OWS Protesters Calling For 3-Course Meal Of Demonstrations Thursday Throughout NYC

'Day Of Action' Will Involve 'Good-Sized' Numbers, Impacting All 5 Boroughs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not over yet. In fact, it may be just beginning.

New York City leaders are warning that thousands of protesters could converge on Manhattan on Thursday. The NYPD is now getting ready for the next stage of “Occupy Wall Street” protests, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Photos: Police Raid Zuccotti Park

It may have looked peaceful at Zuccotti Park during what was a soggy Wednesday afternoon, but city officials are sounding alarm about Thursday, warning of mass disruptions in all five boroughs.

And it may not be pretty.

“We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports from City Hall

It was an unusual impromptu press conference called by City Hall to share intelligence about an international “day of action” by Occupy Wall Street on the movement’s two-month anniversary. Deputy Mayors Cass Holloway and Wolfson said they expect it to be big, but they said the NYPD is ready.

“Make no mistake, public safety is first and foremost, and we have to ensure that the city can run. People need to drive down the streets and use essential services,” Holloway said.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

“Any time you have a situation in which you are anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting on a massive scale, you take it seriously and our forces will be deployed accordingly,” Wolfson added.

Already angry over their eviction from Zuccotti Park, the protesters are planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner protests on Thursday:

The breakfast plan is to “shut down” Wall Street. It’s all expected to start with a rally in Liberty Square starting at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”

“We’re going to march on Wall Street and shut down the New York Stock Exchange,” protester Patrick Bruner told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Wednesday night.

“We do hope to stop people getting to work. We do hope to stop the stock exchange from functioning, but we don’t hope to do it in a crazy wild-eyed way,” added Austin Guest.

The lunch menu will feature protesters looking to “occupy” the subways in all five boroughs. They plan on gathering at 16 subways stations to take their message to the trains.

And dinner is set up as a takeover of Foley Square, followed by a march to the Brooklyn Bridge.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS Glenn Schuck reports

Bill Dobbs is one of the organizers.

“Tomorrow is going to be a day of action around the city,” Dobbs said. “I’m looking forward to going after wall street and also galvanizing public support and awareness of what we’re about.”

The organizers and those at Zuccotti Park on Wednesday offered few details of what they’re going to do, but when Kramer asked Dobbs how many he was expecting, he was only partially coy.

“I think there will be good-sized numbers tomorrow,” he said. “I think the message is really about who gets what in this country. We are the 99 percent. Who gets the safety net? And who gets thrown under the bus?”

To be sure, there is lingering resentment about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to evict Occupy Wall Street, but it’s unclear if that anger will be on display Thursday.

“Awful, unconscionable, the mayor and police commissioner do that for a long while. Like other people in power, they think if they get rid of the protesters, they will also get rid of the cause,” Dobbs said.

City officials have refused to say how close they will let the protesters get to their main targets, but they insisted they’re ready for anything.

03quh OWS Protesters Calling For 3 Course Meal Of Demonstrations Thursday Throughout NYC

Occupy Wall Street day of action poster (credit: occupywallst.org)

The OWS website says similar days of action are also planned at Occupy sites around the country and around the world.

After Tuesday’s raid of Zuccotti Park that cleared it of tents, sleeping bags and tarps, protesters marched to Foley and Duarte Square where they distributed a poster about Thursday’s day of action.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

City leaders who were against the raid at Zuccotti are also set to participate.

While the official movement is planning its day of action, other individuals seem to be making plans of their own.

In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”

Warning: Graphic Language – Watch the video below:

Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

The official movement is calling for only non-violent action during its marches and rallies on Thursday.

What do you think about the OWS day of action? Sound off below in our comments section…


One Comment

  1. really... says:

    The protesters tears will be my candy

  2. USA says:

    OWS out of touch with reality. every liberal needs to feel wanted sometime.

  3. GozieBoy says:

    Thanks, CBS and your MSM comrades, for ensuring that the riot planner’s detailed agneda and itinerary is broadcast as far and wide as possible. We want to ensure that as many looters and flame throwers get this invitation as possible. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and they will visit YOU.

