of limitations granting law enforcement years to prosecute for a crime. The law enforcement organizations & private security organizations gave these people a chance to peaceably state their cases in a public venue. When these protestors became a public nuisance and danger they were given warnings. When warnings were ignored they were forcibly moved or arressted. This is the way things work.

    3. Bryan says:

      Man, if this is an example of the lack of intelligence of the “Occupiers” it’s no wonder they elected a Boarder Collie the leader in Occupy Denver. Clearly, the dog is the smartest life form in the crowd.

  20. Snotty Waitperson says:

    Haven’t any of these little pukes ever heard of a good scorched Earth policy? Crash the gate and raise the red banner of revolutionary glory! If banner raising is not your bag, like me, find some idiots who you have no attachment to whatsoever to do the job for you. A proper revolutionary never does his/her own “activism” since the proper revolutionary knows that survival is the first step towards becoming a WELL-HEALED MEMBER OF THE DEMORAT PARTY

    1. Glenn Warren says:

      Were these the best idiots that Obama’s minions could organize thru the relabeled ACORN to distract the nation from the progressive lefts destruction of our economy and looting of our institutions and corporations by their chosen elite = campaign contributors?

  21. Buck O'Fama says:

    Eat concrete Flea party, the police should have maced you, beat you and kicked you the entire time until you were off of the property.

    My favorite story was of the retard Flea who had all his crap redistributed, well that is what you wanted or didn’t you know that it meant you too?

    Filthy buggering Obots, too bad you all didn’t get TB, raped, robbed and jailed. In a communal setting you should all share the same experience.

    1. tj says:

      youre a sick person for real.. These are Americans you prick. For them or against them, dont think the cops would hold back on you against something you believed it

    2. obbie says:

      These Liberal minded maggots need a case of aids. They should all contract a fatal disease and die…….

    3. Evets Setab says:

      PERFECT SOLUTION! Your solution should be standard POLICY across the land for OWS “protestors” and other useful idiots! An OWS-St. Louis female got arrested, and when she was released, she complained that she “was put in a big holding cell with a bunch of criminals, like drug dealers, hookers, drunk drivers…”! What did she want, her own Suite in jail? These OWS Fleabags are off the wall and out of control!

  22. Dan Shays says:

    Nah, nah, nah, nah.
    Nah, nah, nah, nah.
    Hey #occupy. Goodbye!

    And good riddance!
    Now watch the media and their democrat friends
    attempt to pretend that none of this ever happened.

  23. USA Rules says:

    What a win for America by removing obama’s political trash from the park! These are some of the same obama people that voted multiple times to get him elected. obama and his trashy liberals believe they are above the law and it is about time they were forced to follow the law!

    1. tim says:

      Theses people you speak of are against obama. God some people need to read more and understand our FAILING government.

      1. USA Rules says:

        You Should read more as obama and his liberal group support this group of trash!

        1. Max says:

          Ha ha ha ha! on Ø & his cohorts!!!!

        2. Mike Fiera says:

          You should read more, Astroturfer troll. That’s why their are *gasp* neocons, conservatives, liberals, centerists, etc at OWS.

          It’s ok though. I’m sure you love to see innocent people being brutalized by the new SS.

          You’re a piece of trash and a disgrace to your country.

          1. Conan The Republican says:

            There are NO REAL conservatives there, you twit. I wish you were there, and I was a cop. You’d taste baton real quick. You’ve never SEEN brutalized, ya punk.

            1. vicfedorov says:

              i cant wait till you mouth off to the wrong person

              1. vicfedorov says:

                how tough are you to talk sh– on line

        3. biskitts says:


          “LaGreca wisely doesn’t take the bait and instead uses the question to call out the question for being disingenuous by noting that the conservative opposition to Obama is trying to stop him from doing any good in the world.”

          Yeah, he sounds soooooo against Obama!

        4. biskitts says:


          “LaGreca wisely doesn’t take the bait and instead uses the question to call out the question for being disingenuous by noting that the conservative opposition to Obama is trying to stop him from doing any good in the world.”

          He sounds sooooooo in opposition to Obama!

      2. Bo Jiden says:

        Yeah, I’m callin’ BS on that. Democrats all over the place are praising the neohippies, and everyone who’s a friend to President Zero is encouraging the hippies: SEIU, communists, socialists, and anyone else who hates the US for what makes it great. Plus, they’re all in the same playbook! the economy sucks, so now’s the time to blame capitalism and screw it up even worse, etc.

