NYPD: Sex Fiend On The Loose In Bronx; 6 Attacks In 1 Day

Suspect Allegedly Went Wild In Baychester, Soundview Sections Of Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A suspect in the Bronx is accused of an unthinkable series of sex crimes — assaulting six women on the same day between 6 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

The incidents all happened on Thursday when the suspect, described as a black male, between 20 and 30 years old and about 5-foot-11 with a thin build allegedly terrorized women in the Baychester and Soundview sections of the borough.

While there were no injuries reported in any of the incidents, police described the suspect as approaching women from behind in all, but one of the encounters.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

Here is a timeline of the incidents on Nov. 17:

6:15 a.m. – 51-year-old sexually assaulted in Baychester.

6:30 a.m. – 32-year-old sexually assault in Baychester.

7:20 a.m. – 29-year-old sexually assault in Baychester.

8:03 a.m. – 31-year-old sexually assault in Soundview.

8:15 a.m. – 28-year-old sexually assaulted in Baychester.

12:18 p.m. – 48-year-old sexually assault in Soundview.

Anyone with information in regards to any of these assaults is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers Website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or texting their tips to 274637(CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

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  1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

    More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported in 2000 in South Africa, compared to 37,500 in 1998. Child welfare groups believe that the number of unreported incidents could be up to 10 times that number. The largest increase in attacks was against children under seven.

    In a related survey conducted among 1,500 school children in the Johannesburg township of Soweto, a quarter of all the boys interviewed said that ‘jackrolling’, a term for gang rape, was fun. More than half the interviewees insisted that when a girl says no to sex she really means yes.

  2. Moth Man says:

    AIDS and the Cult of Equality

    by Dr. William Pierce (search for Dr. William Pierce audio and video!)

    The organization which I head, the National Alliance, has for the past five years or so been publishing warnings about the dangers of contracting AIDS through sexual contact with non-Whites. We have warned, for example, that heterosexual Black males are 14 times as likely as heterosexual White males of being carriers of HIV, the AIDS-causing virus. Our data came from the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and were entirely accurate at the time. Of course, we were lambasted by the Jewish media and by a great many Politically Correct White people as well — “racially sensitive” Gentiles who take their lead from the Jewish media — for providing these warnings. We were denounced as “haters,” and horror was expressed that we would publish such information.

    Some of these Politically Correct Whites are so steeped in the lie of equality that they don’t believe such a startling difference between the races could exist. After all, they have been told all their lives by the public schools and the government and the controlled media that Blacks and Whites are just alike except for skin color. So how could Black men be 14 times as likely as White men to transmit AIDS to a sexual partner? I mean, I receive hand-wringing letters literally every day from anguished egalitarians who whine to me that “we are all the same inside, Black and White. We all bleed red.” Well, of course, snakes and rats bleed red too. But there are differences.

    Other White people who like to think of themselves as “racially sensitive” understand that this enormous racial disparity in HIV infection rates is real — they do not believe that the Centers for Disease Control is faking the data — but they believe that it is “racist” to mention it. They deplore anything which might offend Blacks by reminding them of racial differences or — even worse — which might reduce the incidence of interracial sex. Better for White women to die from AIDS, they believe, than to avoid sex with Black men.

    Well, just last week new AIDS data were published based on a study of 1.7 million blood donors in the United States. Each donor was tested for the presence of HIV using a new method which distinguishes between recent infections by the virus and infections which have been in the donor’s blood for more than a few months. The study revealed a new infection rate among Blacks which is more than 25 times the new infection rate for Whites. I’ll repeat that: the per capita number of new HIV infections among Blacks is between 25 and 26 times the number for Whites, indicating that the disparity between Blacks and Whites in the infection rate is increasing rapidly. While five years ago heterosexual Black males were 14 times more likely to be HIV carriers than Whites, the latest figures for new infections indicate that that ratio now is somewhere between 14 and 25: probably around 20.

    AIDS began as a Black disease in Africa; it spread to White homosexuals through sexual contact with Blacks, and for a few years White homosexuals made up the principal reservoir for AIDS outside of Africa; now, among heterosexuals, AIDS is on the way to becoming an almost exclusively Black disease again. In addition to the obvious behavioral reasons for this, there also are more direct genetic reasons: Blacks are genetically predisposed to infection by the AIDS-causing virus. This is an inherited, racial difference.

    The main reason why AIDS remains a concern for White Americans is that heterosexual Whites can and do become infected by the virus, even if not as easily as Blacks do, and when we are infected the virus is just as lethal for us. There was a time when the main infection channels for Whites were intravenous drug usage and bisexual White males, who spread the disease from their homosexual male partners to their heterosexual female partners. These days the greatly increased incidence of interracial sex, primarily between Black males and White women, is the principal channel the disease has into the heterosexual White population. Were it not for this interracial sex, we might be able to look forward to seeing the disease confined almost entirely to Blacks and homosexuals.

    It might seem no real loss to us if White women who have sex with Blacks are lumped in with Blacks and homosexuals as part of the AIDS reservoir; certainly, we can do without them. Unfortunately, however, these trendy/trashy White women also have sex with White men. And the media bosses are doing everything they can to push the trend toward even more interracial sex by producing more racially mixed television entertainment and advertising. Mainly because of this, it looks like AIDS will continue to be a threat to normal White men and women even as it becomes more and more a Black disease.

    The most interesting aspect of this to me is the continuing refusal of a large segment of the White public to recognize the racial aspects of the AIDS epidemic. Even people who’re not zealots for Political Correctness are embarrassed by any discussion of the subject. To warn White women that sexual contact with a Black male these days is about 20 times as likely to result in an HIV infection as contact with a White male seems very offensive to these overly sensitive souls. To them it’s like yelling “niqqer” in public. It’s just so embarrassing that they can’t deal with it.

    You know, I’m as much in favor of politeness and decorum in race relations as anyone. I’ve never been in favor of being gratuitously offensive. But I’ve also never been in favor of sticking my head in the sand or refusing to deal with relevant facts: especially facts relevant to the ever-growing and ever-more-threatening racial problem in America. On these broadcasts I’ve talked about the much greater tendency of Blacks toward criminal behavior. I’ve talked about the prison statistics and the murder statistics and the armed robbery statistics and the rape statistics. These statistics come from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Census Bureau and the FBI, and they show really radical differences in Black and White behavior. These behavioral differences are based on race, on genes — not on income. One can see this radical difference in criminal behavior between Blacks and Whites in the same income brackets. And these crime statistics, just like the AIDS statistics, are relevant. White people need to be aware of these racial differences. Actually, it wouldn’t hurt Blacks to be aware of them too. Anyway, I don’t talk about crime statistics in order to offend anyone or to hurt anyone’s feelings. Yet whenever I do talk about them, I receive the same whining letters from White idiots who ask me why I can’t understand that “we’re all the same inside.”

    And it’s the same when I talk about IQ differences between the races. These racial intelligence differences are large, they are real, and they are relevant. Our schools are in the mess they are in today largely because we ignore these racial differences in intelligence, these differences in problem-solving ability. It embarrasses otherwise intelligent White people to talk about them. They don’t want to be reminded of them. And so they ignore them and pretend that they don’t exist. And they hate me when I won’t let these relevant truths be ignored; they hate me when I rub their noses in the truth.

    My organization, the National Alliance, publishes material on racial demographics. For several years we’ve distributed stickers which have the words on them in large print, “Earth’s most endangered species: the White race — help preserve it.” Millions of those stickers have been stuck on fences or power poles or tacked to bulletin boards all over America.