    ATTENTION ALL RIOT PARTICIPANTS: CBS headquarters is at 51 West 52nd Street (corner of Sixth Avenue; Avenue of the Americas). The 38 story building (the “Black Rock”) is 490 feet (150 m) tall. The interior spaces, as well as the furnishings were designed by Saarinen and Florence Knoll. Not known whether these furnishings are flame retardent or not, but maybe we will find out.

    1. FEDhater says:

      HA! I love it. The key code to the service entrance is “84631” get in there and do some damage!

  4. Il Bui says:

    Time to bring in the SWAT snipers. A few head shots will disperse the commie animals.

  5. Obamabagger in Obamaville says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. OWS should go protest the big bonuses for Fannie & Freddie (they won’t, they’re full of leftists) and they own taxpayers $100B+ (calling Barney Frank – King of teabaggers and patron saint of graft & corruption of Fannie/Freddie “they’re in great shape!” Sure they are).

    Force OWS to confront their biggest fears. SOAP and WORK. What a bunch of filthy, stinking, imbecilic losers.

    Anyone but Obama the lying job-killing illegal-loving non-stop vacationing country destroyer in 2012.

  6. guest says:

    Society can’t be that bad if the poor people can access computers and have time to comment on news articles.

  7. Tommy says:

    I understand the concern for so few having so much money at the top and concern about our economy and so many jobs going overseas in the past few years but I cannot understand the drugs, violence, trash and stupidity of most of the people I have seen on TV at these protests. If you want to protest the right people then go to DC and find the White House. The OWS has been taken over by a bunch of thugs.

  8. JAYNE RAND says:


  9. Jay says:

    When are the police going to take decisive, permanent action agianst these a*holes? Do we have the rule of law or not in this country?

  10. Raule says:

    Call in the military. Shoot a few. They will stop.

  11. Paradigm Shift says:

    Watch these nutjobs disrupt the Thanksgiving Day parade. Mace them all.

  12. defecating_heroes says:

    Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s prayers are with the millions being victimized by selfsame Zionist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank. And with the Anonymous brigade.
    For they know, the bad children and parasites who are proletariat will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers!

  13. Jen says:

    This movement was first billed as “Day of Rage” before it became OWS. Does that ring a bell with anyone? It can be attributed to more than one violent movement but was coda for the Weather Underground. I wonder how many university professors are now involved with OWS. All they have to do is bomb a few sites and kill a few people, trample the flag and exhibit no remorse even now. Imagine the accolades they might receive like Bill Ayres. They might even achieve tenure. Only in America! The main difference between the Tea Party that advocated fiscal responsibility and OWS…one flies the flag proudly and OWS burns or defecates on it.

    1. Rusty says:

      Well said.

    2. FEDhater says:

      They don’t talk about the weather underground anymore, they keep that under-wraps as much as possible. It scared the crap out of them. The constant conflict is by design, it’s a distraction. Meanwhile we are being robbed blind, our currency devalued and enslaved by debt to the likes of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, etc. – Google the CFR, false flag operations like northwoods, and more and you will quickly realize that there is in fact puppet masters lurking in the shadows. In fact they are very real, you bank with them everyday!

  14. Reality says:

    I hope we do get become socialist. Then I can quit my job, sleep all day and demand that I be equal with everyone else. Demand a house, food, a car, etc. Until the labor camps start that sounds like a nice idea.

  15. tonymo says:

    You’d lose your bet idiot. Most are from middle class working people who get up and go to work every day, or at least did before the corrupt politicians destroyed the economy.

    And yes, much of the support may come from poor people, who for the most part are the uneducated, and substance abusers among us! They are not poor BECAUSE Donald Trum is rich yiu moron!

  16. shrugged says:

    Is the nuclear option still on the table? Perhaps we can call Iran for help since this POTUS is a pus_sie

  17. Herman Vogel says:

    This is what happens when you play nice with these people. Soros must be laughing his head off at this,,as is Obummer.
    Martial Law here we come.