        So, are they technically all on the same team? Doesn’t matter when they’re all fighting for attention in the same cesspool.

      3. Buck O'Fama says:

        You are full of more S**T than a Christmas goose

      4. CommonCents says:

        If they were against Obama and his friends, they would be ‘encamped’ outside the White House, Soros, and every other elitist socialist for whom they are useful fools.

      5. Jackson says:


        You are a misled dummy. Election Day for you is 7 November this year…don’t forget!

      6. Trinity says:

        You are the perfect example of a “useful idiot.”

  24. Sam Gosdin says:

    It’s about time, the law must be served. Oh and by the way, I wish this group would stop acting like they represent the 99 because they DON’T! Most American’s would rather work for what they get, not ask for everything to be provided for them. More millionaires are CREATED in this Country than anywhere on the planet. Bottom line, The skies the limit, you just have to want it bad enough and work for it.

    1. chem43 says:

      You are absolutely correct! Except we water down our country by taking in too many aliens, who in turn, generate more job seaking individuals, which equals high unemployment. Too many wars being funded from our “secure” social security funds…. Awe hell, politicians do suck!

    2. Jeff Sayin says:

      If the law had been served, NYC govenrment would have respect the constiturional rights of OWS citizens and the press, not supress them.

      And please don’t pretend that YOU speak for most Americans either because you don’t. The sky is the limit only if you are willing to sell your sole and learn to play the corrupt greedy game of the banksters and their politically connected henchmen.

      Being a millionaire has nothing to do with hard work either. If it did, there would be at least some blue collar millionaires besides the lottery winners. Meanwhile traders at Goldman Sachs push money around, make bets all day, and act as though they are entitled to their mulmtmillion dollar compensation packages.

      Our economic system is BROKEN in case you didn’t notice

  25. Jay Pee says:

    Good Job NYPD!

    That Park was whistle clean at 8 am today

    1. Timmy says:

      Your so dumb kill our country why dont you?

      1. Nope says:

        Timmy, YOU and your kind are the ones who are killing this country!

        1. Tim says:

          Timmy and his kind are the bottom 1% of the so called 99% I am part of the 53% that helps pay for the free stuff these losers want.

      2. Buck O'Fama says:

        Tiny Timmy Tard Cakes, pay attention. It’s “You’re” and then after dumb a comma would be nice but then your disjointed thinking is part and parcel of being a bovine liberal.

        Kill yourself and save the country.

      3. biskitts says:

        So you’re okay with these occupiers raping, taking drugs and taking dumps on the ground and on cop cars?

        1. Jeff Sayin says:

          Do you always regurgitate the spin of the NY Post?

          Claiming OWS are rapists, drug users, and poppers just shows your complete and utter ignorance.

          1. biskitts says:

            Odd, since I haven’t read a single page of the NY post, but there are sure a lot of other sources about the sexual assault, drug paraphenalia and defacation on the ground.

            Just because you’re IGNORANT and not acknowledging these indiscretions doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

  26. jon says:

    I bet if the top 1% of americans who control 42.7% of the countries financial wealth read most of these coments they would be very proud of their corprate media and how they have managed to demonise the bottom 80% who control just 7% of the countries wealth. Read this statistic and think about wheather you really live in such a fair society

    1. Jeff in Florida says:

      I just wish our country did a better job of education our youth. “countries” = country’s,”coments” = comments, corprate = corporate, “demonise” = demonize, “wheather” = whether… In just 2 sentences you managed to screw the pooch 4 times, and I’m not even taking into account your poor grammar. You and your buddies ought to go occupy a classroom, preferably one that’s teaching English.

      1. Jeff in Florida says:

        ok, I screwed the pooch myself… please substitute “educating” for “education” in the first sentence…. at least I’m self-aware…

        1. Reno The Libtard says:

          Jeff your comment on your own comment is the best one here.

        2. jon says:

          poor gramar dont change the facts and doesnt realy matter as you clearly new wha i was sayin but obvously coudnt come up with a proper response other than to demonise the prosters in the way fox news tells you to.

  27. Jeff says:

    Kelly, you did a good job. I would never suggest allowing people to break the law for a little while because it caused you more problems than if you would have addressed the violations immediately. Next time, be firm and uphold the law.

