OWS Protesters Calling For 3-Course Meal Of Demonstrations Thursday Throughout NYC

'Day Of Action' Will Involve 'Good-Sized' Numbers, Impacting All 5 Boroughs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not over yet. In fact, it may be just beginning.

New York City leaders are warning that thousands of protesters could converge on Manhattan on Thursday. The NYPD is now getting ready for the next stage of “Occupy Wall Street” protests, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Photos: Police Raid Zuccotti Park

It may have looked peaceful at Zuccotti Park during what was a soggy Wednesday afternoon, but city officials are sounding alarm about Thursday, warning of mass disruptions in all five boroughs.

And it may not be pretty.

“We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports from City Hall

It was an unusual impromptu press conference called by City Hall to share intelligence about an international “day of action” by Occupy Wall Street on the movement’s two-month anniversary. Deputy Mayors Cass Holloway and Wolfson said they expect it to be big, but they said the NYPD is ready.

“Make no mistake, public safety is first and foremost, and we have to ensure that the city can run. People need to drive down the streets and use essential services,” Holloway said.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

“Any time you have a situation in which you are anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting on a massive scale, you take it seriously and our forces will be deployed accordingly,” Wolfson added.

Already angry over their eviction from Zuccotti Park, the protesters are planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner protests on Thursday:

The breakfast plan is to “shut down” Wall Street. It’s all expected to start with a rally in Liberty Square starting at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”

“We’re going to march on Wall Street and shut down the New York Stock Exchange,” protester Patrick Bruner told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Wednesday night.

“We do hope to stop people getting to work. We do hope to stop the stock exchange from functioning, but we don’t hope to do it in a crazy wild-eyed way,” added Austin Guest.

The lunch menu will feature protesters looking to “occupy” the subways in all five boroughs. They plan on gathering at 16 subways stations to take their message to the trains.

And dinner is set up as a takeover of Foley Square, followed by a march to the Brooklyn Bridge.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS Glenn Schuck reports

Bill Dobbs is one of the organizers.

“Tomorrow is going to be a day of action around the city,” Dobbs said. “I’m looking forward to going after wall street and also galvanizing public support and awareness of what we’re about.”

The organizers and those at Zuccotti Park on Wednesday offered few details of what they’re going to do, but when Kramer asked Dobbs how many he was expecting, he was only partially coy.

“I think there will be good-sized numbers tomorrow,” he said. “I think the message is really about who gets what in this country. We are the 99 percent. Who gets the safety net? And who gets thrown under the bus?”

To be sure, there is lingering resentment about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to evict Occupy Wall Street, but it’s unclear if that anger will be on display Thursday.

“Awful, unconscionable, the mayor and police commissioner do that for a long while. Like other people in power, they think if they get rid of the protesters, they will also get rid of the cause,” Dobbs said.

City officials have refused to say how close they will let the protesters get to their main targets, but they insisted they’re ready for anything.

03quh OWS Protesters Calling For 3 Course Meal Of Demonstrations Thursday Throughout NYC

Occupy Wall Street day of action poster (credit: occupywallst.org)

The OWS website says similar days of action are also planned at Occupy sites around the country and around the world.

After Tuesday’s raid of Zuccotti Park that cleared it of tents, sleeping bags and tarps, protesters marched to Foley and Duarte Square where they distributed a poster about Thursday’s day of action.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

City leaders who were against the raid at Zuccotti are also set to participate.

While the official movement is planning its day of action, other individuals seem to be making plans of their own.

In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”

Warning: Graphic Language – Watch the video below:

Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

The official movement is calling for only non-violent action during its marches and rallies on Thursday.

What do you think about the OWS day of action? Sound off below in our comments section…


One Comment

  1. will sherman says:

    Mr. Obama, Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Bloomberg these are your people—let Macy’s burn? Shut down Wall Street? It will soon become a day of reckoning and the city will soon see jobs leaving to go elsewhere. The NYSE can move across the river to Jersey for example and dont think the major banks aren’t already rethinking where they should be headquartered. There are many more business friendly states that would love to have the banks for example North Carolina. New York you better wake up and bring sanity back to the streets. Protest is fine thugs and bullies however should not be welcomed. Is NY becoming another San Francisco with its liberal politicians who are anti business and anti rule of law? Time will tell.

    1. Herman Vogel says:

      Let them come to Texas,,,Like most of the new jobs have since we actually Like to work..unlike the Godless “Occupy” A-Holes. Oh yeah, and bath, shave and put on clean clothes,,,,LMAO

  2. John says:

    The protesters are the true patriots. Everyone says what can we do about politics, the economy, corruption etc., but these mostly young people are taking direct action to preserve their future instead of getting thrown under the bus. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way because a hard rain is gonna fall. The revolution will not be televised.