    You may have seen one. If you haven’t, send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and I’ll send you a free sample. And of course, that sticker, just like everything else we publish, is based on hard facts. It’s based on the fact that White Americans are fast becoming a minority in their own country, just as people of European race already are a minority in the world and are becoming a smaller minority with each passing year. In 1950 the population of the United States was 90 per cent White. Today it’s just over 70 per cent White, and Bill Clinton has been boasting to his supporters that Whites will be a minority in the United States within the next few decades. In the world the White population already is down close to 10 per cent — and that’s because Whites, with their medical science and their agricultural science, have reduced the death rate in the non-White areas of the world and caused the populations there to explode during the 20th century.

    Anyway, the message on our sticker is about as innocuous and inoffensive as a message can be. Not a word about Blacks on the sticker, not a word about hurting anyone or about anyone being superior or inferior to anyone else. Yet that simple message — “help preserve the White race” — brings us more hate mail than anything else we publish. And I mean hate mail from White people, who really become uptight when they see our stickers.

    Of course, I don’t mean that all White people become uptight when they see our publications or hear my message. Actually, our favorable mail — letters from people who tell us how pleased they were to see one of our stickers or to hear one of my broadcasts, people who tell me how much they agree with my message: our love mail — is running more than three to one over our hate mail. But that may be simply due to the fact that the people who like what I have to say are a more literate bunch than the haters; they are better able to cope with the task of writing a letter.

    I say that because I’m aware of Bill Clinton’s popularity polls, and I know that anyone who likes Bill Clinton must hate what I say. Of course, I know that much of Bill Clinton’s constituency isn’t White. The Democrats have put together a coalition of non-Whites and seriously defective Whites — homosexuals, feminists, welfare recipients, and so on: people who have a grievance against society and think they’re entitled to special treatment — and this coalition makes up a majority of the Clinton constituency. And I’m not talking to these people. I don’t care what they think. The only people in the Clinton constituency I care about are the more or less normal, productive White people.

    I say more or less normal, because it’s difficult for me to regard anyone who supports Bill Clinton as being entirely normal. I think these people need to have their heads worked on — seriously. I think that if we could understand what’s wrong with these White Clinton supporters we could understand what makes people send me hate letters when I publish AIDS statistics or race-and-crime statistics or other facts which are contrary to what they’ve been told by their television.

    At first I thought that these people were afraid that the material I publish might offend Blacks and might provoke a riot and that was why they objected to it. Of course, I wouldn’t be offended if a Black organization published statistics, for example, proving that White people are much more likely to get skin cancer from exposure to the sun than Blacks are. It wouldn’t bother me a bit. For one thing, I know that it’s true. For another thing, I believe that it’s good for White people to be reminded of that: it might make them a little more careful not to get sunburned. And if the Blacks want to believe that their relative immunity to sun-induced skin cancer makes them a superior race, well that’s all right with me too. I’m not offended.

    But really, I think that the White people who get upset with me when I say that we ought to preserve the White race aren’t worried that this will hurt the feelings of Blacks. They aren’t worried about being offensive to Blacks. It is they who are offended, because it is an assault on their religion. One of the things that led me to this conclusion was my noticing that the people who send me hate letters have a tendency to say very similar things, as if they’re quoting from scripture. I’ve already mentioned one of the scriptural quotes I often hear from these people: “we’re all the same inside,” which is just another way of saying that the only difference between the races is skin color. And then there’s the reminder that we all bleed red. I guess I’ve heard that a thousand times. And it’s such a stupid thing to say, that they must be quoting scripture. It’s like saying that people have white bones, and rattlesnakes have white bones, therefore there’s really no difference between people and rattlesnakes. When they say, “We all bleed red,” that’s supposed to end the argument. It’s like they believe they have said something very profound.

    And there are other really stupid things they all have in their litany. For example, I’ve heard them say at least a thousand times, “There’s no such thing as a White race. There’s only the human race.” And if you meet one of these idiots face to face, he’ll prove to you that there’s no such thing as a White race. He’ll put his hand down on a sheet of white paper and triumphantly point out that his skin tone — and mine — aren’t really white, like the paper. End of argument.

    You know, I called these people idiots because they say such stupid things. But really, most of them are not idiots. Most of them can figure out how to operate their VCRs, and some of them can even fill out their own income tax forms, which is more than I can do. They all say the same stupid things because these things come from a catechism. They are statements of religious orthodoxy. They don’t really believe that when I say, “I am a White man,” they can refute me by showing me that my skin tone is not the same as a sheet of white paper. They only believe that in their make-believe world of egalitarianism. And the reason they become angry when they see my stickers about preserving the White race is that I am challenging their religion, which tells them that there is no White race. I am telling them that what they believe isn’t real; it’s only make-believe. And that makes them angry. It makes them hateful. That’s why they write me hate letters which are full of angst and passion and venom, instead of just ignoring me or laughing at me as a benighted infidel. They feel threatened. At some level of their consciousness they understand that their religion is just make-believe. They can be Religiously Correct — they can be pious — when they are with other egalitarians. But in the presence of a heretic they feel threatened, because, as I said, at some level they understand that their Religious Correctness is only make-believe. It cannot stand up to examination in the real world. It will collapse like a house of cards. That’s why they hate any dissident, any heretic.

    I’ll say it again: when I see a lot of otherwise intelligent people saying the same stupid things as if they were reciting scripture or reading from a catechism, and when they respond with angst and hatred when contradicted, then I suspect that I am dealing with the members of a religious cult — and in this case it’s the cult of egalitarianism. These are people for whom the statement that there is no difference between Whites and Blacks except skin color is not a scientific statement: it’s a religious statement. They’re horrified when I advise White women that sexual contact with a Black male is about 20 times as likely to give them AIDS as is sex with a White male, not because they believe that I’m saying something which is scientifically incorrect, but because I’m saying something Religiously Incorrect; I am saying something heretical, which threatens their whole belief structure. They are responding to me in the same emotional way that a devout Christian in the 15th century might have responded to someone who announced publicly that he didn’t believe in the virgin birth. And in fact, the people that I offend by stating truths which contradict their egalitarian beliefs, just like their 15th-century Christian counterparts, would like to see me burned at the stake.

    You know, this business of making a religion out of egalitarianism isn’t just a curious psychological phenomenon, suitable only for investigation by students of abnormal psychology: it’s an extraordinarily dangerous phenomenon that every patriot — and in fact, every rational person — ought to be very concerned about. In the first place, the prophets and the priests and the bishops of the cult of egalitarianism have at their disposal the most powerful machinery of persuasion and mind control which has ever existed: they are the masters of Hollywood and Madison avenue, of television and films, of all of the most influential newspapers and news magazines. Using their machinery of mind control, they have persuaded the most impressionable segments of our people that certain concepts are sacred and undebatable: concepts such as democracy, equality, diversity, multiculturalism. These are holy concepts, which must never be questioned by cult members. And other concepts are undebatably evil: racism, patriotism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism — ah, yes, above all else, anti-Semitism must be opposed by the cult members.

    The cult has appeared under different guises at different times and places. Sometimes it has been called communism, sometimes democracy, but the underlying idea always has been equality, and the prophets and bishops always have been the same people — that is, people from the same tribe, the tribe of Karl Marx and Michael Eisner and Steven Spielberg. And they have preached their poison, their hatred for heretics, for all who questioned their doctrine of equality. They have murdered more people in the name of equality than have been killed for the sake of any other religion. As the great Russian patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn noted just a few months ago, two generations of the best of his people were selectively murdered in the name of equality — everyone who excelled, everyone who stood out from the crowd, everyone whose excellence showed up the lie of human equality, was murdered by the egalitarians who had a deathgrip on Russia. And really, if they could, they’d do the same thing in America.

    That is something to remember every time you hear a cult member whine that “we’re all the same inside.” It’s something to remember when the simple warning that contact with Blacks is the way most White women are becoming infected with the AIDS virus elicits the sneering response from a cult member that “their blood is just as red as yours.” These cult members really don’t care how many White women catch AIDS from Blacks or how many White people are the victims of Black criminals. Their only concern is that people not be reminded of these things.