  18. Len says:

    These are Obama’s people. He must be proud.

  19. Dan in Twin Cities says:

    . . . and if Bloomberg has got a brain in his head he’ll be on the phone with the Adjutant General about mobilizing the NYARNG. He needs to take these people seriously or innocent people are going to get hurt.

    1. terry rohan says:

      maybe they can take your bank account and offer it to the peaceable protesters.
      that 10,000 dollars might buys some subway subs for the riot on friday

    2. Del Train says:

      Who is the leader of this movement or gang. How can they pronounce they are going to overrun the park on Thursday. Who has the credibility to speak and for it to be reported?

      Who ever that is must answer…or the media outlet is responsible an liable….

      1. George Johnson says:

        Wo do you think it is?? It’s george soro’s and van jons, obama the lawless’s admitted communist “green jobs” or “green energy” “czar” (russian term by the way) before he got (reluctantly) kicked out!

        This is an anti-capitalistic movement, not an “anti-wall street” movement.

        These are socialist, marxist and communist. These are people that have HATED America from day one. They want to turn it into their communist “utopia” that they think only they can make work (since it’s failed everywhere else) but they just haven’t spent enough money on it yet.

        It was the hero of the left, Al (the lair) sharpton, when asked if now that a black man was president, will he stop protesting, replied “No, not until everybody has an equal amount of stuff in their houses” (or something similar, I forgot the exact words).

        Who’s behind it??? Just look around, your “commander in chief” is also behind it. Called “class warfare”, this is what he DID before becoming president!! THIS IS HIS JOB!!!

      2. Ted Peters says:

        I believe that the Community-Organizer-in-Chiief resides in the White House.

  20. menlo says:

    I hope every one of them gets their asses beat. They deserve it.

  21. Laura G says:

    Take the cameras and press away & refuse to interview them. If they’re not able to “show the world” what idiots they really are, they’ll go home.
    Besides, for the ones getting arrested…..you keep telling us you want a job….what kind of job do you think you’ll get when all this is over? No employer in their right mind would hire you knowing what your new rap sheet looks like!
    This is just Woodstock without the music!

  22. Geechee says:

    These losers have been at it for over two months, and they have yet to cobble together a coherent message.
    Most of America hasn’t given these clowns a second thought for weeks, primarily because most working people regard them as a joke.
    It is a testament to the delusion of these “activists” (LOL) that they think hurling a “Molotov” won’t be met with anything short of cracking some heads and throwing some of this “human debris” into cold, forbidding cells throughout the country.

    I love the smell of teargas in the morning.
    It smells like…victory!

  23. nunya says:

    Though I deplore violence and hate the idea of innocents getting hurt, these idtios need to bring it instead of talking. I would love to see the OWS turn openly violent, one more nail in the socialist coffin.

    RIP Democratism.

  24. the fifty three percent says:

    A day of action would be good. And hopefully it will involve a lot of excessive police force.

  25. Brian says:

    Are they seriously going to try to disrupt mass transit in a city of 8 million people? They are going to turn regular working people who may have agreed with them or were at least indifferent to their cause against them with a stunt like that. Forget police with batons, they are going to have to deal with a people getting off work that are already in a bad mood without having their commute home delayed.

  26. Rusty says:

    The Wall Street folks are criminals as are many in D.C. Add to that the occupiers and the conclusion is: we need more prisons. I will never side with WS and the banks after what they’ve done to the economy so, in a way, I understand the frustration of the occupiers. What can’t be tolerated is the anarchistic way they act. The reasonable man would put the whole lot in prison forever, throw a bunch of guns over the wall and let them have at it.

  27. Nevadavoter1 says:

    We are reaping the Entitlement psyche we have taught these young people to believe in and count on. There is no one to blame but ourselves. If you voted in the past 50 years you probably supported a politician who voted for some ‘cradle to grave’ legislation.
    It will be tough to change the trajectory of the ‘owe me’ generations’ mental attitude, but change it will either peacefully or through violence.

