NYPD’s Kelly Pulled Fast One On Protesters And Was Ready For Their Every Contingency

Zuccotti Park Call For Reinforcements And 'Human Chain' Idea Were No Match

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When you get right down to it, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was able to evict Zuccotti Park protestors because he faked them out.

Once he knew he had to evict the protesters Kelly reached into his NYPD playbook and pulled out his trick play. He had been running regular drills every single night in lower Manhattan, but on Monday night/Tuesday morning the practice drill suddenly became the real thing.

“Last night we had another drill and we used officers involved in the drill to actually carry out the plan,” Kelly told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

And Kelly was ready for the protesters to call for reinforcements, too. But by the time their e-mails started up around 1:15 a.m. there were only two words for it — too late.

“We had an outer ring, you might say, of police officers to keep people away from the park when the actions were ongoing,” Kelly said.

A “peace flag” flying over the encampment didn’t stop the protesters from forming human chains, but, again, Kelly was ready.

“Many people they locked their arms together so they had to be forcibly separated. Other people locked themselves together with these bicycle locks and two people locked themselves on to trees. The locks were cut by Emergency Services officers.

The police commissioner did admit he planned to go in late at night when the numbers were reduced.

“We think it was appropriate t do it when the smallest number of people were in the park,” Kelly said.

Several hundred police officers were involved and there were more than 200 arrests, but the big test will come in the next few days when “Occupy Wall Street” protesters decide what their next steps are.

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  1. Kelly may have ORganic Brain Discease. says:

    Only in New York can something that took months to occur, when it should have been closed down the day it started be considered “A Fast One.” Eunoch Kelly and Panderer Bloomturd are responsible for the ridiculous length of the OWS Demonstration.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. RICHARD BOSMA says:


  4. Smelly Hippie says:

    OWS crowd should surround the white house and stop shooting at it, crazy leftists, don’t you know his friends are funding your little show?

  5. Boomer Scout says:

    If you normal people up there in NY don”t crack down on these commies before long, it’ll be too late. Stamp them out like the insects they are.

  6. DangHippies says:


  7. Boomer Scout says:

    If you normal people up there in NY don’t crack down on these commies, you’ll soon have a full-blown war on your hands. Crack down now, or regret it later.

  8. Albert Right says:

    They are finally clearing out Zucotti Park. The mayor has declared that its a health hazard. So it looks like it may finally be over. The mayor says they can return eventually but it doesn’t appear too likely as NYPD was used to remove the protesters with the National Guard on standby. So far 217 arrest have been made and several people have been pepper sprayed and hit with an acoustic discomfort device. Maybe the rest of us can finally enjoy the park now. Good Riddance!

    Get more ows facts on my site live:

  9. FedUp says:

    Guess whose money is going to clean up their mess?

  10. sgeilt says:

    OWS INTENTIONS are fraudulent. That is what is inexcusable. If their intentions were clear and forthright this would not be happening to them. And you cannot ask and adult to look the other way over and over when he knows fraud is involved.
    FRAUD as a profession, belongs in the White House, and Congress, not in a People’s park. COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM are fraudulent means to a supposed social good.

  11. thomas jefferson says:

    if anyone wants to see what east germany was like during the Hitler days just book a flight to new york city

  12. sgeilt says:

    OCCUPY like CBS is a fraud. OCCUPY has no rights. They are squatters. That is all they are. They foment violence and will pay the price. They assault police . The police die for us everyday, and this is the sht they get from OCCUPY. OCCUPY has to get OFF our streets, our parks, our streets.

  13. Boris says:

    What took them so long? Bloomberg allowed this cancer to fester and grow. Don’t you just miss Rudy Giuliani?

  14. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    When the bankers steal the cops’ pensions they’ll wake up. The system is completely broken and all the real wealth has already been stolen. But the morons on both sides complain about hippies or capitalism. Both mentally decrepit fools that all been taken for everything as they squabble like children.


    911essentials is an introduction to the New World Order Central Banking Police State, its plans for one world government and their worship of the pseudoscience Eugenics.

  15. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” ~ Thomas Pynchon


  16. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Has there ever been a more disgusting protest movement?