    1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

      What!!!!! No liberal comments. Because his post speaks the TRUTH.

  3. Tim says:

    Why do you people comment here? No one seems to want to hear the other side of an argument when there are facts presented. If it is just opinion without factual information, it’s just opinion and that doesn’t really account for much these days. Maybe it is just the attention you think the world is giving you. Why don’t you do something useful for humanity at large? It will be a better legacy left behind than these words spewed forth with hatred toward the other side.

  4. BevOwen says:

    Rather than a “sex fiend” he is a rapist; a sexual predator. He soulds like a meth addict.

  5. on topic says:

    How were there no injuries reported – but then you list everyone as being sexually assaulted?
    Do better. I hope the victims are well.

  6. Joe in Texas says:

    All this talk about guns and politics and I don’t see anything about how many in such a short time. Is this guy on something really stout? If it was really rape I don’ t see how one man could do that many in that length of time. If it was just grabbing and whatever maybe so. It’s still not OK for whatever he did.

  7. Ezio says:

    Doesn’t Bill Clinton have an office not too far from there?

  8. John Robinson says:

    Rest assured, all 6 of the victims were white wimmenz. Of course, this will not be considered a hate crime.

    God, America is a useless, pathetic joke of a country. Liberal white morons are allowing crazed negros to terrorize white people with zero recourse.

    We have run our course. It is time for successful white to leave and see how long it takes for America to devolve into a 3rd world cesspool of violent, filthy blacks just like South Africa.

    1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

      More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported in 2000 in South Africa, compared to 37,500 in 1998. Child welfare groups believe that the number of unreported incidents could be up to 10 times that number. The largest increase in attacks was against children under seven.

      In a related survey conducted among 1,500 school children in the Johannesburg township of Soweto, a quarter of all the boys interviewed said that ‘jackrolling’, a term for gang rape, was fun. More than half the interviewees insisted that when a girl says no to sex she really means yes.

  9. Justin says:

    Yankee Thinker,
    I STILL fail to see why you need GOD to tell you what morality is? Why? And if so, how would he tell you? Through the bible? Why do you need a creator to tell you what is right and wrong? Can’t you inherently sense what is moral and ethical?

    Using the bible as a guide is as arbitrary as using a Dr. Suess book.

    And if God did have a morality code, and you don’t get it from the bible. where do you get it? How do you speak with him?

    1. Yankee Thinker says:

      Ok, did you read my last comment, and answer the question I posed?

      What you are effectively saying is: We are all born with the same, absolute, inherent ability to detect right from wrong.

      Where is your logical proof for this claim?

    2. Yankee Thinker says:

      Q. “I STILL fail to see why you need GOD to tell you what morality is?”
      A. If there is no God, no one has a right to tell me what to do. God would have a right if he made me, but if he did not, who really does? Moral absolutes must have a source, and not just be some ambiguous ‘just because’ answer.

      Ever wondered exactly how life evolved? Many theories, none of them work right. How would a creature ‘know’ that he needed an eye, or arm, or a hand?
      Ever wondered why there are not millions upon millions of transitional fossils (ie. intermediate stages of evolution) buried everywhere? Why so few?
      Have you ever wondered why Earth has vast, life supporting oceans of water, while other planets do not?
      Ever wondered why our planet orbits in the ‘life zone’, while a bit closer or farther away would kill life?
      Ever wondered why the solar system’s course through the Milky Way galaxy is away from the center, where cosmic ray intensity does not instantly destroy life?
      Ever wondered why symbiotic relationships exist in nature?
      Ever wondered why the built-in morality code protects life, not destroys it, and propagates love, not hate?
      Wonder why people instinctively create religions, as if they were grasping after some great intelligence outside of themselves?
      Ever wonder why Earth’s atmosphere protects life so well? Ozone layers to stop X-rays and UV light, and a magnetosphere to block the incoming solar wind?

      How convenient for this to all just ‘somehow’ have evolved.
      For me, the question is not, “does a god exist?”
      But rather, “which god is the correct one?”

      You don’t randomly pick a religion, but you study them all to see which one would speak of a multi-dimensional being.
      We know that a God would need to have more than three spacial dimensions if he/she created the universe. Also, we would expect this God to somehow be unaffected by the flow of time as we know it. The reason I have picked the Bible is because there are multi-dimensional hints throughout it. In one place, God even claims to fill all space and time (existing simultaneously throughout all of time instead of experiencing it moment to moment like we do)..! He also claims to be close to anyone who calls out to him in truth…and this promise would be to any true seeker of Him, barring any knowledge of the bible whatsoever.

      1. Justin says:

        “God is my creator, therefore God can tell me what to do”

        Why is that absolute, in your argument? Just because a creator creates, why does that give him the inherent ability to control?

        1. Yankee Thinker says:


        2. Yankee Thinker says:

          I’ll add just one more thing…ownership gives him the right to control, being a higher dimensional creature gives him the ability. For instance, the physical universe is too small to contain him. He actually lives in eternity. His power is not finite. Read up on the powers of a 4th dimensional creature as described by mathematicians, and God might even have more spacial dimensions than just 4! If you think I made that up, I would be happy to point you to a few verses found on scrolls thousands of years old, where it was written down.

          Thanks, I very much enjoyed our debate.

          1. Justin says:

            I enjoyed it too.

  10. Vani James says:

    moth boy, you are an idiot. i think you have black man envy. say what you want, but sexually speaking blacks are superior. also, i have been to the places you mentioned, haiti, other carribean islands along with s. africa.. had a great time at all those places.
    my advice to you is take a load off or squeeze one out, you might feel better afterwards. you are really cheating yourself, i think perhaps you are scared that you might like it…

    1. Mencken says:

      You can always tell a comment by a real black guy because it will invariably contain a reference to his sexual prowess/desirability. Vani, you should go celebrate your sexual superiority by having reckless, irresponsible sex.

      1. Vani James says:

        no dumby.. im a white bisexual male. go smoke on that one for a while….lol

  11. 18square says:

    Ted Kennedy lives!

  12. Paul Rigsby says:

    I assume that the police will be looking for a hardened criminal…

  13. JOSE says:


  14. Yankee Thinker says:

    Darwinian Racists…

    You have evaded the second of my core arguments. If we are merely evolved animals, why is rape wrong? There is no longer right or wrong, but if you say that the structure of society formulates ethics, then I can simply destroy your society and build my own cold-blooded one. Right? So why so angry that this black animal did whatever he wanted, hmm? Don’t be so angry, white animal.

    You know I’m right, this is the very argument that top Nazis used at their war-crime trials. See, its not really a war-crime. There is no right. There is no wrong, only random collections of molecules over billions of years.

    If you tell me what to do, I can simply kill you and do it anyway. Right?
    Upon what do you base your ethical standards? And what is to prevent me from destroying that and redefining it to whatever I wish?

    See? If I follow your own Darwinian line of logic to its twisted conclusion, there can be no absolutes. Even white is relative, what if an alien from another planet, with clear skin, came and exterminated all blacks, browns, whites…because they still had pigment in their skin? That wouldn’t be wrong either, since ethics are only in our heads and do not exist.

    Unless there really is a higher dimensional Being responsible for the Universe…

    1. Justin says:

      I HATE that straw man argument. So your telling me that you need a BOOK to tell you what is right and what is wrong? You need a MAN MADE religion and a man in a black coat to tell you what is ethically responsible?

      That is such a BS argument. Civilized society, rule of law and individual guiding principles are all fine examples of ethical standards which people can follow and live up to.

      It’s such a terrible argument, which manipulates so many people, to say that if ethics don’t come from a religious tome then they don’t exist.

      1. Yankee Thinker says:

        Justin…if you’re right, and we all evolved, then you’d better watch your back, because I don’t like people of your ilk. Don’t tell me right or wrong exists. That’s bullsh_t. Morals/ethics are simply an illusional idea you created to control the masses with. Watch as I destroy you, and your delusional society.