  28. Jack D Howard says:

    Extremism always develops two faces: the political arm and the militant ‘wing.’ The popular and the real face…..

    ….Eschewing itself as the “official” Occupy body—as thoiugh an infection, I’d say— (here with the help of a sympathetic Leftist reporter from CBS) is as practical as mapping the common ground of Hamas and Fatah. …..

    And it is NO coincidence that this Extremist threat is originating from New York…from Shay’s rebellion to the draft riots: New York is the soft underbelly of the American Republic.

  29. Dr. X says:

    I read recently that the average age of the OWS protesters is 27. When I was 27, I was not the bottom 99%, I was the bottom 1%. I was a starving grad student with no income, living on ramen noodles, .89 cent frozen pizzas, and generic breakfast cereal. Who the hell are these spoiled little twerps to think they deserve to start out any better?

    I’ve read some of their laments: “Oh, wahhh! I borrowed $200K for an undergraduate degree in gender studies, where I learned all about oppression, and a masters in community organizing, where I learned all about organizing the oppressed. It turns out Apple isn’t hiring for that, and now nobody will give me a $100K a year job, and the exploitative banksters want me to start paying back my loans! Wahhh! Wahhh! Wahhh!” Give me a break. In the immortal words of John Wayne: “Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.” In a related note, I’m guessing most of them voted for 0bama – hey, how’s that working out?

    1. Jack D Howard says:

      Any quote of John Wayne, and you’ve got a good shot at making sense—you went way past that….GREAT comments.

    2. Rusty says:

      U da man X.

    3. Guest says:

      I had to put my hand on my heart when I read that. Well said.

    4. Len says:

      Good point. When I was 27 I was buying my second house with the profits from all the sweat equity I put into my first house. Married with 2 kids, full time job, doing my own car repairs on a 15 year old car to keep it running and going to night school 3 nights a week to provide a better life for my family. Not much time to sleep nevermind protesting or whining about how life was unfair. These spoiiled brats need a one way ticket to Afghanistan. Pllenty of open space to pitch their tents there. I hope they get their asses kicked.

    5. Il Bui says:

      FTW Dr. X

  30. Seairail says:

    KENT STATE REDUX. Case Closed.

    1. JJ says:

      My fears exactly. Or worse yet, a Reichstag Fire moment, civil liberties suspended completely, CIC becomes military ruler. Wish I could laugh at that and say it could never happen here. Gavrilo Princip, call your office.

  31. bluemount says:

    Same protesters as the 60’s, just a different genration. They don’t even have new protest music; still using Beatles “Revolution”. I remember the 60’s. Pathetic. Look #OWS, it’s not as exciting as you think. You destroy and abuse others people’s rights. You destroy Wall Street, you destroy my retirement which I worked long and hard for. You destroy capitalism, wait til you see there is no more money for you and no more Ipads, Iphones, etc. No more jobs. Go home and leave people and businesses alone. You should really be protesting BHO and his crony friends.

  32. skeet says:

    Now where did we put those water cannon? LOL

  33. Richard Toczynski says:

    NORTHCOM will have a field day with these idiots.

  34. HTuttle says:

    OWS claiming non-violence is like Sandusky saying he doesn’t molest kids.

  35. RobertMN says:

    This “We’re the 99%” claim is really getting to be hysterical. Kinda like calling yourself “progressive.” Good thing they’re telling us, because we certainly can’t tell.

  36. derty ernie says:

    Think for a minute. The big wigs behind Occupy movement, the ones with the money who are paying a handful of these people to adjitate the others, know that NY is battleground central.
    With the removal of the tents and winter coming they need something big or the whole movement will just fade away.
    Those big shots want media attention any way they can get it until November.
    They should be mad as hell at the Obama Admin for this mess but they love the dems so its blaim billionaires.

  37. Harry says:

    Bring out tons of hot pepper spray and use it to the maximum

  38. djw663 says:

    Put the Tea Party groups are terrorists, racists, etc… How many rapes occured at Tea Party meetings? NONE. How many times have the police been called to break things up or to protect the safety of others? NONE.
    What group does the Obama regime back? Occupy Wall Street!