    1. Leigh Hardy says:

      True Patriots violating the Constitutional rights of others?
      True Patriots protesting the wrong establishment?

      These people are not Patriots at all. They are vermin and should be dealt with accordingly.

    2. Freddy Vicente says:

      These are Obama’s Nazi SS troops who will be dealt with severely. The American people are not going to put up with these violent drugged out crazies who rape kids, push elderly women down stairs, destroy businesses and now threaten terrorist attacks on the city.

  3. Anon says:

    John, are you that naive? Or just another drone who regurgitates the latest Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, or Michael Moore sermon?

    This OWS movement never had anything to do with poor people, rather, the destruction of our American system from within, replacing it with what radical Left Wing Progressives think is better.

    Grow up.

    1. Curly Bill says:

      Note that Messrs Maher, Stwert and Moore are all members of the 1%. OWS should start by occupying their homes and studios,

  4. g500d says:

    Idiots, all of them. They still have accomplished nothing.

  5. Razorx says:

    What you point? People that work hard are better off then those that don’t? It’ true!

  6. Pamela Algea says:

    “It all starts with a rally in Liberty Square starting at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”

    By replacing it with YOURS, right?

  7. Moose says:

    What could these dirty hippies be protesting for? Thing are great here in the good ole USA! I mean the federal reserve, and foreign banks, only have us 15 trillion in debt! I read an article Nov 14th Titled: “The stock market likes dumb investors” The fat cats openly brag how they cheat, and mislead investors! People are losing their homes, their jobs, and life savings. College kids have degrees in worthlessness. They are in debt to their eyeballs, and they can not find jobs! Let those dirty hippies eat cake! or is it Steak?

    1. Steve Hollar says:

      Some have legitimate gripes, but, disrupting businesses and working people’s lives is not the way to solve the problems. Unfortunately the legitimate messages are being buried by the commies, socialists, and anarchists.

  8. Dee Richard says:

    So shutting down the US economy and the world’s is a good thing? (Economics 101) Also they are opposed to the banks and free commerce (while depositing $20,00 into Well Fargo) and for Obumbo… but HE is the one tha bailed out the banks they oppose… my head hurts…… these losers need to get a job and stop pooping in the streets, doing drugs, raping people, commiting crimes and TAKE A BATH!!!!!

    1. Dee Richard says:

      meant $20,000, sorry

  9. SarasotaPete says:

    This is sedetion, pure and simple and should be treated as such. Occupy Levanworth.

  10. Joe Doakes says:

    The more chaos they create the more people will vote for Republicans.

    That’s how Nixon got elected. Makes you wonder whose side these people are on.

    1. Leigh Hardy says:

      No it doesn’t.
      They are democrats, Liberals, Communists, Socialists and Anarchists,.

      Americans do not support these ideals. So people of all political persuasions will vote opposite the party supporting these idiots.

  11. idoofus says:

    Throw them all in the river. If they can swim to Jersey they can live, else, so sorry.
    Useless trash.

  12. 31337 says:

    back when the laws were enforced equally these Occupy protestors would be out of the park and occupying prison

    1. NooYawkah says:

      Unfortunately our courts now rule that you can’t stop people from being a menace to society any longer. They have the right to destroy, but the cops don’t have the right to disperse them. Idiotic, I know.

  13. ron says:

    Well, Obama was right about one thing……the OWS crowd are Obama’s people

  14. Rosalina says:

    Nothing but a bunch of street rats and thugs; I thought that terrorists were supposed to be dealt with???? So if a normal person goes to the airport, they get felt up, but these people get away with threats??????

  15. Aaron says:

    They need to Occupy a bathtub.

    1. Guest says:

      So True!

  16. CLO says:

    What really fries me is that when the Tea Party was Protesting “Obamacare” they had to pay for permits and porta potties… it cost thousands of dollars to do a lawful and peaceful protest and they left it clean, yet these occupiers are free to destroy our cities and disregard our laws all at great cost to the taxpayers and shopkeepers. What is wrong with the Mayors allowing this to happen?

  17. chech says:

    Why Macy’s? Throw a molotov into a crowd of wall street brokers or police, instead

    1. FEDhater says:

      That would be good TV. I support their right to protest even though I disagree with their message and ideals. If I don’t support their right to protest and demonstrate, who will support mine? I’m a leftist by no means, but I know an enemy of my enemy is a friend. We should reach out to these people and get their help to bring down the thug/puppets in DC and their puppet masters on wall street. I would rather see them storm DC or the federal reserve and drag Bernanke’s arse through the mob filled street, fix him up real good!

  18. F3dUp says:

    Just wait for the snow…..GAME OVER!!!!