        Or…if a higher dimensional Creature exists, who made this universe, any other universes, all that live in them, and by right of ownership can formulate ethical rules…then all power and glory belongs to this Creature. Incidentally, if such a Creature exists, I would never follow orders from a lowly 3rd dimensional man in a black coat, but would seek this Creature’s will directly.

        1. Justin says:

          HAHA, you hare a hilarious little man!
          You are going to destroy me? And society? And I better watch my back? hahahaha

          You are mad because of the crappy lot in life you have chosen, or been dealt and you take it out on others instead of blaming yourself. Pathetic, and your delusions of grandeur are quite entertaining.

          1. Yankee Thinker says:

            LOL, I’m glad you’re amused. Its a hypothetical argument, remember?

            But if it was Hitler saying ‘I am going to destroy you’, you wouldn’t be laughing, you would be baking in one of his ovens.
            He DID destroy people because they did not meet his racial expectations. He reasoned in his book that morals and ethics were invented by the ruling people to control the masses, nothing more. That is, Hitler believed in evolution, and realized that ethics were mere fantasies. He was right.

            Or was he?

            1. Justin says:

              “baking in his ovens”? What makes you think that? I am as aryan as they come. I just can’t support all of the ignorant, racist rants on this page and if this is a sample of the American peoples views then I am terrified for where our society is headed.

              And NO, of course Hitler wasn’t right. Morals and Ethics DO exist in our society for many people, which is how our society has functioned for so long. It sounds like you are a Hitler supporter and that is scary. It also sounds like you basically believe that we are still all competing for food in a “survival of the fittest” climate. We are NOT in a society like that anymore. And there are Ethics and Morals inherent in our society and it doesnt take a creator to define them.

              However, I think the problem is mostly with the center of the country, which can be contained by people like me.

              1. Yankee Thinker says:

                Justin….what I am doing is trying to get you to THINK. No, I’m not a Hitler supporter, I think what he did was wrong. And yes, I have morals, amazingly enough :). What I am doing here is playing the devil’s advocate, taking Hitler’s side for a little bit to try to get your brain working.

                Remember how deductive reasoning works? State a premise, make an observation, then make a conclusion?
                My premise can be true or false. For instance:
                Premise: “All dogs have five legs.”
                Observation: “Buster is a dog.”
                Conclusion: “Buster has five legs.”
                Now the conclusion we obtained is of course false, but the logical path we took to get there is quite correct. Hint…the conclusion is flawed because the premise is flawed.

                Now Hitler reasoned like this:
                Premise: ‘Evolution is true, God does not exist, every person may therefore invent their own RELATIVE moral code because there is no ABSOLUTE moral code.”
                Observation: “I see many different people I do not like, I wish I could morally kill them.”
                Conclusion: “I will write a moral code where you are to be killed. This action will therefore be defined as right, not wrong”

                I do not agree with what Hitler did, but his logical process is sound. Never forget he based his premise on Evolution, repeatedly referencing it in Mein Kampf.

                1. Justin says:

                  I am following your logic but fail to see your point.

                  ANY reasonably intelligent person can take a specific theory or a set of studies (see Moth Man, for instance) and make that theory fit his particular world view.

                  It is up to discerning observers to judge whether there is any merit to that world view being supported by that theory.

            2. Yankee Thinker says:

              Justin, I was trying to get you to find the error in Hitler’s premise.

              Now you wrote “It is up to discerning observers to judge whether there is any merit to that world view being supported by that theory.’

              I have already addressed your argument that the current consensus dictates moral opinion, in other words. This is a RELATIVE argument, since public opinions change. Today everyone may agree that murder is wrong, tomorrow, everyone may decide the world population needs to be 500 million, and we need to off a few people. See? Still relative.

              My first point is to show you that evolutionary thinking demands relative morals, either individually or by consensus. And Hitler did have a consensus. A vast number of Germans agreed with him, so where’s your problem? Give me a good reason why he was wrong, logically (devil’s advocate again).

              My final point is that morals cannot be relative, because if they are, you have no right to judge anyone or any nation for their actions.

              1. Justin says:

                I don’t believe in Moral Relativism. Some cultures and belief systems ARE better than others. For instance, a moral relativist would tell you that the treatment of Women in Saudi Arabia is fine because it is what their moral culture dictates to be correct. I will tell you that there IS a problem with the way they treat their women and our Western culture is far superior in that regard.

                But, this judgement of Moral Relativism does NOT apply to race or creed, only culture. Culture is what shapes individuals, not their skin color or blood.

                And it is up to the individual to decide what they believe to be inherently right or wrong. Entire college courses are dedicated to examining pre and post WW2 Germany and the elements which led to their moral decline. And yes, I will call it a moral decline because I am not a relativist and I inherently know what is right and what is wrong and most people do.

                1. Yankee Thinker says:

                  Good, you’re getting closer to the truth. Hitler’s premise was wrong, because Moral Relativism is false.

                  HOWEVER…and here’s the core of it….he arrived at his premise by using another round of deductive reasoning.
                  Premise; If a God exists, he has a right to tell his creation what to do (ie, extra-dimensional and all-powerful, can destroy or create at will).
                  Observation: God does not exist, because Evolution is true.
                  Conclusion: Nobody has a right to tell me what to do (this is moral relativism).

                  You may argue that you can tell me what to do as a whole…that is, what can one man do against society, right? But if that man creates an army and attacks society like Hitler did, then your argument is again invalid if I win.

                  So…upon what shall we build our reasoning for Moral Absolutes?
                  Why are they absolute? I agree they are, but where’s your logic to prove that they are?

              2. Justin says:

                Forgive me, but I tire of your professorial condescension. I need not be led, by you, to any conclusions.

                Congratulations that you are able to argue and articulate many sides of the absolute morality vs relative morality debate, but we are getting nowhere.

                I will answer your one last question. Absolute Morality can be derived from the western rule of law as it is generally accepted. It can be derived from 1000’s of years of philosophical debate, and it can also be derived from something as simple as the golden rule.

  15. phillysmart says:

    I read it and it is well written and right on…we are being slowly brainwashed as whites to hate ourselves to question our accomplishments…it is an orchestrated effort by people to make the inferior feel good about themselves…resist it or it will destroy us…keep preaching my friend many people will get it because its the truth …it will come out eventually

  16. phillysmart says:

    Careful you might give hitler some credence he really hurt the cause because Africans have been at the heart of America’s unrest for over 150 years they are simply not where we are at…they are tribal and need a chief…violent and unindustrious…remember they only represent 13% of the population…but they have been trying to get their blood mixed with all others and it has only created more radical hybrids…Obama …wright…holder…jesse Jackson and the list goes on….they are the lowest on the totem pole in human existence…take a look at reality…Africa?

    1. Yankee Thinker says:

      Wrong! The American Federal Government is to blame for our troubles, if it doesn’t watch out, we the people are going to teach it a few lessons. Blacks have nothing to do with it, and neither do whites. Your narrow-minded way of thinking would make any society you create fail.

  17. Chu Hyon says:

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him president.”

    The foregoing is attributed to an article published in the Czech Republic.

  18. menstu says:

    Every male is a rapist so I’m not sure why anyone with a male thing going on can comment on a sexual assault case. You are all rapists. You will do anything to anyone to get your junk taken care of… To take care of this problem you should all be put down like a retarded wounded animal.

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:


      Tell me – have you ever considered the benefits and advantages of self-fornication?

  19. buckeyejim says:

    Where is Al Sharpton…………..is he taping his show in New york ????

    1. Fat Al says:

      Al is busy raping white women.