  39. pelican says:

    Sounds like what “Community Organizer” Obama would do

  40. Dave, San Francisco says:

    The goal? Simplistic and greedy. They want government action to forcefully take private property from one group of Americans and give it to another. Little do they understand that they are living off the fat of the land as it is. A recent study shows that the poorest 5% of Americans are richer than 65% of the world’s poplulation. They are already lottery winners and don’t know it. These people represent the infinitesimal percentage of the US population who don’t want to, or can’t figure out how to participate in a land of opportunity. I think of my friend Toan, a refugee from Vietnam in 1975 who didn’t speak English; now a middle class homeowner with two UC educated children. With memories of his family starving, he holds these lazy malcontents in dismissive contempt. Occupy is thieir first opportunity to form a coalition of collectivist losers. Misery loves company. Instead of mutual encouragement they drive themselves to new levels of perceived victimhood. They’re starving to death while locked in a grocery store. To paraphrase Old Blue Eyes – if you can’t make it here you can’t make it anywhere in old New York , New York, New York.

    1. TyroneShoelaces says:

      “They want government action to forcefully take private property from one group of Americans and give it to another.” They already have that. It’s called The US Tax Code.

    2. julius_weisenheimer says:

      If your point is that immigrants work harder, then you don’t know what multi-culturalism is. [Example: the average immigrant receives $80K in benefits per year.] Which makes you a dishonest Marxist.
      On the other hand, if you simply failed to clarify your point, you have my apologies

  41. JJ says:

    Well, maybe this is what it takes to finally convince the NYSE to go ahead with their rumored move to Dallas.All that economic infrastructure would be welcomed and defended here. And Bubba and Earl would be happy to help secure the hippies, I’m sure.

    1. Guest says:

      I was just thinking about what would happen if this were going on in Texas. I doubt they’d have lasted 24 hours on the streets there.

  42. sueinmi says:

    Their focus is just misdirected..Washington is where these protests should be taking place. Politicians are rich and using Wall Street as a mechanism to get rich. John Kerry, Senator from MA made over 90 pharmaceutical stock transactions when he was voting on the Medicare drug plan. Nancy Pelosi and her hubby took Visa kickbacks when she was was voting on credit reform. This goes on with every vote they make. THEY are the ones who gripe about evil lobbyists/Wall Street/oil/drugs/healthcare and are the very ones benefitting the most from their position. Our retirements went down the crapper, theirs didn’t. Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading..they don’t.

    1. Os J Ou says:

      ive never read a valid reponse when the question is posed to an OWS supporter why they are not protesting DC politicians with at the very least as much energy as wall street. i’ve come to the conclusion that many of them would rather not, for a cpl of reasons. i believe that a mojority were obama voters, and to direct their anger at the administration would be to admit their vote indirectly supports the enitity they are protesting. it is too much a a contradiction of their message. that contradiction is too much for tehir egos to handle. i say this in all seriousness, bc as i said, i have yet to hear a valid argument why this anger is not directed at DC, who creates the environment for corporations to operate.

      1. Steve H. says:

        They are not protesting government because the government is ran by the same people that are pulling the strings of these useful idiots. Minus the anarchist, the majority of OWS are Obama supporters. These movement isn’t about the poor, it was designed by the Progressive elite to turn the eye of the people away from the horrible and complete Obama failure.

    2. rickaroo says:

      Correct A Mundo – it’s our elected crooks/politicians who are responsible for our present condition. I agree 100% Everything they touch they screw up. What’s really depressing is the “press” is supposed to protect us from this – and they are eager participants in assisting politicians to get away with murder

    3. Cyclenut says:

      Now here is someone who knows what is REALLY going on. It does continue to amaze me how the “news media” continues to try to make us believe that this collection of fools and their so’called “protest” resembles Tea Party events in any way.
      Can anyone remember a single Tea Party participant crapping in the street, raping anyone, or threatening to burn anything down? I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the “Occupy Mississippi” movement to happen. It won’t produce the same resulat as we have seen so far, I can assure you.

