NYPD’s Kelly Pulled Fast One On Protesters And Was Ready For Their Every Contingency

Zuccotti Park Call For Reinforcements And 'Human Chain' Idea Were No Match

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When you get right down to it, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was able to evict Zuccotti Park protestors because he faked them out.

Once he knew he had to evict the protesters Kelly reached into his NYPD playbook and pulled out his trick play. He had been running regular drills every single night in lower Manhattan, but on Monday night/Tuesday morning the practice drill suddenly became the real thing.

“Last night we had another drill and we used officers involved in the drill to actually carry out the plan,” Kelly told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

And Kelly was ready for the protesters to call for reinforcements, too. But by the time their e-mails started up around 1:15 a.m. there were only two words for it — too late.

“We had an outer ring, you might say, of police officers to keep people away from the park when the actions were ongoing,” Kelly said.

A “peace flag” flying over the encampment didn’t stop the protesters from forming human chains, but, again, Kelly was ready.

“Many people they locked their arms together so they had to be forcibly separated. Other people locked themselves together with these bicycle locks and two people locked themselves on to trees. The locks were cut by Emergency Services officers.

The police commissioner did admit he planned to go in late at night when the numbers were reduced.

“We think it was appropriate t do it when the smallest number of people were in the park,” Kelly said.

Several hundred police officers were involved and there were more than 200 arrests, but the big test will come in the next few days when “Occupy Wall Street” protesters decide what their next steps are.

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  1. cntrlfrk says:

    Wake up kids before it’s too late.

    Obama is using you for his re-election campaign and will force you into more bloodshed if need be.

    Is he worth it?

  2. Obama Is God Awful says:

    The Infest Wall Street vermin spent two months occupying Bloomberg’s vagina.

  3. ME says:

    Obamas LOSERS

  4. N Waff says:


    If the “message” of the “Occupy” movement is that they have no regard for the law – then their message is coming across loud and clear


  5. Eidos says:

    How is “A giant line of cops” being ready for every contingency? It sounds like the goovernment was violating their first amendment right to assemble, while using cruel and unusual force.

    A real violation of the constitution. But IOKIYAR to attack people for demanding their rights be upheld, right?

    1. At The Rubicon says:

      You may express your rights but only as long as doing so does not trample upon the rights of others. Your lefty professors didn’t teach you that in school, did they?

    2. caligirl59 says:


  6. LZ_Xray says:

    PC Kelly is a hero. Thank God for him.

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot!

    1. Mightywoodie says:

      I love the comparison of OWS to the Founding fathers. Only one big difference. The FF had actually accomplished something with their lives…they worked hard and were PRODUCERS in society.

  7. boogie says:

    to jail with em all!

  8. Michael Carpenter says:

    This country allows peacefull demonstrations; what this country should disallow is the destuctive intent of all those occupying. The hate that exhudes from their actions, is an embarassment to the civilized world. How could any civil person spend anytime in the filth, that they themselves generated. If there are some college students, they haven’t leaned anything at all. And where are the parents……..These people should be made to pay for the cleaning of the park. And on a daily basis, they should be arrested for tresspass, and made to serve some jail time. We cannot permit this kind of conduct if we are to survive as a free nation, because if we allow this kind of anarchism to continue, we are doomed.

  9. Cogito says:

    The OWS need to change their name to “Less than 1%.” They represent less than 1% of the population of the communities in which they protest, even when you add in the people that travel from long distances to participate, and paid union thugs.

    Murder, rape, larceny, child sexual abuse, and disease is what they bring to the table. Let them protest. They are only singing to the choir.

  10. j says:

    The DEA have been stealing drugs from evidence lockup and reselling them. It has become a popular way in the Department of Justice’s DEA to make extra money.
    They also steal from suspects for which they have created fabricated or coerced heresay evidence.
    With some of the DEA suffering under mountains of credit card debt they have started to think outside the box.

  11. LoveAmerica says:

    Seriously, you A true moron and useful idiot. These wanna be hippies are nothing compared to the Founding Fathers. They are parasites on society.

    Way to go NYPD! Dispose of the human garbage.

  12. A Son of Liberty says:

    If the “Occupy Movement” really wanted to get the messed across to people, wall st. govenrment etc. they should have marched on to Washington DC. But they are dumb marxists. They are the sheepl of the “LEFT”. I lived during the marches against the Vietnam War. I am a proud American Vet! I sympathize with where this movement is coming from. However, as a “TEA PARTY” member I disagree with the way thse people are conducting themselves. GO TO WASHINGTON and leave our parks and cities alone.
    ” Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium ” which means – I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery

  13. Amtracmarine says:

    “A M E R I C A N A U T U M N”??? Give me a break.. These pamper bitch*s
    don’t have the balls of the Arabs, the Civil rights movement,orTiananmen Square. The OWS followers are nothing but the Tools of a foreign national
    and his publication Adbusters.

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      What they should call for is…. Irish Spring!

      1. eramous says:

        That is the day’s big win. thumbs up Phantom

  14. Amtracmarine says:

    If These Americans are so concerned about these issues why did OWS originate in Canada?? Why are the handerlers of OWS from the ant-everything
    magizine Adbusters??

  15. A Son of Liberty says:

    Liberalism is as I have stated is a mental disorder!