  19. carlb says:

    how strange obama and the media has compared the peaceful tea party movement to the anarchist occupy wall street people. we were called racists the angry white amle syndromefor standing up to the distruction but we were clean and calm, while the people he praises are mobs with violence. the media tends to have a short memory nor trys to compare the differences between the two. i think most of america would prefer the latter to these people. we brought change by stopping to much morte damage before we remove him. then it is up to the people we put in fix the last for years of this nightmare!

  20. Freddy Vicente says:

    Thank you Obama and the Democrat party for endorsing these violent, racist, drugged out, diseased, sexual predators. These monsters have raped women and children. Destroyed property. Disrupted businesses that led to layoffs. Going to the bathroom on city streets, doorsteps and hallways in the city. Being endorsed by the American Nazi party, David Duke of the KKK and leaders in Iran. We hope the NYPD leaves you freaks at the bottom of the Hudson River. Let the river worms eat away at your disease infested bodies.

  21. Steve Hollar says:

    If I were rich I really wouldn’t be able to comment about these people, but, I’m not. I am self-employed and struggling day to day just to keep afloat. I can no longer make my house payment. Am I out on the streets protesting? No. I have confidence in myself that I can make it through. Because someone made it in life and has lots of money, more power to them. Look at Bill Gates. He started with nothing and now gives millions away to charities and and foundations. What he built made millionaires of many people and gave comfortable lives to many more. He is who this rabble wants to take from and punish.

    Shut down Wall Street? Why? Don’t they realize investing is vital to the economy from the rich down to the poor. So many of them seem to be college grads who were expecting to waltz out of college and immediately be given a high paying job at the top of some corporation. They are ticked that they may have to start in the mail room. Bunch of freaking losers. If these fools try to shut down the New York subways, they will be starting a war with the average person who relies on them to get around. Let’s just see how many of these liberal do nothings actually show up for this childish nonsense.

    1. FEDhater says:

      When the government took over public schools they started breeding an entitlement mentality. This was all by design. They are this way because the government programmed this way through the public education system. Not only that, the poor retards have a higher birth rate than productive intelligent people. It only took a few generations of this imbalance of birth rate to where we are now as the idiots out number everyone else. Idiots with a sense of entitlement that have a voice in the ballot box. Bring back the voting tax. If you can’t afford $100 to vote, I don’t care what you think, go back to the childrens table, the grown ups who actually have skin in the game are talking. Problem with democracy is it falls victim to the masses or a mob mentality. When the mob/masses are retarded via public education system that programmed them that way, they end up with decision making power which is leading this country off a cliff. Stock up on your food, water, guns, and ammo – civil war will follow as soon as the debt pyramid collapses, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  22. Willie says:

    And Obama supports these bottom feeders.

  23. Leigh Hardy says:

    Oh please be violent.

    We’ve put up with your trampling everyone’s Constitutional rights, because the government has refused to enforce the law, long enough.

    Assembly does not equal occupy. Nor does it give rights to interfere with commerce.

    OWS are so stupid that they protest those that are using legal means to achieve profits. Means that are designed in WASHINGTON DC.

  24. coalcracker says:

    It’s about time they closed the take over of the park.It should have happened alot earlier.The politicians let it go too long before it even became a problem for them.
    These demonstrations have little too do with free speech and more to look for a free hand out

  25. trbrown says:

    let the ass whippins begin! New Yorkers know how to take care of a problem

  26. JJ says:

    Careful They’re desperate for their Kent State moment, and we can’t afford to give it to them. Kudos to the police and safety personnel so far in walking the fine line between firmness and violence.

  27. TeaPartyLeader says:

    Limbaugh became a supporter once he heard that there were lots of drugs in the OWS camps.

  28. NoFear says:

    Could you ever imagine anything even remotely resembling this happening under Mayor Giuliani??

    I don’t think so.

    This is not “Freedom to Assemble”. There’s nothing in the Bill of Rights about occupying public property.

    Break out the pepper spray, rubber bullets and water cannons. These people are inciting violence and should be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    Bloomberg is a POS.

    1. Dee Richard says:

      I often wondered that too. I think Giuliani would have put a stop to it. I think he handled the 911 situation great and had pride in his city. But I didn’t live there, just an observation.

      1. Nan says:

        can we have an emergency election and get Giuliani back as our Mayor?? We need someone with experience and courage.

  29. not sure says:

    A lot of silly old fools is what I see in this video. Failed hippies, failed human beings and their idiot offspring.

  30. Dan says:

    They should try Occupying Reality!

  31. jilly says:

    Brought to you by George Soros. Oh, hush! No one is supposed to talk about the puppet-master of Obama, the main stream media and OWS.

  32. Jerry Brant says:

    I am sure New York’s finest will be able to deal with the warfare of this terrorist group. This group is anti-american.