  20. Lily says:

    ‘Am I crazy for asserting that Blacks and Whites are inherently different and unequal in their civilization-building abilities’

    Not so,.For instance, look at Collin Powell, Condalisa,Herman Cain, and I can name many blacks who are successful due to being raise in ideal socioeconomic conditions. Of course it is much more than that. In 3rd world countries like some parts of Africa, it is a known fact that Marxist regimes have oppressed the poor. Many first world countries have o sent financial aid, equipment and food supplies, but they have never arrived to the needed destinations, due to the corruption of Marxist regimes and other political regimes. South America and some of Mexico have the same problems. Your letter is so long, I have to take it a part a little at a time. In any case, there are areas of the USA where not only minorities are impoverished, and thus, are not up to the task of competing with other people of better schooling, due to better socioeconomic backgrounds. Take a look at the mining towns of the Appalachian mountains. The children there are predominantly white, and of European ancestry, and yet, their education is inferior to other kids in better financial standing. The Lapland people in Upper Eastern Europe are of Caucasian origin, and yet, they still live a primitive life by Western world standards. Why do you think that is? I am typing in the dark, but what I am trying to say, is that many factors play into the role of why certain people are more advanced than others. It does not always have to do with genetics, if this is what you are trying to say.

    Some of you article is interesting, but with regards to race, DNA test can now link even people who are white in color, to perhaps a black gene, and visa versa.

    1. Jerzey Boy says:

      .”ideal socioeconomic conditions.”!? Power grew up in the South Bronx
      Herman Cain grew up in Memphis to a house cleaning mother and janitor father.
      Condoleezza Rice had a school teacher mother and Presbyterian minister father.
      For from “ideal” but all these people has quality character and quality parent(s) and made fine and giving lives for themselves. Do not give into the stereotype and it shows that anybody can make a life, in spite of all the burdens life throws at you.

      1. Moth Man says:

        Cain and Rice are both part White. Cain was CEO of a pizza place, don’t make it out like he cured cancer. And all Rice ever did was help Israel-firster Bush with his murderous schemes.

    2. Moth Man says:

      :In 3rd world countries like some parts of Africa, it is a known fact that Marxist regimes have oppressed the poor.”

      Lily this is just foolish. What “Marxist regime” prevented Africans from inventing the wheel, or creating a ship to explore the world around them? Whites were doing it long before there was any such thing as a “Marxist regime.” Excuses only go so far.

  21. Smashicus says:

    Can the term “sexual assault” be any more ambigious? Not saying I need all the sordid details, but I think there is a big differance between grabbing ass and rape.

    1. JOSE says:


      1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

        Well spoken!!!

  22. Smashicus says:

    Definately food for thought.

  23. Diego Roswell says:

    If a woman was armed with a handgun, this serial rapist would no doubt be dead by now, but you are not allowed to practice your second amendment rights in NY so good luck being a victim. Liberal democrats believe that the criminal is more important than you. I have no sympathy for a citizenry that allows its right of self defense to be legislated away by a bunch of empty suits. You voted for these democrats, you die by the violence that they bring down on you.

  24. Diego Roswell says:

    I guess the NYPD is too busy “watching ” the OWS hoods to protect the citizens.

    1. Irish are Europian Knee Grows says:

      Someone has to eat the donuts.

  25. Moth Man says:

    The laws of heredity apply to every living thing. No one in there right mind would suggest that pit bulls are the same as poodles – even though they’re both dogs, they both bleed red, etc. Could you imagine someone calling you a “canine racist” (or “breedist”) for stating that different breed of dogs are different? It would be ridiculous – just as ridiculous as stating that every race (or “breed”) of human is the same. Whites and Asians possess a small amount of Neanderthal DNA – Africans have zero. Look it up – we are NOT all the same inside, and no amount of “culture” will ever change that.

    CULTURE = The natural expression of a racial/ethnic group. Those who talk about “culture” while ignoring race are putting the cart before the horse.

    1. JOSE says:


  26. SteveFromTucson says:

    Seems to me that this guy has a bright future in TSA. He is experienced, already trained, and has no self respect. Sign this guy up for the child molestation line…..

  27. Yankee Thinker says:

    Moth Man…. your observations are mostly correct, while your conclusion is illogical. Most blacks are lazy, and most black nations have had almost no progress, true. But you are forgetting something of vital importance.
    1. The United States Government funds and encourages black stupidity by getting them used to RELYING on the government as their source of income … i.e., free handouts.
    2. The US gov encourages a non-education by destroying the black family unit. How many black families are together? How many single black moms are their? How many black gangs are there? Studies have proven that children raised in loving, healthy homes learn MUCH BETTER.
    3. The US gov encourages black stupidity by intentionally offering them a poor educational system!
    4. In Africa, there is no incentive to develop into a 1st world country. There is no FREEDOM, and no reward/punishment system to encourage CAPITALISM. Any people, regardless of color, suffer under dictatorial, civil-war torn conditions.

    Conclusion: The United States Government has conspired to keep blacks uneducated. In Africa, the conditions are exactly opposite of what a brain needs for proper development.

    Now here’s my hypothesis: Take any black child, and raise him in a loving home with a proper family unit (father+wife+siblings), with a solid education, in a free, capitalistic, and peaceful society. Now watch! That child will grow up to be just as intelligent as me or you. In other words, the conditions were right for his brain to DEVELOP. Get it? There are examples of this world-wide… proving that my logic is superior to yours.

    1. Moth Man says:

      You’re wrong, Yankee. Even adopted siblings that grow up with different families show similarities in IQ, inclinations, etc. Search for “twin studies” and “Iq + interracial adoption.” There HAVE been studies on how Blacks fare when raised by White families – their IQ’s are still lower than Whites.

      1. Yankee Thinker says:

        I’m never wrong. Ever heard of Phillip Emeagwalli, Ben Carson, and the Imafidon Twins? All black. All smarter than you.

        1. John Smith says:

          You’re attacking an argument he’s not making: that all whites are smarter than all blacks. I don’t know anyone who believes that.

          1. Justin says:

            Moth Man believes that. Check out his posts.

    2. Moth Man says:

      By the way, check this out:


      “In a study published recently in the Journal of Neuroscience, UCLA neurology professor Paul Thompson and colleagues used a new type of brain-imaging scanner to show that intelligence is strongly influenced by the quality of the brain’s axons, or wiring that sends signals throughout the brain. The faster the signaling, the faster the brain processes information. And since the integrity of the brain’s wiring is influenced by genes, the genes we inherit play a far greater role in intelligence than was previously thought.”

      You have a good heart, Yankee, but you’re dead wrong – and this incorrect line of thinking contributes to the destruction of White civilization.

      1. Yankee Thinker says:

        Guess what, Moth Man? Genes only slightly influence the brains wiring…most of it has to do with diet. But development in an emotionally stable environment is crucial for the brain, and this happens over the childhood years.

        What you fail to see is not the advancement of ‘white society’, but the advancement of pure science under ‘free society’. Get it? Freedom + Capitalism = exponential growth in that particular nation. It is no coincidence that most of the world’s inventions have come from America, which used to be free, and sadly is losing its freedom day by day.

        By the way, are you a subscriber to the mentally retarded theory of evolution? If you are, I can understand your bigotry, but if not, you do realize that the Bible teaches that all races came from a single man and woman, right? Awkward for you, isn’t it?

        1. Moth Man says:

          Yankee, the “Bible” is nothing but a collection of insane Jewish fairy tales. Thanks for showing everyone where you stand.

          You know better than one of the top scientists in the world what contributes to the development of the brain and what doesn’t. Congratulations!

          1. Yankee Thinker says:

            Moth Man … scientific studies have conclusively shown that healthier diets and exercise lead to increased cognitive abilities, to deny this would be to bury your head in the proverbial sand.