  16. A Son of Liberty says:

    Liberialism is a mental disorder!

  17. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    If they keep dancing topless I am joining.I understand they have a tent for massages and blow jobs if you are a OLWS member

  18. archie punker says:

    hey fleabagggers, how do you get rid of your gatherings? throw them a bar of soap! btw Woodsstock called, it wants its body odor back! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. SS Middle of the Night says:

    Heinrich Himmler a had to excel in his managerial skills before he excelled at being a good Nazi. Michael Bloomberg sure knows how to pick them.

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      put you all in a oven on high is the real solution

  20. Zigfried says:

    Exactly which freedom is being stepped on? The constitution gives us the right to protest; not to occupy. The constitution allows the right to pursue my dreams of opening and owning a business; only to have it destroyed by occupiers. I would love to have lunch in the privately owned park that has been selfishly been taken over by parasidic occuppiers who feel their rights should trump mine. These low lifes want but don’t give. They don’t share and they don’t participate, so I have to make up the difference and pay their way as well as provide for myself and my family. Yet they still want more. I want something from them too; some respect for getting up each day to make a living and pay taxes that support them.

  21. En Der Mittel zu die Nacht says:

    I like that middle of the night, treachery.

    You know,

    Heinrich Himmler a had to excel in his managerial skills before he excelled at being a good Nazi. Michael Bloomberg sure knows how to pick them.

    Kelly could be a good Beria too.

    1. sgeilt says:

      OWS INTENTIONS are fraudulent. That is what is inexcusable. If their intentions were clear and forthright this would not be happening to them. And you cannot ask and adult to look the other way over and over when he knows fraud is involved.
      FRAUD as a profession, belongs in the White House, and Congress, not in a People’s park. COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM are fraudulent means to a supposed social good. If you do not understand that, you either cant read or you are a fraud yourself.

  22. Zigfried says:

    Your tin hat is due for a tune-up

  23. The Realist says:

    THEIR right to free speech is not MY obligation to subsidize that speech.

  24. deef says:

    occupy other people’s stuff

  25. k962 says:

    Occupy does not equal protest or freedom of speech! Brookfield Properties OWNS the park. YOU don’t!

    1. Mario Kenny says:

      Bet they do not own that park, they sold the park to CDO`s in stock options and they Brookfield are mere servicers/custodians of a park that belongs to unknown owners.

  26. bigtex says:

    Zuccotti Park is privately owned. OWS folks don’t have a “right” to live there. They ought to charge them admission.

  27. bigtex says:

    What the OWS foks seem to forget (or didn’t bother to find out in the first place) is Zuccotti Park is privately owned. They have no “right” to live there.

  28. Albert Right says:

    They are finally clearing out Zucotti Park. The mayor has declared that its a health hazard. So it looks like it may finally be over. The mayor says they can return eventually but it doesn’t appear too likely as NYPD was used to remove the protesters with the National Guard on standby. So far 217 arrest have been made and several people have been pepper sprayed and hit with an acoustic discomfort device. Maybe the rest of us can finally enjoy the park now.

    Get more ows facts on my site live:

  29. rich says:

    f***k the police

  30. Malachi says:

    If OWS was a real American movement, theyd be at the Capitol. They are all dumb leftist, marxist a*sholes. Go take a shower and find a real job. Fcuk the tough guy union bosses, the Obama drones: no match for the the real revolution of the tea party, OWS is just wannabe fakes, who have no desire, no drive, nothing. Go away!!!

  31. Michael says:

    The Founding Fathers were literally geniuses. I don’t see any geniuses in these Flea party anarchists. ” just commenting on your comment: “For, as in this country’s origins, those Colonists were deemed ‘disorganized’. But from among those struggling Patriots arose those who became our Founding Fathers, the originators of the Declaration of Independence; and by their brave actions this Great America of the People was born. “

  32. Real Rick says:

    Science experiment: When they’re marching arm and arm, taze the guy on the end to see how many are effected. Then taze the ones on both ends.

    Strictly a science experiment.

  33. jumper74 says:

    Why don’t you take your energy and enjoy a few months in Europe and get a real feel for socialism without having to occupy anything. I am sure you will embrace the opportunity of American upon your return form the Utopia of higher taxes and cradle to the grave social services that keep you on life support without any opportunity to advance beyond middle class.

  34. wodun says:

    Free at last.
    Free at last.

    Our cities have finally been liberated.

    OWS socialists will have to wait on their bloody coup.

  35. Rudeog says:

    Spare me, God has nothing to do with these criminals, and you look stupid trying to brings tears to the eyes of readers over a bunch of Malcontents and Anarchists! I hope they turn to God before there entire lives are destroyed.

  36. JohnRalph says:

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims, OWS and welfare voters on the dole.

    1. Face says:

      Uneducated Trolls are the worst.

    2. David says:

      Absolutely correct and very well said.

    3. Alex says:

      Our only hope for this neo conservative government is Ron Paul for president!!!!

    4. Star B says:

      Oh boy, you really need to take an intro class to Political science, this way you’ll perhaps be able to understand how stupid you make yourself look with comments like that. If however you can’t afford it, do us all a favor and browse wiki for all of the terms, you seem so eager to mix together into a one incoherent mess, before you post.

      1. Kiley Anderson says:

        Collectivism is collectivism no matter what you call it. Communism, socialism, Naziism, fascism. It’s all evil.