  33. jnsesq says:

    How does one have a two-month anniversary again? Oh, Marxist math…

  34. Bob Forsberg says:

    The people of New York City should stop paying their taxes, since the City of New York has clearly stopped picking up the garbage on the streets.

  35. J says:

    They are a misguided bunch of 60’s wannabees

  36. Steven Travis says:

    So these communist parasites want to burn NYC and Macy’s. If or one cannot wait for each one of these sub-humans to drop dead. Here let me help you.

  37. TeaPartyLeader says:

    If the lamestream media will pay more attention to Ron Paul, then I can promise you that all teabaggers on the east coast will attend, if OWS can handle an extra 500 senior citizens!

  38. Barney Frank says:

    Flush the Obamabaggers with a fire hose. Make them embrace soap.

  39. mark says:

    So TSA can ‘frisk’ little girls for our security but someone wanting to firebomb a major department store in New York isn’t worth their time?

  40. trbrown says:

    let the ass whoopins begin. New Yorkers know how to take care of a problem!!!!

  41. Dan in Twin Cities says:

    They have BECOME the 1%.

    I hope the rest of America is wise enough to see it.

  42. NY9Solyndra says:

    I’ll bet most of the negative comments on OWS are from intelligent people and most of the supportive comments are from dumb people.

    1. jnsesq says:

      Second that, NY9. 😉

    2. Peter says:

      I Second That As Well……

      1. CaWIllie says:

        And me also. I had to work for what I have starting by washing dishes at a buck an hour in the 60’s. This brats refuse to start with $10/Hr jobs as that is not enough for them to get new iToys every few months. Pooor babys.

    3. Ding Chavez says:

      Any group that starts spouting dangerous rhetoric like the molotov comment needs to be prepared for the consequences if their actions even begin to approach violence. That hammer will come down real hard.

      1. pennhead says:

        I do hope the authorities plan to handle that in the manner you suggest. We’ve tolerated this crap for about 2 months too long as it is.

      2. Bill Lee says:

        I agree Ding. Can’t stand people who think their point of view is so important they will destroy other peoples property. This is worse than the system we have now that has inequalities but at least allows us freedom to move to where jobs exist. I know some places are really hurting for jobs but it is the government excessive regulations that is huriting the economy.

    4. shrugged says:

      I triple seocond that NY9

    5. AnimalFarm says:

      Well said, you took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard)!

    6. Il Bui says:

      CORRECT NY9!

    7. AnimalFarm says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard)!

    8. Greenhorn says:

      I’ll see your Intelligent people and raise you: negative comments from freedom loving Americans, and positive comments from socialists.

  43. Cathy says:

    Obama/Soros’s occupoopers turning more violent. We can thank our Marxist-in-Chief for this mess, he owns them.

  44. stace says:

    I guess the liberaltards et al have given up trying to compare this goon squad to the Tea Party, nice try retards…Barry and Pelosi et all identify with this group of do nothings, they are the demotard constituents. I hope they do try to burn something or destriy things…do it cowards, don’t have a hummingbird ass with an alligator mouth.

  45. Ron Eckler says:

    This is what Obama said he supports. Community organizing in its extreme has been on display for all America to see and react in disgust for months. The Communist in Chief is responsible for starting and fueling the rabid occupations. These are his Obamavilles of this generation. They will make history like Hoovervilles in the 1930″s. Wear it well. It will be Obama’s legacy and he deserves it

  46. RightStuff says:

    I wonder of those peopel kiss their mothers with those dirty mouths of theirs.

  47. TeaPartyLeader says:

    Real protesters dress up like revolutionary soldiers and demand Obama’s birth certificate! These punks don’t know what they’re doing!

    1. FEDhater says:


  48. Dennis D says:

    Yeah but the Tea Party is Angry and Dangerous huh? Thats the false message left wing media tried to push

  49. RobGal says:

    This is what COMMUNITY ORGANIZING (Sol Alinsky style) is all about. Gee, do we know anyone in the present administration who was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER 9in and around the Chicago area) before he was elected to the Senate?

  50. Dunce Biden says:

    OWS — fight the evil 1% like Michael (the fatty) Moore with his mansion on a Michigan lake and ritzy Park Ave NYC flat and Nancy (the botoxed) Pelosi with her sweetheart insider trading deal for $M’s on the Visa IPO. Both of these liars are the essence of “the 1%” but… they are LEFTISTS, so…. nevermind.

    OWS – face your fears of SOAP and WORK. Shake off your filth. Take a bath. Put away your fantasies of utopian pigpens, and head to the light… come to the light… of Capitalism – the best system ever invented. Long live Capitalism! Anyone but Obama the lying non-stop-vacationing, illegal-loving job-killing country destroyer in 2012.

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