EXCLUSIVE: Central Islip Mother Vehemently Denies Serving Alcohol To Minors

Michele McKinney Says Simply Being Suspected Is Like A Life Sentence

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island mom is in the legal fight of her life after being accused of letting kids get drunk at her home.

Michele McKinney will be in court Wednesday, but she said suspicion she served booze to 14-year-olds is already a life sentence.

In a CBS 2 exclusive, McKinney spoke with Hazel Sanchez about what she says really happened that night.

She’s a mom with a mug shot, but McKinney says she’s no criminal.

“I would never allow, condone alcohol to minors,” McKinney said.

McKinney was busted in September for allegedly contributing to the delinquency of a child, after police said a 14-year-old girl who attended a party in McKinney’s backyard got so drunk she ended up in the hospital.

But McKinney said the child did not drink alcohol on her property.

Sanchez: “Was there alcohol at the party?”

McKinney: “Absolutely not.”

Sanchez: “Did you serve alcohol?”

McKinney: “Absolutely not.”

McKinney’s attorney said, “This young girl who’s complained about Michelle has said in Facebook postings and the such that Michelle never served her alcohol.”

Police broke up the party because of noise complaints, then left. Two days after the party, McKinney was arrested in front of her children. To this day, the 43-year-old mother of three says authorities have never questioned her or her attorney about what happened that night.

McKinney said the party was supposed to cheer up her 14-year-old daughter, who was recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder. Now, their world has turned upside down.

“It’s been horrible. It’s humiliating. I feel bad for my kids. Life has changed,” McKinney said.

McKinney has been overwhelmed with letters of support from the community. She said family and friends have given her strength.

“She watches her kids, takes good care of them, takes them to sports. She’s a good person,” neighbor Brian Cook said.

McKinney said a group of her supporters plans to rally around her when she’s back in court.

She said she hopes the charges will be dropped, but her defense team is confident if the case goes to trial. McKinney said she and two other adults checked guests’ bags to make sure they didn’t have alcohol. McKinney believes the 14-year-old showed up to her house drunk.

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One Comment

  1. hahahha says:

    shes probably going threw a divorce cause her husband realized he had a psychopath as a wife and found out she slept with her childrens teachers. good job michele..

    1. Someone with maturity says:

      Real nice comment. Why don’t you try putting your name up and saying something like that? I bet you won’t. Lol grow up

  2. Seriously says:

    Seriously!!!!!! This whole thing is totally out of control and yes the 14 yr old did get drunk and yes Michelle did not serve her alcohol but she certainly knew that the kids were all drinking on and off her property. They were not checking bags and Michelle was not the only Mother there and the other Mother there is just as gulity and she knows who she is….she was not only aware that these kids were drinking but encouraged them to “drink up” or “chug it”..so with that being said all the other nonsense that everyone is talking about regarding who these mothers are who they slept with has nothing to do with this. Michelle is very lucky that the party got broken up when it did not only were kids drinking but they were also driving and things could’ve have gotten much worse. We try and teach our children that there are consequences when they do something wrong and Michelle should try from this moment on to set a better example for her children own up to her part in this whole thing…apologize for making a poor decision and be done and move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Someone who knows the story. says:

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s slept with half the town? She’s been married for twenty years, is going through a divorce, and has been dating the same guy for the past nine months. There was NO alcohol at that party, so whether you’re the fourteen year old girl, the MOTHER of the fourteen year old girl, or some other psycho that has it out for Michele.. Get your story straight, then leave an asinine comment like that. Michele would never condone drinking. Ever. Have you met her kids? They’re very responsible and mature. Their mother has taught them a lot and she’s doing a great job at her duties as a mother. She likes drama? No, the woman of the fourteen year old girl loves drama. Before even bringing her daughter to the hospital that night, SHE PHONED NEWS 12 FIRST. See? Now, doesn’t that seem suspicious? What mother does that? The woman knew exactly what she was doing. She’s a lunatic. Michele has made so many reports against this woman. Whether it be coming onto Michele’s property to start a screaming match with her, or zooming down Michele’s block after Michele’s seven year old got off the bus and almost ran him over flat. The woman set this all up and knew exactly what she was doing. She has it out for Michele. Michele is doing all she can to not only close this ridiculous case, but to take this woman down too. It’s not right. Michele didn’t do anything. From SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT. Pricks.

  4. the truth to all you people who dont know what your saying says:

    Micheles daughter doesnt have a neurological disorder? thats the biggest lie ever. i dont even know where that came from. and michele was sitting on the porch saying hi to kids with other parents she never checked my bag, we drank on her property next to her swingset.. with her daughter and honestly, i think michele was drunk too. its amazing how storys can change because i know the girl who was hospitalized she got drinks from some one at the party and michele had to have an idea that when like 100 people are at your house, and your outside how can you not see them drinking? it just makes no sense to me.. its all such a lie and clearly shes gonna do anything to save her ass. shes slept with half the town and she is nice if shes on your good side but if you know her long enough youd know to stay away cause she likes drama.. its like shes one of the kids.. she loves her kids yeah but isnt doing a very good job of what and what not to do.