    5. Ron, hero of the new age says:

      you are correct sir

  37. dandi says:

    First they ignore you

    then they ridicule you

    then they ridicule you some more

    then they continue to ridicule you

    then Daddy cancels your MasterCard

    then the garbage trucks come

    then you go home because it’s “cold ‘n’ stuff”

    then you declare victory

    1. Butch Tenaka says:

      Love it! Well said.

    2. iamdan says:

      The Obama PEE party has now been FLUSHED

      1. nygrump says:


        1. III percenter says:

          And praise also the corrupt politicians who enable this to take place by supporting the ill-advised greed of lazy people who won’t go get a job! Yeah! See? I can be sarcastic too. The difference is my sarcasm is based in a real world with real problems required real solutions not the unicorn-riding, rainbow-farting garbage of the RINOs and Libtards.

        2. Em Spearing says:

          Of course, by “BANKSTERS!!!” (nice all caps and over-punctuation, by the way), you mean Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the profligate nanny state government squandering of trillions upon trillions of dollars, forcing “bailouts” under sanction threat on said “BANKSTERS!!!), grafting money to client crooks like Solyndra, and printing money hand over fist to devalue those dollars? ‘Course you do! Cпасибо товарищу!

        3. David says:

          You don’t want to bank your money, no one says you have to. You don’t want a loan, no one says you have to apply for one. You want to live in tents and live like a animal . . . go ahead. You want to be productive and earn what you are worth to live like a human . . . go ahead. But the rest of us are not going to allow those who live like animals and parasites to rule over us, no . . . matter . . . what. Property Rights, Contract Rights, Individual Rights are going to prevail and THAT means, you deal with us on a value for value basis, or go away.

          1. Alex Shneider says:

            And what are you, some kind of super ape made of platinum and diamonds? You are the same god damn animal who lives and depends on same eco-system and the aid of the same apes who share it with you. All compliant and masters obedient “humans” like you make me want deal with animals only…
            Thanks to Occupy Wall Street folks for their efforts and dedication in fighting for our HUMAN rights!

            1. Sitcom, Here I come! says:

              What an awesome imagination, you should be a sitcom writer, if you’re not already!

            2. shempus says:

              So was it a mutation,. or did the hot-knives and party bongs damage your neuron/ganglia network so? My condolences in either case.

            3. Doug says:

              you can’t be serious? Please get a job (private sector not a sit on your ass, collect huge pension government one)
              Or don’t ask society to continually bail your ass out of trouble.

            4. Kris says:

              Standing up for you values and beliefs are inportant. We all need to remember it isn’t human rights they are fighting for and the way they are going about it is def not helping anyone or anything. Reminds me of all the anti war protesters who claim they want peace yet provoke violence. Violence and being destructive is not the way to make change. We do need a change but OWS is not the change we need.

        4. Doug says:

          Nygrump…..there’s nothing better than socialism until you run out of other people’s money. IF you hate ‘bankers’ so much, why donl’t you start one yourself? Oh, that’s right you are a sloth that feeds on the hard work of other people.

          You are a ‘second hander’

      2. Dorri Eilbeck says:

        LOVE IT!

      3. Shon says:

        Let’s hope all the Obamavilles around the nation get the same treatment. It’s time to clean up the trash and take back our cities.

    3. Shon says:

      Let’s hope all the Obamavilles around the nation get the same treatment. It’s time to clean up the trash.

  38. Karen H. says:

    Okay you little obomunist shill — Soros got his money’s worth out of you. Maybe these maggot infested vermin will go occupy wherever YOU live, since you obviously think they are so wonderful.

  39. Frank Caretta says:

    When the occupationless occupiers rant about Elizabeth Warren (the Democrat running for Senate in MA) for running TARP, I may take you seriously. You will not though; she has a ‘D’ after her name.

    1. Right On says:

      Just like they will not focus their energy on their true villains, their government and unions. For decades we have had elected officials focus more on personal agendas then our national needs of a Federal Government, and for the last 3 to 4 decades (at least) we have had unions transform from true ‘worker’s rights’ organizations to organizations used by liberals to undermine our capitalist system by giving bad employers the ability to stay in business, bad employees the ability to stay employed, and get their liberal friends elected into government offices and perpetuate a whole cycle of failure.

      1. steve says:

        If you have monopolies you have to have unions. Once you break up the Wall-Marts and BofA’s in this world you can begin to break apart unions. Unions are the ONLY voice of the people when corporate interests get too large/powerful. Without unions our grand children will be working at 10 years old for 50 cents an hour. Ask yourself one question, how is the economy so bad when Union membership is at an all time low? It is the corporations that have undermined our capitalist system. Last I saw it was the big banks that were screwing us over, not the unions. It is the large corporations in the pockets of all the politicians. Corporations have destroyed capitalism by “socializing” their losses. Unions have MAJOR flaws, I will give you that, but they are NOT the major issue. Corporations have grown too large and own our politicians. That IS the only issue.

        1. Mike Moore says:

          Unions are part of the problem, the Government being the first!
          You can’t have exuberant wages and retirement packages that can’t be realistically sustained by the current fiscal conditions!
          Unions want everything , but don’t want to give anything!
          By the way, how much is the union leadership sacrificing and how much do they make? THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON CLEANING UP GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AND OVERREACH! Can’t do that, though, because Democrats are in the back pockets of unions!

