Dozens Of Hypodermic Needles Found Among Trash Removed From Zuccotti Park

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What was going on in Zuccotti Park?

Some of the activity that went down there was well documented. There were allegations of sexual assault. There were the growing health concerns. And CBS 2 cameras caught topless women dancing there.

But what else may have been cooking?

Photos: Police Raid Zuccotti Park

CBS 2 has learned about some of the items that were removed from the park during yesterday’s raid.

Among the items found during the scouring of the park: At least two dozen hypodermic needles.

Numerous tents, books and other possessions were also recovered by sanitation workers and police officers during the raid.

Julie Wood with the Mayor’s Press Office said several truck loads of items had been removed from the park.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond report from the sanitation depot

Protesters who want to reclaim their possessions can do so at the sanitation garage located at between 57th and 56th Streets on 12th Avenue from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Friday.

img 20111116 00187 Dozens Of Hypodermic Needles Found Among Trash Removed From Zuccotti Park

Occupier taking books from Sanitation Depot on Nov. 16, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

People who wish to reclaim possessions are required to show proof of ownership.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones with protesters picking up their items

Protesters are continuing to demonstrate in the park, albeit without tents or other heavy equipment. And they’ve vowed to step up their demonstration Thursday during what they are  calling a “Day of Action.”

  • Occupy-a-shower

    OH COME ON, NOW!!! THEY WERE ALL diabetics.

  • fritz von

    A spoon full of heroine helps the occupation go down,
    in the most delightful way….

  • gaetano

    just make sure that you druggies keep the way clear when Santa and his sleigh come through .

  • Nick Hentoff

    I forgot to mention that the OWS medical tent in Zuccotti Park was operated and supervised by volunteer licensed doctors and nurses.

    • Smelly Hippie

      Serious violation of countless laws by these medical professionals

  • Nick Hentoff

    CBS News reporters and editors: Where you aware that there was a medical tent in Zuccotti Park with thousands of dollars in medical supplies – Including syringes and $2,000 + in cash donations – that was dismantled with chain saws during the raid. Presumably, everything was thrown into a dumpster and hauled over to 57th St. Please do some independent reporting and not automatically rely on the Mayor’s press office for info and photo ops.

  • rp

    The parasites who trash our parks aren’t even housebroken. My Golden Retriever is.

  • defecating_heroes

    Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s prayers are with the millions being victimized by selfsame Zionist apparatchiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank. And with the Anonymous brigade.
    For they know, the bad children and parasites who are proletariat will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers!

    • rp

      Sounds more like you are describing the parasites who defecate in our parks.

  • Victory69

    Insulin type needles can be used for liquified drugs and are used that way all the time. If there is no place to put the sharp then I would assume a diabetic would have to put it in the garbage. At least they were in the garbage! And insulin needles can be reused, it is a no brainer to reuse a needle. We have no idea what these needles were used for actually so we can’t judge this at this time.

  • Duh

    Those are insulin needles. They are also the needle of choice among heroine and meth addicts. No diabetic would throw a used syringe in a garbage can. They are not syringes for Flu vaccinations, which require an intramuscular size syringe. A healthcare provider would not give a flu vac and toss the syringe in the garbage or on the ground.

    • teaisstronger


      • Duh

        Yeah, right…lol

  • Djshakes

    It these were found at a tea party rally the media would headline “Junkies Protest” and all the defenders on here would be in full support. Hypocrites.

    • teaisstronger

      Don’t forget that Homeland Security notified every law agency in America that the TEA Party should be considered a dangerous terrorist group. Has any warning been issued to law agencies about the Occupy Group members even after the attempted shooting of Obama at the White House?

  • mj

    its my understanding that there is now PROOF that ALL of the OWS people were behind the fence on the grassy knoll in dallas on 11/22/63. this is about the ONLY thing left that they haven’t been accused of

    • bydesign001

      If the cap fits, let them wear it.

  • astralweeks

    Perhaps it was simply scabies, STD, lice, crabs, TB, or ringworm vaccine, seeing as that’s what these hygienically challenged people propagated. Ewwwwww.

  • mick

    they’re insulin needles. Nice biased reporting. you can’t even get all the air out of them. if you try injecting that into a vein you are taking your life in your hands. Besides, the article says they found them going through the trash. Maybe its a little unfair not to have bio hazard disposal areas there? or is freedom of speech only for the healthy?

    • peter

      They work just fine for injecting heroine or cocaine for that matter. Stick to what you know bud. btw, They are no good for intramuscular injections because the gauge of the needle is too narrow and the length of the needle itself is not nearly long enough. That on top of the fact that intramuscular injections are a dicey proposition at best. These syringes (as far as diabetics are concerned) are for subcutaneous injections. My Mom was a diabetic for 30 years. I’ve seen as well as helped her use these needles thousands of times. As far as using them for drugs, I know what I am talking about.