  28. jon says:

    I bet if the top 1% of americans who control 42.7% of the countries financial wealth read most of these coments they would be very proud of their corprate media and how they have managed to demonise the bottom 80% who control just 7% of the countries wealth. Read this statistic and think about wheather you really live in such a fair society.

  29. keats5 says:

    Wow, it’s almost like Commissioner Kelley retired from the USMC as a Colonel or something!

    Hoo Rah Marine!

    1. Mark says:

      Wish we had him in our city!

  30. HTuttle says:

    Liberation of occupied territory!

    Hey, isn’t that what Liberals are always ranting about anyway?

  31. roger says:

    You’re just jealous because you’re penniless! Stop being a bum!

  32. roger says:

    Thanks Ray Kelly! Great job, well thought out, professional!!! Doomburg on the other hand is a complete moron!

  33. Dave Martin says:

    What a bunch of losers. Obama really screwed the pooch on this one. This is going to be a net loss for his bid for re-election. Even Labor, who have their members out to support this crowd is backing off, because it’s pretty darn clear who these “protesters” are.

    Good luck Barry.

    1. Ste says:

      Protesters just don’t have direction. They just don’t know


  34. Joe says:

    AWESOME! fisherKing is dead on – just because you’re out of work and your unemployment ran out doesn’t mean we change the government. There was a day when you HAD to work and find a way to make a living – even if it wasn’t “nice” and had parking. This welfare state we live in requires $100k jobs or “I’m not going to work” is BS! Ref the NBA right now where the average pay is $5M+. Americans need to learn what it’s like to have REALLY have nothing and no freedom. These punks should be extridited to Syria to REALLY see what it’s like – then come home and complain….

    1. Paul Revere says:

      Yes we can still save Western Civilization by taking our college campuses back from the Marxists!


      1. roger says:

        …and from the pedophiles as well! (Penn State)

        1. Nope says:

          @roger, not the right thread

          1. PennState44 says:

            nigga please. pedophilia commentary works anywhere

    2. frankie says:

      not to say that occupy wall street was right but our gov does need a serious overhaul. the gov needs to lower its debt before everything starts to fall apart

  35. LaughingInWA says:

    Try working on your English studies instead of spreading disease in parks.

  36. Tom Genin says:

    It is my believe that the Occupy Wall street protesters can garner the greatest sympathy for their movement if the commit suicide en masse.

    Sure, they can only do it once, but I say they give a try.

    1. Tbowz says:

      The error in your thinking is that to commit suicide en masse would take effort and work to pull off so obviously that is not going happen with these people. You forgot that the feed me-wipe me crowd can’t do anything for themselves other than create chaos.

    2. BenD says:

      You, sir, are a genius.

    3. roger says:

      The protestors nature is total selfishness so that wont work!

    4. Neil Walsh says:

      Rght Tom! Let them occupy Guyana! Jim Jones where are you when we need you?

  37. Bunny Vee says:

    Damn, I gots two eight ballsa rock, wheres I gonna sells it now??????

  38. Mariepr says:

    Finally. The right to protest did not include the right to turn a business and residential area into a squalid encampment. Thank you NYPD.

  39. Joe Johnson says:

    This is an outrage! Why did this commissioner have so little concern for the safety and well being of…. his officers?! Did he issue them hazmat suits? How many of these police officers are now going to go back to their families to spread TB/ zuccoti lung & other infectious diseases?

  40. capt. bill's daughter says:

    thanks ray kelly and my extended family of the long blue line. you continue to serve & protect the real people of new york. my dad was nypd for 30+ years, and nobody yelled “shame,” or “the whole world is watching” when he was asked to return to the bed-stuy community where he had been a sgt, in the days after martin luther king’s assasination. i only wish, on behalf of the real neighborhood residents the judge had also banned the drums when the park was reopened.

  41. akw says:

    Get lost, bigot.

  42. truth teller says:

    It is about time these low lifes were sent away from the park…go do some work for a change..

    1. Dana Alan Butler says:

      Just because these people may be out of work, doesn’t make them low lifers. Not everyone can get a 5 figure payceck, some may have been forced out of work. You don’t know. It’s easy to tell someone who has never struggled to get a job.