        2. caligirl59 says:


        3. Right On says:

          Well Steve, I have to disagree with you. Corporations are not ANY part of the problem. A true capitalist system will eradicate businesses that are bad for society, like paying 10 year olds 50 cents an hour. It’s ONLY in a socialist system that this is true. Years ago, when I worked for BASF (and was non-union) across a canal from Dow Chemical (union) I heard the same crappy, empty argument. I believe you CAN and SHOULD lay the idea that inappropriate work situations exist is because unions create the environment and they get people elected that tear apart the capitalist system’s ability to correct these bad situations. See, I agree with John Maxwell, there’s no such thing as ‘Business Ethics’, there’s just ethics. If Capitalism were allowed to work then those with ethics problems that start businesses (and corporations) would have a great chance of being driven from business because they couldn’t keep anyone working for them (even 10 year olds for a whole 50 cents per hour). And the flip side of the coin is that unions keep ethically ran businesses from separating themselves from unethical employees. Both situations are bad for business. Of course I have issues with how the whole banking industry works. BUT, I think it’s our failure to handle our own money that allows this. If we, as a society, we didn’t operate on debt then most of the banking problems would be alleviated.

        4. III percenter says:

          The best way to break up monopolies are to deregulate and lower taxes so that smaller businesses can actually turn a profit. If it were not for all the red-tape and ridiculous expectations, more people would try to start a business. Don’t get mad at rich people because they make good business decisions. Emulate them and make good decisions yourselves.

        5. Em Spearing says:

          Unions, once marginally useful and at least sympathetic, have morphed into the Proletariat useful idiots of the organized Socialismo who always knew they could coopt and use as foot soldiers, ultimately to their own detriment. So, by all means, kill that goose and get all those eggs! Being used makes one a tool, doesn’t it.

          1. gotowork says:

            hmmm , i’m union and I DON’T make big bucks.I went to school, worked hard and earn a living.If need be you need to reinvent yourself to be marketable . Sitting in tents on private property is useless.

            People like “OWSers” are the ones who voted obama in for “CHANGE” well? I guess you don’t like change.

        6. Joe says:

          Because the unions have crapped on the hand that feeds them and they are taking the country down with them.

          It’s plain and simple. We either compete in a global market or we die. Unions have insisted that we remain non-competitive, destroying productive jobs in this country while constantly demanding MORE from anyone that survives.

          In fact the only place where unions can even survive much anymore is government because they can take tax payer’s money and give it back to Democrats, who in turn create more government union members, who in turn demand more of the tax payer’s money.

          It is bankrupting the country as well but since the government can print and borrow money and create fraudulent accounting schemes (that would get you imprisoned in the private sector) they can make it look like it works for decades.

          Well, our decades are up, they can no longer cover up the drain caused by the Raw Deal and the Loser Society. Now we have the choice, bite the bullet and fix it or destroy ourselves by ignoring it.

        7. whamprod says:

          That’s bunk. You don’t like Walmart? Don’t shop there, shop at your local market like I do. You don’t like B of A? Use a local community bank like I do. When SMALL businesses employ most of the people in the country…..which happens to be the case, by the way….you don’t need unions. I am a small business owner, and I would rather shut my business down, putting my employees out on the street, than accept a union in my shop to dictate to me how the company that I BUILT FROM SCRATCH has to be run.

          Unions suck.

          1. gotowork says:

            actually, unions made it possible for people in the 50’s,60’s,70’s, able to afford houses, cars which made the middle class.”just saying”

        8. black hole says:

          That is about as stupid a commentas I have read in years. Do you think that child labor and working by candle light will come back? God Steve you and the rest of your pathetic ilk are as clueless as a 2 month old child. There are so many agencies and regulations imposed by this over regulating government, along with the need to compete for workers, that those caveman senarios you describe are lunatic. Unions had a place in the twenties and thirties. Unions and their masters have outgrown their usefulness plain and simple. Think before you approach a keyborad Steve!!

      2. Alex says:

        So the reason the economy is crap is because unions? U really want Americans to believe that? It has nothing to do with banks giving mortgages to people who don’t qualify, the Bernie mad offs of the world, wars that our fought without the approval of the citizens right? Give me a break, u must be the CEO of Pepsi or something right? And remember this, fox news don’t give a shat about u u idiot!

  40. Laughing says:

    The OWS has been a show of useful idiots and Orwellian sheep that are taught to bleat “four legs good two legs bad”. Then when times change they are sent in to a field for a week and are now bleating “four legs good, two legs better”. Hey Littel Tony how does it feel to be a useful idiot or an Orwellian sheep?

  41. Susan Gate says:

    Has America become the new GErmany? It will if OWS has its way.

  42. Harry Hill says:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

    1. Frank Caretta says:

      Those who come to ‘peaceful protests’ with masks, goggles and shields are not there to peaceably air thier grievances.

      1. John says:

        Yes they are. Protective gear for police brutality that is going to take place does not conflict with being peaceful. If it was non-peaceful you’d see people aren’t with weapons and fighting back. Goggles and masks to help against tear gas used on non-violent protesters do not meet those requirements.