  17. Viv & Wally says:

    Good for Ray Kelly. Do any of these people WANT to work ? This protest movement is an excuse not to work, be homeless

  18. Markangelo says:

    Hidden fees & tricks,
    the forte of capitalist democracy.
    The sick birds will be eating Turkey

  19. menlo says:

    And China and India laugh… and laugh… and laugh… and laugh yet some more. When all you young smellies grow out of your extended adolescence period, you’ll understand why.

  20. pointfivepercenter says:

    Bloomberg should have hired some Pinkertons to gun some of these rabble down. That would have stopped it!

  21. Glenn Nelson says:

    Those arrested should be welcomed by a court order/fine to have the violator perform public service to clean up the park or area occupied.

  22. Heatwave says:

    I think it is WAAAYYY past midnight for Cinderella being at the Woodstock Ball. You’ve overstayed your welcome and trashed the place so now it’s time to pay band and go home. You started out with the best intentions and it was infiltrated by others and it has gotten out of hand. Go home!

  23. nunya says:

    The OWS crowd is the best thing ever. By providing an avenue to express their true ideas and have politicians support them, they have giving a much clearer view of the left and what they really want. Us Conservatives thank you OWS with all our heart, you have made the job next year so much easier.

  24. Jumpy Gathers says:

    It absolutely amazes me how our worthless Mainstream Media, treats this band of miscreants, referred to OWS protesters, as though they were some sort of Patriots, even after they verbally abuse the police, set fires, take dumps in the road and now threaten to fire bomb Macys . Yet the Tea Party people are treated as though they are some sort of Jack-booted Nazis. Don’t recall the Tea Party rallys requiring riot police. What a joke our media is !!

  25. Drake says:

    Why were they there in the first place? I forgot. Final post.

  26. Drake says:

    What were they there for in the first place? I forgot.

    1. Drake says:

      *strike the word “for.”

      1. Drake says:

        Drake, you suck. You can’t even write a coherent sentence. Dumb*ss.

        1. sgeilt says:

          inhale…….now hold it……..

  27. George Renfro says:

    It is a good thing for the OWS people that the police have been so restrained. If it were up to a regular person, as soon as they tried sleeping and camping and blocking anyone else from moving around, then a regular person would shoot them with rubber bullets. Their rights of free speech end as soon as they infringe on anyone else’s rights, including anyone else’s property rights. OWS people don’t know what property rights are because they believe everything belongs to everyone as good little communists.

  28. ron says:

    Obama bailed out Wall Street twice, but protestors are not upset about that,…..

  29. ECH says:

    Just keep remembering everyone that Obama openly backed and encouraged these squatter-type protesters. He romanticized their protest. He has not said a word since about how their actions require any corrective measure. In fact, his favorite left-wing organizations, are, in effect, his long arm for all such activity. Remember this as 2012 rolls around and yuo are ready to vote. it is one key reason you will not put him back into the WH. After all, do you want four more years of potential, energized occupiers obstructing our streets and businesses?

  30. caligirl59 says:

    If anyone thinks that this is the way, through destructive behavior, that your words will be heard, YOUR ARE A FOOL…students have been brainwashed by proff’s and left wing teachers for years. Many of these OWS are simply homeless, mindless left wing loons. Why would Obumbo wrap his arms around these people, who he actually created? GOOGLE CLOWARD-PIVEN YOU IDIOTS!!!! I am sure a few are familiar???? DESTROY OUR COUNTRY FROM WITHIN!!!

  31. Fast_Eddie_TX says:

    I am pretty sure your response is generated by using randomized buzz words, a kind of “Marxist Mad Libs.” You have to know that your comment makes no sense…

  32. gazortenplat says:

    WTF are you talking about???

    1. brotherobert says:

      To be or not to be that is the…………I think your saber is bent. (if you know what I’m talking about) WTF is he talking about??

      1. gazortenplat says:

        “Infinite Number of Monkeys”. The best early Newhart routine after “The Grace L Furgeson Airline and Storm Door Co.”

  33. John Campbell says:

    That’s right. Not since the late 20’s, early 30’s, has the communists joined forces with the Nazis. Obama the great unifier. I’m sure you’re proud.

  34. Butch Tenaka says:

    Yeah…these Occupy Everything gatherings sure are going to help Obama in the 2012 elections, aren’t they?!?