            As to ‘fairly tales’ ….very well. If there is no God, then there are no morals either, because it is all relative, right? If there are no absolute morals, why do you have a problem with rape? So its a society taboo…who cares? Society is just a bunch of evolved animals anyway. You’re just an animal. If you were to die, it would be no different than a dog dying, right? Rape is fine, murder is great! Who are you to tell me what to do? I can do anything I want! Right? Hmm….hope you see where the reasoning is headed.
            Your naive belief that the bible is a collection of Jewish fairy tales shows your ignorance of the vast amount of archeological evidence supporting it.

          2. Yankee Thinker says:

            By the way, I like the Red Herring you threw out there. Nice dodging my logic on individual freedom and capitalism, but then all you could do was dodge it, isn’t that right?

          3. Yankee Thinker says:

            One last laugh before I’m done for the night…notice Moth Man not only evaded my logic on freedom and capitalism, but he also completely ignored the names: Phillip Emeagwalli, Ben Carson, and the Imafidon Twins.

            And why are those names so important? They are all very intelligent black people. Oops. Now what?

            1. troooooth says:

              wow. four supposedly intelligent black people. can u come up with one or two more?

            2. John Smith says:

              Can you name a single black Nobel Prize winner in a science category (or even Economics)? If racism were the factor here, one would expect mathematics and science to be the two areas in which racism would be the least debilitating obstacle to success. And yet it’s the area where blacks have distinguished themselves least. Why? Because math and science are hard.

            3. Moth Man says:

              You can name 3 or 4 intelligent Blacks? For every “intelligent” Black I could name at least 500 Whites who accomplished more and had a higher intelligence. Yankee deserves to have half-Black grandkids.

        2. phillysmart says:

          hey yankee…you oviously are a man who can think profoundly although your conclusions are probably skewed by your genetics….but one question….who thought up Capitalism? its a system based on judeo/christian beliefs…now you do the rest of the progresion….by the way you don’t believe jeseus Christ was black do you?

    3. phillysmart says:

      wrong yankee…you can’t think of it on a deeper level because you have been given bad information as a point of refernce(culturally based on emotion) the point is why haven’t some black genuises in those countries lead their people to an enlightened life? you need to look at facts and not emotional excuses…reality sometimes is unpleasant but if you believe in Darwins theorey than you can only draw one conclusion

      1. Yankee Thinker says:

        phillysmart, you don’t know history. Long before Christ was born, Capitalism THRIVED under the great world empires of Babylon, the Persian Empire, etc. The Roman Empire, thrived under capitalism! Jews had nothing to do with this. Christians/christ did not even exist in the Persian and Babylonian empires, and were persecuted under the Romans….so how did they introduce capitalism? Capitalism is a system based on personal responsibility, and has nothing to do with religion, to think so is to ignore the fact that Capitalism PREDATES all this.

        None of you have given any rebuttals to my socioeconomic theory as to why african nations are impoverished. If I’m wrong, easily prove me wrong. Unfortunately for all you Darwin followers, there isn’t an answer, and you know it. The development of society into rich, prosperous nations, along with its thinkers, is tied directly to the freedom of the individual in that society, which includes a strong Laissez-faire capitalistic governmental attitude.

        By the way philly, Jesus was jewish, so no, he was not black, but more of an olive color. And there are records from that time period proving the existence of the man Jesus. But that has nothing to do with answering my arguments. Capitalism. Freedom. Period.

  28. Dr. Kranky says:

    Is Al Gore in town??

  29. Pauli Gela says:

    You have a valid point. Since Darwin’s theory, a belief in Unalienable rights from a Creator is much abhorred by prominent American nihilsts in positions of power,as for instance, Kagan the Pagan and Obama the Marxist, Mamaluke illegal alien.
    They have a belief in inalienable right stemming from themselves as Supreme Leaders or Gods that we must revere..

    1. Moth Man says:

      Kagan isn’t a “pagan,” our White ancestors were before Christians tortured/murdered all of them. Kagan is a Jewess, like Napoitano.

  30. israel cohen says:

    NOTHING in the world excites a “jew” more than reading about a black raping a White woman. NOTHING

  31. spaceprogramorblacks says:

    God stamped blacks with a warning label from head to toe. Their skin..

    It seems to this author that if we were to deport the africans (one drop rule, of course) to someplace where they weren’t so “oppressed” by free food, housing, schooling, paved roads and rule of law, that the cities would bloom overnight, crime would be reduced by 75%, the quality of schools and culture would dramatically rise, the budget would be balanced, we could once again leave our cars and homes unlocked with confidence.

    Considering the obvious and immediate cultural, economic, and political benefits, I am amazed that this is not more seriously debated and discussed.

    This 12% of sub humans are a millstone too heavy to carry any further, and they fail any internal rate of return study however measured.

    1. Moth Man says:

      This is the best post I’ve read all day. I like your name as well – think about how much further along the space program would be if we stopped wasting billions on Black animals and spent it on ourselves and our technology.

      1. Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey says:

        Do we still have time to shoot the Knee Grows into space. No wait….Into the Sun.

    2. Smashicus says:

      Leaving your home or car unlocked is not going to happen as long as we have tweakers running around. Unfortunately, white trash has the market cornered on that.

  32. John Frost says:

    Darwin: “Blacks are NOT Human but wild african predators”
    Maimonides: ” Blacks basically are talking apes”

    We are dealing with a predator animal here folks and we must treat this problem as dealing with a vicious plague that must be exterminated from the face of earth.

    1. Evan says:

      Put them back in Africa (and keep them there), but we don’t need extermination talk!

      1. Graham Wellington says:

        Agreed. It’s talk like this that prevents an actual conversation about our present malady. People freak out. If you say blacks are dumb, well then the next step is a return to slavery! Or if you question the motives behind some of the unquestionably destructive things jews collectively do and advocate, well then the next step is obviously firing up the gas chambers.

        1. Justin says:

          I venture that every jew living in the US is doing better financially than your dumb, redneck as@. Sorry your life sucks but blame yourself, not the blacks or the jews.

          1. Snake Plissken says:

            Why is everyone blaming the Jews? I mean, its their money, if they want to keep it rather than spend it, so be it. Last I knew we did not give $$ to the Jews for coming here to America. We did, however, make Reparations to other races and what have they done? Oh yeah, the Asian from WW2 used their money for good as well…

            1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

              Reparations to blacks? More drugs bought by blacks and gold chains too. Oh yeah and $100 sneakers.

          2. Graham Wellington says:

            With all due respect to your politically-correct application of pop psychology, I’m very happy and satisfied in my personal life. But what does it matter?

          3. Irish are Europian Knee Grows says:

            Red Necks can’t work. They’re busy banging sheep 24/7. That takes up their 40 hours.

  33. Truthin' says:

    “It IS an issue of race. If everyone is “equal” why haven’t Blacks been able to adapt, especially considering the advantages they’ve had the past few decades?

    Answer – they are NOT the same as Whites.”

    Real Answer — Because of the advantages they’ve had and the dependency culture they consequently embraced.

    1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

      But throw a Basketball at them and they are motivated for the hoops after the weed wears off.

  34. S Von Smith says:

    Viagra is a hell of a drug.

    1. John Frost says:

      Blacks naturally have 40% more testosterone than Human men of all races.
      Hence they copulate 24/7.like monkeys and apes.

      1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

        Lets not insult monkeys and apes. KNEE GROWS are a class all their own.

  35. Pogue Mahone says:

    Wow, I don’t know what you just typed there, guy, but I raised a family and a generation of grandchildren too, in the time in took you to type all that. No matter WHAT you are typing about, it seriously isn’t worth THAT much of your time. Move to a warmer climate and get outdoors more, find a mate, make love, see the world, do SOMETHING! Before it’s too late.

    1. Moth Man says:

      Pogue, did you even read the beginning? I didn’t type that, it’s a talk by Dr. William Pierce that took me a few seconds to copy/paste.

  36. Truth Monger says:

    Your mother should have swallowed……………

  37. Marvin says:

    —–Thank you Kim .—

  38. AZdude says:

    All those restrictions on firearms sure keep you safe, huh NY? Thank God I live in Arizona.