        If they weren’t peaceful they’d be doing things like trying to burn down buildings on wall street and attacking/killing people. You know, like protesters in middle east ended up doing in the end since their peaceful protests were met with violence and death by their government.

        The US is a police state like any other, yet we have Tea Party “conservatives” cheering it on like like mindless fascists they are.

        1. Scottm says:

          ROTFLMAO, so that’s what your ignorant Marxist professors taught you? Too bad you didn’t learn any valuable lessons, but just the lessons of petulant, selfish whining. It’s not faiiiirrrr! I want moooorrrrreeee for nothing. I want government to give me a jobbbbbb, doing nottttthhhhiiinnnnnggggg. Waahhhhhh. The “police state isn’t letting me protttttteeeeessssttttt against blah, blah, blah!!!!!!

          1. steve says:

            When your children and grand children cannot find reasonable work and they realize that they have no voice in politics we “liberals” will welcome them with open arms. Unfortunately, you are lost. You are holding on to untrue ideals and not looking at facts. This country is in trouble because of unfunded wars, one was unnecessary (Iraq), extended tax breaks and corporations filling the pockets of our politicians. The people voicing their frustration on these issues are patriots. Because they cannot be heard through the political process they are protesting, peacefully, and doing an amazing job throughout the entire country. I am sure people like yourself were afraid of the civil rights movement and woman’s suffrage too. When you wake up and realize that the people in the parks are on your side you will be better off.

            1. nunya says:

              Revisionist history there steve-o?

              I hope they arent on my side, I dont need to be raped, infected with an STD, sold drugs or expose my children to such crap.

              Seems like you libs got what you want and as the wheels come off the bus, you want to change your tone. Sorry, your saddled with the last 8 years as that is how long your masters have been in control.

              Reality, deal with it.

            2. Mike Moore says:

              Steve, try reading the Constitution sometime. This government is way out of control. The people expect it to take care of them and that is not what it is there for. It is supposed to be a limited government. THE BIGGER IT GETS, THE LESS FREEDOM YOU HAVE!

            3. Mike Moore says:

              Steve, try reading the Constitution sometime. This government is way out of control. The people expect it to take care of them and that is not what it is there for. It is supposed to be a limited government. THE BIGGER IT GETS, THE LESS FREEDOM YOU HAVE! THE PEOPLE IN THE PARKS DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICA!! The people voicing their frustrations ought to spend that energy and get a job!

            4. BigB says:

              The country is in trouble because our Federal government spends more money than it has. The country is in trouble because people claim rights to things that aren’t actually rights. There is no “right to free food.” There is no “right to free housing.” There is a right to freedom and liberty, but freedom of speech does not mean freedom of platform. Just because I have free speech doesn’t mean others are required to give me a podium and a microphone. I don’t have the right to go set up a tent and live somewhere just because it is “public land.”

              These “peaceful protesters” have more crime associated with their movement than they do actual issues. And regardless of what they think, it was never something that should have been “handled within the camp.” They are US Citizens and as such are subject to those laws regardless of if they agree with them or not.

            5. III percenter says:

              Open arms? Yeah, as long as they are properly subservient. I am going to leave a country behind that my children won’t be forced to choose between food and freedom. But even if I fail, I would hope my children will have the strength of character to choose freedom for it is a far more valuable thing to have. The OWS can be and is heard through the political process. Its called voting and they got the candidates that they wanted. As for peaceful protest, that depends on your definition of peaceful. Defecating in the streets, hundreds of arrests (without brutality) stealing, drug abuse, open immorality? They didn’t destroy anything but that is hardly a list of honorable actions and now they ARE threatening violence, openly standing against everything that made America great to begin with. If these people were on my side, they would represent me in the way I would behave myself: honorably and ethically. Don’t degrade and insult people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Susan B Anthony by comparing them to the selfish, immoral whiners of the OWS. When YOU wake up, I hope you still have a sliver of freedom left to fight for. If not, then better men than you will be forced to lay their lives on the line again for blind, ignorant ingrates like yourself who have no means of being free save by the blood of real men with real courage standing for what is really right.

              1. gotowork says:

                lll percenter………..AMEN, OWR a bunch of lazy baby ingrates f#@k them

          2. GOGETAJOB says:


        2. biskitts says:

          No us Tea Partiers are laughing at you because we weren’t sexually assaulting women, defacating on the ground, trading STDs and drugs or having standoffs with cops at our demonstrations like you idiots are.


          That’s why you were RIGHTFULLY removed.

          1. steve says:

            Although I am for the Occupy Movement, I do agree with you on the health hazard issue. Also, I am sure we would both agree that government is inefficient at spending money. That is why I am sure we could both agree to let the people stay in the parks and bring in portable toilets, portable sinks and more trash cans. This cost would be far less than paying for the overtime of all those officers. I would also set up a rule that you cannot have a tent for “safety reasons” and that everyone must go home at night for “safety”. People would get tired of the back and forth and they would eventually stay home or become more organized to strengthen their message. This movement needs to be fine tuned and better organized, not removed.

            1. Mike Moore says:

              Having a rally to express your grievances is fine. Occupying public property is not, period. At that point, it has crossed the line of free speech!