    • truth

      you, sir, are the misinformed. there is no difference whatsoever between needles. the only things that differ are how much they can hold and the needle gauge. check your facts. that is, if you even have any.

    • Kirsten Pulver

      Duh, insulin needles are the type of choice of junkies. They are not just used for insulin. Apparently very easy to obtain.

    • pitter43

      Just what kind of needles to you think they use to inject drugs?

    • JenB

      How is saying hypodermic needles bias? I did a simple google search and found the Hypodermic Needle-Pro Device for Insulin. It looked like that in the article photo. Then I did another simple google search and gee I found a hypodermic needle (with no mention of use for insulin) and what do you know…it looked like the picture above.

      Oh so now parks should have bio hazard disposal because some people have decided to camp out for over a month in a noncamping area. An area that should not need a bio hazard disposal area in the first place. Shame on them for not providing the basic needs of everyone in an area, not designated for long term occupation. I know, we are supposed to just give them everything they want because they have a right to free speech. Free speech has NOTHING, not one bit, to do with accommodating all the needs of those wishing to practice their free speech. Nor should they require a constant place to practice their said free speech.

      Also, Camping out for over a month is not free speech…it’s camping. If there are tents and you won’t leave, you are no longer peacefully assembling/protesting …you are CAMPING. It really isn’t that difficult to understand.

      • Victory69

        Great reply and it has too much logic to be taken seriously I’m afraid. I’m with you on this. To protest you don’t need tents to do it. This was the Party of the Lost and now there will be those who don’t want to give up partying and will commit violence because they have been thwarted, poor lost souls.

    • Aji Vani

      Insulin syringes are commonly used by heroin addicts to shoot up. Are we supposed to provide biohazard containers for the heroin addicts now? Diabetic patients are educated about their disease and how to manage it by nurse educators and their doctors. They handle their self injections without scattering dangerous debris around. Heroin addicts aren’t so couth.

      • Nicky

        Most likely methamph heads who shoot up in order to stay up all night. IMO.

  • George Johnson

    And do NOT forget, that dimocrats backed these losers all the way, and the unions STILL back them.

    nanski peloski loved them! While calling the Tea Party, “Terrorists”.

    This is the dimocrats fan base people!!

    • mick

      your so uninformed and clueless. those are ALL insulin needles and useless to a junkie. you can’t even get all the air out of them. good for intramuscular injections only, which means it takes HOURS to be absorbed into your system a tiny bit at a time. you Te Baggers are all so uneducted, cruel, simplistic brutes

      • Shadowmaster

        Tea Baggers? Why are you calling them a homophobic name? You’re calling them testicle suckers. Is there something wrong with a man doing that to another man? Why are you using a term that is anti-gay? Are you insecure in your heterosexuality? Typical hypocrite leftist.

      • akw

        Just stop, mick. They are not good for intramuscular injections, and they absolutely are the sort of syringe/needle used for IV drug use. It’s you who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Insulin users are also not careless with their needles, and wouldn’t chuck them in the trash where anyone could get hold of them.

      • dmzrn

        Mick, accept the fact that your “movement” is about as legitimate at the “movement” by the guy squatting in front of a trash can at the side of the street (did you catch the video?).

        Any group that would tolerate an adult male defecating, in public, with cameras rolling, is sick beyond belief.

  • Patrick Creeden

    They claim the3y can’t find a job,yet they have money to buy drugs. Hmmmmm.

    • Nicky

      Dollars from mom & dad.

    • mick

      get informed, those are insulin needles and of no use to a junkie.could it be (GASP) someone there is suffering from a chronic illness ?

      • Duh

        You are clueless. These are the best needles for addicts. The small gauge is best because it doesn’t screw their veins up as bad, as fast.

      • Kirsten Pulver

        You should get informed Mick, that is the kind they use for drugs.

  • james pog

    Very sharp reporting on their parts.

  • Cogito

    Ah, but they are “the best among us!”

  • Ziggy

    It’s not possible the needles were planted by the police is it? No, the NYPD would never plant evidence to get the conclusion they are looking for.

    • amitore

      How people so Stupid like you, are still around ?Most of these protester are nothing but a bunch of DOPE HEADS, using drugs without the fear of being arrested, and also.getting free food.Wake up and smell the coffee DUMB YOYO>

      • new324

        You should try some dope. You sound like you could really benefit.

  • SokrMom

    Isn’t it amazing that CBS, a big corporation, chose to run a news article on the fact that a few hypodermic syringes turned up among the thousands of items stolen by the police department from the protesters’ encampment? A whole article about it!

    • I'll smack u

      Go back to your mommy and daddy you loser druggie

    • Linda D

      Isn’t amazing that most of the people in the park are low lifes who pretend they want to work,and like to stick needles in there arms. Junkies

      • Brooklyn McDirtyshoes


      • Trustybush

        wow you are ignorant.

