By Tony Paige
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I usually enjoy following a story that has legs like Watergate, Rex Ryan’s babbling or even the O.J. trial, but the creepiness of the Penn State University underage sex scandal has driven me to say, “Enough already!”

With 40 counts against him, you would have thought the embattled former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky would just crawl under a rock and remain silent until his trial.

No, he gets a sweetheart of a deal where he gets to stay in his own bed (alone I hope) without an ankle monitor.

Heck, Lindsay Lohan had to wear one of those devices and she’s just you average run-of-the-mill Hollywood bimbo.

The Centre County District Judge Leslie Dutchcot lets him off with a mere $100,000 bail, and he doesn’t have to put up any money unless he misses his court date.

The fact that said judge volunteered at The Second Mile organization that Sandusky created for disadvantaged young boys or the fact she donated money to The Second Mile never made her think that maybe I should step away from this case?

She has since been replaced by Judge Robert E. Scott.

What’s in the water in Happy Valley that kills the common sense gene?

Then everyone’s favorite whipping boy, assistant coach Mike McQueary, stated he did indeed stop the rape of the 10-year-old, though not physically, whatever that means.

Did he peek into the shower, saw the crime, stepped away then made a lot of noise to let Sandusky know he was coming towards the shower?

Then he says he went to the police and the police say, that’s news to us. So far, no police report.

Sandusky speaks with NBC’s Bob Costas so he can try to put himself in a good light.

When Costas, who did a yeoman’s job with an extremely difficult subject, asked Sandusky if he was sexually attracted to young boys, and he repeated the question, the creepiness factor when through the roof.

Nice move by his lawyer of tainting the jury pool – of the entire country let alone Pennsylvania.

Enough already!

Would some judge, any judge in the Keystone State please issue a gag order and shut everyone up!

Silence is the ingredient much needed in this hero-less disgrace.

You know it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

For it to get better, Penn State has to think outside the box to try to bandage their reputation.

They could remove former head coach Joe Paterno’s statue from the campus, but that’s not enough.

First, let Penn State finish the season as best they can.

Secondly, they must decline any bowl invitation.

Their toxic level is off the charts and no bowl committee wants that problem coming into their community.

Thirdly, bid goodbye to interim coach Tom Bradley and his entire staff.

Lastly, hire a head coach and staff that has absolutely no connection to Penn State.

No former coach, grad assistant or even student should be on the new staff.

Penn State needs new vision and if the Happy Valley faithful have a problem with this – tough!

Until all these changes are implemented, Penn State … Enough already!

Should the Paterno statue come down? Does Penn State need to completely clean house? Sound off below…

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