              1. wills_3rd_witch says:

                Zucotti park is private property…

              2. greg says:

                I completely agree that the OWS needs to be better organized. Maybe they can occupy one weekend a month or something. That will get their message across and lesson the effect on resources and become less of a nuisance. I am completely for this movement, but they need to make some changes to their strategy. They want the middle class to joint their movement, not be frustrated by it.

            2. Mike Moore says:

              Oh, and as soon as the occupiers give up their conveniences that they enjoy, namely iPhones and other CORPORATE PROVIDED conveniences, then we’ll talk about evil capitalists!

            3. wills_3rd_witch says:

              I could work with that steve. Given minimum sanitation and agreed upon rules, I would be willing to let them continue protesting unhindered (even though I disagree with them…could be me next time.)

            4. cody says:

              So you are protesting because the government spends too much money and you want the government to pay for your protest? How about instead of trying to have burning man in NY and every major city. Just sleep in your beds and just come during the day.
              The way the occupy movement is going, nobody is going to take it seriously.

            5. whamprod says:

              Oh good God! You want my taxes to pay for your portable toilets now? Jesus wept! Why do I have to pay for your crapper, when it’s your decision to defecate? You want to camp in a place that doesn’t have toilets? Bring your own damn toilets! Can you really be that big of a leach?

        3. Chase says:

          WOW John the level of ignorance is amazing to me. Do you watch tv. You know one of those boxes made by a big bad corporation. The protest in California are anything but peaceful and they are supposedly protesting the same thing the people in NYC are portesting.

          When deemed a public nusance the police have the right to remove it. By the way Can ANYONE legibly tell me what the OWS stands for? What their purpose is? what they are trying to accomplish? Ask 100 and I bet you get 100 different answers. Dont be scared of the tea party because they are well organized, well planned, and when they march/protest they have a unified purpose for doing so. and are effective at getting their message accross in much less time.

          John, everyone in the United States of America IS THE 1%. Our armed forces overseas are fighting for the other 99%. This is something that I think has been lost in translation. Do you have shoes and or clothes? What about the ability to walk down the street and choose what food you would like to eat instead of wondering if you will eat or when your next meal might be?

          THe OWS is pathetic

          1. steve says:

            Chase, unfortunately you are the one that is ignorant. The California protests have been peaceful. Except Oakland where an “unarmed” Marine was shot in the face with a less than lethal. That is when things got out of hand. Additionally, the most important thing are their many voices. They are all against NOT having a voice in politics. Large corporations, like the one’s that now fund the Tea Party, have paid off our politicians and removed our voice on ALL issues. The frustration that started the Tea Party and this movement are the same. Out of control government spending controlled by large corporations. The Tea Party hates socialism, but they never talk about the largest part of our socialist government…our military. Large corporations TELL our government what to buy/build. That is why there is a $5 Billion dollar aircraft carrier on the way. Do we need another one? Now? Of course not. If the OWS movement ever figures out that their issue is money in politics and they get focused you will see real change and will be happy with the result.

          2. greg says:

            Chase, unfortunately you are the one that is ignorant. The California protests have been peaceful. Except Oakland where an “unarmed” Marine was shot in the face with a less than lethal. That is when things got out of hand. Additionally, the most important thing are their many voices. They are all against NOT having a voice in politics. Large corporations, like the one’s that now fund the Tea Party, have paid off our politicians and removed our voice on ALL issues. The frustration that started the Tea Party and this movement are the same. Out of control government spending controlled by large corporations. The Tea Party hates socialism, but they never talk about the largest part of our socialist government…our military. Large corporations TELL our government what to buy/build. That is why there is a $5 Billion dollar aircraft carrier on the way. Do we need another one? Now? Of course not. If the OWS movement ever figures out that their issue is money in politics and they get focused you will see real change and will be happy with the result.

            1. Mike Moore says:

              The government and corruption is the root of all evil, not large corporations!

            2. Gayle says:

              Wow Greg and Steve are totally in tune with each other or something. Imagine two different people saying the same exact thing. Yes, the government spends more than they need to on national defense, but at least defense is a legitimate role of government, as opposed to everything else for which they justify going into debt.

        4. paco says:

          you spit hate with multi-syllable words and you make comparisons that have nothing to do with each other….

          if you think our government/police are facists please come see me in miami… i will give you a plane ticket to cuba…. make sure to wear your che guevarra tshirt…

          then as soon as you get there start a protest in the street….

        5. Baylor says:

          Look, according to Godwin’s Law, someone will eventually call someone a Nazi when they have no other valid arguing points. In this case, “John” instead used the word “fascists”. Which, from my understanding of history, Nazi’s were fascists, so therefore the tacit implied meaning would be that Tea Party conservatives are Nazi’s. Good Job on making that statement.

          1. Em Spearing says:

            Actually, modern fascism traces back to France in the 1880’s (and well beyond), but for practical modern-day epithet purposes, it refers to Benito Mussolini’s movement from circa 1919. Mussolini’s government centralized authority under him, the dictator, and it was marked by iron-fisted socioeconomic control, suppression of opposition through demonstrations, then terror and censorship. As a political movement, it wielded dictatorial control of society and the nation’s corporations, industries and businesses. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But the Germans espoused, during Mussolini’s reign, a system called Nationalsozialismus, which became the NSDAP or the NAZI Party … National Socialism. So, your “understanding” of history is wrong. Good job on making a crippled slander. Sieg.