    1. Black men have no respect for children and women says:

      Let me know when there is a new house in Arizona. As soon as I get the Knee Grow out of my butt I’am moving there.

  39. Angel says:

    You can always tell when Drudge has linked to an article—the amount of bats#!t podunk sewage-for-brains “librul” bashing comments flood the article for hours.

    1. c-bs says:

      When there is a Drudge link to a story, you actually GET comments.

      1. JOSE says:


        1. Jen06 says:

          *high five* c-bs and Jose

    2. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Yo, Angel…

      Where’s your gren card, punk?

      1. Libby says:

        Green Card?

        You live in Atlanta and you think of Green Cards?

        Listy Kirby (Nice name, your Dad must be Jethro)

        Why are you making a comment like that? Are you Matt Drudge’s Sex Slave?

      2. Mo Hughes says:

        Its funny how quick they are to wanna leave a races comment but dont even double check their spelling @illiterate

    3. fluoric says:

      You’re just another emo libtard. Go get a job punk, pay taxes, live a bit and stop sniveling.

      Be a Man!!!

    4. JOSE says:


    5. mrunpc says:

      Hey ladies! Move to someplace where you can easily get a concealed carry and a weapon of your choice (.380 is a good choice for the gals) in your handbag or on your person. A quick two in the nappy and the only raping this maggot will be doing is with the worms 6 feet under.


    6. NY9Solyndra says:

      ooooh, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!

    7. Gary McLoughlin says:

      Yes, you can always tell because there are actually opposing opinions expressed instead of the usual endless repetition of the MSM’s “truths” as published each morning by the tyrannical Obama WH.

    8. Your Masta says:

      Hey Angel, I’m a father, business owner, combat veteran, brother. Look up the word psycological projection, your primitive bro. Drudge isn’t the only place people go to find out what atrocious crimes black people commit against people. People are done pushing this shiiit under the rug.

      1. Pilot.Dave says:

        “Angel” is part of We the Sheeple – she (he?) thinks politics are a Football Game – Red team VS Blue team.

      2. Mo Hughes says:

        “Blacks” are not the only one committing these types of crimes … wasn’t they any “Blacks” in your platoon?

  40. HDGJOHN says:

    Have you tried the OWS crowd. There are a lot of weirdos in that bunch.

    1. Jessica Brom Rooney says:

      I am not with the OWS crowd because I am too busy and tired from trying to keep my families heads above water -but I am grateful that they are out there representing me. God bless the 99%!

      1. ShamefulOWS says:

        Jessica, OWS are criminal junkies who rape their women and masturbate in front of children. You are simply wrong to be grateful for their filth.

        1. Kyle Hikalea says:

          They’re not, but even if they were I’d still be more grateful too them then the stereotypical 50-something-year-old conservatives destroying my social security and ruining any chances my 1 year old daughter has at universal healthcare.

          1. Moth Man says:

            Why should someone else have to pay for YOUR daughter’s health care?

            1. bumpkin says:

              Kyle, why aren’t YOU paying for your daughter’s health care??? WHY in the heck should any of US pay your way??? Or for your daughter’s, for that matter??? You cant make enough money doing what you’e doing? Go to school- or take up a trade, apprentice for free- many of us hold two full-time jobs to make ends meet. You can do more for your family. Just like the rest of us. Welfare mentality would kill you and yours in a heartbeat if there was no welfare- which there will not be as soon as the economy collapses- which is what the OWS are trying to do. So, then your welfare and freebies will be gone. What then?

              1. Lily says:

                Kyle comes from the entitlement generation. Say Kyle, why don’t you move to a country that has the HSN. Most countries with HSN are going broke, like Ireland and the UK. The money for the HSN has to come from somewhere, and it comes from high taxes. I know, because I worked and lived in Ireland and the UK. The quality of care you will get with HSN is marginal. If that is the kind of care you want for you and your daughter, than move to a country with the HSN

          2. Lily says:

            Kyle, here is a list of the wonderful groups that support the Occupy Wall Street. Perhaps you may even fine solidarity with them.


            1. steve says:

              Very good Lily, but Kyle is not interested in facts, just what he & his family can get for free. He probably believes that there is no consequence for printing new money with no backing.

          3. T-Texas says:

            Look at the Johnson administration for stealing your SS.Look at the Great Sociality and the country has been going to hell in a hand basket every since.

            1. Dirty Ol Sam says:

              Speaking of Johnson have they caught this rapist yet? Man, I can’t even get it up twice in one day, let alone six times.

              1. pojodog says:

                He just gropes women from behind, no rape involved, and then he runs off. I thought the same thing you did, until I heard the voice link to the radio report. The written story doesn’t make it that clear.

                I was having a hard time understanding how he could rape someone, and then do it again 12 minutes later.

          4. phillysmart says:

            Move to Cuba…you are a perfect example of a failed education system …your lazy and refuse to be accountable and responsible for yourself you have been brainwashed into blaming everyone else for your place in life …like your hero Obama….your a thief wanting other people stuff….you are a cancer in America

            1. Sean says:

              *You’re*….Talk about examples of a failed education system..

          5. HarrySachz says:

            Get a job and quit breeding if you can’t afford to take care of your offspring….DUH.

          6. mike says:

            Kyle, you are entiltled to nothing you little turd. Why are you and your daughter entitled to healthcare? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happines is all you are entitled to the rest is up to you. As far as social security and medicare the republicans are not the only ones ruining it. They all are to balem but at least the republicans have floated ideas to discuss instead of playing the fear game likeObama and the democrats. The democrats cannot even produce a budget let alone fix anything. Make your own way and stop wanting what other people have, you are entitled to nothing…………

          7. Shawn says:

            Kyle I’m sorry but your ignorance about who actually pays taxes in this country is the same as the OWS crowd. Neither of you actually realize the top 1% earners (yes, earners) pay almost 50% of all income taxes. Almost 40% of people pay NO TAXES! So tell me, who’s screwing who here?

            1. Libby says:




              1. Gary McLoughlin says:

                First of all, people who post in all CAPITALS are generally considered less literate than normal… so lighten up a bit, willya?

                Secondly, it almost seems like you are challenging the incontrovertible fact that the MSM is overwhelmingly liberal, to the point where networks like MSNBC are virtual propaganda arms of the Democrats. If so, your sanity is in question.

                Thirdly, by “REGAN,” I assume you are referring to Donald Regan, President REAGAN’s Treasury Secretary and later, Chief of Staff… He was neither a god nor did he rule the world.

                Libby, you are so totally brainwashed by your fellow echo-chamber liberal America-haters that you could never comprehend the truth if it smacked you in the face. The notion that you talk about “facts” is a laughable assertion.

              2. Cliff says:

                Have you ever met anyone that aspired to be poor? I haven’t, everyone I’ve ever spoken to on the subject has aspired to be rich or one of the “one percent”.The promise of America isn’t equality of results but equality of opportunity. Don’t confuse the two, the occupy movement is nothing but a bunch of socialist/communists that think that the public at large will buy their load of bovine scatology.

          8. BFDeal says:

            You are a typical liberal parasite. Move or get a job. Us 50 Yr. old a rnot here to support you and your Ilk!

          9. Butch Tenaka says:

            Don’t worry. It looks like your Socialism is alive and well. Ignoramus!

          10. Big Bear says:

            Kyle: Take some responsibility for your own daughter. Maybe if you quit smoking weed, you could use that money for an insurance premium?

        2. bumpkin says:

          Isn’t THAT the truth! ick. I am certainly capable of speaking for myself, and dont need ANYONE pretending they care a hoot about my feelings and needs.

        3. Libby says:

          Really? You believe EVERYTHING that Matt Drudge Links you too, and Beck and Rush tell you, and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Sells you on.