      1. lolcatlol says:

        They’re unemployed because they made the wrong choices when selecting a major in college! Thats not anyones fault but the idiots that think liberal arts was worth something! ROFL lololololol

        1. frankie says:

          getting a job has very little to do with your major

          1. Michael H. says:

            bingo. i’m employed and comfortable and i was a music major. my job has nothing to do with my field of study

      2. No tresspassing! says:

        Yes it does! They aren’t even attempting to work. Living in mommy’s basement

      3. Bill Konrad says:

        I would bet that some of these protesters have more wealth than I do and I’m not exactly a pauper. The haves’ and the have nots’ it was ever thus and shall ever be thus. Either economic disparity or political disparity. You never hear these malcontents mention the generosity of the wealthy, IE Bill Gates. Oh I forgot the rabble can’t be generous they can only rabble rouse. Things aren’t fair and they never will be, for one thing fair is subjective but that aside the world just isn’t fair to everyone. so suck it up and deal with it, I did, so can you.

  43. paulejb says:

    Well, it’s not as if Zuccotti Park was occupied by Mensa organization members. The IQ of the park probably increased when the protesters were gone.

  44. Illogicbuster says:

    Not to diminish Kelly’s ability in any way but, he was dealing with sub-50 IQ animals.

    1. tbowz says:

      I don’t think that is a fair statement to the squirrels who live in that park who on a daily basis feed themselves full without government assistance, know to how to find cover when it gets cold, and don’t sleep in their own filth.

  45. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

    Wow! CBS is right! Kelly is sooo smart. Maybe he should run for president on the GOP ticket. He looks good in his uniform. . . . Gosh, he really fooled those dirty , lowdown Socialist hippie bums who won’t work!!!
    I wish he had lined them up and shot them but it is sure funny how stupid they were to fall for his genius and he-man brains! No hippy could be as smart as a Republican, any day.

    1. Neal White says:

      About Time.

  46. tina linden says:

    As a downtown worker and resident, I feel the need to share the ocw street message with other parts of the city. UNION SQUARE has a very nice park., go there.

  47. Ed says:

    Over 200 arrested, please tell us how many had NYC address? Why not protest in your own town? The thought started out good, withing days it turn to what they were protesting.

  48. Smelly Hippie says:

    Soylent Green is people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. John Semmes says:


    Other cities use teargas. NY uses tactics and the law!


    Keep it up!

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      Great job at creating a police state.

      And to all those who cheer the suppression of the right of freedom of assembly and speech – why don’t you move to Syria, China or North Korea.

      I am ashamed of my city today.

      1. DianaL says:

        Other residents have the right to use the Park – go to work without disruption – rely on the city to enforce health laws and keep the peace. Your ridiculous.

      2. fisherKing says:

        I mad because I went into debt $100k for a female studies degree. When people arrest me for turning a beautiful park in a sewer I cry about a police state which not one single person in the organization you support demonstrated against.

        Also let’s point out the top 1/10% who pay no taxes and brutally murder children which a lot of occupiers not only stand silent against, but more than likely support, namely drug dealers.

        1. JC says:

          Your first mistake was majoring in female studies.

        2. LaughingInWA says:

          Brutally murder children?

          You have specific examples you can provide?

          Typical Lib. No ability to argue based on logic, reason, or facts – must resort to emotionally-charged accusations with no supporting evidence.

          1. Leveraged Joe, excited for fresh air says:

            Whoops! Looks like you dropped your Sarcasm and Reading Comprehension Detector. Let’s try again, huh?

          2. Huh says:

            Yes! I’ve seen it personally with my own two eyes! Murder…then EAT THEM!!

        3. keats5 says:

          I have read your last sentence three times. I still can’t understand it. I agree. You paid too much for your degree.

        4. paco says:

          well… thats 100k shot to s##t…….

        5. Dale says:

          If you had spent that same $100k for a usefull degree like Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics, you might be able to get a job on Wall Street instead of defecating in a park next to it.

          Maybe you should go Occupy that Commie-infested University that sold you that worthless degree in the first place.

      3. 1984 Vet says:

        Jeff. Go pound sand. You and the OWS crowd are not patriots, you are losers.