  5. i was there says:

    im sure everyone at the party like myself knows this whole things a lie cause i was drinking, i didnt get my bag checked and the party was going on for a long time and michelle walked past me several times seeing me with a 4 loko and just smiling so yeah she didnt serve it but she knew exactly what was going on

  6. bla...bla...bla says:

    i would like to say that all you people leaving these lame comments including micheles soon to be exhusband…why dont you get a life and grow up…its pretty funny how people say things when they were not even there to judge what actually happened that night…but i guess only the cowards will write the bad things about michele and what she did that night…dont worry michele we will get the last laugh…..

  7. ihateallofyou says:

    You know, maybe you inconsiderate assholes should learn what you’re talking about. Are you on the inside? Were you there? Then get your facts straight. No one should be saying anything, at all. It’s no one’s business but the families. Her personal life, which you’re all wrong about, has nothing to do with anything about this case AT ALL. There was NO alcohol given to the kids that attended the party, this mother and other adults went around at the party taking alcohol that was there away from kids. Try to walk in a different person’s shoes before you put your unneeded two sense in where it doesn’t belong. Get a life insted of judging others.

    1. responsible mom says:

      Firstly, how could mom allow a 14 year old to enter her home already drunk? Don’t you think the responsible thing to do is call her parents and have them pick her up?
      Secondly, if mom and the chaperones were collecting alcohol, why wasn’t the party immediately cancelled and everyone sent home?
      Had mom and her chaperones acted responsibly she wouldn’t be in this mess!
      Own up to a mistake, apologize,

      1. Give it a rest says:

        The girl did not show up drunk. The girl was kicked out the moment she got there. She is a trouble maker and Michele knew that from the beginning. The girl and her mother set this whole thing up. Michele is very responsible. There was no alcohol there. The mother of the young girl is a crazy person. She needs psychological help. The whole family is crazy and if any of you actually looked into the story, and compared the McKinney’s to the family of the fourteen year old daughter, you’d see that it’s quite obvious who the real victim is: Michele. She did nothing wrong.

  8. living in ronk says:


  9. j.r. says:

    i agree with your laura v. i am an old friend of micheles and i was harrassed and a victim of her rage after our friendship ended. she is ruining a beautiful family and huriting children..even the child that went to the hospital. this needs to be settled and over for the children sake

    1. correction says:

      sounds like mr. s the one who cheats on his wife all the time, mr. and mrs. clinton…. michele doesnt have old friends she has tons of good friends,me being one of them.

    2. Nice try says:

      ruining a beautiful family? Oh, the one SHE created? Nice try, though.

  10. candice says:

    So sad when people do not own up to their mistakes…You throw a party, have minors drinking at your house…shame on you…own up and take your punishment…either you are an idiot for allowing it or a bigger idiot for not knowing it was happening….either way…you are responsible….Apologize to the court, the child who was hospitalized, the other parents and more important, your own children, for not setting a good example.

    1. SAD says:

      really? you have no clue what is coming…..if you know so much say who you are. you are one of those people that need to get a life , the mother of the teenager is a drunk, the father was just arrested for drunk driving, but lets blame everyone else but the parents of the child that was drinking. first ….the child didnt belong there with an on going fued with the parents. .. Was a big set up. you should be apologizing to this poor mother being dragged through the court when the police never investigated. also GET A LIFE!

  11. laura v says:

    First of all, why doesn’t she mention her boyfriends support? Maybe cause he sleeps there and she hides from the public when she is not a good role model. Does anyone realize where is her family support, why is that? Cause she doesn’t have it. She should be greatful she has healthy children, not lying her child has a disease. Why did she have 3 or 4 parties in a row? What parent wants that responibility, It is sad she uses her children like this. We all know and heard how she acts at pta meetings..she is an embarrassment…more and more people that get to know her are staying away. Wake up, what parent would keep this media going….so sad for her kids.

    1. amom says:

      Hey Laura V it sounds like your the mother of the 14 year old drunk

    2. theif says:

      you sound like a jealous ex husband

  12. Time to hurl says:

    Oof, Lindsay Lohan really looks like crap nowadays.

  13. Surfin Bird says:

    The mother needs to sue the police for wrongful arrest and harrasment.

    If this 14 yr old is posting this on facebook then charges need to be dropped.

    1. Give it a rest says:

      Exactly. First off, Michele was arrested before even being investigated. Which was wrong. No one came to question her about that night. The fourteen year old girl posted on Facebook the very next day and was fine. One facebook post even stated that Michele didn’t give her alcohol that night. She is a liar and needs to stop doing this to Michele and her family.

  14. Smart person says:

    A party for someone being diagnosed with brain cancer? Two people checking bags at the door like the TSA??? Chances are the drunkette told the police in the hospital E.R after she lied to her mom ‘surprise!’ that she got drinks from Mrs. Cleaver. Don’t worry mom you won’t get a life sentence in the community Lol.

    1. Michael H. says:

      A “neurological disorder” is not necessarily “brain cancer”.

  15. DaEmph says:

    Looks like pure white trash, she’s lying.

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