          You Listen to Millionaires tell you these things and you PARROT them on message boards.

          By your logic, all Tea Party Members are in the KKK and are 80 years old and up!

          1. Gary McLoughlin says:

            TEA Party members are much more likely to be conservative Republicans than liberal Democrats. So why would they be in the KKK,which was a white, Southern Democratic phenomenon?

          2. BUTCH TENAKA says:

            Gary here is right. KKK = Southern White Democrats. ‘Member Senator Robert W. “Grand KKK Kleagle” Byrd? KKK all the way…and it’s all DEMOCRATS ! ! ! Stay in school, kids!

      2. Smashicus says:

        The OWS crowd represents the cancer that eats at the heart of a great nation. It’s hard work that defines Americans, not coveting what others have. A man must be proud of what he has earned with his own two hands instead of being angry that someone else has more.

        1. phillysmart says:

          Right on smashicus …and its time for the real 99% (the hard working people that keep America going) to push back hard at these losers who are simply socialist and anarchist brainwashed in schools to hate America…I’m getting tired of this garbage being given a forum by a sympathetic media and president

          1. Libby says:




            1. phillysmart says:

              your real smart calling names like a 6 year old…these idiots are not protesting they are breaking the ;aw theres a difference

            2. Gary McLoughlin says:

              The right to “peaceably” assemble, Libby… You seem to have conveniently left out that little adverb. It’s in the Constitution which I bet you “cliam” to love and know.

      3. gusty says:

        Glad to see the mentally retarded commenting. bravo

        1. HarrySachz says:

          Yeah….I’m surprised you can type

      4. JOSE says:


  41. Pauli Gela says:

    Yuri Bezmeov on youtube would agree.

  42. carl says:

    6 unarmed women were required by the state of new york to submit to being raped, by unconstitutional civilian disarmament laws.

    self defense is a basic human right, except in new york and other liberal bastions

    1. Snake Plissken says:

      Excellent counter-view. I believe if we can start to make people aware that their liberal actions actually are hurting people (i.e. in this perfect example of the legality of it being illegal to carry a weapon thus causing crime) than maybe we can wake people up to fight against the liberal nonsense. If anyone out there doubts for ONE minute that if one of these females pulled out a gun you know they would not have been raped and probably would have prevented the others, you are a complete fool. Personal weapons prevent crime period.

      1. snake eater says:

        Can anyone one of you make a comment without using the word “liberal”… you just use catch words that everyone else does, aka your an idiot and no one cares about your opinion. From a conservative..

        1. Lynn says:


        2. richard says:

          It’s “you’re and idiot” and not “your an idiot”.

          Always remember: whenever you are attempting to insult someone’s intelligence, spelling counts!

          1. Booger McCoy says:

            Physician, heal thyself. It’s “You’re an idiot”, not “You’re and idiot”.

        3. Moth Man says:

          Yes, it goes both ways – “liberal” vs “conservative” keeps people’s minds off the real problems – lack of human quality, too much government by Republicans AND Democrats, etc.

          1. Mencken says:

            Most conservatives are even more clueless than liberals. They are like trained monkeys. Look at someone like Sarah Palin, who professes her “love” for israel and jews while they loathe and ridicule her and everything she values (other than israel, of course).

            1. Moth Man says:

              You are absolutely right, Mencken. Palin is a sick joke, bowing down to the Jews who mock her!

        4. phillysmart says:

          You must be a liberal and even you can’t stand the word…liberals are simply a product of schooling that breainwashes them to hate their country …crawl back in your hole or get help…we are not conservatives …we are the real americans you liberals are the enemy

          1. Viveinne says:

            I think it was the heavy marijuana abuse in their younger years

    2. Dave says:

      Nowhere in the story does it say that they were raped. It was probably an ass grab or groping. Not that there is anything right with that but if a women pulled a gun on a man in close proximity after an ass grab she may find herself lying face down in a pool of her own blood . Guns won’t solve every problem. I will conceid that if it was common fact that alot of people carried firearms then he may not have taken the chance.

      1. bilbo baggins says:

        The word “rape” has been replaced by “sexual assault.” I don’t know why, but I suspect it has something to do with the current politically correct idea that rapes are not based on sexual desire, but by the desire of the criminal to dominate and dehumanize the victim. That said, an analytical look at black on white sex crimes would reveal some interesting statistics. Check out thecolorofcrime.com.

    3. Pauli Gela says:

      Yes; Unalienable rights, not inalienable rights.

      1. jeff edgar says:

        The word is inalienable

        1. ontie1 says:

          Actually the words can be interchanged…yep

    4. carl K says:

      Hey look another idiot who uses catch words like “liberal” to describe everything they dont like. Does anyone even care about these lame opinions ? Oh bah, I dont like it so it must be a “_______” fill in the blank with .liberal/conservative… lame and boring.

      1. Compassionate Conservative says:

        The term “Liberal” is outdated. With the current administration it’s unabashedly Marxist, or as they prefer to be called “Progressives.” But I don’t like Marxists, their ideas, their friends, or their incessant lies. So all you Marxists out there who are doing the Zucotti, enjoy the now, because the later is going to be rough on you. By the way, it sounds to me like the six-a-day rapist may be walking around high on Viagra. Remember, when trouble is upon you and help is just minutes away, it’s good to have Roscoe by your side.

        1. Vivienne says:

          I prefer my good buddy – Mr. Glock

    5. dashark says:

      In Georgia, if you approach a pvt home uninvited You can be shot on sight.
      In Fla you must pass a drug test to get Welfare……Many knee grow families are moving out and going back to illiinois where they don’t test these animals.
      Fla also has “no criminals in our buildings” law. If you have a criminal record you can’t rent in Fla. They shoot you if you insist. Knee grow beasts bewaret!

    6. Big Bear says:

      I live in North Idaho and the site of women walking the streets alone at all hours of the night makes me proud to be a pistol-packing American.

      City-dwelling liberals get what they deserve.

  43. Masta says:

    Nobody leave a comment on here, Justin, our closet liberal who isn’t tolerant of others view point and uses verbal attacks to make it seem like he is morally superior to everyone and has a God like intelligence he is imparting on all of us sub-humans. Your a sheep of the mass media, your statements are text book Marxism. Your mentality will eventually doom you. I have a feeling it all starts with your homosexual tendencies.

    1. Justin says:

      Marxist? Where did you get Marxist? Why don’t you look up the definition.
      I am a capitalist. I have made millions on wall street…so…am I doomed?? Not likely.

      Why do I think I am superior to you? Because I clearly am smarter. Try to argue with me next time rather than simply calling me gay like a child.

      This is why you are a loser and I am a winner.

      1. Moth Man says:

        I tried to argue with you, Justin, and you ignore anything that doesn’t fit with your brainwashing. Africans never have invented anything of value in Africa. Why do you suppose that is?

      2. Pauli Gela says:

        Ad hominem attacks are silly. But millionaires, many of whom are Marxist, do exist, as evidenced by the likes of Pelosi and the Democrats in the congress that are richer then Republicans. By the way, MLK was a Republican, though perhaps also a Marxist.

        1. jeff edgar says:


        2. Gregg Francisco says:

          Never argue with an idiot, bystanders won’t be able to tell you apart.

    2. Angel says:

      Yes yes, point the finger and call names, that is obviously all you can do with your mind.

    3. Pauli Gela says:

      Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube explained these destabilization techniques thirty years ago. Too bad citizens did not take the warning seriously! Also, too bad our citizens do not take our Unalienable rights seriously, especially that self evident one called the Second Amendment. Here is San Diego I have Rhino riding in my car, and his presence nullifies those Marxists, so far. I have stepped up my rights with my shotgun unlicensed and on the floor of my auto.

      1. Chuck says:

        Pauli, how was anything posted on YouTube 30 years ago when the company didn’t exist until 2005?

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