      4. DuncanH says:

        Assembly does not mean occupy for an indefinite period of time. The constitution also says “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”… you kind of left that “peaceably” part out b/c there has been more than enough evidence that this has not been peaceable. Aside from that DianaL is correct. A person can exercise their rights so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Once you take one person’s “rights” and set them above another person’s “rights”, that ain’t a good sign.
        I would also say that if you are ashamed of anything you should be ashamed of the analogy you made when you tied the actions of the NYPD to what happens in Syria, China or DPRK. Nice…

      5. Jeffy Sayin says:

        We support free speech, not occupation and blackmail. Sorry you can’t see the difference. We’ll stay right here, where we love freedom and reject tyranny, in all forms.
        Why do their rights trump ours?
        Why couldn’t they be like any other protesters, speak the message, go home, speak it again the next day? Everyone has heard them. They’ve had free speech and assembly for months, Jeff, and they can speak freely every day and assemble each day going forward all they want to. But, they can’t take over land indefinitely that belongs to ALL of us. They aren’t getting the following they wanted, so they are going to FORCE everyone to do what they want or they won’t leave. If an anti-abortion group took over public areas and said “We aren’t leaving until you all capitulate and abortion becomes illegal”, would you support that, Jeff? Even if the majority of the country didn’t agree with them? Just bow to their demands because they won’t leave until you do? That isn’t America, it’s blackmail. We heard them! Repeating the message with the threat of not leaving isn’t making anyone think harder about the message! Are you getting it yet, Jeff?

        Here’s a little perspective. More people will attend a local AAA baseball game on a rainy day than are in the OWS protest. Yet, they actually think they are the 99% and that they are doing something. If they were, in a city of 7 million you would think there would be a few more of them..don’t you? I mean, 99% after all. Yes, they did put a spotlight on the discussion, a good thing. Now there is no movement on anything as they just sit and demand. Go home, and start the process of changing votes and laws. Run someone for election. Anything other than what they are doing. Their support is falling like a brick, and they have become their own worst enemies. The neighbor who wouldn’t leave.

        I’m PROUD of our city today. They, and the people who live in the area, gave these people months and waited patiently for them to speak their message. They permitted the takeover of public land, and tolerated the noise and the filth. We all heard their message, ad nauseum. Thank you, NYPD, for giving the people of the area their park back and for allowing OWS more than the first amendment permits by bending to let them take over our land for a while.
        Jeff, are you considering moving to North Korea yourself as your free speech must be violated by not being allowed to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater?
        Police State? Because they are enforcing our societies laws? I’m sure we would be much better with no laws, right Jeff? Or, at least if they were only enforced when it was convenient for you. Would you be suppressing my rights if you didn’t allow me to move into your kitchen and camp there, Jeff?

        1. Howard Stern says:


      6. roger says:

        Here is a BETTER idea… How about YOU move to a communist country!! You’ll be right at home, bums and losers.

      7. Sam Gosdin says:

        You should be proud of the fact that NYPD upheld the law they are sworn to obey. This was not a police state, you should visit some of the places you just and live there for a while. You have the right to assemble, but you do not have the right to become a squatter. If that were the case, then anyone could just go move into property that does not belong to them. This started out as a good idea, but turned into nothing but mob scenes all over the Nation. It is these people that should be ashamed if they think they are above the law. You have the right to let your voice be heard, but not try to take over something that is not yours. You sir should be ashamed of yourself for supporting people who break the law.

        1. Nukemall says:

          That was all part of the plan from the start.. Turn into a riot and destroy the city. Destroy the Country as a matter of fact.

      8. Nukemall says:

        Number one it’s private property. Number two if you want to occupy a park, use your brain, get a job, and buy your own park. It isn’t a park for pigs to ravage and defecate in.. Let human beings enjoy the park and take care of it. At the owners good graces that’s what it’s for.

      9. kbworkman says:


        The freedom to assemble on property that isn’t yours and trash it.

        Babble incoherently about how unfair life is expecting you to deal with the results of your own decision.

        Demanding that someone should take care of it for you.

        Is that what you are defending

    2. Justice says:

      You’ll be one of the first throats on MY thirsty guillotine, Johnny Boy.

  50. Kelly must go!! says:

    Eunoch Kelly and the Castrated Mayor were forced to act because of all the other cities who were acting to evict their demonstrators. Embarassment finally made them act. Shameful that it went on so long.

    1. esbinsd says:

      It was about time for them to get balls and do the right thing……..

Comments are closed.

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