  35. Fireball says:

    Tibetan Monks have the right idea, if you want your voice heard you have to set yourself on fire. Please set yourselves on fire OWS protesters, lets show America how serious you really are, douse yourself with that gas and lets give America something to really think about.

  36. Still Laughing says:

    GREAT POST!!!!!! I AM STILL LAUGHING!!! Wow, are you an idiot!!!!!!!

  37. Jay Smith says:

    Copyright? Didn’t you read the Terms of Use before you posted? Your words are now public domain!
    As if anyone would want to reprint your trite ramblings anyway…Oh the unmitigated hubris!

  38. Scottm1207 says:

    Not one socialist or Marxist ever provided any good or service that made my life livable or better, better than any corporation. Give me the efficiency, innovation, production, distribution, market communications, support and availability of products and services from a corporation any day. When socialism takes over thanks to Barry Oblahblah and his ignorant followers, we’ll all be equal, yes, I agree. Equally poor and destitute. Socialism and Marxism has never in history resulted in anything more than misery and destitution. Leftism always terminates in piles of bodies in mass graves.

    1. George Renfro says:

      Scott, is it not obvious that anyone can see this? But they still believe what they are doing. All I have been able to come up with is that they have been completely shielded from history and completely indoctrinated by the school and college systems. They are so indoctrinated that when confronted with the truth they deflect it. That has been the goal for a hundred years and now we see the fruits of their scheme.

      1. sgeilt says:

        exactly……and until the socialist teachers are removed, and the fictitious
        educational courses are eliminated from the system, we will continue to be controlled by the far left. IT HAS TO STOP.

  39. atrain68 says:

    There is a difference between free speech, occupation and revolution. OWS represents the latter, and it isn’t pretty. Fortunately a well trained Police line and a power washer tends to solve problems like this.

  40. Bill Konrad says:

    Not so Batman. You are as a lone wolf baying in the wilderness, not knowing why.
    Your figures are as misleading as your “cause” Where did you get the slogan 1% against 99%, I would challenge your numbers. Your number assert that only 3M people in the country are “wealthy” that leaves 297M who are destitute. Do you really believe that? The way you see it is your own perverted view. If you are looking for utopia why don’t you fond and island and start your own society and leave the rest of us alone. A cold hard winter can’t come soon enough.

  41. Bill Konrad says:

    And what about those of us who are quite happy, I submit there are more of us than there are of you malcontents. Your lofty words ring hollow in the light of day and under hard analysis. You are pursuing the wrong enemy, You have been hoodwinked by a power hungry government who has pointed you in the wrong direction. Obama has succeeded in dividing the country and you are helping his cause. How much better will you have it when he becomes your dictator?

  42. ScottM1207 says:

    You’ll be surprised to learn that most people in middle America are ignoring the petulant and childish whining of those who collect in parks and stink them up agitating for more bankrupting handouts for those who don’t want to exert themselves to the extent necessary to obtain their wants and needs.

    I’m sure you think highly of yourselves, but 99% of us don’t give a rat’s a$$ what the Jacka$$ party has cooked up to cover for the most incompetent president in history, next to Jimmy Carter. Wait, maybe Jimmy is shades better than America’s first Marxist president.

  43. At The RUbicon says:

    So tell me, Little Tony, where would your OWSer’s be if there were no corporate profits to pay for that park you are occupying?

    You are a prime example of why children need adult supervision.

  44. Occupy a job says:


    1. Perfect says:

      Perfect name and perfect post! Of course I enjoyed readying the headline I read this morning, “Occupy” Pavement, as well!!

  45. nsayne says:

    Nothing noble about a cause that costs the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars where people are defacating and urinating in the street and leaving their trash for the city to clean up. Using the city’s police, fire, EMT, and other services; causing mom and pop business to lay off and shut their doors; causing residents to lose sleep and privacy in their own homes; a magnet for rape, assaults, defacing public property and being a general nuisance. What on earth is good about it?
    Be an educated voter and consumer. Don’t use the services of the corporations you’re against! Get a job, contribute to the economy! Be productive! Grow UP!

    1. Mario Kenny says:


  46. MarkBench says:

    An almost Shakespearean tirade. “Much ado about nothing.” “A tempest in a teacup.” “Thou doth protest, to much.”

    To translate into your own idiom, you are a yo yo.

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