        6. Bryan says:

          God almighty, you are an utter moron. Why don’t you do a little research and see how protesters were treated in Syria, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia…… You “Occupiers” aren’t the 99%. You are the 1% of the biggest group of clueless, ignorant, head in the sand malcontents this country has ever produced.

          Here’s what I wish we could do. Take all the “Occupiers” and round them up. Feed them, bathe them, tell them how smart and driven they are, put em on a boat and send them to one of the above mentioned places. Tell them… you want to see what a police state is? Go protest against the government there. In exchange, we take an equal number of immigrants of any race who are ready, willing and able to become hard working, productive, proud members of our imperfect society.

          Let you dummies experience a real police state and let’s see how quickly you’re crying in your soup for a chance to return to America.

          1. Mike Moore says:

            Well said!

        7. Jeff says:

          Tea Partiers didn’t bring riot gear to any rallies.
          Arrests made after 3 years of Tea Party rallies: 10 (most anti-TP protesters). Cost to New York City: $0
          Arrests made in 3 months of Occupy: over 1800. Cost to NYC: $3,400,000

    2. wodun says:

      Obama’s OWS goon squad never intended for their protest to be peaceful. Their organizers at adbusters called their tactics “militant nonviolence” but the protesters thought they were ordered to be militant and violent.

      How many people got raped by OWS protesters?

      1. Bill Konrad says:

        I can’t wait for a really really cold freezing winter. We’ll see how determined they are when they start freezing. From everything I’ve heard so far these people don’t know what they want except maybe to take from your hard earned pittance. Why are they blaming everyone but the ones hey should really be going after , the poliicians, Obama, Freddie and Fannie. They are sheep being led by an idiot, they have no clue as to what is really going on and who the real culprits might be, they are just a mindless mob of ingrates, bums an idiots.

    3. steveb says:

      Communists have killed more human beings than any other entity in the history of the world. More than Hitler. They seek to steal wealth by overthrowing countries, and confiscating everyone’s property. That is what the protests are about. They want to steal everyone’s money, enslave everyone, and live like kings.

    4. biskitts says:

      “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”

      That’s a better lesson for the Occupiers from JFK

    5. scottm1207 says:

      Communists who pretend to want peaceful protests often don’t and will slowly ratchet up their violence when their whiny and pathetic braying goes unheard of by those who know better.

    6. John Campbell says:

      There are those of us who don’t want no stinking commie revolution and would welcome blood in the streets to shut it down permanently..

    7. biskitts says:

      Here’s another example of our differing definitions on “peaceful”

      ‘Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

      And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

      “Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio.’

      Yep, take away their handouts and they get violent. So why give them what they want at all?

  43. J jivin C says:

    Because parents like yours quit punishing their children instead of making excuses for them. Because the schools told your generation “you” were special. Your not. Because you are so spoiled you can’t see it. Again little man, get a job and quit crying.

  44. ti-grr says:


    1. Susan Gate says:

      And tigrrr you are the voice of the mentally insane.

    2. Rudeog says:

      Drinking the Soros-Blend of Kool Aid I see…take a deep breath, and let some sens into your head. You need an intervention.

    3. AT The RUbicon says:

      ti-grr demonstrates what happens when you have enthusiasm without experience or adult supervision.

    4. Seriously? says:

      Seriously? And you, ti-grr-excrement, are the face of a social parasite. Three things for you: 1. Get a grip on reality; 2. Get a job; 3. Get your own identity (GROW THE ^#&@ UP)

  45. Skeebo says:

    Its been two months and they have made zero progress other than spreading lice, std’s and sexual assaults. It’s been a smashing success…LMFAO

  46. mc1955 says:

    Sorry Tony, I’m not toothless or abandened by anyone. I’m also not rich. I don’t see how these protesters are going to change anything by getting stoned and camping out in a park. If they really want to change things ,they need to protest in Washington. It’s the politicians who make the laws that allow the banks and Wall street to operate the way they do. The politicians get bought and paid for by the lobbyists. How many politicians do you know of that leave politics broke? They aren’t going to change much by protesting the banks and scaring the bank tellers and secrataries. It’s unfortunate but no one is going to take them serious until they know exactly what they are protesting and take their protests to the real people that are causing the problems.

  47. Rearden Steel says:

    Little tony – the difference between communist china and the US is that YOU can make yourself part of the 1%. The so-called 99%, who I guess represent about 5% or less of the population, are more worried about taking from others than going out and actually earning or creating something for themselves. The politics of envy. Don’t spend your life planning on how you can manipulate the system to get a bigger slice of the pie – instead go out and help make a bigger pie so everyone gets a bigger slice.

  48. Little Tony says:

    I am 100% sure those commenting against the OWS movement, are toothless bitter looney retirees abandoned by their grandchildren. Then, those cannot criticize them, because they are way way off.
    You have to understand, that the level of disparity and paranoia between joe-the-people and the 1% of multimillionaires is sick; you have to understand that that difference is statistically impossible–then, something must be very very wrong. And that is what the innocent OWS’s children are unable to put in words and all, complaining about. You cannot be so stupid and deny that.
    And how many years, decades, ages, generations have we been hearing “Communists are 10% Upper Crust eating great,and 90% poor”? So, if the 10% of Communsits were wrong then, how wrong can now the 1% of uber-wealthy Americans “eating full every day” be? You tell me. Aren’t they communists now? You see how weird is your reasoning? GFYS.