    • Paul from Boston

      I had my iPod and gold chain stolen by the NYPD during the raid and this was not mentioned.

      • Toco

        I’m sure it was another upstanding protester who stole your “big corporation” made iPod

      • mark

        Go back to Boston and it wouldnt be a problem, go crap on your own streets.

      • edward

        The big corporations wouldn’t have so much money if you didn’t spend your money on their products. Steve Jobs made billions off people like you, and I bet you go buy another iProduct to replace it.

        What a hippiecrite

        • Nicky

          Have a cell phone Edward? Big corporation somewhat involved there too dummy.

          • Orde Wingate

            And dirty Zionists in Israel who developed much of that cell phone technology.

    • jasmine

      There were no items “stolen” by the police. The protesters were camped there illegally. The police gave ample notice to the protesters to vacate the premises and remove their belongings. Those people who did not leave or remove their belongings in the alloted were arrested and the belongings were removed for them. Information about where they could retrieve the materials removed was provided to the protesters.

      Do you suppose any of them will claim their used syringes that they so carelessly tossed, without a thought that someone could be injured?

      The OWS protesters want to deny the presence of drug abuse in their illegal encampments. They want the people sexually abused to keep quiet so that they can deny anything ever happened. So sorry OWS folks, but you wanted the publicity and you can’t pick and choose what is reported.

    • Free Vino

      Why would the cops want to steal a bunch of garbage?

  • Eric

    Being diabetic myself, these look like insulin syringes. Of course, they can be filled with other things. Considering how many people were there and the lack of sanitary facilities, these could be “ok” if no proper disposal arrangements were made. However, I agree that people should not camp in urban parks.

    • amitore

      So you are suggesting that these maggots, low life, useless protester are diabetics?

      • pitter43

        Yep, they’re diabetics, they just think drugs will cure it.

  • Karen Waltermire

    umm if it were from a medical tent wouldn’t they be MORE responsible than that then to just leave needles lying about?

  • Michelle Jacqueline Robinson

    If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t there a medical tent in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street? So it stands to reason there would be syringes for giving flu shots, for diabetics,

    • aneo

      medical staff know enough to take care of used needles properly……

      • trustybush

        Even in the midst of being raided at 2am with no notice? Probably not.

        • Aji Vani

          Yeah, because licensed medical professionals would surely be giving free flu shots out at the park at 0200. Those same medical professionals would come with all their supplies – gloves, alcohol wipes, consent forms, biohazard bins, etc – and would use them. You’re an idiot.

        • JustAGuy

          Licensed medical professionals have jobs. They would either be at work at 2AM or sleeping so they can go to work!

    • JustAGuy

      Done by licensed nurses in an approved facility?

      That excuse won’t fly! Occupiers were hitting the heroin!

  • Larry

    As a conservative and a diabetic my response would be not to judge to hastily. I take 3 shots a day and that would be about enough for 7 or 8 day.

    • LIT-AR

      They still however left the needles out. Regardless of the use, in the end it shows lack of responsibility, they should have known enough (assuming it was for legitimate health needs) not to leave needles lying around. If unused the needles could be contaminated and spread an infection if used, and if the needles were used it poses the risk of transferring a serious disease should someone accidentally poke themselves, and that’s just assuming that the needles were for legal and legitimate purposes. The protesters were a health hazard to themselves and the surrounding people.

    • JustAGuy

      LIT-AR is correct. Diabetics take care of their needles, junkies don’t.

  • Slim Pickens

    Sure I believe everthing mainstream media has to offer hook line and sinker.

  • Fritz Von

    Wow, a lot of diabetics in that park.

  • jerseyjoey

    Ows, farewell you liberals. Now as far as a few needles found, so what they did have a medical tent and people do need insulin, but let the right wing smear campaign begin, what a joke our socieity has become.Think both parties are lost causes at this point.

    • Michael H.

      Viable third party that isn’t bought and paid for by corrupt corporations…the only way to fix this.

      • B

        We are already half way there …
        Best chance is to remove the RINOs from the Republican party. And use the GOP to defeat the leftist Democrats who took over congress in 2006 and the WH in 2008.

  • Maxine Rocks

    Anyone surprised by this? Anyone at all?

  • Enuff is Enuff Already

    Hummm, Thrusday the 17th is going to be a “Day Of Action” for the OWS protestors? I guess that is the day they are going to march to the local Job Services office and go job hunting.

    • mrk

      If you go on the hippy’s website they are asking for “football helmets and pads” for their day of action… I wonder what thats for.

  • Jimmy

    could be legit for diabetes. Lets spend a couple of thousand on testing to find out. Sheesh.

  • Peter

    very shocking!!!!

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