  43. chris says:

    These people are weak…physically, mentally, and intellectually weak. They can’t cause damage to anything. The NYPD will bring them down pretty easily once they get out of line. They the tears will flow like wine!

  44. porchhound says:

    Rely on generalizations do you?

  45. steve says:

    orphans in the open, fire for effect

  46. CraigM says:

    Nice poster! Haven’t seen artwork like that since the Nazi propaganda posters.

  47. Andrew says:

    Theirs is a “tale told by an idiot, full of storm and fury, signifying nothing.” Put down the signs; lose the bullhorns; get a job.

  48. Rick says:

    Yeah, that is it John… No one I know has had a raise in 5 years. My employer provided insurance costs went from 0 to $500 a MONTH since Obamacrap was suggested and voted on.

    I can’t afford to replace my wife’s car…

    But I am in the 53% – not the OWS 47% that PAY NO TAXES and want EVERYTHING for FREE!!

    OWS is a commie sham. We should all be FIGHTING the government, NOT wallstreet and the 53%ers’ paychecks…

    1. Davidlcjr says:

      Oh how naive you all are about who and what OWS is. It is nothing but a bunch of mostly college students with 40K in debt and no jobs to pay their debts. They are some of 20 Million yes Million people who have lost their jobs due to lay offs and out sourcing in the last 3 years, You think wall street makes money? Wall street makes nothing but debt. Wall street does only one thing and that is make your money their money. That is how investing works, Bank Give me your money I will invest it for you its a win win. You Great hears my life’s savings. 2Years later, Bank the investment went bad and you lost your money. You what happened, Bank We loaned money to and Joe didn’t pay the loan back, You why did you give my money to some one who wouldn’t pay you back, Bank wee the made payments for two years. You Where is my cut, You don’t get a cut unless the loan is paid. But you got 2 years worth of payments why do I have to take the loss, Bank because we said so and you signed your name. 1 Week later you find out the government reimbursed the bank for Joe paying the 100% of the loan plus 27% interest Your cut would have been a paltry 3% but by taking advantage of Joe’s one missed payment the bank now gets your money plus 27%. When you look at how derivatives are plaid its even worse. Grow up and learn your economics, Banks have 0 money, until you give them yours, They then use every scam in the book to ensure you never get 100% of your money back and in most cases they get all of you money, plus more of your money from the government. What a deal.

      1. DJ says:

        Unemployment rate for college graduates is 4.5%

      2. JohnGalt says:

        Honestly David…get back on your meds.

        Oh, and your Mom is calling…you forgot to clean your room. No xbox until you do.

      3. Just Me says:

        “Banks have 0 money, until you give them yours,”
        Yes, that’s how banks work. People put money in the bank and the bank pays interest. Others borrow from the bank and pay back that money, plus interest. That’s how the business works. And they’d only loan that money to peopl who could pay it back if it weren’t for the GOVERNMENT telling them that they MUST loan the money to ANYBODY who wants a house because it’s “the American dream”. The person you need to scream at isn’t the guy on Wall Street. It’s Barney Frank.

    2. Bill Stewart says:

      Right On Brother! It’s not businesses ripping us off, it’s our corrupt government. Our gov’t has sold out to Marxists and it has devastated our economy. We are all doomed if we don’t reject our socialist gov’t.

  49. Sacred Honour says:

    I am done with these whiny little pukes. I am a 25 year military veteran, who considers the police, fire and EMS personnel these cowards are threatening violence against as “brothers and sisters in arms”. As someone else remarked, you are the lowest of the low. You want to preach violence, you hypocritical leftists? I suggest you think twice and get to better know your adversary…

  50. Khadijah BintMuhammad says:

    I’ll bet most of the ones from OWS talking about violence are from wealthy backgrounds.

    1. Peter says:

      I’ll Bet You Have An IQ Thats The Same Number As Your Hat Size…..

      1. D. Pemberton says:

        In millimeters, yes.

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