    1. J jivin C says:

      You are 100% wrong. Get a job and work your way up the ladder. Please quit the whinning, poor you crap. Mainly, get over yourself.

    2. Scott Perry says:

      Little Tony…could you be MORE rambling and inarticulate. No I guess not, otherwise you’d already be an O,W,S. spokesperson…sheeeshh!!!!

    3. IraqVet says:

      Hey sweetheart, get your butt off the couch and go cry to your president past and present and the rest of the heard in DC…they write the regulations and pass the laws that make your welfare and that of the bankers possible…Zucotti Park is anarchy, Con-gress is where the real protest should be…

      1. fecal_heroes says:

        You must have shell shock.

    4. Susan Gate says:

      Does Little Tony have sychziophrenia? What do you think.

    5. Frank Caretta says:

      The top 53% pay 100% of the taxes. When the Occutards start using good stats over stupid slogans…

    6. MorganGray says:

      It is easy to be an idealist when your ideals are not tested.
      It is easy to claim the moral high-ground when you have never had to risk your life to seize the physical high ground.
      It is easy to poll-parrot slogans and bumper-sticker solutions, rather than put forth real-world proposals which are practicable outside the ivory tower, or the rebel’s camp.
      It is easy to claim “the rich are ‘eating full'” whatever that means, while dining on free food, in a country where even those receiving food stamps can be given steak and ice cream and alcohol, which has been paid for by those who work for a living.
      It is easy to be outraged over the disparity between rich and poor when you are sitting around blogging on your $5000 iMac, or $800 iPad, instead of giving that money to the poor.

      In short, Little Tony, and tig-grr, and all you who claim to be so superior to those of us who go to a paying job every day, who earn their own way in the world, who have a real work ethic, goals, vision, and a plan to reach those goals, and realize those visions; please tell us dummies … tell us in real concrete terms, what is the solution?
      Don’t tell us, dissolve the stock market. Don’t tell us, provide free food and free health care and free college tuition for all. Don’t tell us raise the minimum wage to $18/hour.
      Tell us what definite, workable steps we should take to solve the inequity between the rich and the poor.

      I mean, you’re so smart, so superior in intellect to all us stupid wage-slaves. (Smarter than Jesus apparently why said “The poor, you will have with you always.”) What is the solution?

      1. Appreciative says:




    7. Steve says:

      You make absoutely no sense. I spent 20 years in the Navy and the last 15 years working in the private sector, (electrician) and in no way does ows represent me or the so called “little people” They represent theselves. They are selfish spoiled brats with no idea how to live life other than take from others. Spare me ytour disjointed sentences, get some vocational training and beat the pavement for a job! Carry your own water for a change.

    8. 312capri says:

      Congress also has 249 millionaires, the data show. The median net worth: $891,506, almost nine times the typical household.

    9. Bryan says:

      For the record. Not retired here and think you people are complete jackwagons.
      I’ve worked since I was 14 and a paper boy. Put myself through college. Was homeless for a few weeks back in ’98 because I led an irresponsible life where I spent more than I made, drank too much, gambled too much, partied too much. Made mistakes. Never taken a DIME in government assistance nor will I ever. Now? Work 10-14 hour days sometimes (including weekends) to keep my business afloat. I don’t feel I am entitled to anything from my government other than the right to live in a safe society, protected from law breakers like you who think they can do whatever they please, whenever they please and however they please. I’ve lived, kid. I’ve struggled. I’ve WORKED. Took 20 years to finish my college degree, but I did it.

      I’ve studied history. I know what a totalitarian state REALLY is. I’ don’t want anyone in government in my life. I know that government over reach is what’s killing America. Oh, and by the way. I agree wholeheartedly that Government bailouts of banks was a terrible thing. I also know that government manipulation of the housing market in the name of “fairness” was a huge player in the financial mess.

      What I don’t agree with is how getting the least productive, least inspiring, least intelligent 1% of our society utilizing idiotic tactics of sitting in a park, crapping in buckets, banging drums, smoking weed is going to change anything. It is useless, petty and illegal. You people are being exposed for what you really are. Frauds. Lazy, dirty frauds who have no clue about anything but think that chanting and repeating everything loudly makes you enlightened. It doesn’t.

      Just makes you look like idiots.

    10. Em Spearing says:

      Little Tony – What an exquisite example of public-education-NEA-crafted moronocracy. What the HELL is he blabbering about?

    11. whamprod says:

      @ Little Tony: and I am sure you don’t get out very much. OWS is a pimple on the ass of progress. They produce nothing. They consume everything. They are a health hazard. And no, I am not a toothless bitter retiree abandoned by the grandchildren. I don’t even have grandchildren yet. What I am is a middle aged, self-employed, concerned citizen who thinks that people like you need to STFU and grow up. Stop whining. Get a job. If you can’t get a job, create your own business. This world is full of opportunity. The problem is that feckless whiners like you don’t recognize opportunity because it usually shows up in coveralls and looks like work. Now howabout you unplug that binkie from your mouth, pull on your big-boy pants, and make yourself useful to society.

  49. Skeebo says:

    “What else do you want to understand that we are in great danger… of becoming China’s beetch???” Way too late its a done deal, the USA is tits up.

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